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Chapter 194: Eleventh World (21)

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Edited by Sulo 


As for Bai Duan and Xiao Yun’s “dual cultivation” in the end, that’s what heaven knows. Only a few days later, when Hu Xiao Zhen saw Xiao Yun, he was surprised to find that his right eye had been beaten blue by someone with a fist — and the man who hit him didn’t seem to allow him to use his spiritual power to wipe the bruise away.

Although Xiao Yun was swaggering through the market with half a panda’s eye, he was not dissatisfied at all. Instead, Xiao Yun was full of spirits. As for Bai Duan… Well, no one saw him for a long time.

Xiao Yun’s mission in this world was also successfully completed, and the life path of the original body was also reversed. Although it had no impact on the whole world, it could also give Xiao Yun a small amount of energy income.

It could be said that Xiao Yun could take Bai Duan back to the gray space at any time and anywhere to finish their journey, and Bai Duan could also truly become a member of the gray space and be with him for a long time.

When Xiao Yun decided to start this journey, he thought that he would be eager to realize his wish. Now, however, he hesitated.

… Maybe they should stay in the world of cultivation for a long time? After all, the cultivation world belonged to the higher world, and had a deep understanding of the spirit, and there were many Dharma resolutions dedicated to the cultivation of the spirit. Even if one day they abandoned the flesh, body and spirit of the world to return to the gray space, their cultivation in this world would still benefit them for life.

Holding his sleepy little lover, Xiao Yun convinced himself seriously and smoothly, and then made a happy decision.

——Well, yes, he wanted to stay here just to make the spirit of Bai Duan stronger. It’s not because he was worried about the future and was escaping from it! Ha ha, only kneeling on a washboard could solve the problem, he would not be afraid! He worried if he had any chance to kneel on the washboard at all!

After deciding to stay in the world, Xiao Yun became enthusiastic about cultivation. Of course, his way of cultivation was not the same as that of most practitioners.

With the spirit root in his body, Xiao Yun’s speed of absorbing spirit was absolutely different. As a spirit beast, Bai Duan’s affinity for the spirit was no less than Xiao Yun’s.

In this way, the speed of two people’s ‘cultivation’ was much faster than that of other two people’s. Even if Hu Xiao couldn’t see their ‘non-work’, he had to admit that the growth rate of their cultivation was really amazing.

——Since two people could practice ‘happily’ at the same time, why choose one person’s forced meditation?

After a huge lightning tribulation that shocked the whole Qingxia Sect, Bai Duan and Xiao Yun both advanced and formally entered the ranks of middle-level cultivators.

With the ability of self-protection, they were not afraid to face any enemies. They went out to practice under the eager eyes of Hu Xiao. They traveled around mountains and rivers, explored secret places, and worked hard to ‘cultivate’.

As a result of the previous disturbance of the Xiao family and the maintenance from Hu Xiao, Xiao Yun was well-known in the whole field of cultivation, along with his inseparable Bai Duan. Through the oral transmission of Qingxia Sect’s insiders, the “love story” between the two people was also known to all. Even the folk had compiled a story based on their mutual knowledge and consent, focusing on what was “good news for good people” and “true love in case of adversity.”

After watching such a big play, Bai Duan was so amazed at the imagination of the public that he said, “If I hadn’t heard about it before, I wouldn’t have known that this story was based on us.” When he finished, he was confused and crooked. “Is our experience so wonderful with ups and downs? I think it’s still… quite plain?”

“Sometimes, it’s just plain and light.” Xiao Yun chuckled and raised his hand to touch Bai Duan’s head. “But we’ve been wonderful before, you just can’t remember it for the moment.”

“… For example, even when you became a fat man and a big woman, I never left you alone?” Bai Duan had curved eyebrows and eyes.

Xiao Yun was silent for a long time, holding his forehead and sighing, “Don’t say something that sticks to my heart — where did you come to know all these words?”

“I don’t know. It’s in my mind.” Bai Duan shook his head. “Every time I step up, the misty memories in my head seem to be clearer, and I remember many strange words.”

Xiao Yun nodded his head clearly. He was both happy and sad.

He was glad that Bai Duan’s spirit had really improved, and he was sad that his recovery speed seemed to be too fast. Xiao Yun had thought that if he didn’t leave the world, he would be able to be sweet with Bai Duan for thousands of years, but in this way… It wouldn’t be long before Bai Duan could remember everything.

——Perhaps, he should slow down the cultivation speed of the two people appropriately. Don’t pester the little lover to ‘cultivate’ every night? On the one hand was a future of sorrow, and on the other hand was his current welfare. At this time, immortal Xiao Yun was seriously trapped in a dilemma.

After thinking about nothing, Xiao Yun decided to let it go.

Holding his little lover, he walked slowly in the bustling town of mortals. Occasionally, he bought Bai Duan some ordinary snacks that looked delicious, but actually didn’t taste good for the cultivator, just like a pair of ordinary lovers.

Of course, their faces were easy to change. Otherwise, they would have become the objects of admiration to the people around them. Just as Xiao Yun stopped and picked up a rough but innovative trinket from the street stall, Bai Duan suddenly tugged at his sleeve.

“What’s the matter? Do you like it?” Xiao Yun asked, but his left hand had already reached into his pocket and took out the mortal coins.

Bai Duan didn’t answer, just gestured to the corner. Xiao Yun followed his instructions and saw a dirty beggar crouching there, shivering in the cold wind.

“What’s the matter? Do you see that he is pitiful and wants to do good every day?” Xiao Yun joked. Casually, he put the little things he just bought into Bai Duan’s hands.

Bai Duan held the trinket, unconsciously fiddled with it, and soon turned his attention away, “That man… don’t you know each other?”

“Who is it?” Xiao Yun raised a little interest and looked at him.

“… He is Xiao Xinglong.” Bai Duan drew the corners of his mouth.

Since his revenge, Xiao Yun had swept Xiao Xinglong out of his precious brain like garbage. Now decades had passed, where could he remember which onion Xiao Xinglong is?! He picked up his eyebrows, and his tone was filled with some strange dissatisfaction, “Do you care about Xiao Xinglong? Huh? After so long, you can recognize him at a glance?”

Bai Duan,“……”

——Bad! What should I do? My daoist is going to take the opportunity to be a demon again!

“I remember him because he had offended you before?” Bai Duan looked innocent and tried to appease Xiao Yun, who was ‘sick’ — although he knows it was just in vain, “You can’t just put a black pot on me because I have a good memory and sharp eyes!”

“Ha ha, it’s too late for you to say that.” Xiao Yun sneered. “Impressed by other men, it was unforgivable from the beginning!” During the conversation, he held his little lover in his arms, turned around and disappeared quickly in the busy street, not caring how much impact he caused to the surrounding mortals after his sudden disappearance.

In a flash, he went back to the inn room, looking at the loveless Bai Duan, “…”

Xiao Yun, who was satisfied to put his little lover on the bed, was good at finding a good excuse to eat at once: ^_^

——As for the idea of slowing down the speed of practice… Well, at the moment of delicious food, who was still in the mood to think about that kind of trouble?

As a result of the previous entanglement, Xiao Yun was a little over zealous this time, and he did offend Bai Duan. Bai Duan turned into a beast and huddled in the corner of the bed. Bai Duan turned a deaf ear to Xiao Yun’s apology and pretended to be a dead ermine.

After a long time, Xiao Yun was helpless when he saw that his little lover was still and heartless. He sighed and raised his hand to touch the white ball at the corner of the bed, “I’ll go out for a while and come back soon, you… Don’t run around.”

Bai Duan, who was sore and had a cold chrysanthemum because of the ointment, and couldn’t run around at all, “……”

Xiao Yun went and came back quickly. Within half an hour, he flashed back to the inn room again.

Taking out a few kinds of food that Bai Duan liked very much from his arms, he put it neatly beside his little lover. Xiao Yun sat cross legged on the bed, holding his chin, and slowly said, “When I just went out, I asked about Xiao Xinglong. What happened to him after he left Qingxia Sect and how he became a beggar. Don’t you want to know?”

Bai Duan’s ears trembled, and his heart was ready to move. He was very interested in gossip, especially gossip about his enemy.

“I brought back your favorite food. How about listening while you are eating?” Xiao Yun continued to cajole.

Bai Duan’s nose was pointed, and his heart was shaken even more. He could only smell the delicious food. It was really amazing… Irresistible.

He comforted himself “to be generous” in silence. Since Xiao Yun begged hard, as a qualified partner, he still wanted to give the other a step down. Bai Duan moved, dropped his head and buttock, and looked at Xiao Yun with condescending coldness.

As soon as Xiao Yun’s eyes brightened, he hurriedly and politely held Bai Duan’s favorite fruit in front of him. Seeing that he extended his claws slowly and gracefully, he knew that the little lover had been coaxed… almost.

With a comfortable smile, Xiao Yun smiled and watched Bai Duan eat happily, while telling Xiao Xinglong’s news that he had inquired about.

——I really want to thank Xiao Xinglong. If it wasn’t for the gossip of the other side that Bai Duan had some curiosity about, he didn’t know how he would be able to “take what he likes”!

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The story is almost over? I wonder if there would be an arc when bai duan remembered everything. And what is it that guan wu feared so much… Its still a mystery.

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