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Chapter 65: To the moon

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo wants to see Shuo Han again


[User 19298: I’m here, I’m here, I’m here to watch the CP! What about the City Lord just now?]

[Junior B: By the way, what kind of day is it today? There is not only more than three hours of live broadcast, but also extra time after the broadcast, as well as supper. I’m a little touched.]

[Stomach’s Rumbling: Moved + 1, sleeping party welfare (=33=) What’s the delicious thing being made?]

[White Pear Blossom, Lili: I still care about the former City Lord, is it a person that MianMian knows? Boyfriend? QAQ]

Gu YuMian almost coughed when he saw the bullet screen.

A lot of viewers mentioned Shuo Han, and there were all kinds of jokes and gossip. In order to avoid everyone’s speculation moving in the direction of being rude to Shuo Han, he said seriously, “That’s my friend, he was working in Utopia for the time being. What happened this evening is an accident. Please don’t speculate too much. Thank you.” He reiterated, “We’re just friends.” 

The little snow leopard was yawning lazily. At this time, the yawn stuck. He was quiet for a moment, and next second, he was so angry that his fur bristled, and put a depressed paw on Gu YuMian’s lips.

We are just friends? When I kissed you, you didn’t say that.

“What happened to TuanTuan?” Gu YuMian took the little snow leopard’s paw and kissed him, “Don’t be angry or upset.”

Unfortunately, the little snow leopard didn’t often go to the micro-blogs, otherwise he could accurately define Gu YuMian’s behavior.

Behind the scenes, he was warm-hearted but declared that they were only friends. When they were angry, he will never ask the reason, only coax with sweet words. There was also the lively, cheerful, confidant (Little Er Ha), the innocent, pure white moonlight (little Tangyuan) and weak, shy fox (Little Fox).

This was the legendary scum 1 man.

Although the little snow leopard couldn’t define his relationship, he was not in a bad mood. He scratched Gu YuMian’s hair with his paws, and there was no sound.

Fortunately, Gu YuMian’s audience has been watching the live broadcast for a long time, and had developed a kind of gentle character similar to Gu YuMian’s — this was also the reason why the atmosphere of the bullet screen in the live broadcast room had always been very good. There were so many people, but hardly any quarrels.

Knowing that it would cause trouble to Gu YuMian, they were kind enough to stop pestering.

[Power bank No.1: Good, listen to you, won’t ask, hehe hehe. So what’s MianMian going to eat?]

[Fried Rice Cake 321: I see! So what’s MianMian going to eat?]

In every second, there were thousands of bullet screens pouring out. At this time, there were thousands of “What is MianMian going to eat?”, quickly covering the topic just mentioned.

——Tonight, Gu YuMian’s live broadcast was a big bang.

Big bang meant that not only the live platform, but also the number of related content on friends circle, short-video website and micro-blogs had soared, and the entry was a hot search.

According to data records, when Gu YuMian was in a hurry to broadcast an hour ago, he had been at the top of the real-time popularity list on the homepage for more than two hours, and even jumped to the top of the daily popularity list.

At this time, although it was close to bed-time, the popularity was no less than just a few minutes before the audience had soared to seventy million.

It was not hard to understand. After all, many viewers not only looked forward to a wonderful evening with Gu YuMian’s family, but also looked forward to a gentle end to such a beautiful day.

Since it was late at night, this time the dragon flew very, very slow. Unlike the dazzling flying method before, the wings that covered the sky and blocked out the sun were flat, occasionally flapping, slowly gliding through the sky to the golden Utopia.

The cool evening wind and moonlight passed by their ears, with just the right temperature and touch, giving them a feeling of quiet, cozy and drowsy, belonging to the night alone.

Gu YuMian, holding a little sleepy fox and Tangyuan, whispered, “Mn… In a moment, I’ll steam a small batch of dumplings so we won’t eat too much,” he explained. “Then we’ll take a hot bath and wake up naturally tomorrow.”

When going out to play or travel in the amusement park, many people are eager to catch up with the schedule and try to play all over again, so the schedule is often busy. They had to get up at six or seven or even four or five.

But traveling with Gu YuMian won’t be like this. It was like a vacation everywhere.

[audnjh: Little Long Bao!! 2 Although I don’t know what it is, I know that the ending of the word “dumpling” is delicious, such as the last soup-filled buns!]

[Throwing Cosmetics: Although there is no CP to knock, but! I love this life! It’s good every day, AAH!]

The baby panda was trapped in Gu YuMian’s arms and blew out a snot bubble and groaned, waving his four claws. The little fox was also sleepy, his ears drooped, and he leaned against Gu YuMian’s arms and curled up into a ball to doze off. The only one with a little bit of energy right now was the little husky. He sat on the tail of the dragon excitedly, slid down like a slide, fell into the air, and was fished back up by the dragon.

Or he’d jump into the side and let the dragon fly to him.

He kept jumping out into the sky.

Gu YuMian, “……”

Although the gigantic dragon picked him up steadily every time, Gu YuMian saw it once or twice and still felt like he was going to have a heart attack. He took the little husky back using the nape of his neck and told him to be quiet seriously.

After being in the air for a while, the ground became a little closer, and large, golden-red warm lights and the earth along with a lake encircled them. Finally, the gigantic dragon converged his wings, first skimming the water with his two claws, then slowing down a little bit and landing on the water.

Utopian hotels were all randomly assigned, and only a number of people could choose the size, but the specific location could not be selected. Gu YuMian ordered a parent-child suite. He didn’t know where he would live in advance.

Some people would go to the forest to live in the elf’s cabin, others would live in the attic of the Utopia night market and even live in underground caves with the dwarves. The full immersion attraction experience of Utopia had reached the highest in every aspect, and there was no place that did not give people a great sense of expectation.

Gu YuMian had been guessing from the beginning, ‘Where would they live?’

At this moment, Gu YuMian saw the place where the dragon brought him, and he was stunned.

The audience couldn’t help but watch.

——The huge Moon Lake, sparkled as it reflected the moonlight and Utopian lights, one treehouse was located in the middle of the lake. The treehouse was divided into two layers, connected by a rotating staircase woven of rattan. The lower layer was a log floor, which was directly suspended on the water surface without any support. Stretched out on a small platform, there was a small sofa and cane chair, and one could face the lake while cooking.

The upper layer was the place to sleep, half-open, with a soft and warm bed, where they could feel the wind by the lake and bask in the moon while having a good dream.

The mermaid, who had asked Gu YuMian for a sandwich, was sitting next to the tree house, curling her tail and combing her long blonde hair.

The wind rippled, and the whole scene was just like a painting.

Little Tangyuan lay in Gu YuMian’s arms. He got up all of a sudden and whimpered in a daze. The little fox thought he was dreaming. He rubbed his face with his paws and looked at little Tangyuan. The little husky held the tail of the giant dragon, and was already shaking his head at the beautiful mermaid big sister, “Aowu aowu!”

As for the audience… 

[Vivian: Oh my God?!]

[Green Plum Wine: Oh my God?!]

[A happy lemon whale: The Moon Lake seems to be a new map. It has never been opened here before. When you come to take a picture, you would not be invited to go, let alone let the tourists live in… 555 MianMian, this is only worthy of MianMian.]

The amusement park was the place where dreams come true. Many people had more or less fantasized about living in an isolated place. In a forest or by a lake, on the seaside or in the mountain forest, so he could have his own cabin and kitchenware. When he was free, he could read books and fall asleep with the moonlight on his pillow.

So… who can stand it now! The number of spectators easily exceeded 80 million and continued to rise rapidly.

On Moon Lake, the mermaid looked up and saw the giant dragon carrying Gu YuMian. She came over and smiled before kissing Gu YuMian. Gu YuMian was stunned and smiled back.

The heart of the little snow leopard was sour.

“…” The gigantic dragon stopped at the side of the tree house. Gu YuMian went down first, then reached out to take the children down one by one. Four wool balls were piled on the cane chair one by one.

The little snow leopard didn’t care to be with the other three ‘fools’. Although he was still angry with Gu YuMian, he grabbed Gu YuMian’s sleeve and lay on his shoulder.

“I’m going to start making the buns now,” he said to the gigantic dragon and the mermaid. “Wait a minute. Do you have anything you don’t like?”

In this brighter place, the mermaid was the heroine of Mermaid and the Dragon. In the utopian series, the mermaid was part of a race that could only sing and couldn’t speak. It was all beautiful. The mermaid didn’t expect to have anything to eat. She was very surprised. She blinked and shook her head quickly to show that she could eat anything.

There was no kitchen in the treehouse, but the cooking props were complete, and they were also changed to match the shape of the treehouse — the shape of the alcohol stove was like a pile of charcoal fire, and the dishes were all logs.

[Hard working Qiao Qiao: So what’s little long bao? (-﹃-).]

Gu YuMian lit two lights and started cooking while facing the lake, explaining, “Remember the soup dumpling you ate before? Little long bao is similar to this kind of dumpling, but it will be smaller… There are also some differences between ingredients and materials.”

After all, little long bao and giant tangbao 3 were originally from the same family. After the Jingkang rebellion, they were taken to the south of the Yangtze River by the royal family of the Northern Song Dynasty, but they had never been disconnected from the giant tangbao in the north. Little long bao were divided into little long bao and ordinary long bao. Because it was more suitable for eating in autumn and winter, Gu YuMian chose little long bao.

“According to different seasons, different fillings will be added to the buns. Let’s make the dough and the jelly first.” For example, shrimp in early summer, crab roe, crab meat and crab oil in autumn. “There’s no need to ferment the skin of the dumpling.”

Gu YuMian added a few spoonfuls of salt to the medium glutinous flour. After adding water, he directly stirred it with chopsticks to form dough. Then he started to mix the flour with his hands, and then let it sit. After sitting, the dough was divided into small pieces. Gu YuMian rubbed and dipped the pieces in water and folded them, rolling them out into a circle.

The skin was thick in the middle and thin on the edges.

Since he was making small dumplings, Gu YuMian’s fingers cleverly pressed out the folds on the edge, and folded it like a lotus leaf skirt was on the edges, which was delicate and lovely.

“Chii.” Little Tangyuan who had become a panda, slowly and curiously came over, dragging the little fox. The little husky clung beside Gu YuMian, wagging his tail and stretching his claws to poke at the lake.

The little snow leopard lay comfortably on Gu YuMian’s shoulder, and his little head rubbed against his ear and yawned.

Gu YuMian couldn’t help bending his eyes.

He reached out and scooped up the little boy who was pouting and was about to fall into the lake. The family huddled against the lake for supper. Instead of becoming a human being, the mermaid sat on her husband’s back as he carried her around the lake slowly with the wind. The moon and the lake were rippling.

The mermaid happily directed the diving, acceleration and flight of the gigantic dragon. The couple who had become parents were no different from the young and childish lovers in the infatuation period except for their more familiarity and tacit understanding.

“Love…” Gu YuMian could not help feeling it was foreign. Love was two people growing up together. In fact, sometimes, two people could become childish together.

The little snow leopard glanced at him lazily, stretching his claws and pressing against Gu YuMian’s eyes.

There is nothing to envy. You will be many times happier than them in the future.

At the same time, the bullet screen blew up: 

[So, MianMian, do you want to fall in love with me?] 

[I volunteer!] 

[Let’s have a love affair. I’ve got all the names of our children.]

Even though it was nearly time for bed, the bullet screen was very active. With close to 90 million people, the bullet screen filled the whole screen, and it constantly refreshed thousands of comments every second.

“…” The snow leopard sank, Gu YuMian couldn’t help laughing.

“Well, the dough is ready. Let’s make the jelly and filling.”

The main fillings were meat fillings. Gu YuMian also planned to pack crabmeat in the meat fillings because of the season. The jelly was still synthetic pig skin and pig bone.

After the blanching water was put on the stove, Gu YuMian directly minced the synthetic pork into a filling, added onion, ginger, cooking wine, and sesame oil, sprinkled in a little sugar, and stirred until it was cooked.

“It’s more tender and chewy.”

The meat skin and big bones were directly thrown into the pot and simmered with water. The water in the pot boiled quickly. When the skin was slightly tender, it was scooped out by Gu YuMian and chopped up.

The baby panda, little fox, and little Er Ha were completely attracted by Gu YuMian’s movements. They were rarely very obedient, and one by one, with their heads against each other, crowded around Gu YuMian and stretched their necks to look at the pot.

After washing his hands, Gu YuMian rubbed their small heads, took out the steaming crabs, broke open the shell to get the crabmeat, put the cooking wine and ginger powder in the pot, and stir-fried them until they were hot.

“Fry the crabmeat,” Gu YuMian said, “until it changes color.”

When the sound of hot oil popped, the crabmeat was quickly fried to a tiny amount until it started to shred, with beautiful color and attractive fragrance. The big bones had been boiling on the stove. Gu YuMian removed some crabmeat and used scallops to add more meat to the mix. At this time, the bone soup was thick and wouldn’t stay as a liquid when cooled.

In the center of the quiet lake and under the small lamp, a pot of milk white and mellow bone soup was bubbling on the alcohol stove, and the white crab meat and scallops in it were rolling and spiking from time to time, full of fragrance!

Audience, “!!!!!”

The baby panda, little fox, and little Er Ha looked left and right greedily, and swallowed their saliva. The little snow leopard reached out and pulled the long spoon held by Gu YuMian, suggesting that he should hurry up. The mermaid sat on the back of the gigantic dragon, smelled the fragrance coming from downwind, and dived from the air to stop in front of the small treehouse. Both the husband and the wife looked at Gu YuMian with bright eyes.

Gu YuMian, “…This soup needs to be cooled before we can add it to the dumplings.” Gu YuMian could not help laughing. “Just a moment, I’ll wrap them up.”

The response of the audience in the bullet screen was no less than that of the cubs, mermaid, and the gigantic dragon watching on the spot.

[White Pear Blossom, Lili: The craftsmanship from MianMian will never let me down. I have started to imagine the taste on my mouth, swallowing saliva.]

[You say one, two, three: Wonderful!!!! It’s really delicious. Can’t you drink this soup?]

[Xiaoqian fin: Haven’t you finished yet? I thought I could eat, MianMian. QAQ Hurry up!]

Gift effects exploded one by one, and the number of people rushed directly from 90 million to 100 million. Close to eleven o’clock, the overall platform traffic had declined in this period. Gu YuMian had been on air for less than an hour. Just after the screening period, he would soon be first on the real-time popularity list!

“We will roughly deal with the filling, and then wrap the cooled soup and meat in the dough.”

There were little lights in the little treehouse, which was incomparable with the prosperous Utopia not far away, even in the night, but there was still tranquility in it. Under the light of the dim yellow lamp, everyone huddled together in a small space and looked at Gu YuMian’s dumplings carefully.

Gu YuMian added a few spoonfuls of soy sauce, cooking wine and minced meat to the thick soup. The meat filling was wrapped with fried golden crab and a spoon of crab oil. They were all stirred together. The thick soup was condensed and then mixed with the soup. He picked up the small round dough just rolled out, dipped it in water and held it in his hand, filled the filling with chopsticks, and then pinched the pleats with his fingers.

The dough itself had a lotus leaf edge. Gu YuMian held the dough in one hand, twisted the pleats in the other hand, pushed them away, and separated them, the dumpling slightly closed. Then it became a small and delicate small soup dumpling.

“You don’t need to pinch the top of the dumpling.” Gu YuMian said.

The small white soup dumplings were neatly placed on the steamer. They were well proportioned and dense, like white chrysanthemums, but they were more delicious and attractive than flowers.

There were six dumplings per steamer. Since there were many people and he had to entertain guests, Gu YuMian pinched enough dough to fill six steamer baskets. While waiting for them to steam, Gu YuMian took time to make egg drop soup. 4 When he was a child, his family liked dumplings with shredded egg soup, which was not specific. It was a habit accumulated into love.

He beat the eggs and mixed them well. Then he heated the oil to cook the eggs before stirring them in the pan lightly to make a perfect golden egg layer. Then he cut it into pieces before adding water and heating it gently after adding onion, ginger and garlic.

When the soup was boiling and turned a bright yellow, Gu YuMian beat in another raw egg, held it with chopsticks, and let the egg liquid flow into the pot along the thin line which immediately turned into a beautiful golden egg flower in the pot!

In the slightly thick egg soup, there were golden and beautiful egg flowers, which were decorated with green onions. The color was not eye-catching, but the collocation was very beautiful. The hot steam with fragrance spread.

Gu YuMian held several bowls of soup and gave the four cubs, the mermaid, and giant dragon, a bowl each.

——Salty, fresh, and warm egg flower soup was not very strong. They could taste the smooth egg, the crispy egg, and the green onions.

It was a very simple but wonderful appetizer soup. It was good preparation for the next delicious meal, and it also made people look forward to it more and more.

The Utopian Moon Lake was reflecting the light of the little treehouse, and the autumn night was cool. This kind of weather made them drink a bowl of the egg soup first, and then eat the basket of small soup dumplings that were fresh, beautiful and had a delicate fragrance.

No one could refuse what was offered.

“Chi!” The baby panda was holding his little belly, and after drinking the soup, he lay in Gu YuMian’s arms, sucking his paws and looking at the steamer. The little husky wiggled around Gu YuMian, and the little fox took hold of the soup bowl and offered a small cry.

The little snow leopard squinted comfortably.

The couple sat under the eaves, their tails happily rippling on the lake.

From the very beginning, the popularity on the bullet screen had not been reduced. The number of gifts due to the delicious food had soared by several million in the blink of an eye. After a while, under the expectation of the children, the mermaid couple and the hundreds of millions of audience members, the several small steamer baskets were pulled out… 

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Translator Notes:

  1. a dirty or despicable person, usually, someone who tries to have as many people around them but never loves anyone.
  2. Chinese small soup dumplings.
  3. tang bao
  4. Egg drop soup versus shredded egg soup

    The eggs in egg drop soup are cooked in the boiling soup liquid where the eggs in shredded egg soup are cooked, cut, and then added to the soup.



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