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Chapter 6: Platform Wide Lottery

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo

 David Fesliyan – Deep Meditation


Gu YuMian counted it again.

Six hundred and fifty-seven fans.

Other hosts may dismiss this number, but Gu YuMian was already very surprised. He only broadcasted live for less than an hour yesterday. He didn’t have a recommended audience, and, at the end of the day, he had a single-digit number of viewers, but suddenly, he had hundreds of fans overnight.

What was going on?

The little snow leopard just finished lunch and was lying lazily on Gu YuMian’s shoulder. Gu YuMian was a little excited and said, “Xue Tuan, we are famous. There are hundreds of fans.”

Snow leopard, “….”

It had an empty account on the Star Network that had 20 billion fans. Was a few hundred something to be this excited about? The little snow leopard glanced at Gu YuMian with a little disdain and yawned.

Gu YuMian held the paw pads of the little guy and explained the precautions again. The little snow leopard listened absently.

A few minutes later, Gu YuMian took a breath and opened the live broadcast. He adjusted the parameters ahead of time, and this broadcast did not immediately shift to the first angle of the snow leopard. As soon as the live broadcast started, dozens of viewers continued to pour in.

“Hello, I’m Gu YuMian, the host,” Gu YuMian waved to the camera holding the front paw of the snow leopard. “This is Xue Tuan, my little ancestor. Please take care of us in the future.”

The Emperor never showed people his animal form, and except for the old steward who took care of the Emperor’s daily life since childhood, no one, from the courtiers to the secretaries, had ever seen the animal form of the Emperor, let alone his young form. The little snow leopard glanced at the camera lazily, didn’t say hello, and continued lying on Gu YuMian’s shoulder, looking a little bored. But even so, the beauty of the man and the cute cub attracted a lot of excitement from the audience.

After Gu YuMian said hello, several viewers who were watching his live broadcast yesterday immediately sent out a bullet curtain.

【South China Tiger Will Never Blind Date: It’s beautiful.】

【Cat’s Meow: I’ve broadcasted and recommended this treasure all over the world! What’s on the air today? Will you still make delicious food?】

【Silk White Moon: +1】

【An Ice Cream: As Cat’s Meow recommended, the host is so handsome!】

That’s why, Gu YuMian thought, no wonder the fans have increased so much.

“Thank you,” Gu YuMian sincerely thanked, and then said with a smile, “today’s live broadcast is relatively long and has a lot of content. I have listed the project schedule beside it. People who want to eat can come back in three hours.”

Gu YuMian had studied that, in addition to talent and popularity, the anchor of a live broadcast needed a long duration. This was the natural disadvantage of live broadcasting in a living quarter. Singing, dancing, and games could be broadcasted for a long time, but what about inside the living quarters?

Grooming, breast-feeding and delicious food could be done in an hour or two at most. In order to mix the time, many anchors would chat with the audience. Gu YuMian was not good at chatting and he pondered for a long time and changed his own mode.

【Silk White Moon: A lot of content.】

【Cat’s Meow: It doesn’t matter. Anyway, I stay at home during winter vacation and will accompany the anchor for as long as possible!】

“We’ll switch to the first view of Xue Tuan,” Gu YuMian said.

The little snow leopard disliked the name very much. 1 He pushed Gu YuMian with his right paw and signaled him not to talk nonsense. Gu YuMian held his paw and pressed his paw pad to satisfy himself, “Okay, let’s not talk about it. Let’s start.”

After a brief moment of darkness, the screen switched to the first view of the snow leopard.


In just ten minutes, the number of online viewers had risen to 102, and then it remained at this number. Yesterday, there were four people watching Gu YuMian’slive broadcast. The ‘South China Tiger Will Never Blind Date’ happened to be from a very wide social circle. His real name was Lin Lin.

Lin Lin was born on Takk and had just finished college — at least four or five hundred of Gu YuMian’s six hundred plus fans came from him. After watching the live broadcast, he immediately sent his long circle of friends the recording of Gu YuMian, saying: The immortal food, although he is a new man, and also a human, the live content is really interesting, and the cooking is also delicious.

Because he used to be the Student President at his University and also studied media operation, Lin Lin had a very wide circle of communication.

【Lin Lin, blink if you were kidnapped!】

【Ah? Human?! Are they qualified to be anchors these days? Go away.】

【I really can’t stand humans. They all stink and speak badly.】

【Looking at the president’s face, I want to pay attention to him.】

Some of the people who paid close attention to Gu YuMian were touched by Lin Lin’s words and wanted to know what it was like to taste “immortal food”, but there were still many who wanted to challenge him with disdain.

After all, no matter which group, most people discriminated against humans. It sounded absurd to watch the live broadcast from a human.

People who were familiar with Lin Lin knew that the old nanny in his family happened to be human, so he was naturally fond of humans. This time, Lin Lin touted the human anchor ‘Gu YuMian’ to the sky. The credibility of it was questionable.

For example, Lin Yun, Lin Lin’s cousin, thought it was fake.

Lin Yun was a blogger from a good family. She lived on Capital Star and recently visited Lin Lin on Takk for a holiday. Takk’s technology had developed and flourished in the eyes of Gu YuMian, but for Lin Yun, who was used to living on the Capital Star, Takk was a very rural area.

The suspension devices were slow, the traffic was underdeveloped, and there were few kinds of food — the most important thing was that the entertainment here was too… nothing, it was only chatting and so on!

As a blogger from the Internet, Lin Yun usually liked to explore all kinds of fun things, and she also liked watching live broadcasts. Capital Star’s live broadcast projects were various, exciting and interesting, while Takk’s live broadcasts were described as ‘barren.’

If it wasn’t for the fact that she couldn’t connect to the Star Network in the distant capital, she would never have watched the live broadcasts on Takk. Even if Takk had a popular anchor, Lin Yun couldn’t feel better after seeing it. What’s more, Gu YuMian was a human anchor without any fans.

With a skeptical attitude, when her cousin Lin Lin said that the anchor was on the air, she clicked into his studio. There were a few people with the same mentality as Lin Yun.

It was all dark and in the next second, they switched to the first view of the snow leopard.

The little snow leopard was lying lazily on Gu YuMian’s shoulder, with its right paw on Gu YuMian’s neck. The young man’s skin was delicate, warm and clean. Almost immediately, the audience, who shared the visual angle with the little snow leopard, could experience that feeling.

This was a spring afternoon, the white curtain couldn’t cut off the strong light from the outside, hazy as it penetrated a little. Gu YuMian had a very light smell of bamboo leaves and seawater. When around him, it seemed that time slowed down for a second, and everyone just wanted to roll and sleep in his arms.

The bullet curtain was quiet for a moment. No one wanted to break the quiet atmosphere. It took a long time for someone to say:

【Cat’s Meow: Feeling inexplicably comfortable.】

【One Ice Cream: I know why Xue Tuan is so sleepy all the time. I don’t want to do anything but sleep in his arms when I stay with the host!】

Gu YuMian looked at the barrage and thought it was funny. They could feel the slight vibration from his chest. The laughter was very light and it overflowed from his throat. It rang in their ears and it was so beautiful.

As promised by Gu YuMian yesterday, the little snow leopard didn’t need to do anything for this live broadcast.

——His live content was [Taking care of the baby at home.] This happened to be what he was good at, and in this way, while taking care of the snow leopard, it could also be broadcasted live, killing two birds with one stone.

“TuanTuan, come,” Gu YuMian took the snow leopard off his shoulder and held him in his arms. “Massage for you.”

Later, he would give the snow leopard a bath. First, he would help it relax. Gu YuMian’s strength was well controlled, first by gently pressing his chin, then slowly transitioning to his back. The little snow leopard was very satisfied with the service of the human. His gray and blue eyes narrowed, and his long tail circled Gu YuMian’s wrist.

The audience could feel that the slender hands seemed to light a warm and harmless fire, letting all four limbs immerse in the relaxing rhythm.

A massage was defined as an ‘appetizer’ by Gu YuMian, but unexpectedly, the reactions in the bullet curtain exceeded his imagination.

【Twilight Goat: What’s the matter? It’s so comfortable and drowsy!!】

【Blush: + 1.】

【South China Tiger Will Never Blind Date: WTF!!!!!】


【There’s a Cloud: You are exaggerating.】 

This ‘There’s a Cloud’ was Lin Yun. 2 She admitted that she was really lost in the last few seconds and this human seemed to be a little special. She had no bad feelings for him and wanted to be close to him. Especially when he was touching the back, he had some abilities.

But soon she woke up again. It was good, but why was there such an exaggeration on the bullet curtain? What’s more, other humans were disgusting. Why would they like this host? She was a materialist who didn’t believe in the things she did not see in person.

【There’s a Cloud: Isn’t what some people are saying too much? He’s not a fairy anchor. What can he do that other hosts can’t?】

This remark was immediately echoed. Among the more than one hundred audience members, many of them were originally looking for trouble with the word ‘human’, and finally found an opportunity.

【There Are Deer in the Forest: + 1. I don’t think he’s good enough.】

【I Like Combing MaoMao’s Hair: The anchor should have some skills, but there is no such magic to boast about.】

【Floral Water: What kind of boast is this? Any anchor in the Capital Star living quarter will kill him. I’ll tell you straight, the lower races are not qualified to broadcast live. Go away.】

The words from ‘Floral Water’ involved racial discrimination, which was soon detected by the machine, but the original harmonious atmosphere of the barrage was also broken. The audience who liked Gu YuMian were not happy.


【Silk White Moon: The Qing Dynasty is long gone! 3 Why hasn’t racial discrimination died yet? How about the human anchor? I just like the human anchor. Can you stop?】

【Cat’s Meow: Is the Capital Star so amazing? Please go back to your Capital Star. Our tiny Takk temple can’t hold a big Buddha like you.】

The sense of crisis grew stronger and the ‘relaxed and comfortable’ atmosphere that Gu YuMian was trying to create was destroyed. There were a lot of audience members who came in to relax and have fun. Looking at the bad atmosphere that was about to start, the members started to think about whether to leave or not.

The situation was somewhat urgent.

The little snow leopard broke free from Gu YuMian’s arms and watched the barrage flying by line after line.

That was the expression of the Emperor when he was impatient with something. With a little indifference, such a small snow leopard seemed to be standing against the barrage. The indoor temperature suddenly dropped two degrees, and a layer of frost formed on the windows, and began spreading around. 4

Lin Yun’s words were also impulsive. Seeing the bullet screen saying more and more, she began to regret and feel guilty. Just thinking about how to make it up, she heard Gu YuMian speak with a smile, “Humans are not a lower race.”

Everyone thought he was going to say something against those people. Gu YuMian rubbed the snow leopard’s little head, pacified the little guy first, and then made up the second half of the sentence, “I’m 1.8 meters, and quite tall.” (5’9”)

Because there were all kinds of races, including small animals, whose average height was only 1.5 meters (4’9”), Gu YuMian’s 1.8 meters was not ‘inferior.’

Everyone: “…”

【Cat’s Meow: Pfft, yes, you are the tallest.】

【South China Tiger Will Never Blind Date: 1.8 meters is above average? I refuse to believe this since I’m 1.9 meters. (6’2”)】

【One Ice Cream: Is he really tall? I’m 2.8 meters (9’2”), a Giraffe girl you know?!】

Gu YuMian, “Sister Giraffe has fouled.”

This kind of popular comment appeared, and the curtain began to be filled with ‘hahaha.’ A lot of people began to share their height and tell stories related to their height. The topic suddenly diverged, and the air was cleared.

Many people were actually quarreling with the wind and once they calmed down and thought about it, the massage just given by Gu YuMian was actually very comfortable. Moreover, with the special temperament of Gu YuMian, even if they didn’t do anything, being around him could make them relaxed and comfortable.

Besides, if they wanted to leave the studio, they could do so easily.

Originally, a very sharp topic was brought up because of Gu YuMian. Lin Yun had to admit that Gu YuMian had very strong control and adaptability.

After observing the barrage for a while, the little snow leopard lazily nestled in Gu YuMian’s arms. The frost on the French windows dissipated as if nothing had happened.

Of course, there were still viewers who were dubious.

【There Are Deer in the Forest: If the anchor can only do this, it’s not enough.】

Gu YuMian saw the barrage and only smiled.

“Let’s continue then,” Gu YuMian picked up the snow leopard and said, “I will give Xue Tuan a bath.”

A wild snow leopard did not need to take a bath and even the domestic cat did not need to take a bath often. Gu YuMian checked the data and found that the animals in the interstellar age had the habit of bathing, but the frequency and manner were slightly different.

After the incident, Lin Yun had a good feeling for Gu YuMian, but when she heard that he was going to help the snow leopard bathe, she doubted him again.

——They were born as cats who did not like baths. No matter how exquisite their techniques and facilities were, they didn’t like baths. Lin Yun thought that the little anchor might have a fall again.

Gu YuMian carried the snow leopard into the cleaned bathroom. The bathroom was originally a humid and dark environment, but it was transformed into another shape by Gu YuMian. Warm yellow light, not too much moisture, the ground was covered with cartoon printed anti-skid blankets; the translucent frosted glass was not too dark and didn’t give the feeling of a narrow space, but appeared bright.

Lin Yun thought Gu YuMian would use a bathtub to hold water like other anchors, which was the ‘bath’ that many people highly praised. This kind of ‘baths’ were the most popular and common way to take a bath in the live broadcast in the living area, but Lin Yun didn’t feel comfortable at all.

But Gu YuMian did not do as she thought he would.

“A lot of cats don’t like water very much,” Gu YuMian said as he sat on a small stool and asked the snow leopard to step on the soft non-slip mat. “You can try to change to a bright environment. Don’t use a bathtub. Just wash it with warm water.”

Suddenly pushed into a small humid environment, many animals would feel very afraid, which was the reason why bathtubs were not suitable. The water temperature Gu YuMian used was a little higher than what people normally used when taking a bath. The average temperature of a snow leopard was about 38 degrees (100F), which was a suitable temperature for them.

“What would you like to eat later?” Gu YuMian asked as he scratched the back of the snow leopard’s ear. “Fried mutton was yesterday. Do you want something new?”

The little snow leopard stepped on Gu YuMian’s knee, pushed Gu YuMian to sit on the ground, and found a position in Gu YuMian’s arms, so he was satisfied.

The live broadcast was in the first perspective of the snow leopard, and the audience had a strong sense of substitution. With the previous massage, many people were completely relaxed, because some of the burdens and fears raised by ‘bathing’ were completely diluted by the relaxed atmosphere created by Gu YuMian.

In addition, Gu YuMian didn’t say anything serious but talked about dinner, which made people look forward to the next thing.

Then, a stream of water with just the right temperature fell on the skin. 5

The feeling of wet fur didn’t make people feel uncomfortable. The host’s hands washed gently along with the water flow. There was a unique scent of warm water in the air, mixed with a little fragrance of sea salt. The sense of hearing and smell reached the most comfortable state at the same time, making people squint their eyes.

It seemed like they were transported back to a moment during their most young and ignorant time, lying by the stream or river for a nap, letting the warm stream flow over their skin, taking away all the dirt, and flowing to the sea.

Gu YuMian saw all kinds of bath solutions for cat children at the shop yesterday. He analyzed the ingredients and didn’t feel very good about using them. Later, he started to mix his own by himself.

He knew the most comforting scent and touch for the little snow leopard. He bought materials on Star Network and created a small bottle of body wash.

Now, it was good.

The little snow leopard squinted and unconsciously rubbed his head against the palm of his hand.

“After the bath,” Gu YuMian whispered to him as he washed, “let’s get in the sun, brush your hair and eat delicious food. I made jasmine tea and I’ll give you a taste later.”

Listening to Gu YuMian’s clear and gentle voice, many people suddenly came up with a variety of scenes, which was their feeling of ‘home.’ There were frozen watermelons on a Summer afternoon, lying by the fire in the Winter, and basking in the sun when sleepy in Spring and Autumn.

Surrounded by warm water, the temperature seemed to flow into the blood vessels, and the pores all sighed. That water did not flow to the ears and nose, the strength was just right, was not weak, and would not bring pain. Gu YuMian was very slow. He never seemed to be in a hurry. People couldn’t help trusting him and relying on him. They wanted to be closer to him.

The curtain was quiet for a long time. Everyone was absorbed in the experience. It was a loss to miss a second. It wasn’t until near the end that the barrage began to increase.

【Cat’s Meow: Absolutely lovely.】

【South China Tiger Will Never Blind Date: If only the host was my older brother or younger brother, I would be homesick! QAQ】

【Silk White Moon: Really, really, really good!! The smell of this shower gel is very light, but it smells good. The way the host helps to bathe is also very comfortable, and the overall atmosphere is very comfortable!! Ah ah ah, I don’t know what to say, in a word, it’s very comfortable!】

【One Ice Cream: Immortal host!】

【There’s a Cloud: Well, I have to say that the anchor has some abilities.】

Even Lin Yun, who came to watch the live broadcast with a provocative attitude, couldn’t say anything bad at this time. She admitted that even though she had seen so many live broadcasts, there had never been a live broadcast like Gu YuMian’s.

Washing away the tiredness of the whole body and mind, he let people completely relax and step into the simple and warm rhythm of life.

One after another, the special effects of gifts exploded on the screen. They were just trying to watch the live broadcast and never expected to get so many surprises. Several viewers even clicked ‘give all’ directly.

And ‘There’s a Cloud’ also gave the most expensive gift, ‘Fireworks.’ After the huge special effects, it directly triggered a lottery for the whole platform. Countless people poured into the studio to draw prizes, and then they were attracted by the live content and stayed.

Gu YuMian didn’t like to be distracted when he focused on one thing. He helped the little snow leopard take a bath carefully, wiped away the water with a towel that was heated to a warm temperature, and said, “Okay, let’s lay in the sun and comb our hair, okay?”

The bullet curtain began to brush up pieces of “okay” and “I’ll listen to you”.

Gu YuMian, “…?!”

Wait a minute, wasn’t it just a hundred people? How could he brush looking through thousands of messages on the bullet screen?

Now that the draw triggered by the gift ‘Fireworks’ was over, the number for the live broadcast was still soaring!

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Translator Notes:

  1. 有云朵=There’s a Cloud; 林云=Lin Yun; The Yun in the name means cloud.
  2. 大清早亡了 [dà qīng zǎo wáng le] The Qing dynasty is long gone. This expression is often used to comment on outmoded and backward ideas redolent of the Qing dynasty. Internet users often lambaste dictatorship and misogyny using this expression.


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