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Chapter 94: Sixth World (18)
Translated by Shiya of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

In the end, the star thief still tied Bai Duan under the gaze of his boss. He just tied it perfunctorily. The rope was loose and collapsing. It seemed that if Bai Duan just moved a little, it would come loose.

The whole control room was speechless looking at the wonderful way of binding, but the boss who was responsible for it was very satisfied. Seeing Bai Duan being ‘tied up neatly’, he nodded and waved to Bai Duan, “Why are you not walking over? Do you have the consciousness of being kidnapped?”

Bai Duan, who had no ‘unconsciousness’, drew a corner of his mouth and went to the teenager, “Eddie…”

“No talking!” Eddie glared at him. His purple eyes were moist, like a cat who was used to being coquettish but now pretending to be arrogant and cold, “What you did to me two years ago, I am still angry!”

Bai Duan, “…”

It had been two years. It was really a long time

Although he was angry, Eddie’s left hand, which didn’t hold a gun, was quite honest. It wrapped around Bai Duan’s arm and tightly held him, as if afraid that he would leave again.

Seeing Bai Duan staying by his side, Eddie had a trace of satisfaction in his eyes. He couldn’t wait to turn around and bring Bai Duan back to his place, but was stopped by the second-in-command star thief, “Boss, what should we do with those people?”

“What to do? Old rules!” Eddie’s voice was full of impatience. “Tie them up and ask for ransom. Leave those who give the ransom, and pick the ones who don’t pay up! Our expansion speed is too fast. There are many places for people to work!”

The star thieves agreed with a bang and herded everyone together with weapons. This time, their movements were not gentle at all. They didn’t leave any space for hesitation. Once someone moved, they would hit them with the end of their guns.

This was their usual way of dealing with people. Don’t mention how easy it was.

“Boss, what about this carrier? Do you want to take it?” Another star thief asked loudly, “I heard that this is the most advanced aircraft carrier of mankind?”

“What are we going to do with such a heavy thing? Be a huge target to shoot at?” Eddie made no secret of his dislike. “Get the transport ship here and take all the things on board. Blow the ship up afterwards!”

As he spoke, he dragged Bai Duan out of the central control room and walked through the smoky aircraft carrier. Eddie seemed more familiar about it than Bai Duan who had seen the floor plan in advance.

Soon, they came to channel D3, and stopped before a small ship which was used by the Soul-Eating Ermines in invading the carrier.

Bai Duan’s eyes brightened at the sight of the small ship, and his subconscious ‘occupational disease’ broke out. He looked up and down carefully. However, the first thing that attracted him was not those ingeniously transformed parts, but the delicate white ermine painted on the ship.

“…Is this the Soul-Eating Ermines?” Bai Duan asked, his tone full of curiosity.

“Yes, I designed the painting myself. How is it, beautiful?” Eddie raised his eyebrows.

Bai Duan nodded softly. He felt that the design of the white ermine was particularly soothing for his eyes, which made him very fond of it. Bai Duan wanted to reach out and touch it, but when he moved, he remembered that he was still tied.

“There will be opportunities for you to look and touch it as well,” Eddie opened the ship’s hatch, he reached out and pulled Bai Duan in, “You can even ask me to draw it for you again, forever!”

At last, Bai Duan took his eyes back and boarded the ship reluctantly. Then — Eddie locked him in his own bedroom.

Breaking away from the ropes, Bai Duan didn’t know whether he should be happy to see Eddie again, or should he be worried about his treatment to come. He realized that Eddie didn’t seem to be joking, that he really wasn’t going to let him go. He sighed deeply. Although Bai Duan really wanted to be with Eddie, to be with him all the time, but, “Eddie, I need to go back.”

Eddie, who was just in a good mood because Bai Duan was caught, immediately got depressed. Fortunately, he wasn’t an arrogant, naive and willful person who only acted based on his own emotions — at least his willfulness never applied to Bai Duan.

After repressing his bad mood, Eddie shrugged and said, “I know what you are worrying about, you are worried about your parents, right?”

This was another drawback besides amnesia of Bai Duan being reincarnated in this world instead of transmigrating.

As a Tasker, Eddie clearly knew that he had nothing to do with the original’s relatives, and it was hard to generate superfluous feelings similar to kinship. But Bai Duan was different. For Bai Duan, the family of this temporary body was really connected with him by blood. Even though his spirit and soul were detached from the world and his feelings for others were much lighter than those of the real inhabitants, the resulting sense of responsibility would not be diminished. Especially when Bai Duan’s nature was good, and he would definitely pay his parents back.

Even though the affection for his parents was not strong, even though his love for Eddie was far more important, Bai Duan also couldn’t do anything to disappoint his parents.

Hearing Eddie’s inquiry, Bai Duan was relieved. In his opinion, his sweetheart was considerate and cute. Since he understood his worries, he would not be too difficult for him, “Yes, if my parents knew that I was caught by the star thieves, they would be afraid and worried…”

“You don’t have to worry about that,” Eddie raised his hand and said, “I won’t let them worry.”

“…What do you mean?” Bai Duan was stunned and hesitated.

Eddie smiled, he went to the communication device in the room, turned on the button, and soon two anxious and worried faces appeared on the screen.

“Little Duan!” At the sight of Bai Duan, the female Beta on the screen immediately burst into tears, she wanted to come out of the screen to see if Bai Duan was fine. At the same time, the Beta male next to her reached out his hand, bringing his wife into his arms, in case she was too aggressive, but his eyes were full of love and concern for Bai Duan.

“…Father, Mother?” Bai Duan stared at the screen, and then returned to his mind for a while. He couldn’t help but walk two steps to the screen and say, “How are you…?”

“I sent my people over,” Eddie butted in. “Didn’t you entrust your parents to Lao Lin before you left? When I received the news, I took over Lao Lin’s work.” As he spoke, he reached his hand to circle Bai Duan’s waist and leaned against him. Although he tried to make a domineering gesture, he still looked very small because of his lack of strength. He smiled at the Beta couple on the screen, and Eddie blinked, “After all, this is my father-in-law and mother-in-law! How can I leave it to someone else?”

Hearing Eddie’s words, both Bai Duan and the Beta married couple showed a subtle but loving expression. Bai Duan opened his mouth and found his voice after a while, “Dad, Mom, you… How are you?”

“Good! Good! This… Lord Eddie…” The female Beta took a look at the beautiful teenager who was close to her son. Even they couldn’t believe that he was a ferocious and famous star thief leader. “The people he sent are taking good care of us…”

More than taking care of them, the two Betas almost thought they had become aristocrats, but even if they had good clothes and good food, they could not calm their inner restlessness. But this uneasiness was gone as soon as they saw their own son safe with a joyous look on his face.

“…Little Duan, you and… Lord Eddie…?” Bai Duan’s parents had learned from Eddie’s subordinates that his son and Eddie had met each other before, and that his son was not as obedient as he seemed.

Bai Duan’s parents had already changed from being stunned at first to being numb now. They were just ordinary Betas, working in factories for many years. Their biggest hope was that their son would grow up smoothly, be independent, marry someone nice and have children. However, they never thought about crossing paths with the star thieves that dominated the universe. God knows, they had only ever been on a spacecraft several times in their entire life!

Bai Duan’s parents didn’t object to his son’s falling in love with a star thief — or dare not object at all.

Although star thieves were notorious, their social status was not low. The leader of a large star thief gang like Eddie may be regarded as the guest of honor by all countries and races in the universe. After all, this was an era that valued strength above all else. Although they were technically the bad guys, national governments sometimes needed the help of star thieves, such as to clear away the enemy in the dark and make profits.

Apart from the reputation of the star thief, the only thing they worried about was whether their son really liked the star thief, rather than being forced to swallow it.

However, when seeing the scene of Bai Duan getting along with Eddie, Bai Duan’s parents finally let go of their worries. After all, they seemed to be very close, extremely close even. Eddie nestled in their son’s arms, and his eyes were always on Bai Duan, making no secret of his joy and love. Bai Duan’s eyes were full of connivance and love. That warm look really didn’t seem to be anything less than genuine.

As long as their son was happy, even if his partner was a star thief, it didn’t seem to be unacceptable? What’s more, the star thief was so beautiful and excellent, and he had been born into a noble family. Now he was even higher up in ranks…

Bai Duan’s parents tried comforting themselves, as this was already an unchangeable fact, hoping that their son would not be caught in the middle of two sides. Moreover, they regretted that they had been busy with work for many years, and neglected to pay attention to Bai Duan. This was why they didn’t even know that their son got on the ‘evil’ road at a young age and cooperated with the star thieves, and things spun out of control from there on.

When learning that Bai Duan had been making illegal weapons for star thieves since he was ten years old, his parents had cold sweats and almost fainted. This was a behavior strictly prohibited by national laws. Even though Bai Duan had been hiding from the world for nearly ten years, it didn’t mean that he could hide all his life. Therefore, it should be safer to have a star thief as his lover. For the sake of their son’s safety, Bai Duan’s parents feel that they have to do something.

After chatting with his son, Bai Duan’s mother pursed her lips and turned her eyes to Eddie, “Lord Eddie…”

“Just call me Eddie,” he blinked, his beautiful face was just so adorable, “Mom.”

Bai Duan’s parents’ expression distorted for a moment, from a respectful ‘father-in-law and mother-in-law’ to an intimate and sweet ‘Mom’, this degree of cheekiness was really unparalleled by anyone.

However, they did not contradict Eddie’s way of called them. Bai Duan’s mother tried to calm down her tangled emotions, “Eddie, you, your previous proposal, we have considered…” She turned to look at her husband and nodded her head. Finally, she summoned up her courage and said, “You said you wanted to take us to Hobian, and we agree.”

“Mom?” Bai Duan’s eyes widened, and for a while it was unbelievable.

“Over the years, your father and I have been busy with our work. We haven’t taken good care of you and get along with you. Now… We don’t need to work any more. Naturally, we hope to live with you and be a happy family,” Bai Duan’s mother said softly, her tone and eyes were full of longing — but in fact, they were still in panic.

Hobian star, after all, was the base of star thieves. It was so scary a place that it had the effect of stopping children from crying at night. Bai Duan’s parents grew up listening to the fierce names there, which naturally meant they had a deep psychological shadow. If they could, of course they would rather live in their familiar hometown in peace, but their concerns for their son surpassed their fear of Hobian.

Although Eddie once said that if they preferred to live in their hometown, they would reach a cooperative peace agreement with the country they lived in. Even if they became the ‘parents’ of a star thief leader, they would not be arrested and manipulated by the state. But after all, the state power and the star thieves were opposite camps. If the agreement was torn up, they would naturally become hostages.This was clearly not what Bai Duan’s parents would like to see.

Although there were parents like Eddie’s who regard their children as profit-grabbing tools, most of them still loved their children. As long as children were happy and safe, they would be willing to make countless sacrifices for their children.

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