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Chapter 195: Eleventh World (22)

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Edited by Sulo 


Xiao Xinglong’s experience started from the day when Xiao Yun built his foundation.

On that day, Xiao Xinglong was lifted out of the scope of the lightning tribulation by Luse and Daoist AnYan, and then he was thrown on the ground and ignored. Xiao Yun, who completed the task, and was also busy “cultivating” with his little lover, also forgot about him. So, poor Xiao Xinglong was lying on the ground until he regained consciousness, and then he got up alone.

Since he came to Qingxia Sect, Xiao Xinglong had been locked in a small black room. Now that he left suddenly, he didn’t know where to go. After a happy moment from his freedom, Xiao Xinglong was lost in the confusion of his future. Xiao Xinglong walked in the mountains for more than two days and finally met a disciple of Qingxia Sect before he was exhausted or starved to death.

Because Xiao Yun took away his spiritual root and Xiao Xinglong became a mortal, the disciple of Qingxia Sect thought that he was a mortal worker who lost his way. Without saying anything, he threw him to the cultivator who was in charge of the mortal workers.

According to the regulations, ordinary people can’t leave the scope of their work at will. If they violated the regulations, they would be punished and then driven out of Qingxia Sect.

Because there were so many people in Qingxia sect, it was impossible for everyone to know each other. For this kind of people who violated the rules, the cultivator in charge didn’t even bother to ask. He would directly flog and punish them, and so he did the same and then threw Xiao Xinglong out of Qingxia Sect.

After leaving Qingxia Sect, Xiao Xinglong was lost again. The world was big, but he didn’t know where to go. The only place he knew well was the Xiao family.

Although it had been known for a long time that something happened to the Xiao family, in Xiao Xinglong’s impression, his family was still strong, let alone his father and mother. Xiao Xinglong believed that even if the people of the Xiao family complained and hated him, his parents would still love and protect him.

With this hope in mind, Xiao Xinglong summoned up his strength and began to find his way home. At that time, Xiao Yun traveled all the way from the Xiao Family to Qingxia Sect as a mortal. Now, it was Xiao Xinglong’s turn to do this.

It was a pity that Xiao Xinglong couldn’t match Xiao Yun. Xiao Yun’s life skills were full. There was a system to guide him. His journey was smooth, but Xiao Xinglong was different.

Xiao Xinglong had never left the town where the Xiao family lived. Where would he know how to return to the Xiao family from Qingxia Sect? He walked many detours. Moreover, he had been a young man who had not worked since he was born. He could do nothing but eat, drink and play. In order to survive, Xiao Xinglong had done everything; stealing, robbing and begging. If he had not been a cultivator at the peak of Qi training and was still strong, he would have died on the way.

It took Xiao Xinglong more than two years to finally return to the town where the Xiao family lived and find his own door. But looking at the closed gate of the Xiao family, he was in a trance. He couldn’t believe that the powerful family would fall into such a field in just a few years.

Originally, the plaque of the “Xiao Family” hanging on the gate and glittering with gold had disappeared. The place where the plaque should be placed was now empty, as if for fear that others would find this place; the once luxurious and atmospheric courtyard walls and gates were mottled, like no one had lived here for a long time, and the place was full of the smell of despair.

Seeing the gate of the Xiao family was like this, Xiao Xinglong’s dream of “returning to the Xiao family to be a young master” was finally broken. He realized that his family would probably never forgive him. After all, it was because of him that the Xiao family was ruined.

However, Xiao Xinglong was not willing to just turn around and leave. He had come here after countless hardships, “back to the Xiao family” was the only driving force for him to persist. Xiao Xinglong had to get a result — what’s more, these two years have made him realize that he couldn’t leave the shelter of the Xiao family at all. Without the Xiao family, he would not be able to live.

He comforted himself in silence that “maybe everything was not as bad as he imagined”, and Xiao Xinglong finally knocked at the door. In his perseverance, a response finally came from the door. A Xiao family kid opened the door carefully and stuck his head out.

Xiao Xinglong didn’t know this person. After all, he was only at the initial stage of Qi training. He never paid attention to the existence of such a humble identity. Of course, Xiao Xinglong didn’t know the Xiao family’s son, and the other side didn’t recognize Xiao Xinglong either. First, Xiao Xinglong had been “Xiao Yun” for more than ten years. Second, three years of being imprisoned in the dark, and two years of depression drastically changed Xiao Xinglong’s appearance and temperament.

When hearing the other party’s inquiry, Xiao Xinglong hurriedly took out the nameplate of his Xiao family — thank goodness, after he was taken back to Qingxia Sect, Xiao Yun didn’t even bother to search him, nor did he take away the only nameplate that could show his identity.

The nameplates of the core children of the Xiao family were different from those of the ordinary children. The child who opened the door was very surprised that such a mortal as Xiao Xinglong could hold the nameplate of the core children. If this had been at the time of the Xiao family’s prosperity, he would have certainly cross examined it carefully. But now, he didn’t care about it at all — there was no one to covet in the Xiao family.

Numbly, he opened the door and let Xiao Xinglong in. The child of the Xiao family was dispirited and unwilling to open his mouth. On the other hand, Xiao Xinglong looked at the bleak and desolate scene in the courtyard and was very worried. He carefully inquired about the situation of the Xiao family in these past few years.

Hearing Xiao Xinglong’s inquiry, the child of the Xiao family cheered up a little. He rarely found a chance to vent his emotions, and soon he would pour out the things of the Xiao family — of course, the curse of Xiao Xinglong, the black sheep, was indispensable.

After the exposure, the Xiao family experienced a lot of turbulence. But fortunately, the Xiao family had a long history and some inside information. Even if it was expelled from the family, there were still some aftereffects. The head of the Xiao family and the elders worked hard to stabilize the situation of the Xiao family, but things did not go so smoothly.

Before long, Xiao Yun’s mother came to kill the Xiao family angrily. This act not only threw the Xiao’s face to the ground again to be stepped on, but was also a signal like a talisman.

Xiao Yun’s mother was a golden core cultivator, who the Xiao family could not resist against, which was clearly telling those who were eager to move — how weak the Xiao family was today. The Xiao family was not only expelled by the aristocratic family, but also unable to keep up with other aristocratic families, and had no power to protect themselves.

Therefore, after Xiao Yun’s mother left, the Xiao family soon suffered a lot of plundering. After all, even though the Xiao family fell, there were still some coveted treasures in the family — even though these things were not very precious in the eyes of other families, they may be life-saving things for practitioners.

The cultivators with higher accomplishments came alone, while those with lower accomplishments went in groups. In the repeated plunder, the Xiao family had become what it was today. All the Xiao family’s children who had a little confidence in themselves had chosen to leave and go out to make a living as a free cultivator. Those who had no courage, low cultivation and talent, continued to stay here and die together with the Xiao family.

With a long sigh, the Xiao family’s child was numb and indifferent, while Xiao Xinglong was cold and desperate — obviously, the Xiao family was no longer his shelter.

Just as Xiao Xinglong wanted to continue to ask about his parents, he came face to face with an elder of the Xiao family. The elder and the child of the Xiao family were as indifferent to the vicissitudes of life, but when the elder saw Xiao Xinglong, his eyes suddenly shot out the flames of hatred.

——After all, he was a foundation establishment cultivator. His memory and eyesight were far beyond his Qi training disciples. The elder of the Xiao family recognized Xiao Xinglong at a glance.

Next, there was a nightmare.

The elder called out Xiao Xinglong’s identity, which immediately aroused the anger of the rest of the Xiao family. They had been numb and desperate for a long time. They urgently needed an object to let them vent. Xiao Xinglong, the culprit, was the best goal.

Xiao Xinglong held his head and bore the scolding and fighting of the Xiao family. At the same time, he knew the fate of his parents in the scolding. His mother was killed by Xiao Yun’s mother, and his father was seriously injured. Finally, he could not bear the blow and killed himself — no one wanted to give him any kindness.

All the people in the Xiao family thought it was best to kill Xiao Xinglong. So, after venting for a while, they shut Xiao Xinglong, who was scarred and left with the last breath, into the wood house. Finally, Xiao Xinglong had a place to live. With his body at the peak of Qi training, he finally survived. Unfortunately, his broken limbs were not cured, and his face also bore deep scars.

The Xiao family hated Xiao Xinglong. After making sure that he was not in danger, they drove him out of the Xiao family to let him live and die. However, Xiao Xinglong, who was physically disabled and whose face was destroyed, had to become a beggar.

Life was hopeless for Xiao Xinglong. He wanted to die countless times, and he let himself go to the brink of death because of hunger, disease and pain several times. However, he was often rescued by the Xiao family, who was unwilling to let him go. He could not live or die.

Later, Xiao Xinglong also lost the courage to end his life. He could only live one day after another. Then one day, he met Bai Duan and Xiao Yun who were playing in the street.

In order to make his lover happy, Xiao Yun could say the past as lively and interesting as storytelling. After listening to Xiao Xinglong’s experience over the years, Bai Duan was very sad. He only felt that “the villain has his own mill”, and Xiao Xinglong’s success in the present situation really required the efforts of the Xiao family.

——Every time Xiao Xinglong was about to die, he would be saved by the Xiao family. What a deep feeling was this? Bai Duan estimated that the Xiao family had given up cultivation and had no interest. The only thing they were willing to pay attention to was the life and death of Xiao Xinglong.

This was about the true portrayal of “I’m relieved to see you so miserable.”

Of course, Bai Duan had no pity for Xiao Xinglong, and did not intend to intervene to end his “love-hate hatred” and “love kills each other” with the Xiao family.

After feeding his curiosity, Bai Duan was very satisfied. The only thing that bothered him was that Xiao Xinglong’s gossip was so bad that he ate while listening to it. He even ate too much, and his stomach was aching.

Hearing his little lover’s complaint that he had eaten enough, Xiao Yun drew a corner of his mouth. He had no choice but to turn over the little lover and rub his warm, bulging stomach.

Xiao Yun’s massage technique was very good, which made Bai Duan drowsy.

Under extreme relaxation, Bai Duan’s ears were easily softened. He was dizzy and coaxed into a human form by his partner. Then….

——Xiao Yun happily got what he thought he deserved.

Bai Duan, who turned his anger into a ball of fluff, “…!!!”

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The family are greedy and selfish themselves, it shows how scummy that they pushed all their own mistakes to the main villain.. as if any of this would have happened if they didn’t abandon Xiao Yun and took the other side!

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