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Chapter 56: Fresh Shrimp and Tender Tofu

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo stans Anchor Gu YuMian’s polite sass


After playing for a while, everyone’s attention was quickly attracted by the live content.

[Bell After Class: So what’s MianMian doing today? I don’t like to eat anything in the summer and autumn seasons. I’m waiting to eat with MianMian. (-﹃-)]

Gu YuMian looked at the increasing number of viewers, bent his eyes and replied, “Today’s tofu is very suitable for autumn.”

In the changing seasons, it was easy to lose one’s appetite. The ice drink in midsummer was a little cold, but it was easy to warm up after eating the tonic in autumn and winter. Tofu moistened the lungs to stop coughing and relieved the summer heat. It was best to eat it when the season was dry and the summer heat was not yet over.

Besides, tofu also had many delicious ways to be eaten.

“Mr. Gu, the tofu is here.” An apprentice knocked cautiously at the door.

“Thank you.” Gu YuMian nodded.

The apprentice waved with a red face and said, “It’s no problem,” then he walked out with his hands and feet down.

Gu YuMian’s character was very good. He treated people gently and politely, and had a polite sense of distance. When he took over the restaurant, some employees thought that he was easy to bully. However, he was also unambiguous in his management, saying that he would withdraw from the restaurant, and take both the hard and the soft measures. He soon managed the whole restaurant from top to bottom.

A few days ago, Gu YuMian had thought about the new autumn dish to be launched in advance, and asked the chef apprentices to make tofu ahead of time — the process was similar to making soymilk. Soybeans were ground and squeezed to produce soymilk, boiled, and leaving more gypsum 1 and bittern. 2

Everyone had a strong learning ability. Gu YuMian demonstrated it once and then made clear white tofu. At this moment, it was on the plate.

[User 1837: This “tofu” looks like pudding, so anchor, how do you eat tofu?]

In fact, there was tofu in the interstellar era. Gu YuMian found silky tofu to make dessert before, but the popularity of tofu was not high. Many people’s first reaction to seeing tofu was to think it was pudding.

Gu YuMian suddenly thought of an Ancient Earth saying in China. He couldn’t help holding up the snow leopard and kissing his nose, “This is also called eating tofu.”

The little snow leopard’s lazy and careless eyes were slightly open, as if confused by this sudden attack. He looked at Gu YuMian and pressed his paw on his lips, showing a little bit of blankness and loveliness.

The little fox who sat on the soft mat, raised his head, shaking his tail in a shy way as if he yearned for something. Gu YuMian also picked up the little fox and kissed his forehead.

The little snow leopard who had just reacted and wanted to start to be happy, “…”

His calm face angrily pushed the fox’s head away.

The baby panda was now a human, lying innocently in the stroller sucking his fingers. Today’s audience was from the long lost sight of the little snow leopard.

At this moment, fans and beauties who loved their daily interaction and life were blown up.


[Aaaaaah! My heart beat faster when MianMian came closer.] 

[Today’s lemon index of TuanTuan is also high.] 

[I suddenly understand the meaning of eating tofu. To be honest, I want to eat the tofu of the anchor.]

In addition to the ‘I don’t remember having you as a friend’ incident just now, Gu YuMian’s two attitudes were quite different, which had hit many people’s cute spots. The atmosphere of the barrage was very warm for a while.

“Mn,” Gu YuMian felt a little embarrassed after knowing this. He coughed twice, clapped his hands and called for everyone’s attention. “Cough, let’s cook instead of saying something out of the question. Today, I plan to make tofu with shrimp flowers, 3 and three delicacies soup. Let’s 4 make fermented tofu 5 first.”

The fermented tofu with shrimp was a Cantonese dish, which tasted fresh and delicate, and paid attention to a fresh taste. But Gu YuMian’s cooking was more oriented to the age group of the snow leopard, so in order to avoid being too light, he first fried the tender tofu in the pot until both sides were golden.

Gu YuMian, as usual, cut the back of the shrimps and removed the veins, cut the half-fat and half-thin ribs into small pieces, and then turned the knife to chop them into fillings. He added some glutinous rice flour and salt to the shrimp filling, added raw egg and marinated it. Then, Gu YuMian beat the shrimp filling on the chopping board repeatedly, and then kept it fresh on the ice.

The Wagyu rib meat was marinated with chopped ginger and garlic, cooking wine and soy sauce. In order to make the meat more compact and tender, glutinous rice flour and water was also added.

“In this way, the taste of shrimp filling will be crisper and chewy,” Gu YuMian explained to the audience. “After the filling is processed, it can be steamed. It doesn’t need to be steamed for a long time, so as to avoid the aging of shrimp and meat filling.”

At this time, the filling was ready. Gu YuMian cut the tender tofu into small pieces, scooped out a small hole in the middle, filled it with the pork filling and the fresh shrimp filling in turn, and steamed them.

It was not long before they were done. Small pieces of tender tofu were topped with pink shrimp filling. The surface was steamed, but it was very delicate and attractive. The little fox’s paw pulled on Gu YuMian’s arm. His eyes were completely attracted and he looked carefully into the pot.

In the interval of waiting for steaming, Gu YuMian made seafood infused soy sauce, which was one of the main ingredients of fermented tofu with fresh shrimp.

“Seafood soy sauce is made with soy sauce, rock sugar and shrimp shells in advance. It tastes more delicious.”

He mixed salt, raw soy sauce and seafood soy sauce in proportion, added sugar and sesame oil, poured in a spoon of yellow rice wine, and put it into the pot to boil. The sugar quickly melted in the pot. The smell of wine, soy sauce and the salty and sweet fragrance gradually integrated into one, and the hot oil sizzled, and the strong fragrance dispersed!

At this time, the steamer made a ‘ding’ sound, and the tofu filled with shrimp filling was steamed until it was just cooked.

Gu YuMian poured two spoonfuls of soy sauce onto the plate, put it on top of lettuce, then put the tender tofu onto the plate one by one. Finally, he poured a layer of hot oil from the stir fried ginger over the top.

The tender tofu had a golden and crispy surface and snow-white inside, the shrimp was a light crystal red, and the hot oil was on the surface. The bright luster and beautiful full color all indicated the delicious, smooth, delicate and fresh taste of fresh shrimp tofu. The fresh and mellow soy sauce penetrated into the tip of the nose, making people swallow their saliva!

The little fox and little Tangyuan in the stroller looked at each other, and looked at Gu YuMian for food. The little snow leopard took the initiative to hold the handle of the spoon directly, and asked Gu YuMian to feed him first. Not far away, the apprentice chefs were swallowing their saliva and trying to record the cooking process and key points. The bullet curtain was boiling.

[The Moon Was Clear: Aaaaaah! I am happy! I need to sit down!! In Elbet Restaurant!!! Can I sneak into the back kitchen and steal everything? My best friend and I can’t sit down at all!]

[Chocolate Cat Ni: It’s a delicious dish. My saliva is spilling all over my desk. This shrimp filling looks too tender, right?]

[Big Apple: I have imagined the taste =uu=, steamed with shrimp filling and meat filling, and slurped with one mouthful!]

Half an hour before the screening period, the number of people reached 60 million in the blink of an eye, and hundreds of new audiences poured in every second. Part of the new audience was recommended by the GIF on the micro-blog. As soon as they entered the live studio, they were caught at a good time. Gu YuMian couldn’t help urging the children to hold the porcelain spoon, and fed each of the three children a piece of fresh shrimp stuffed tofu.

The brewed tofu just out of the pot was still hot. The fresh shrimp and pork ribs were boiled and steamed to produce a delicious and mellow juice. The tender tofu sucked up the soup and soy sauce, and the hot soup flowed in the mouth after breaking the crisp skin.

The delicate and smooth tofu with crisp and elastic shrimp, and half-fat and half-thin pork, the bean sauce full of flavor, everything was delicious and couldn’t be stopped!

The little fox held his tail directly, sat with little Tangyuan, and curled up in embarrassment and happiness as he tasted it. The little snow leopard’s paw pad pressed against Gu YuMian’s hand and silently urged him to continue feeding. At this time, the bullet curtain was pushed directly to the second peak!

[Vivian: Eat this!!! This tofu looks like pudding. It tastes delicious and delicate. It’s perfect with shrimp, meat and sauce.]

[Throwing Cosmetics: Is the Elbet Restaurant right? I’m coming.]

[Sdysuf: Anchor, I’ll buy this dish as long as you dare to make it in the restaurant. I’ll move into the restaurant! Would you like to expand into a hotel business?]

[There’s a family in the mine: Open a new way of thinking. Since MianMian has opened a restaurant, will he open a hotel, another hairdressing and bathing experience hall, and other things???]

When the half-hour screening period arrived, the audience was 70 million. Gu YuMian’s live studio directly rushed to the top three of the home page’s real-time popularity list!

“Eat a little and taste it first,” Gu YuMian looked at the bullet curtain, and then looked at the lovely reactions of the three children. He couldn’t help laughing. “I’ll have a formal lunch after I’ve finished. By the way, I’ll show you my restaurant, and I welcome you to have dinner here when you are free.”

This was the first time that they heard Gu YuMian admit to running Elbet Restaurant. The atmosphere of the barrage was warm, and they immediately talked about it.

[Can my dream be to marry Mr. Gu?] 

[I love all the dishes after the reform of Elbet Restaurant. It turns out that it was run by MianMian. That makes sense.] 

[I’ll come tomorrow, no today!! Running over here!! MianMian, wait for me!]

“It’s not my own store, it’s my friend’s,” Gu YuMian explained. “He gave it to me. I’m running it for him. I’m not the boss in a strict sense.”

The little snow leopard was not very happy to hear this, mainly aiming at the words ‘friend’ — it didn’t seem very special. But the audience didn’t think so. They only thought Gu YuMian was giving a modest excuse.

Gu YuMian saw that the little snow leopard was not happy. He thought it was because he wanted to eat again, and he could not help scratching the little snow leopard’s face. Afraid of leaving out QiuQiu and YuanYuan, Gu YuMian held the two little babies and touched their heads. The little fox obediently entered Gu YuMian’s arms and chirped twice.

“Now let’s make the three delicacies soups and fermented tofu. I’ll try to make them as fast as I can.”

Three delicacies soup itself was a homely soup, and the method was very simple. Gu YuMian sliced the preserved chicken meat, sea cucumber and shrimp, sliced the tomato, bamboo shoot tip and ginger, and salted the mix. After boiling water, Gu YuMian drizzled the chicken breast, sea cucumber and shrimps with sesame oil, then boiled them in high temperature, and then added ginger slices, bamboo shoot tips and tomato slices in turn.

In a short time, the milky and slightly thick three delicacies soup was bubbling on the stove, with little bubbles. The green bamboo shoot tip and the tender red shrimp were rolling in the milky and thick soup. It was fresh and fragrant, the unique cuisine from Jiangsu and Zhejiang was vividly displayed!

Audience again, “…”

Gu YuMian took a long spoon and tasted it himself, added a little salt, and gave each of the three children a small taste.

“Did you watch clearly?” Gu YuMian looked sideways at the apprentices and chefs.

Everyone nodded desperately. Although Gu YuMian accelerated his speed, his movements were tight and orderly. As long as they looked carefully, they could master the process and technique.

It was… it was a big test of willpower to be hungry and pay attention to cooking techniques.

Especially when Gu YuMian ladled the soup to let the little snow leopard, little fox and little Tangyuan taste it. The delicious three delicacies soup, and the little gentle and beautiful smile on the young man’s lips made everyone want to rush up and rob the boss with the children.

Seeing that the crowd nodded their heads, Gu YuMian was relieved and then cooked fermented tofu. Tofu flowers and fermented tofu were not different in the cooking process. First, he made hot soymilk, and then placed the gypsum in the pot. Gu YuMian wanted sweet bean curd. A spoonful of hot agate maple syrup was poured on the tender white bean curd, which was sweet and refreshing.

“Yes, let’s eat.” Gu YuMian gave the dinner plate to the little robot for help, and then told the chef to take the children to the private room.

In fact, the snow leopard was very happy all day today, especially after Gu YuMian bought a tie for Shuo Han. But while he was still happy, he still had enough vinegar to eat. At this time, he lay on his shoulder and wanted to push the fox out of Gu YuMian’s arms.

The audience couldn’t wait to start eating. Even so, walking through Elbet’s redecorated interior and corridors, they couldn’t help but be amazed. Originally, the private rooms, which were suspended in the mid air, had now become treehouses, or simply a small suspended lawn, covered with picnic tablecloths, with transparent fences, so there would be no security risks.

There were vines, leaves, and even projections of various small animals. Even the wind was like mountain wind, with a cool and clean scent of late summer and early autumn. The sky was blue and high, and the natural light was sprinkled down — these were not virtual imitations, but the real sky. The sky dome adopted a transparent design.

A girl in a white dress was sitting on the big platform, wearing a garland, playing the harp.

Virtual imitation technology and reality were cleverly connected, which made people find it almost indistinguishable from the sense of reality and illusion. The guests were very comfortable, and many people were curious to see Gu YuMian.

“There are different themes every day. Today’s theme is Wizard of Oz,” said Gu YuMian.


In addition to Wizard of Oz, there were also some themes that simulated snow mountains, beaches and oceans, or fantasy themes like deserts roses, 6 steampunk, 7 etc. Gu YuMian was not good at it, but this was the result of communication with the interior designers.

In the past, most of Elbet’s virtual imitations were magnificent movie scenes, and the change interval was very fast. It would change once every five minutes to ten minutes. At most, it could only let customers see something fresh without any immersion.

Now this kind of thinking was refreshing.

[White Pear Blossom, Lili: It’s really beautiful!! I used to always visit Elbet. Now I can do it again, MianMian, wait for me!]

[Sky Blue: Want to eat that tofu and aaaaah! Wuwu@ QAQ The anchor makes me have an appetite.]

They would soon arrive at the private room. It was a small floating lawn with wooden tables and cushions. There was a cherry tree next to it to block the sun. Gu YuMian first put the children on the cushions, put the food on the table, and the little robot politely handed over the hot towels. 8

“Come and wipe your paws.” Gu YuMian held the paws of the snow leopard in his hand, wiped his paw pads, then the fox’s and Tangyuan’s. At this time, a leaf floated to Gu YuMian’s hand, and the virtual menu unfolded. Gu YuMian held the children in his arms and said with great indulgence, “What would you like to eat? Whatever you want.”

The audience immediately felt envious, who didn’t want to go out to eat casually? It was nice to have a restaurant as their own house. On second thought, Gu YuMian’s food could be tasted by the audience, who couldn’t help but look forward to it.

The little fox was a little cautious and restrained. The little snow leopard had raised his head and began to order at will. He could press on the light screen with one paw, and the menu would be automatically generated. At last, the little fox and little Tangyuan also let go and ordered what they wanted, and Gu YuMian added several more. After a while, the dishes came up, and the whole table was full.

In order to prevent the soup from getting cold, there was a mobile alcohol stove beside the table at this time, which simmered the three delicacies soup and kept it warm and bubbling. Gu YuMian took three small bowls, filled one bowl for each of the three children, blew it a little, and then gave each child a mouthful.

——With the addition of sea cucumber, shrimp meat and chicken breast meat, the three delicacies soup had a unique mellow taste of fresh and tender meat. Because of the existence of bamboo shoots and tomatoes, the mellow taste was refreshing and slightly sour. After tasting it, it was warm, smooth and extremely appetizing. Especially in this late summer to autumn afternoon, to drink a mouthful was enough to wake up the whole stomach of greedy insects!

Not to mention the fresh shrimp stuffed tofu, Yangzhou fried rice, sweet and sour fried shrimp balls, and Dongpo meat.

[DVA: Aaaaah! So many delicious things, I’m dead!! Although I think it’s the best to eat some dishes made by anchor, I can also eat other dishes!!! ]

[User 7898: The roasted wings in my hand suddenly don’t smell good. QAQ. I’m going to invite Elbet’s on a suspension device now!]

[Zhizhida: I checked the price of the restaurant online. Fuck, it’s so cheap now. Won’t it lose money? Besides, I have a hunch that Elbet will be full this afternoon and in the evening. I should take out my membership card!]

Gu YuMian also paid a little attention to the sense of procedure when eating. First, he started with a relatively light and refreshing soup, then he ate the dish with the richest flavor and the heaviest flavor, and then ended up with a small dessert.

The delicate and fragrant tofu, crispy and fried shrimp, sweet and glutinous and crispy pork ribs, all kinds of delicacies were numerous but not miscellaneous. In turn, the last was sweet and not greasy maple tofu. Anyone eating this meal would feel comfortable and almost couldn’t think of anything better than this. And there was the mountain wind at the end of summer, the sun was warm and shimmered down, and the nose was full of the flavor of maple leaves.

The audience was completely immersed in the lunch, almost speechless, leaving only the special effects of the gifts, and the heat in the studio continued to rise! At this moment, the number of visitors had reached 80 million, and the live broadcast ranked the top three of the homepage real-time popularity list.

“Autumn is coming, isn’t it the Mid-Autumn Festival?” 9 Gu YuMian held little Tangyuan and touched his round belly. Little Tangyuan couldn’t eat any more. He sat in his arms and burped. While the little fox was still eating, Gu YuMian reached out to help him by patting his back.

The little snow leopard also ate a lot, dozing off lazily under Gu YuMian’s palm, stretching out his claws to move Gu YuMian’s fingers habitually.

[Bow 123: Anchor, what is mid-autumn festival? ]

“Mid-Autumn Festival…” Gu YuMian was stunned to remember that there was no Mid-Autumn Festival in the interstellar era.

He held the paw of the snow leopard, smiled and said, “I want my family to get together, eat moon cakes and enjoy the moon.”

It seems that I haven’t had a festival since I came here. Children’s day before doesn’t count. Let’s have a good time with the children at the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Life still needed little rituals… In other words, when was Shuo Han’s birthday?

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Translator Notes:

  1. a soft white or gray mineral consisting of hydrated calcium sulfate.
  2. a concentrated solution of various salts remaining after the crystallization of salt from seawater.
  3. 虾酿豆腐和豆腐花 鲜虾酿豆腐的做法_鲜虾酿豆腐怎么做_鲜虾酿豆腐的家常做法【心食谱】
  4. 煲一个三鲜汤
  5. 酿豆腐 煎酿豆腐的做法_煎酿豆腐怎么做_煎酿豆腐的家常做法【心食谱】
  6. 沙漠玫瑰 = Adenium obesum a flowering tree located in Africa. I’m not sure what the flowers have to do with it being a theme. Asking for advice.
  7. 机械蒸汽 = Steampunk:
  8. In Japan, having a picnic beneath a blooming cherry blossom tree (sakura) is called a hanami.
  9. The Mid-Autumn Festival (中秋节) is a harvest festival celebrated notably by the Chinese and Vietnamese people. It relates to Chuseok and Tsukimi. The festival is held on the 15th day of the 8th month of the lunar calendar with a full moon at night, corresponding to mid September to early October of the Gregorian calendar.


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