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Chapter 7: The Ancestor of Their Family is a Human

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo

What Gu YuMian didn’t know was that it was 5:30 p.m. on a Friday, and most people were off work at this time. Many people were tired out after a week’s work, sitting on the suspension device, watching the live broadcast to kill time.

The cover of Gu YuMian’s studio was a random photo taken by the optical computer yesterday. The young man in the picture was wearing an apron, with clear and handsome eyebrows, and a tall and slender body. The warm sunset in the corner of the room was spreading its color. The hot water was releasing white steam into the air. The whole picture had a kind of comfortable and warm beauty.

The image was full of the meaning of ‘home,’ and it immediately stabbed at the hearts of countless people. 1

They were either alone in a big city, or tortured by Party A’s customers all day, and they were very tired at this time. Now the most popular song and dance games on the platform were live, fast-paced and noisy, but many people were reluctant to click to join.

One hour after the live room was opened, there would be a recommendation list called [Latest live broadcasts]. In this recommendation position, one could increase their audience by more than one hundred, but Gu YuMian… he went up by three thousand.

In addition, the ‘Fireworks’ gift from ‘There’s a Cloud’ attracted many people from the whole platform to draw prizes. Thousands of people who came to draw prizes were attracted to stay by the content. Now, there were more than eight thousand people in the live broadcast room hosted by Gu YuMian.

This data was still increasing.

Matcha Mousse: Is this a bath? Ahh!

Spin, jump and close your eyes: My God, what kind of immortal anchor is this? I want to hold his thigh.

Lu Lu Can’t: I like the anchor so much because he doesn’t talk much, and doesn’t ask for gifts and is concerned, and it’s very decompressing and relaxing.

Merlin: I was waiting for the live broadcast from Cigarette at six o’clock and I wanted to have a look. Now I don’t want to go?!

Gu YuMian was surprised by the audience at the beginning. He thought there was a bug in the system, but he soon calmed down. He didn’t change the rhythm because of the increase of heat, but introduced it briefly and continued to follow the plan.

“Let’s bask in the sun,” Gu YuMian took the snow leopard to the living room. “The light is comfortable at this time.”

This was not the outdoor balcony, but the living room window. The curtains were rolled up, and there were several cushions that Gu YuMian had already arranged on the floor beneath the window. A pot of hot tea was warming on the stove and Gu YuMian covered the floor with wool-like carpets. It was comfortable to step on them barefoot and the air was filled with the fragrance of jasmine tea.

Without turning on the lights, the natural glow of dusk settling in spread all over the room and from the window. It was the city lights that lit everything up.

Gu YuMian had set a time for tonight’s food, which was now steaming, and the food would be delicious.

“This is jasmine tea.” Gu YuMian poured himself and the little snow leopard a glass. He half-closed his eyes and sniffed the tea. He also relaxed completely. “Good smell, TuanTuan, try it?”

The tea was in a small bag that he found when cleaning. Gu YuMian was surprised that the tea had not expired. He liked tea and thought there was no tea in the interstellar era. This package of small tea leaves let him establish a kind of delicate connection with the past.

The little snow leopard sat on the cushion and looked down at the cup as if to see what it was. A few seconds later, he reached out his paw and pulled the teacup.

Gu YuMian wanted to laugh a little bit. He put the cup in front of him and let the little guy smell it.

The snow leopard’s nose moved. After a while, it narrowed its eyes and looked at Gu YuMian.

“Does it smell good?” Gu YuMian held up his little paw pad, pressed it on the edge of the teacup, warmed his paw, and let him lick it to taste it.

A large number of audience members had just come in. Many people didn’t understand what this live broadcasting was at the beginning. There were many kinds of talks. But gradually, tens of thousands of people became quiet and Gu YuMian took them to his rhythm.

Such a comfortable atmosphere and environment, from soft cushions to steaming hot tea to the dusky sunset, all flowed into the body along with the temperature of the palm, making all the cells that were exhausted for a whole week relax.

In such an atmosphere, one’s worry was packed up and thrown into the night. There was no need to worry or think about anything.

Maybe they could sleep well tonight. Many people had this idea in mind.

Bullet screen comments:

Mustard Potato Chips: The first time I saw this kind of bath, I love it very much. But what is jasmine tea?

Cat’s Meow: Yes, yes, I just wanted to ask, what is jasmine tea?

Silk White Moon: Am I ignorant?

There’s a Cloud: I haven’t heard of it, but I tried it. It’s very special.

Gu YuMian, “?”

Wait, he seemed to have made a mistake. He thought that there was tea culture in this era. Was it just a misunderstanding?

“It’s, er, a drink from my hometown,” Gu YuMian said vaguely. “People drink more there. Mn, I’ll comb TuanTuan’s hair. It’s almost time for dinner.”

‘Grooming’ immediately aroused everyone’s interest and they soon forgot about the jasmine tea.

Just now, although Gu YuMian paid attention to his movements, he had just taken a bath after all. After drying, the fur of the snow leopard was a bit disordered. Gu YuMian didn’t dare to take a high-power hair dryer out in case it frightened him. He just took a small hairdryer and dried off the water slowly.

Snow leopards used to live in the snow mountain on the plateau. They were very resistant to the cold, which meant their hair was long and thick. Many cats had the same trouble and it was very difficult to comb them.

Fortunately, Gu YuMian had the experience.

“If there is a knot in the fur, it must be combed slowly from the inside out,” said Gu YuMian, though the fur of the little snow leopard was not knotted. “It can’t be combed directly, or it may be pulled off, which is very painful. You can only cut it off if it cannot be combed properly.”

He sat cross-legged on the cushion and let the snow leopard sit between his legs.

When Gu YuMian went to buy daily necessities yesterday, he was surprised to find that although there were special combs, they were all sharp-toothed and very dense. People often complained about the pain of combing and now he saw there was a big part of the reason for it.

He carefully selected a suitable wide-toothed comb and spent most of the evening grinding every sharp tooth to a smooth and round blunt.

The way Gu YuMian combed the leopard’s hair was very similar to the massage. First, he combed his neck and throat gently and spread to his back, accompanied by a massage with the same rhythm and frequency. The special touch of the blunt head comb was very comfortable, with a little light wood fragrance.

Soon, the little snow leopard half-closed his eyes comfortably and lay drowsily in Gu YuMian’s arms. His tail swept down to Gu YuMian’s ankle, then circled to show its appreciation and affection for the human.

The old audience who watched the live broadcast of Gu YuMian lay flat and enjoyed it, while the new audience who just came in a few minutes ago was completely shocked!

Mustard chips: !!!!!

Bankrupt Sister: WTF!!! WTF is not enough to describe my mood!!!!

Bruce Lee: ah ah ah ah ah! What kind of immortal is this? Scalp numbness!!!

Teddy Tweet: I spent three thousand star coins yesterday to go to a professional shop to comb my hair… No match to the anchor! It was killing me! The shopkeeper also lied to me that the hair combing all over the world was just as painful!

Many people found that the anchor was human. In fact, they were with a dubious attitude but, at this moment, they were completely convinced that despite his race, this anchor was brilliant.

In the warm dusk, the tea fragrance rippled in the air and the young man’s fingers were clean and warm. He had a very light smell of sea salt and bamboo leaves, which made people want to rub up in his palm. When the comb slowly passed through the hair on the body, it seemed to be washed over and over by the warm seawater. It was not too abrupt, but it was very, very comfortable.

In fact, in the face of a strange animal, Gu YuMian couldn’t guarantee that he could comb it well.

Combing really depended on the mood of the animal. Some cats were wary of strangers, unable to trust and relax. Even professional grooming could make them feel pain. But in the interstellar age, the lack of information was a big problem, as could be seen from the fact that all combs had pointed teeth.

On the screen, there was another wave of gifts.

Several spectators were lavish, two or three fireworks exploded at the same time, which activated the whole platform lottery, and a large number of spectators swarmed in again.


By the time Gu YuMian was done, the number of viewers had risen to thirty thousand, while his number of fans had broken eight thousand. This was a very good result for a newcomer who had just broadcasted live for two days, which Gu YuMian didn’t expect.

At the time of broadcasting, many people advised him to take advantage of the high popularity and broadcast more for a while. Why not earn money?

But Gu YuMian declined.

He prepared so much content himself that he would not disturb his pace because of high or low popularity.

Now that he started to raise a child. Gu YuMian developed a good routine, turned off the light and went to bed at 9:30 p.m. What he didn’t know was that, because the audience recommended him spontaneously, his number of fans had been rising, and he soon made the top new list.

On the new talent list were the top thirty newcomers in accordance to their popularity in Takk, who were expected to compete for the only place left for Takk’s ‘new talent support project’.

Overnight, countless attention was focused on the new human anchor.

The host, Cigarette was also one of them.

He was the first in the rookie list and the one who was most likely to win. Cigarette started at six o’clock every night. According to common sense, within half an hour of his starting time, his audience would rise to more than 100,000, and more on weekends.

But today was an exception. His numbers were cut.

He looked at the far lower than expected number and finally heard the name ‘Gu YuMian’ from others.

Originally, the quota for viewers had been basically settled, but Gu YuMian, a newcomer with great potential, had become a hot topic in the Takk live circle this weekend.

“It’s just a human anchor,” he said. After the broadcast, Cigarette could no longer suppress his anger. “It’s too much.”


The next day, afternoon.

It was Saturday, when others had dinner and had nothing to do, they hung out on the Star Network and tweeted. Suddenly, many people swiped to an entertainment blogger they were following who had just posted a long microblog.

“There’s a Cloud V 2: I found an unexpected surprise when I went to Takk this time. [Video] The immortal host is Gu YuMian. As long as you watch his live broadcast, we will be good friends!”

‘There’s a Cloud’ had been doing self-media for many years, focusing on exploring food, drinks and play on various planets, doing tutorials and strategies, etc. Because her evaluation was very pertinent, and the number of things she vouched for was very small, so over the years, she had accumulated a large number of fans.

After she sent this microblog, the response was very warm, and of course, the content was mixed.

Wife, have you been stolen??

YunYun, how much advertising fee did you charge? Do you think so many fans can’t support you??

I’m not good at human physiology!

‘There’s a Cloud’ had previously hinted at her aversion to humans. Therefore, when she sent this microblog, many people thought that she either charged advertising fees or said the opposite of what she was thinking out of curiosity.

For many years, out of the stereotype of human beings, many people praised her as a courtesy. But some of them, out of curiosity, clicked on the video. Her recorded holographic video only showed an excerpt of less than two minutes.

Dusky, soft cushions, warm water on the stove bubbling, the rippling smell of food fragrance, the wide teeth comb gently running along the skin.

The video was too short. Many people watched it for the first time and some of them were confused. They watched it for the second time and gradually felt a little bit. The third time——

It was all over.

Though the microblog from ‘There’s a Cloud’ didn’t gain popularity, since it involved a human, the video was spread out by dozens of people, from microblogs to friend circles.


Just as the video was quietly spreading in the friend circles of Starry Sky City, an auction was going on in the upper urban district. The Capital Star of the empire was divided into three urban areas, i.e. upper, middle and lower. The people in the lower urban areas were the most lively, while the upper urban areas gathered all the dignitaries of Capital Star. The heart of the upper city was the palace.

Entering the upper urban area was a sign of identity, and a place many people wouldn’t see in their whole lives.

In the past month, due to His Majesty’s tour, the atmosphere in the Upper City had obviously relaxed a lot it was natural that one didn’t need to carry their head high every day, the dignitaries had to keep their backs straight and breathe, and the stage performance auction had been set up.

“The next auction, a box of tea.” The auctioneer took a small hammer and said, “The starting price is 50,000-star coins.”

Fifty thousand star coins maybe a whole year’s living expenses for the common people, but it was nothing for these powerful people.

They all knew a little about this tea, which was just unearthed from Ancient Earth last month. Because of its rich quantum energy, it had been praised for a while. The energetic kind, that if absorbed by the intake, it may enhance the mental strength.

‘Tea’ contained the highest known energy. When it was first unearthed, a small batch of tea leftover from the royal family was sold for tens of millions of star coins in the upper district. But soon the beautiful bubble burst. It was found that tea contains a lot of energy, but it couldn’t be absorbed at all.

Scientists had tried various methods, such as consuming it directly, grinding for medicine, etc., but in the end, the abundant energetic particles were all gone the moment it entered the mouth. The price of tea had been devalued a little bit, and even now, with a 50,000-star coins start, few people were willing to buy it.

“Two hundred thousand.” The treasurer raised his hand in a languid mood.

“Five hundred thousand.” Another simple voice said.

The chief financial officer didn’t expect someone to rob him. After thinking about it, he continued to follow, “Six hundred thousand.” For a pile of useless dry leaves, 600,000 was a lot.

It never occurred to the audience that when the auctioneer was about to strike the hammer, the voice that said 500,000 sounded again, “10 million.”

There was silence.

Even when tea was most sought after, 10 million coins was a high price.

People couldn’t help but wonder, they all wanted to see who this stupid rich second generation was, and then they looked——

A black and white, round creature. It was chubby, looked very simple and honest, looked like a bear, but it was much more lovely than ordinary bears.

Seeing it, everyone understood.

Those who entered the upper urban area, more or less, had an official at home. But their homes were not the same and there was only one panda family left in the whole galaxy. They entered the Upper City area because of their money.

They had been big stars since many generations ago, and they had accumulated enormous financial resources. In order to commemorate their ancestor, they even bought a whole newly developed planet.

“Mr. Guo,” the man beside the panda couldn’t help asking, “I’ve always wondered why your family is so persistent about tea? The Academy of Sciences has announced that the energy in tea can’t be used by us?”

“Our ancestor liked tea,” said the panda, who was called ‘Mr. Guo,’ replied cheerfully. “My father said that all the tea must be bought by us.”

For this reason, tens of millions of star coins were probably nothing.

After the auction, Er ShiSi Guo (24th Wok) left early, but the dignitaries behind him began to gossip.

“The Guo family is too rich!”

“What is this,” said the senior, “for the sake of the ancestor, they spent more than that. I don’t understand. Those people have been dead for thousands of years.”

“There are so many strange things in the Guo house.” Another added, “Haven’t you heard of those two things?”

“What two?” People were curious.

“First, the way of naming is strange.”

The name of this family of pandas all ended with ‘Wok’. It was said that the first generation was called Big Wok, and the children of Big Wok were called Second Wok and Third Wok, and then it continued from there.

“What about the other point?”

“Another point” The man deliberately paused and then said, “It is said that the ‘ancestor’ of their family is a human being.”

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Translator Notes:

  1. This is the paragraph where the original Rara linework for the CUBS contest came from. CUBS
  2. V at the end of names stands for verified, meaning they are who they say they are.


Hey all, Founder and Creator of Exiled Rebels Scanlations here. I created ExR back in March 2017 which is when our first manga was released. We started doing novels in July 2017.

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