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Chapter 29: Education

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


When Lin Mo was all dressed up, the others went out and Elder Brother Lin’s children came in. The clothes they wore were also red and looked very festive.

“Wow! Fourth Uncle is really good-looking, clothes are also good-looking, red like tanghulu!” Lin Xiaoya broke away from Lin Xing and took his hand, ran to the bedside, put her hands on Lin Mo’s legs, looked up and stared at him.

It looked okay in the front, but looked like tanghulu in the back. Why did she think it was so strange?

“It’s slippery.” Lin Xiaoya carefully touched Lin Mo’s clothes.

“Mn, what are you three doing here? Come and sit down. I have something to say to you.” Lin Mo said.

“I feel that today’s Fourth Brother looks strange, so I am stunned.” Lin Xing touched his head and smiled. Lin Xing went to one side and sat on the chair. Lin Chen took Xiaonan and Xiaoya and placed them on either side of Fourth Brother on the bed. After that, he sat down in another chair.


“Huh? Yes? Fourth Elder Brother?” Lin Chen looked up and wondered.

“If you are interested in doing business, you can learn from Elder Brother, but you must be serious when you go to the Academy.”

“Why? A-Chen, you are going to the Academy?” Lin Xing heard this and thought about how Lin Chen hated reading.

Lin Mo glanced at him and said with no emotion, “You’re going too. Why are you surprised?” 

Since the night of the Lantern Festival, Lin Xing had been afraid of the situation when Fourth Brother looked at him with no expression, so Lin Xing sat still in his seat.

“After Second Brother passes the imperial examination in the Imperial City, our family will move there. Moreover, the shop opened by Eldest Brother is only in its early stages, and it will become bigger later, maybe even bigger than Zuiyun Plaza. Therefore, it’s necessary for you to study in the Academy, and you should study hard. Don’t just play. There’s not much money earned at home for you to play around…”

“Fourth Brother, we are almost in our teens, and most of our peers have already started school at the age of eight. We are two years later than the others.” Lin Xing couldn’t help saying.

“It’s not for you to study for fame, but so you can at least read. You don’t have to aim to be an official in the Imperial Court. Eldest Brother is still illiterate…” Lin Mo told them.

“If we can read, we can always have Second brother teach us later. Do we really have to go to the Academy to study?” Lin Chen asked.

“Fourth Brother, how do you know that Second Brother will pass the exam?” Lin Xing asked in a low voice.

“Oh, Fifth Brother you actually doubt the strength of Second Brother. I will tell… Uh…”

“Don’t talk about it. When did I doubt him?” Lin Xing quickly reached out his hand to cover Lin Chen’s mouth, and then took a nervous look at the door, only feeling relieved when he confirmed Second Brother wasn’t there.

“Pfft… You just said it!” Lin Chen pulled Lin Xing’s hand away and breathed. Seeing that Lin Xing wanted to cover his mouth again, he quickly dodged.

“Sixth Uncle, beat Fifth Uncle before he makes Fourth Uncle angry!” Lin Xiaoya said angrily.

“Yes, like the day we looked at the lights!” Lin Xiaonan added.

“It’s been so long, why do you two remember it so clearly?” Lin Xing was a little crazy.

“Hmph, who told you to make Fourth Uncle angry?” Lin Xiaoya proudly turned her head to one side and did not look at him.

“All right, you guys, stop it.” Lin Mo cajoled.

Lin Xing defended himself from his silly brother beating him. When Lin Chen was seated, he returned to his position.

Lin Mo looked at Lin Xing and said seriously, “But speaking of the Lantern Festival… A-Xing, you are not young. I remember that I told you several times before we went shopping that night not to run around casually. But when you saw something interesting, you turned around and forgot all my words. If you didn’t meet brother-in-law, do you know what would have happened? There were so many people that night, maybe some of them were traffickers. Do you know what would have happened to you after being caught by traffickers?” 

“I’m sorry, Fourth Brother. I know I was wrong. I’ll be obedient in the future.” After hearing his Fourth Brother’s words, Lin Xing realized how serious the situation had been. Lin Xing also remembered that when he found Fourth Brother that night, his expression was ugly, and brother Cheng had also been busy looking for him.

“Don’t just admit to your mistake now. Some of an elder’s words are not told to you for no reason. This may be from their experience. After paying attention to it, you can avoid mistakes.”

“I know Fourth Brother, but why did you think of telling us this all of a sudden?” Lin Xing wondered.

“Why is it sudden? When do you want me to tell you then?” Lin Mo looked at him.

“…” Ah… I won’t bother you. Lin Xing sat down quietly and said nothing.

After half an hour of Lin Mo’s education, the horn of greeting outside the door also sounded. Lin Mo had nothing more to say. He took a sip of tea to moisten his throat. After a few drinks, Lin Mo finally said, “What I said, think about it.” 

“Mn.” Lin Xing and Lin Chen nodded and answered.

Lin Xing took Xiaonan’s hand and left. When he got to the door, he hesitated before looking back. “Fourth Brother, can we go to elder brother Cheng to find you later?”

“When did I say no?” Lin Mo thought the boy was saying something strange.

“Then afterwards, I will take Xiaoya and Xiaonan to play with Fourth Brother!” Lin Xing smiled brightly, then led the people out of the room.

Lin Mo shook his head and smiled helplessly.

It was not as complicated as a rich person’s marriage, and Cheng Yan had no elders in his family, so it didn’t take much time to follow the process directly. Cheng Yan took Lin Mo back to the wedding room and gave him some food to fill his stomach.

“Then… I’m going back out.” Cheng Yan glanced at Lin Mo and looked at other places.

Cheng Yan thought Lin Mo was very beautiful.

“Mn.” Lin Mo looked up at him with a smile and answered. Then he saw Cheng Yan look as if he was running away and he walked out quickly, his ears a little red.

Hmm… Cheng Yan’s reaction was really interesting.

Lin Mo sat at the table eating cakes and filling his stomach. Before long, he heard the sound of the door opening. Lin Mo glanced over and saw that the door had slightly opened, and was pushed slowly from the outside. Lin Mo thought it was someone’s prank as the door was pushed open again. Then Lin Mo saw Xiaoya squeeze in with difficulty, her chubby body squeezing into a small cylinder by the door.

“Pft…” Lin Mo couldn’t help laughing.

“Xiaoya, why are you here? Didn’t you go out to eat meat?” Lin Mo went over and opened the door to let her in. He also saw Xiaonan standing outside. He was going to squeeze in after Xiaoya entered.

“Brother and I wanted to find Fourth Uncle. Uncle Cheng said that Fourth Uncle was here. The door was too much trouble. Brother and I can’t open it.” Xiaoya blushed, obviously knowing that she had just been seen by her Fourth Uncle.

“Come in, Xiaonan, too.” Lin Mo laughed and closed the door when they came in.

“Have you just had dinner outside?” Lin Mo placed the two of them on a high stool and sat down, then moved two plates of cake to them.

“Yes, Fourth Uncle. Can I have this?” Xiaoya pointed to the cake and looked at Lin Mo.


When Xiaoya heard his answer, she grabbed a small piece and ate it.

“What happened, Xiaonan?” Lin Mo saw that he was looking at him, and he was puzzled.

“Fourth Uncle, are you not coming home again?” Lin Xiaonan asked in a low voice, clasping his fingers nervously.

“Why does Xiaonan say that?” Lin Mo asked.

“Because that’s what Third Aunt did.”

“Yes, Third Aunt and Third Uncle had been like Uncle Cheng before, wearing red clothes, and then Third Aunt didn’t come back for a long time.” Xiaoya swallowed the cake in her mouth and said.

“Weren’t you young then? How do you remember that?” Lin Mo asked with a smile.

Xiaoya shriveled her mouth and said unhappily, “Fifth Uncle told me that Fourth Uncle will not come home, and he will sleep at Uncle Cheng’s house.” 

Lin Mo touched her head and comforted her. “It’s just that I won’t go back to sleep at home. You can come to visit Fourth Uncle during the day.” 

“Uncle Cheng’s house is too far away. Father and mother won’t let us go out.” Xiaonan shook his head.

“There is still Fifth and Sixth Uncle. When you want to come, just let them bring you here.”

“Really? It’s ok!?” Lin Xiaoya’s eyes brightened and she was suddenly enlightened.

After thinking about what they had just been worried about, Lin Xiaonan and Lin Xiaoya could finally eat their cakes with ease. When they were full, they walked around the room again, searching for something new.

“Fourth Uncle, Uncle Cheng’s house is so beautiful.” Lin Xiaoya lay on one side and stared at the things on the table.

“It’s also Fourth Uncle’s house.” Lin Mo laughed.

“Fourth Uncle’s? Awesome! I will live in such a beautiful house too when I grow up.”

After eating and playing for a long time, Xiaoya and Xiaonan were tired and fell asleep on the table. Lin Mo took them to bed to rest, and when it got dark, the sounds outside the room became quieter. Before long, Mama Lin and sister-in-law Lin came in and picked the two up. After talking with Lin Mo, they left.

Lin Mo packed up the things on the table and sat back next to the bed. Listening to some small conversations outside, the tension of the marriage gradually appeared in Lin Mo’s mind. After tonight, he and Cheng Yan would be husband and wife. At the thought of this, Lin Mo suddenly thought of some perverted scenes in his head, and his face turned red.

At this time, the door was suddenly opened. Lin Mo looked up, and Cheng Yan, in his marriage gown, came in with a basin of water, and then put it on the washing rack.

“Come and wash your face.” Cheng Yan looked at him.

“Mn.” Lin Mo nodded in response, breathing deeply, and then got up and walked over.

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