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Chapter 55: Hurry Up and Like Him

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo is screaming in excitement at Shuo Han’s appearance! 


Guan Nini and her entourage tried to find a glimmer of clarity from their confused brains.

At present, there was a man before them with a lazy and casual attitude, haughty and gloomy eyes, carrying a sleepy white fox in one hand. If Guan Nini remembered correctly, it should be the fox cub ‘QiuQiu’ from Gu YuMian’s live broadcast. This adult male, though, was standing at the door as if he was the head of the family. And that face… it was too beautiful, dignified and handsome, impressive and magnificent with an intimidating momentum.

As a media broadcaster, Guan Nini was sure, even if he wanted to, even if it was just a look and a picture, he would become a famous star on Capital Star overnight.

“You are?” Guan Nini asked stupidly, “I’m Guan Nini, the editor-in-chief of the entertainment section of Apollo Network. I discussed today’s interview with Mr. Gu in advance. This is my business card.”

She showed her electronic business card.

In contrast, Shuo Han’s self-introduction was much simpler, “This is my home.”

Guan Nini, “Mr. Gu is your…?” What’s the relationship?

Shuo Han nodded, glanced at her admiringly, and said lightly, “He’s mine.”

Guan Nini and the little reporter were speechless. The faces of the two girls burst red for a second and then they coughed. They felt like they had overheard a secret between lovers. However, when it came to love, they first thought that the word didn’t match Anchor Gu. 

The girls could imagine the two people standing together, and they realized they were quite suitable. And the mysterious boyfriend didn’t appear in the live broadcast, and there was no official announcement. What was this, hiding a god?

At this time, the creak of someone stepping on wooden stairs sounded, accompanied by Gu YuMian’s voice, “TuanTuan?”

It all happened in a short time.

Shuo Han looked back from his side, his eyes seemed to be indulgent and even a little soft. When he moved his gaze back, the look in his eyes had faded away. He looked at the two people in front of him, “You haven’t seen me.”

The air froze for a moment.

Guan Nini thought it was ridiculous at first. What’s the meaning of not seeing him? What do you mean?

But a second later, her consciousness gradually blurred. Obviously standing in the same spot, with her eyes open, it was like falling into a strange state of drowsiness. There was an eraser in Guan Nini’s brain that erased and replaced all the fragments of the man in front of her.

“?” Guan Nini looked again. The door was open, and a cub was sitting there lazily yawning. He looked up at them. The cub was Xue Tuan, who often appeared in Gu YuMian’s live broadcast.

Eh, what about the boyfriend who took care of the anchor?

Guan Nini thought of this idea, and immediately was confused again. What boyfriend? How could she have this idea? Didn’t the door just close? It was opened the second before. And where’s the anchor’s boyfriend?

While Guan Nini’s brain and the little reporter were in a mess, the monitoring system in the doorway began to automatically replace the content. In a few seconds, all the shots in the last ten minutes were replaced.

“…” Gu YuMian had been sleeping heavily recently. He wouldn’t wake up until 8 o’clock. The quality of his sleep was better. He opened his fingers and closed them again. He felt like he was holding something while he was sleeping? Was it TuanTuan’s paw?

When he woke up, he didn’t see the snow leopard and the fox on the bed. He went down the stairs and felt a scare in his heart — the door was open.

The little snow leopard sat in the doorway with no expression. Next to his claws was the little fox, QiuQiu, who was curled up into a ball and still asleep. There were two strange women outside.

Gu YuMian, “?”

The door of their house would only open with the fingerprint of Gu YuMian and the paw print of the snow leopard, fox and baby panda, in case they had to go out and play one day. In theory, the snow leopard could open the door since authentication was required to open and close the door.

“TuanTuan,” Gu YuMian picked up the two little guys and whispered, “don’t open the door to strangers. Next time you should wake me up.”

The snow leopard yawned lazily. His claws pushed the fox’s head away and he closed his eyes. Gu YuMian told the little snow leopard who was obviously absent-minded, but he shook his head and looked at the door, “Sorry, you are?”

Guan Nini’s confused consciousness was pulled back by Gu YuMian’s words. She was stunned and showed her electronic business card, “I’m Guan Nini, editor-in-chief of the entertainment section of the Apollo Network. I have discussed today’s interview with Mr. Gu in advance. This is my business card.” Eh, haven’t I already said this? Didn’t I see someone at the door just now?

She and the little reporter looked at each other and felt that there was an extremely unnatural part in their memory. When they went to investigate it, the unnatural part was smoothed over one by one. At about seven o’clock, they went to ring the doorbell with their equipment and waited for the door to open for a while. Behind the door was the cub that often appeared in Gu anchor’s live broadcast, and now…

After entering the door, Guan Nini felt restless and couldn’t help asking Gu YuMian to call up the monitoring at the porch.

“Mn, yes.” Gu YuMian had a good temper, so he transferred the monitoring video without asking much.

Guan Nini saw the video that was very similar to her memory. The slightest doubts she had had faded away. Soon, without thinking about anything more, Guan Nini and the little reporter were completely attracted by Gu YuMian.

He was… very good-looking. They liked him. They wanted to hug him.

“Mn, do you shake hands?” Gu YuMian looked at Guan Nini’s straight eyes, guessed the meaning a little, and shook hands politely with both ladies. During the routine operation and handshake of the interstellar residents, rabbit ears appeared on the head of the little reporter.

Guan Nini and the reporter were reluctant to let go, and were finally interrupted by the cold death gaze of the snow leopard.


Five minutes later, Guan Nini opened the light screen with a light cough, called up the prepared interview manuscript, and smiled at Gu YuMian, “Okay, Mr. Gu, let’s start the interview now.”

During the interview, she often couldn’t help looking at the cub on Gu YuMian’s shoulder, whose name should be Xue Tuan. The little guy lay lazily on Gu YuMian’s shoulder, with a long tail around Gu YuMian’s wrist. His posture was arrogant, but he was harmless to look at. Just like an ordinary baby.

Guan Nini was struggling to remember something, but she couldn’t remember it. Forget it.

The little snow leopard gave her a bored glance and yawned.

It was impossible for the Emperor to keep the stupid appearance of a cub all the time. Recently, he often changed back after Gu YuMian fell asleep. But he couldn’t be discovered for the time being. He didn’t want Gu YuMian to be angry because he hadn’t prepared for it.

And Gu YuMian didn’t like Shuo Han.

Gu Xue Tuan’s identity was stupid, but Gu YuMian liked him very much.

It was very easy to hide everything. He was not the stupid fox or the stupid panda. He showed intelligence and knew what needed to be done. If Shuo Han didn’t want to expose himself, this matter could never be found out, Gu YuMian must never know.

——But there was no need to wait until Gu YuMian liked Shuo Han.

So he needed to hurry up and make him like him.

The little snow leopard’s paw was pressed on the tip of Gu YuMian’s nose. He looked at his human seriously and gave the order in his heart.

Gu YuMian, “?”

He didn’t know why the snow leopard was doing this, so he took the paw off his nose and kissed it.


Gu YuMian was one of the interviewees who Guan Nini liked very much. He was patient, good-natured, knew how to speak properly and got along very well with her.

More than an hour later, because Gu YuMian had other things to do next, Guan Nini and the little reporter ended the interview and left reluctantly. At the end of the interview, the little fox and baby panda finally woke up. Recently, their family’s sleep quality had become very good. Even the fox, who used to lose sleep all the time, could sleep more than eight hours a day.

However, Gu YuMian found that the little snow leopard would occasionally sneak the little fox and panda out of bed, or take them to the sofa outside the bedroom in the middle of the night. Gu YuMian’s repeated admonitions had no effect, which made him feel helpless.

The facilities in the Lower Urban Area were not as advanced as those in the Upper Urban District, but fortunately, the little fox did not show any maladjustment. When he woke up, he consciously went to get water, washed his face with his little claws and rinsed his mouth. He looked good and sensible.

While the baby panda sat on the sofa and rubbed his eyes, and tried to sleep again. Gu YuMian held his face and touched his head, “YuanYuan, don’t sleep. We are going out today, remember?”

The baby panda, “Chii?”

“You really forgot,” Gu YuMian said, taking a towel to wash the face of the silly baby panda, then wiping his paws. “Today, I’m going to go out and shop, and then I’ll go to the Elbet Restaurant after shopping. Come here, QiuQiu.”

After cleaning up the baby panda, Gu YuMian held the fox in his arms and combed his hair. He also wiped his face with another hot towel, and finally moved on to the snow leopard. There were three children at home and it was more troublesome to go out than others.

Today was the weekend and Gu YuMian’s shopping was mainly for choosing a gift for Shuo Han. Although Star Network shopping was easy and convenient, Gu YuMian thought that a birthday gift should be picked out in person to be more sincere.

Another trip to Elbet Restaurant was to see the situation and have a meal. This would be the first time he took the cubs with him after the restaurant was completely reformed. With regard to the situation of baby panda, he would still change into human form when they went out, but the time he stayed awake had gradually become longer. Gu YuMian asked doctors for information, and they said that if he took the children out more often, the situation would get better and better.

After breakfast, Gu YuMian put on his mask, pushed little Tangyuan’s pram, and went out with a little snow leopard on his shoulder, and the fox in his arms.

He was wearing a mask due to the bit of cold. In addition, because the popularity of the live broadcast was too high, recently walking on the street would make it so he was occasionally recognized by fans or passers-by. Gu YuMian felt a little embarrassed.

Gu YuMian thought that he would be looking for gifts for a long time, but he was attracted by a tie just after strolling. The tie was lighter than an ordinary blue. A rare fog blue, 1 but it didn’t appear frivolous because of its lightness. And it reminded Gu YuMian of Shuo Han’s eyes at a glance. Although it was a luxury brand and the price was not cheap, Gu YuMian couldn’t help swiping his card to buy it.

Sitting on the suspension device to Elbet Restaurant, Gu YuMian took out the tie and asked the children, “Do you think he will like it?”

After asking, he remembered that none of the three children had seen Shuo Han. He smiled helplessly. Of course, the baby panda happily and unconditionally attached to Gu YuMian, holding his hand and kissing him.

The little fox curled up in Gu YuMian’s arms, scratched on the necktie’s packaging box with his paw pad, pondered for a long time, rigorously and seriously exclaimed, “Ji.”

The little fox thought that according to the results of the survey on the preferences of adult men published by the Star Network in the past ten years, the other side was more than 60% likely to like the tie.

Gu YuMian couldn’t understand the fox’s thoughts, but he was still amused by the fox’s prim and bookish manner. He reached out and scratched his chin.

The little snow leopard lay on Gu YuMian’s shoulder, raised his eyes to look at the tie, and suddenly stretched his paws to press on the packaging box.

——It was a very common tie, the material and design were far from Royal Standard, the snow leopard thought objectively.

——But this was the birthday gift selected by Gu YuMian. He went out specially and carefully selected it. The little snow leopard couldn’t keep being objective. The little snow leopard stared at the tie carefully. After a while, although he tried to hide his face, his eyes still showed obvious satisfaction. Then, Gu YuMian watched as he held the box, reached out with his paw and pulled it, and was about to unpack it.

“Wait, TuanTuan,” Gu YuMian quickly lifted him up from below his ribs, and the little snow leopard waved his paws in the air with great displeasure. Gu YuMian coaxed him quietly, “This is for Uncle Shuo. If you like it, I’ll buy it for you another day, okay?”

The little snow leopard’s claws stopped waving dangerously. Staring at the unreachable necktie, although it was going to be his, his heart still could not help surging with sourness.

Gu YuMian, “……”

What did he do? It seemed that he really nurtured the baby snow leopard into a lemon.

It was lunchtime when they got to Elbet’s Restaurant.

It had been a week since they came back to the Lower Urban District. Gu YuMian also came here a few days ago, but it was the first time bringing the children here. And even if it wasn’t the first time to see it, Gu YuMian was still slightly surprised by the traffic.

The waiting hall outside the restaurant was full of people of all ages. Although the restaurant had a membership system, members could only enjoy service discounts, and they would be treated equally in the queue. Fortunately, they could play games and take photos in the queue, and there were special service robots to serve customers while they were waiting. Instead of being impatient, they could still enjoy it.

Gu YuMian looked around and wrote down several points to be improved. When he was about to push the pram into the restaurant, he was stopped.

“Handsome — handsome, how can you jump the line?” It was a young man named Gao Yan.

Since Elbet Restaurant had become popular again, it had become an Internet celebrity punch point in the Lower Urban District, and it was more powerful than before. A lot of anchors would now choose to come here for their live broadcast. Gao Yan was one of them, and he was a newcomer anchor from Starry Sky.

After revealing his identity as an anchor, the staff said that they could not let him jump in the queue, which made him a little angry. Gao Yan was so angry that he couldn’t play the games in line. When he saw a young human man going to enter the door directly, he reached the end of his rope.

“Handsome boy, are you a relative of the boss, or are there preferential measures for the old, the weak, the sick and the disabled? By virtue of the fact that you are from a lower race you can skip?” Gao Yan looked up and down at Gu YuMian. Though wearing a mask to block his face, his eyes were damn good-looking, “Why do you think you can jump in when everyone else is waiting?”

Gao Yan felt that he had a sense of justice, but the barrage in his studio was not as good as he imagined.

[Milk Tea GG: WTF, this little human brother has a good temperament. Although I can’t see his face, I’m dead just looking at his eyes.]

[Box box: Anchor, I don’t like this. Why are humans considered low? Are you a racist? I’m leaving. Goodbye, brothers. ]

[sfgjzkj: If this brother doesn’t have to stay in line, maybe he’s part of the restaurant staff. Your brain circuits are curious. FUCK! Wait! Isn’t that TuanTuan and QiuQiu?!]

Gao Yan felt that he should recover his face and insisted on asking, “Are you staff? What kind of staff member goes to work with their family?”

Some people around noticed that the situation here was not right. They calmed down and looked at each other.

Gu YuMian pulled down his mask and said, “You misunderstood. I’m not a staff member.”

The little snow leopard was sleeping on Gu YuMian’s shoulder, and he opened his eyes to glance at Gao Yan and remembered his face. The little fox realized something, wagged his tail and chirped. The baby panda was sucking his fingers in a daze.

“Mn, I’m a buddy with the owner of this restaurant,” Gao Yan said when he saw Gu YuMian didn’t talk. He thought he was in fault and tried harder to say something to prove himself. “Why don’t I remember you? I didn’t jump in line. Why are you jumping in line?”

Gu YuMian didn’t want to tangle with him. He hugged the fox in his arms and nodded politely, “I’m sorry, but I don’t remember having you as a friend.”

Gao Yan, the audience in the studio and the people around him didn’t understand the meaning of this sentence. In the next second, Gu YuMian finished recording his fingerprint, and the restaurant doors slid open on both sides——

The scene in the restaurant was in front of everyone.

The former owner of Elbet Restaurant and the senior managers lined up on both sides of the corridor, all dressed in suits, bent down conscientiously, with a loud voice, and facing the door in order, “Good morning, Mr. Gu!”

Gao Yan, the audience in the studio and the waiting customers, “…??”

Gu YuMian, “……”

He often thought that the former boss had been in a suspicious organization. He just mentioned that he would bring his family and children here today. Why did it seem like it turned against him? This leader wanted to paint everything black. Wasn’t this like a mafia leader coming to inspect the organization and the others responding ceremoniously?

Gu YuMian pushed the stroller in.

The door that was just about to close was blocked by Gao Yan. He asked the last manager in a daze, and he said some nonsense, “Wait, who is that? Why are you all here to meet him?”

The manager looked at him strangely and replied, “It’s our boss, Mr. Gu.”

The door closed.

The hall was still talking about:

“Is that the new boss who brought Elbet back to life? He’s so young.”

“How can I like him a little? Could you tell me his contact information, hahaha?”

“Did you see his face and wasn’t his surname Gu? Isn’t that the popular anchor?”

“Wait, my favorite anchor is the owner of my favorite restaurant???!”

Gao Yan was paralyzed.

The barrage was still popping.

[123 Wood Man: ‘I’m sorry, I don’t remember having you as a friend.’ Today’s golden sentence, it’s so cool. It’s full marks. Face fighting comes so fast.]

[Throwing Cosmetics: I heard that MianMian was here? How about the babies? MianMian! Aaaaah!!!!]

[There’s a family in the mine: I heard that MianMian was here + 1. The capture failed. It seems that I’m late. PS: Is the anchor trying to steal popularity by using my family’s MianMian?]

The barrage in the studio exploded. It was the most popular live broadcast in Gao Yan’s life, though it had nothing to do with him.


What had just happened at the door didn’t stay in Gu YuMian’s heart for a long time, because it was too short. He could guess the thoughts of the other party, but he couldn’t understand it very well. He forgot about it.

He didn’t know that the young man happened to be an anchor.

——Of course, the boss had a private room reserved, and there was no need to queue up to enter his own restaurant.

“You can also add more entertainment facilities for those who line up at the door,” Gu YuMian said as he walked along with the former boss. “Some guests come alone. In addition, the settings of the service robot… “

The boss nodded as he listened.

Gu YuMian thought of it and said, “By the way, I’ll borrow the chef. It’s almost autumn. I can add more dishes.”

He came here mainly to bring the children to have a comfortable meal and update the menu. The pork ribs that he had tried before were not bad. Hot pot could also be put on the agenda.

He had been directly promoted to the top twenty of the rookie competition, and the top twenty was also about to be announced in two days. It was not difficult to put new dishes on the menu today. Instead, he could broadcast it live and teach the audience how to do it too.

He was also familiar with the head chef, the other chefs and the group of chef apprentices, all of whom had enthusiastic eyes as they watched Gu YuMian’s cooking.

As soon as the live broadcast was opened, the number of viewers went up crazily, even faster than usual, which was already terrible. In the blink of an eye, it reached 40 million.

“Hello, I’m anchor Gu YuMian, these are my family’s children,” Gu YuMian said, holding the fox on the side cushion and the snow leopard who was lying on his shoulder, briefly introducing himself. “It’s almost autumn. I’ll make a lunch suitable for autumn and it won’t take long. There will be a live broadcast in the evening as well. Just have a look. We are at Elbet Restaurant.”

[Throwing Cosmetics: I’m so happy, aaah! I just failed to catch you over there, and soon after that, MianMian started broadcasting.]

[There’s a family in the mine: MianMian, is the Elbet Restaurant under your name? WTF, I don’t think I deserve to call it that. My anchor has more money than me. 5555]

[Tiger Guna: Sorry, I don’t remember having you as a friend.]

[Strawberry Candy: Sorry, I don’t remember having you as a friend.]

[Vivian: Sorry, I don’t remember you as a friend!!]

Within ten minutes, the dramatic scene of Gao Yan’s live broadcast had been cut down and made into a GIF, which crazily made it onto the micro-blogs, and the news was quickly spread in the interstellar era.

In such a short time, he had created an uproaring sentence.

“…” What are you talking about?

Gu YuMian’s eyes became confused.

“Let’s cook.” Gu YuMian couldn’t get the truth out of the bullet curtain, so he decided to cook, or the children would be hungry.

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