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Chapter 63: Utopia Amusement Park

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo wants Gu YuMian’s sandwich too! 


If it was a normal scenario, tourists would come out of the underground river and be carried to the floating platform by boat. Then they would take the sky train to the sky city——

But Gu YuMian triggered the hidden plot.

The gigantic dragon was covered with black scales and a pair of golden pupils. When its wings spread out, they almost covered the sky. It roared, carrying Gu YuMian to the vast night sky!

Gu YuMian and his boat disappeared. Gu YuMian, holding his family’s children, sat directly on the back of the gigantic dragon, and the wind swept in his ear when taking off.

Two hundred boats and thousands of tourists were looking up at them enviously.

Because it’s really…. cool.

[Throwing Cosmetics: My best friend just saw MianMian. She took a picture of MianMian from her perspective. How handsome he is!!! MianMian is riding on the back of the gigantic dragon with his cubs in his arms. Behind him is the vast night sky, rivers and mountains. He is gentle and handsome. He has an epic feeling. I can’t close my eyes at all!]

[White Pear Blossom, Lili: My God, asking for the photos! I can’t see it, but I can imagine how handsome he is. T-T.]

[Therm: I’ve read so many copies of Mermaid and the Dragon. I’ve never read the hidden plot. The original hidden perspective is so cool.]

Due to this unexpected development, in addition to Starry Sky Platform, more and more people in other media outlets, such as the micro-blogs and friends circles, began to spontaneously promote recommendation. Traffic from other platforms rushed in, pushing the heat of the studio up again! Now the audience had reached a staggering 150 million, which was still rising at 10 p.m. on Friday.

But in fact, Gu YuMian’s own feelings were not so “handsome and epic”.

In his arms, he was crowded with little Tangyuan and the little fox. Little Tangyuan was excited. He held his arm and couldn’t help looking down. The fox was not as brave as the other cubs. As the height rose, his little claws tightly covered his eyes, and he curled up into a small ball and kept shrinking into the arms of Gu YuMian.

These children alone made Gu YuMian busy, let alone add a lively and active husky to the disaster level.

Little Er Ha shook his head all the way and “aowu aowu”, howled to the moon. He shouted and the gigantic dragon shouted in response to him. He was more excited about this vicious circle. Gu YuMian had to put one hand around little Er Ha to prevent him from jumping and going to fight with the gigantic dragon in the air.

Gu YuMian felt the lack of a separation skill, “…”

Bringing a child out really affected the adult’s travel experience. Fortunately, he didn’t have a lover, or he would definitely have conflicts with the cubs. This strengthened Gu YuMian’s idea of not looking for a partner. But if he took a closer look at the city of Utopia from the back of a dragon, it was more amazing than when they just left the underground river.

“YuanYuan, Er’er, TuanTuan, stop bullying QiuQiu,” Gu YuMian held the cubs, touched their little heads, and said in a warm voice, “Look down, isn’t it beautiful?”

Utopia was very large. In the past and in the future, buildings of various styles were scattered and recreational facilities were interspersed. At this moment, the whole city-state was lit with golden red lights, and residents came in and out with paper lanterns.

No wonder it was best to come to Utopia at night. Only at night could one enjoy such scenery. There were fewer tall buildings around, but there was a Dwarf Town, Moon Lake, Dragon Valley and so on. All the scenes and characters in the Utopian films were completely restored, and everything was life-like.

The several children couldn’t help but look, and joined Gu YuMian:




At last, the little fox dared to open his eyes. He grabbed Gu YuMian’s clothes curiously and looked down carefully. He was fascinated by the scenery.

At that time, the little snow leopard found the flaw and pushed him out of Gu YuMian’s arms with his claws.


“TuanTuan.” Gu YuMian was helpless. He took the fox back and rubbed the snow leopard’s ears to preach. He listened indifferently.

With the rise of the height, the city-state scattered below became smaller. In the sky were the practicing witches on broomsticks, the flying fairies and unicorns, and some creatures that Gu YuMian couldn’t recognize.

When they flew over the side of the gigantic dragon, they all cast their eyes and saluted in awe and curiosity. Gu YuMian also heard some whispers.

“Take a good look.” 

“It’s the Lord.” 

“Can he have my child?”

Gu YuMian, “?”

[South China tiger will never blind date: What do they say? I guess it’s about the hidden plot. ]

[tegotai: WTF, I just checked online. Utopia officially released data. So far, no one has opened the hidden plot of Mermaid and the Dragon!! So this is the first time that the story of Mermaid and the Dragon has been made public! ]

[User 18797: Anchor, isn’t that great?!]

More than 150 million people were speculating about all kinds of possibilities. Tens of thousands of bullet screens were sent out at the same time every second. It was hard to see each of them. Obviously, everyone’s interest had been fully aroused — even if not for the plot, just looking at the scenery was a kind of enjoyment.

The gigantic dragon first flew them into the air, overlooking the whole Utopia and the panorama around it, then swooped down again, and even passed through the center of the bustling city!

It was so close that Gu YuMian could clearly see the inside and outside of the building, the night market and the inside of the stores. The orcs and elves living in the attic nearby were all screaming, laughing and swearing, and children came to greet Gu YuMian. Tourists who were playing with other facilities also whistled and applauded kindly.

“Awoo!” The little husky crazily wagged his tail and grinned at passers-by. Little Tangyuan and he were excited to chat together, and also came to drag little fox out to play together.

Even a little girl threw a handful of flowers to Gu YuMian. Gu YuMian looked at it, and there was contact information in the flowers, which was angrily torn apart by the little snow leopard.

Gu YuMian, “……”

After visiting the bustling city-state, the gigantic dragon leaped down to Dragon Valley again. It swept the water with one wing and crossed the sparkling Moon Lake. The water flowered like a dazzling skill and sprinkled on Gu YuMian’s cheek.

The passing wind swept the corners of his hair and clothes, and the bright moon shed light. Gu YuMian and the children, as well as many holographic viewers, couldn’t help laughing and echoing the roar of the gigantic dragon. Riding on the back of a giant dragon, even today’s technology was so developed, it was hard for many people to have such a real experience in their lives!

Then, the gigantic dragon officially spread its wings to the sky city. Gu YuMian’s feeling was like watching a movie, but this was realer and more wonderful than the movie. He was completely overwhelmed by the high technology of the interstellar age.

He couldn’t help feeling that he could really play. The audience obviously thought the same.

[Anna Sue: It’s so cool riding on the back of a dragon during the night tour in Utopia. It’s so fucking cool!! That’s the right way to open up the Utopia at night, right??]

[Grapefruit bear: Aaaaaaah!!!!]

If the audience had expected to see 10% in the live broadcast, Gu YuMian and Utopia had already brought more than 100 points. At this moment, the bullet screen was not as busy as it was at 10 p.m.

In the blink of an eye, the number of people had reached 160 million!

At this moment, on the other side, Utopian officials felt helpless.

They were just developing new projects, and were all working overtime. Otherwise, they would go home early at this point in the past — it was precisely because of this overtime that they could all know at the first moment that the hidden plot had been opened by mistake.

The hidden plot of the play “Mermaid and the Dragon” was reserved specially, because it was a huge egg of the whole Utopian movie, and it was still planning the way of publication——

The ideal was to find a hot star, choose a suitable variety show, and unexpectedly trigger the hidden plot… 

Who could have guessed that such a difficult and abnormal hidden plot condition could be simply triggered by the new anchor?! Funny?! And before, when the mermaid asked for food, and the gigantic dragon took them for a ride, it had not been set at all!

After the mermaid was attracted, she should have pushed the boat out of the dungeon. And the giant dragon should have gone directly to the Sky City if it was connected with people. How could it take people to play? This was all a hack!!

The mermaid and the gigantic dragon were worthy of being husband and wife. They all fell in step.

“But… the effect is very good.”

After watching the two clips recorded and replayed for a while, they couldn’t help but turn on Gu YuMian’s live broadcast.

Just looking at it like this, about ten minutes later.



“My God, no wonder the AI likes him. I like him —”

They didn’t have time to talk more.

“Is everyone here?” The door opened, and the person in charge stepped in, his eyes shining brightly. “Did you watch the live broadcast?”

Everyone nodded blankly, “Watched.”

The person in charge slapped the table and waved, “This is an opportunity!”


Sky City was located in the clouds, echoing the Utopia on the ground. In the original series of Utopian films, the cities on the ground were inhabited by elves, orcs and dwarves. They were noisy and romantic fireworks. Sky City was the opposite of Utopia. There were gods and dragon people living here. It was quiet all year round, except for during dinner.

For example, one of the movies “Dream Walking Utopia” was about a series of interesting stories of Wulong, the ignorant God of Sky City who, in order to escape from marriage, entered Utopia by mistake. He fell in love with an orc.

It was time for dinner.

The gigantic dragon carried them to the Star Moon Pool, the largest platform of Sky City.

Here, as shown in the movie, it was luxurious and elegant to the extreme. The large starry sky was decorated as the background, and the floor was paved with moonlight stone. In the center was a dance floor. The masked young gods and the gigantic dragon people waited for the opening of the banquet on the edge, while the surrounding were the gods who pushed the cup to change the lamp and talked in low voices.

The place where the gigantic dragon landed was very hidden. At present, no residents of Sky City had discovered it. The dragon first let them down, then put up his wings slowly and became a handsome man with a scar on his right eye.

Gu YuMian, “……”

The audience howled ahead of time.

[54 bridge Yueming: Aaah! It’s Nick!! Just like in the movie! QAQ Just like when he was just the black dragon.]

Nick was the protagonist of the movie Mermaid and the Dragon. He was exiled from Sky City to the underground river. He fell in love with the mermaid in the movie.

Wait a minute. So, the mermaid who just pushed their boat, who was very beautiful but whose specific appearance could not be seen clearly, was the heroine of the Mermaid and the Dragon, Nick’s current wife??

No wonder the gigantic dragon would come to take the mermaid for a ride after eating delicious sandwiches. Gu YuMian thought.

Nick looked at them, and the snow leopard who sat lazily on Gu YuMian’s shoulder, looked at the gigantic dragon without losing.

“Human, your child is very protective of you,” Nick looked at the little snow leopard strangely and said slowly. “I want to ask you to do me a favor.”

Gu YuMian guessed that it was time to start the hidden plot, nodded, “Tell me what it is.”

“My son is going to do the opening dance at the party today, but suddenly his partner left this morning.”

The young husky immediately excitedly “aowu aowu’ed” and got up and performed a two partner dance with two claws on the spot, saying that he was very competent for the position of the partner!

Gu YuMian, “……” He picked up the little husky in tears.

The dragon did not move, and continued to say, “So, he needs a partner.”

Gu YuMian thought of some possibility, but he didn’t want to accept it, so he pretended to be silly and asked, “Do you need me to help him find one?”

Dragon, “No, I’ve already helped him find one.”

Gu YuMian, “Oh?”

The gigantic dragon’s eyes slowly fell on him.

Gu YuMian, “……” What to do? I don’t want to dance with a strange dragon.

But Gu YuMian hadn’t made any direct comments. The snow leopard on his shoulder had sunk his face in, and was steaming.

Ten minutes later they found out that this was the project that required adults and children to be separated — if the hidden plot was not opened, the tourists would also take the sky train to Sky City and dance with their lovers, strangers and even Sky City residents in the Star Moon Pool.

The children would be arranged to play on the carousel near the Star Moon Pool, so parents didn’t have to worry about the danger of their children. Single men and women could choose their own partners, which was why the former staff asked him if he was single.

Gu YuMian was helpless, “I didn’t expect an amusement park to set me up on a blind date…”

“By the way, QiuQiu help me take care of YuanYuan and Er’er,” Gu YuMian said, rubbing the children’s heads. “You should also pay attention to your own safety, okay? Same with TuanTuan. Call me if you need anything.”

The little fox nodded firmly and said, “Ji.”

“Chii.” The baby panda wanted to play on the carousel, but he didn’t want to be separated from Gu YuMian. Fortunately, the carousel and the dance floor were very close. Adults and children could see each other. From the beginning, the little snow leopard seemed to be thinking about something.

After being separated from the children, Gu YuMian was arranged to change clothes alone.

The live camera mainly followed Gu YuMian himself. Originally, it was from the small Tangyuan’s perspective. When the small Tangyuan and Gu YuMian were separated, it switched to the god perspective. After changing clothes, Gu YuMian came out, tied a tie and said, “I really can’t dance… Can I still reject now?”

The suit actually fit perfectly. It was a suit similar to a double breasted and tassel design, which made Gu YuMian’s figure slender and beautiful, as well as showed off his inexplicable beauty.

After a second or two of silence on the bullet screen, the next few minutes were full of “I want” and “awsl” swiping screens.

[Take a good look at what MianMian is wearing.] 

[If there is a miracle, MianMian can play the game of changing clothes for a whole year.] 

[I really want to see this, you don’t have to reject. It’s better to marry me than reject.]

Since arriving at Utopia after nine o’clock, there had been a variety of screenshots uploaded by the audience, because every screenshot was damn good-looking — whether it was the elves kissing him, talking with the Mermaid, or finally riding the dragon to visit Utopia at night, now there was him in the new suit.

On the micro-blog, Gu YuMian had a crazy rise in the popularity of his tags, and the number of visitors rapidly increased from tens of millions to hundreds of millions. The number of viewers in the studio also soared, from 160 million to 180 million, and would soon be ranked first in today’s total popularity list!

At this moment, Gu YuMian put on a mask, which covered the upper half of his face, only showing his nose and lips, so that he would be no different from the Sky City aborigines. Sky City’s waiters came to take Gu YuMian to the area waiting for the opening, which was specially reserved for dignitaries and overlooked the whole Utopian night scene.

“Thank you.” Gu YuMian smiled at the waiter.

The waiter’s face was red and his ears were red. “Have a good time.”

On the other side, other tourists continued to arrive. The hidden plot was not opened. They could only wait in the ordinary area and start dancing after the opening dance. Of course, the scenery was also very good. Thousands of tourists were also divided into adults and children. Adults were in the waiting area, looking curiously at Gu YuMian from time to time.

Most people’s feelings were novel and excited. After all, not everyone had the chance to watch the hidden plot! In addition, people’s initial liking value for him was inexplicably high, and Gu YuMian had a good temper.

Except for a few.

For example, an internet celebrity.

This time, the girl came to Utopia to make a topic or two, but Gu YuMian stole the limelight from the beginning. From the beginning of the security line, everyone talked about him, let alone the hidden plot opened by good luck, which was even more amazing.

But he was a lower human being. Looking at Gu YuMian’s dress, she also had to admit that he was really handsome, especially when Gu YuMian smiled politely to her. The surging acid was intended to turn her stomach.

Her companion seemed to know her mood and whispered in her ear, “Don’t worry about hurting him. Who knows what the hidden plot will be like? Other Utopian films seem to have revealed that the son of the Mermaid and Dragon has some strange disease… Maybe he’s short and ugly.”

Internet celebrity, “Is that so? No, why did his partner run away? And this hidden plot will not be a good thing, or Utopia would not press it — or it will be open for decades.”

“Wait, this man will lose face in a moment.”

The internet celebrity thought about it for a while, and felt that it was very possible, and was relieved at once.

It was funny to see the curious and loving eyes of the tourists around. She and her companion began to gloat and wait.

Wait, wait.

Gu YuMian was waiting. But he didn’t have to worry about it. He looked at the night scenery, dazed, and looked at little Tangyuan. They were playing on the carousel not far away——

It was a little hard to see from a distance, but little Tangyuan seemed very happy, and the whine of the little husky came from far away. The children actually liked the project of separating children from adults. After all, there was no parental control. Gu YuMian couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed. As the child grows up, he couldn’t help it.

At this time, the noisy hall suddenly quieted down, like boiling water falling to the freezing point in a second. Like Moses dividing the sea, the assembled masked people divided their paths and kept silent.

The big and magnificent door suddenly opened.

A man, surrounded by waiters, came in.

He was wearing the same mask as Gu YuMian and a similar dress. He was tall and slender, with a straight nose and thin lips.

Under the mask, those beautiful and incredible fog blue eyes squinted casually. He looked around and stopped for the second when he saw Gu YuMian.

He came and stood in front of Gu YuMian.

The man looked down at him, was silent for a moment, and then smiled, “Can I have this dance?”

“…” Gu YuMian was stunned.

The tourists and Sky City aborigines were staring at them. The internet celebrity and companion were gaping in amazement, while the studio… 

The number of spectators soared to 200 million in this second.

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