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Chapter 64: Dance

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo can’t wait to see the dance


Sky City, Star Moon Pool.

This huge platform was completely suspended in the night sky.

The translucent moonlight stone covered the whole ground, and the fairy shuttled back and forth in the crowd with lights. The bright moon flowed like water, interweaving with the night, adding a bit of ambiguity and charm to the night.

Most of the people were wearing masks and dresses, while women were shaking feather fans, talking quietly and laughing occasionally.

There were thousands of tourists and aborigines in Sky City, and what they were watching through real-time live broadcast reached a total of 200 million in just that second.

At this time, everyone involuntarily stopped.

After ten seconds, a message  slowly crossed the blank screen:

[User 18786: WTF.]

This bullet screen could fully represent the inner thoughts of more than 90% of the people present at this moment.

That was a man who people dared not look at.

His appearance was extremely beautiful and dignified. His eyes were a bit careless. The mask was the same style as Gu YuMian’s and covered his face. Only the straight bridge of his nose and the thin lips that were not resistant to slight pursing could be seen.

At this moment, appearance was not so important.

His whole person has a kind of indolent but aggressive powerful momentum, which was like a predator, superior and dominating. From the moment he appeared here, the whole space had fallen into his magnetic field.

He was born to stand high and awed thousands of people.

If Gu YuMian was gentle and harmless, he was completely outspoken and arrogant.

The more exaggerated thing happened in the next second.

In silence——

Using Gu YuMian and that person as the center, people from inside and out were like the tide, regardless of age or status, all bowed to salute one by one. Their backs were very low, and their right hands were clenched into fists over their left chest, which was a great gift of respect and even fear. All the flying elves stopped and bowed.

“City Lord.”

Mostly because of the habit of others’ awe, the man was particularly indifferent.

The tourists were not sure, so they bowed down too; do as the Romans do.

However, the internet celebrity girl was not willing to salute Gu YuMian. When the man’s eyes glanced at her, she bowed down in a deep and embarrassed way.

Internet Celebrity, “……” Shit, my body has its own ideas.

Gu YuMian, “……” Wait, City Lord?

He opened his mouth but before he could say anything, the waiter beside him whispered, “Lord, sir, we are waiting for your first dance.”

The City Lord didn’t open his mouth, so they didn’t dare to get up, and all of them were still bowing.

The moon in the vast night sky encircled the whole world.

The man who was called the City Lord held out his right hand to Gu YuMian and raised his eyebrows indifferently. Even if Gu YuMian didn’t respond, he looked at him for a long time with his lowered eyelids.

To be honest, it was hard to resist.

He didn’t care much about anything, as if his whole world was Gu YuMian. Such eyes had a fatal attraction. It was hard for anyone to refuse. Of course, Gu YuMian was the same.

The moonlight trickled down.

All those who bowed, with or without care, were quietly focusing on the two.


The audience of 200 million people was initially quiet for a moment due to excessive surprise, but at this time, the bullet screen became busy again.

[Lovesickness in my life: I’ll go. Why is the City Lord so handsome? It’s a foul. He looks at the anchor more deeply than my boyfriend, who has been in love with me for ten years. I can’t stand it. Aaah! Groundhog screams!!!]

[Junior B: I really can’t understand you girls. It’s not so affectionate. It’s the eyes of ordinary straight men.]

[Feng Yue night: I really saw from the ten second gaze that the straight man is definitely not straight and you have no right to speak! QAQ You don’t know love! ]

[Throwing Cosmetics: Although it’s very sweet, but MianMian is my husband, TuanTuan, YuanYuan, QiuQiu and Er’er are all my children. Don’t change my father CP at will! Even if the City Lord is so handsome, he can’t have my babies!!]

At the same time, Gu YuMian politely refused, “I’m sorry, I can’t dance, Shuo — City Lord.” He couldn’t help thinking, what would happen if he refused the hidden plot?

City Lord, “…”

When Gu YuMian saw the ‘City Lord’, he knew the other was acting.

Looking at the beautiful grey blue eyes, the familiar bad temper, the high-profile routine operation of the rich man in the rebellious period. Wasn’t this Shuo Han?

But why did people around him seem to think he was the son of the NPCs, the Dragon and the Mermaid? Shuo Han, what was this rebellious child doing? Did you come to Utopia to earn money?? Question marks appeared in Gu YuMian’s head.

“I can dance,” said the City Lord, who was very unconventional. He held his earlobe in one hand and said without hesitation, “You follow me.”

Gu YuMian was helpless, “Wait…”

The City Lord turned his hand downward and clasped Gu YuMian’s hand, while glancing at the waiter lightly.

The waiter responded quickly, nodded and made a gesture.

So they stopped saluting and straightened up, but they were still quietly waiting for the first dance of the City Lord.

Just a few seconds later, a group of elves in tuxedos came out with instruments in their arms, playing violas and pianos suspended in the air, and the waltz’s light Prelude sounded.

Shuo Han — no, the City Lord was holding Gu YuMian’s hand. He was going to bring him to the dance floor.

Gu YuMian subconsciously held Shuo Han’s hand and rubbed it, just like rubbing the paw of the snow leopard, and said softly in the usual tone of coaxing a child, “Not today. I’ll dance with you on your birthday, eh?”

[Mango: Ah? What birthday? Did they know each other in advance?]

After that, Gu YuMian himself felt strange. Where did his familiar attitude come from? Did he and Shuo Han know each other to this extent? To be honest, there were still a few moments when he wanted to hug Shuo Han’s waist and pick him up, although he should not.

Gu YuMian wanted to say something about the remedy. Unexpectedly, such a naive method worked.

The ‘City Lord’ stopped, frowned slightly, and his ears were red, “Why not?”

Gu YuMian said without hesitation, “I’m hungry now.”

The City Lord, the people around him and the audience, “…”

He was not hungry, of course. First of all, the location was a little far away from the children. He couldn’t see them clearly. As a family leader, he didn’t feel safe without seeing the children. And he didn’t know how to dance——

Dancing with Shuo Han was really a great challenge to the heart. He was not prepared for it yet.

… His heart was about to thump out of his chest.

The waiter was carrying a tray, which was very difficult. He whispered, “Lord, the first dance must be performed by the City Lord, or the moonlight flower will not bloom — if this gentleman can’t, can you choose another dance partner on the spot?”

There was a flower in the crystal tray. The pure white bud was still not open.

The moonlight flower represented the City Lord’s best wishes for Sky City. Over the years, it had been one of the traditions of Sky CIty. Of course, it was very important. In the Utopian world view, the moonlight flower was very precious.

Many young girls, including the former internet celebrity, were eager to try. Dancing with such a man was a great temptation in itself, especially in such a high-profile environment. It would make people daydream. If they happened to be favored by this person… 

But the next second, the City Lord stretched out his hand and held the flower in the palm of his hand under the exclamation of the waiter and the people. After a while, he sneered. He forced the petal apart with his fingers, bent over and put the flower in Gu YuMian’s pocket, “You can have it.”

Everyone, “…”

The City Lord grabbed Gu YuMian’s palm and said, “Let’s go.”

Gu YuMian, “Where are we going?”

The City Lord stopped, as if Gu YuMian had asked some nonsense, and looked at him perplexedly, “Aren’t you hungry?”

Gu YuMian was stunned for a moment, and he was dragged away without any precaution.

The City Lord stopped caring about other things, and his hand still held Gu YuMian’s ten fingers, as if to announce some secret possessiveness. Under the stare of all the people, Gu YuMian left.

Gu YuMian couldn’t help thinking that not dancing was the right choice.

He reached out and touched his heart. Was he ill?

Around the most crowded Star Moon Pool, they turned around the corridor, it was only the two of them.

Gu YuMian, “I want to go to the carousel, my children —”

“Later.” The City Lord was silent for a moment and asked him in a low voice, “What if I say I want to dance with you as my birthday present?”

Gu YuMian still hadn’t followed his thinking, but after a while, he reacted with a smile, “What? What do you want? I’ll try.”

The moonlight was flowing and spreading on the ground.

The City Lord raised his eyebrows, put his hand on Gu YuMian’s ear, imprisoned him between the Roman pillar behind him and his chest, and looked down at Gu YuMian. His expression was a bit arrogant, but not annoying. His hormones burst out without knowing, “Anything?”

Gu YuMian thought as long as he did not ask for the moon in the sky, and said, “Mn.”

The City Lord looked at him carefully. A moment later, he leaned over to Gu YuMian’s ear and whispered, “I’m greedy.”

He held Gu YuMian’s cheek with his fingers, and his eyelids lowered completely.

Gu YuMian, “……”

He had a look of bewitchment.

Was it the moon? He could try to pick it.

At this time, the City Lord reached out and held the micro camera that twinkled in mid-air——

The audience was annoyed for a while. They were enjoying peeping into other people’s love. They thought that both of them had forgotten about the live broadcast. To be honest, the interaction between the two people was really good.

It wasn’t too lovey and crooked or anything. It was a feeling of alienation across the layers of yarn, but clearly familiar with intimacy. In a word, the audience could associate 100,000 words of plot. The more they saw it, the more itchy they were.

From the beginning at the Star Moon Pool, the bullet screen began to speculate and discuss various possibilities, one after another without stopping.

[Throwing Cosmetics: Shit, we are seeing the key points.]

[Junior B: I’m dying.]

[auchjv: …… @Junior B @Throwing Cosmetics, I’d like to ask the anchor’s fans. Aren’t you two opposed to this marriage? What are you fighting for?]

[Plaid Eat Apple: First, don’t make any noise. Listen.]

The camera hadn’t been crushed. They couldn’t see, but they could still hear.

In that silence, a certain premonition became clearer, and then the next second——


The little husky wagged his tail and ran happily from the corner. Like a meteorite, he ran into Gu YuMian’s arms. Accompanied by his long-lasting howl, all the ambiguous and charming atmosphere was broken.

Gu YuMian felt little Er Ha’s head and got up.

Shuo Han, “……”

Audience, “…!” Noooooo!

This fool can’t stay still.


Meanwhile, when the true City Lord arrived, the whole Star Moon Pool was left in an awkward silence. Was the party on or off?

“What are you waiting for?” The City Lord was a handsome man with brilliant blonde hair. His father had black hair, so blonde hair came from his Mermaid mother.

“What about my partner?” He asked the waiter doubtfully.

Waiter, “…?” Wait a minute. There must be something wrong.

Didn’t the City Lord just lead his partner away? Where did this City Lord come from?

Speaking of it, the impression of the City Lord had always been like this. Just now, how could they mistake that man for the City Lord, like who did the magic. If the City Lord was a fake just now, and he had already taken away the dancing partner, then what’s the next part of the hidden plot?

… Was it taken over?

All kinds of questions came up, but in a few seconds, the blonde banged on his head, “Well, let’s start dancing.”

Fortunately, it happened so fast that the tourists just watched happily. The elves scrambled to their places, and the music rang. Although there were doubts in everyone’s mind, they also found good partners to dance.

As for the future… let the Utopian authorities deal with the mess.

Utopian officials were gathering to pick out photos. There were cameras everywhere in the Utopia amusement park. If the tourists agreed to be photographed, they would be photographed with commemorative photos — generally speaking, commemorative photos were for the tourists themselves.

But today, they were choosing material from commemorative photos that could be used for posters and micro blog campaigns. Almost every picture of Gu YuMian could be used as a poster, and people almost quarreled about which one to choose. Of course, it could only be used with the consent from Gu YuMian.

“This one, this one, and this one, are all very good.”

The person in charge suddenly received a communication, listened to what the other side said, and frowned, “What? What happened to the hidden plot? ——Who is abusing power in Utopia? They used mind control?”

Everyone realized that things were not so simple, they stopped and gathered next to the person in charge. After talking for a while, the person in charge seemed to hang up the communication angrily. When he wanted to speak, another communication came in directly.

The person in charge was still angry, and furiously connected the call, “Hello?”

The person in charge changed his face just as he said the first sentence. He became cautious with his bare head. “Okay, okay. It’s as you said… I see, Grand Duke.”

Everyone was surprised.

Only one person could be called Grand Duke, and that was Fennick. If it was not a private matter, ninety-nine percent of the reasons for the appearance of Grand Duke Fennick were related to His Majesty.

Help! They were just an ordinary amusement park!

“The hidden plot is not finished…” He hung up the phone, and the person in charge murmured.

What star or internet celebrity was more suitable to do this than Gu YuMian? No… 

It was not finished this time. Wasn’t there another time?

Moreover, if his guess was true, the anchor would be… 

Then their amusement park would become really famous?!


An hour later, he didn’t expect that the staff of the carousel couldn’t stop little Er Ha — Gu YuMian went to inquire afterwards, saying that at first little Er Ha was in high spirits, but later as time went on, he couldn’t see Gu YuMian.

In just five minutes, he became extremely anxious and uneasy. It was useless for little Tangyuan and little fox to comfort him.

Then he didn’t want to play any more. He circled around the edge of the railing, and through one of the breaks in the railing and rushed out.

Then there was a big mess.

The little fox remembered Gu YuMian’s request and was eager to find him, but the little snow leopard was gone. He didn’t know if he was also looking for the little husky. Only little Tangyuan was in place. Fortunately, the children all wore that bracelet, and they didn’t go to a very dangerous place, so they immediately located him.

As for Shuo Han… No, City Lord. In the end, he didn’t admit that he was Shuo Han. After he accompanied Gu YuMian to find the fox, he left in a hurry. Gu YuMian was also in a hurry to find the little snow leopard, so he didn’t have time to ask.

Gu YuMian, holding the children and waiting for the Sky Train to return to Utopia, couldn’t help saying, “I think there’s something unnatural.”

The little snow leopard blinked lazily, and the grey-blue eyes looked at Gu YuMian’s eyes.

Gu YuMian looked at him for two seconds without knowing why. He was in a trance for a moment and soon found his own thoughts. Several of the problems that had been spinning in his brain disappeared, and then became the simplest and most practical problem, “Um… What would you like to eat later?”

After such a round, everyone was a little hungry, but it was a big night.

The little fox looked at the little snow leopard and Gu YuMian, chirped and began to play dumb. And the little husky had been over high this evening. At this time, even he was a little hungry and listless. He was dozing off by Gu YuMian.

“How about tangyuan?” Gu YuMian thought.

Little Tangyuan was frightened, ‘What’s going on?’

“Do you want to eat or not eat?” Gu YuMian was referring to the sesame ball tangyuan, and he quickly touched the head of the little Tangyuan, “Can YuanYuan eat yuanyuan because it’s so cute?”

The night tour of Utopia should be finished after the plot in Sky City?

There were other closing parts, Gu YuMian doesn’t remember. He was thinking about whether to have another live broadcast and say hello and apologize to the audience. After all, he interrupted the live broadcast directly before, and felt very sorry for everyone.

But it was past 10 o’clock. It was too late. The live broadcast wouldn’t last long.

At this moment, the other tourists who had visited Sky City, had come out again. The internet celebrity was also among them.

“He screwed up the hidden plot. No dragon came to pick him up. Even though he was so popular before, why is he taking the train honestly?” She and her companion saw Gu YuMian with several cubs waiting for the car, looked at each other, and they both thought so, just about to gloat.

The little snow leopard swept his gaze on them coldly, with his chin raised lazily and his ears rubbing against Gu YuMian’s neck. He pressed a few times on his optical computer.

Then a dozen seconds later, everyone heard a scream in their ears, “Jie —”

Gradually coming closer, the giant dragon with its wings covering the sky blew out flames from his nose. When he came, he brought a gust of wind, which made the hairstyle of internet celebrity girl into a chicken coop.

Internet Celebrity, “……”

The gigantic dragon stopped in front of Gu YuMian and raised his chin to Gu YuMian as a greeting.

Gu YuMian looked at the gigantic dragon in front of him in embarrassment, “Is that ok? It’s too much trouble for you.”

Just when he accidentally started the live broadcast, before he could turn it off, the audience had rushed in cheerfully, tens of millions more in a blink of an eye.

But the little snow leopard didn’t treat himself as an outsider. He kept his eyes looking down at the world. He stepped to the top of the gigantic dragon’s back and sat down. Looking at his appearance, the little husky replied with a little energy and jumped up with his tail wagging.

Gu YuMian had no choice but to sit up with little fox and little Tangyuan and politely said to the gigantic dragon, “It’s too troublesome for you to have such a big night. I’ll make a little night snack later. Take it back and eat with your family.”

Midnight snack… 

The gigantic dragon thought of the sandwich that his wife had flaunted to him just now. His nose suddenly blew out a few pleasant flames. He roared and spread his wings to the night sky!

The internet celebrity’s hair had been burnt by the flames just after she finished taming the chicken coop.

Internet Celebrity, “……” Fuck off!

As for the other side, the audience was too happy to follow.

Although the beauty was that the hidden plot hadn’t been finished, and the gossip was interrupted by little Er Ha before, but… staying up all night and even staying up to watch the live broadcast, not only could they ride a dragon as they returned, but they would also have a midnight snack.

Was there a festival today?

There were tens of millions of viewers. It was not good for Gu YuMian to turn off the live broadcast at this time. He had no choice but to take the mistake, saying, “Hello, my name is anchor Gu YuMian. I’m sorry for the sudden interruption of the live broadcast before, because something happened to my children — it doesn’t matter, it’s all settled now. Mr. Dragon will take us back to the hotel now, and then we will make a snack to fill our stomachs, and then go to bed.”

After all, there were still two days to go.

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