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Chapter 96: Sixth World (20)
Translated by Shiya of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

With his vigorous ‘energy’ and excellent physical strength, Eddie and Bai Duan lingered in bed for several days without a care in the world. After a few days, Eddie finally remembered that he had a group of star thieves to take care of.

After stroking Bai Duan’s hair, who was still sleeping in bed, Eddie leaned over to his ear and gave him a kiss. However, Bai Duan let out a whimper and shrank instinctively to one side.

Knowing that he had overdone it, Eddie felt a little guilty for a moment and didn’t dare disturb his lover’s rest. He got up quietly and put on his clothes. After several days, he finally walked out of his bedroom.

The star thieves have been secretly watching what their boss and his ‘love rival’ were doing — God knows how good Eddie’s room was in terms of sound insulation and confidentiality, even if they stuck their ears on the door, they couldn’t hear half a sound. However… a single man and another single man (?) being alone in the same room for so many days could only mean one thing. There’s no way that nothing happened, right?

All the star thieves were waiting to see what was going on inside. Finally, their boss opened the door. Unfortunately, before they got a look inside, Eddie quickly closed the door and stared at them coldly. It was full of warning.

Even though they stood at the door and looked inside, they still couldn’t see Bai Duan lying on his bed. Eddie was so possessive, which made the star thieves stunned. In addition, his face was ruddy, spirited, and his pheromones seemed to be very strong. It was obvious that he had just made love. The baptism and moistening of desire had really changed him from a boy to a real man.

…So, their boss took his love rival’s virginity? What’s more, it was very intense, well-suited, and delicious?

For a while, the star thieves didn’t know whether they should lament that their boss had a strong heart to even fuck his love rival; or whether they should be curious about the charm of that Beta love rival. Even their boss who had always been keeping his virginity for his lover couldn’t stand the temptation and quickly took him as his.

The star thieves were full of imaginations and thoughts, but on the surface, they were serious, and Eddie didn’t pay much attention to their expressions. He walked to the conference room and asked about the reactions of the various forces during this period of time, focusing on the O’deans and Flynn families, as well as Lestrot, who he regarded as a huge thorn. When Eddie was told that the O’dean and the Flynn asked for help from other families, but none of them were willing to lend a helping hand, Eddie’s face was filled with a satisfied smile. Following that, the star thieves vividly talked about how Lestrot was so angry that he fainted, and Eddie was even more happy. He wished he could run to see the ugly end of his enemies with his own eyes.

Sitting on the wide seat, Eddie put his legs on the long table in the conference room, and his posture was lazy and casual. He arranged the next actions of the star thieves using just three sentences, then he just couldn’t wait to break the firewall and sneak into the human STAR network. At first glance, he saw the video message from the Soul-Eating Ermines hanging on the front page.

Glancing at the discussion below the video, Eddie frowned slightly and had a weird expression — and when he clicked on the video and watched it from the beginning to the end, his face quickly turned blue.

Before watching the video, one could say that Eddie’s tone was warm as if in spring, but after watching the video, it was covered by dark clouds and gusts of wind.

Eddie turned off the STAR Net and looked up to the star thieves who noticed that the situation was not right and were silent. The star thieves shrank their necks involuntarily from the gaze of their boss. They were so inexplicably afraid.

Next, the Soul-Eating Ermines ushered in the day of hell.

They misunderstood the meaning of their boss. They even got who their boss loved wrong, they howled and cried after being thoroughly punished and scolded by their boss. However, the video message was like water splashed out and would never return. During the days when Eddie was hugging his sweetheart, and acting out the role of a king who ignored official matters for love, the best chance for clarification was already gone.

Eddie leaned on the seat and tapped the table with his fingers. All the star thieves felt that their hearts were shaking with the tapping of their boss.

After a long time, a star thief could not bear such a heavy atmosphere. He began speaking cautiously, “Next… What shall we do?”

“What else can we do?” Eddie snorted coldly, “The Soul-Eating Ermines will never go back on its words — since you lot sent a statement boasting that you will catch every single one of Lestrot’s little lovers, then you will do just that!”

Eddie’s second-in-command silently opened the inner net of the group and added this sentence into the rules that the group must abide by.

“As for your statement that ‘I’m still in love with Lestrot’…” Eddie’s purple eyes were overcast, which made the star thieves tremble subconsciously again. “— then we should humiliate Lestrot even more.” The star thieves looked at each other, unable to understand the idea of their boss’s jumping thoughts. But soon, Eddie pointed out the way for them, “You’re going to make another announcement that there will be a grand wedding for the Soul-Eating Ermines, and the couple getting married is me and Bai Duan.”

When mentioning the name of Bai Duan, Eddie’s tone softened a little, and this kind of unintentional details made the star thieves feel that their boss’s love for the Beta named Bai Duan was genuine. They were even more eager to see the incomparable charm of the Beta with their own eyes now.

If even the star thieves thought so, let alone what other people who know of the news would think.

Everyone was just praying for Bai Duan a few seconds ago, hoping that he could survive his love rival’s torture. Then, the next second, they heard that Bai Duan had subdued his love rival, and that the ‘love rival’ had become his lover — really… what a huge turn of events.

In an instant, Bai Duan, the poor cannon fodder who was unfortunately involved, became the focus of the whole universe. People were eager to know what kind of charm he had. He not only attracted and made the noble Alpha who had his eyes higher than anyone to lower his own value and pursue him, but also made the ‘love rival’ who originally hated and envied him turn in a few days.

It was true that Bai Duan was beautiful, but his beauty has not reached the point of crumbling a city 1; he was also talented, but not brilliant enough to make people like him.

After repeatedly observing the few image materials left by Bai Duan, people who were still confused could only interpret it as ‘beauty on the inside, but not in appearance’. They thought that only when they really contacted Bai Duan could they know his irresistible beauty.

Just as they say three people in the market can falsify a tiger 2, the charm of Bai Duan was constantly exaggerated by the people who did not know the truth according to their own imagination, and even later gradually spread out the title of ‘Miss Beauty’ — of course, this ‘Miss’ refers to ‘humans’ only, not other star races with different aesthetics.

As one of the powerful star thieves, Eddie’s wedding scene was naturally a large scale one. Although he forbid people other than star thieves to attend, it was broadcasted throughout the whole universe. In the live broadcast, people saw the strange guests from all races, the famous star thieves, the unique prosperity of Hobbian planet, and many landscapes that they had never seen before and never heard of before — Hobbian was not only a planet, but more like a microcosm of the whole universe.

Of course, the top priority of the live broadcast was the two Betas who are going to be married.

Eddie was dressed in a snow-white military like uniform, with a delicate and lovely face, which made his originally beautiful appearance even more dazzling. Bai Duan beside him was much more low-key. He stood quietly beside Eddie, with a faint smile in his eyes. Although his handsome features were not as impressive as Eddie’s, they were very refreshing.

If Eddie was like a flame, then Bai Duan was like clear spring water, and even though fire and water didn’t mix well, they seemed very harmonious, as if they belonged with each other by nature. Obviously, this wedding was not just for the sake of spiking Lestrot as some people had guessed, but a real wedding for a pair of lovers who were really happy with each other for life.

The wedding scene was unprecedented, which was full of feelings. When the couple’s lips touched under the cheers of the guests, the audience watching the wedding through the Internet all had a weird expression. Of course, this weird expression was not aimed at the happy newlyweds, but at Lestrot, who was adored by the two at first, but now mercilessly kicked aside.

His ex-wife and new lover both flew away happily! Please find the area of Lestrot’s psychological scar, noted as ‘A’! People secretly turned their attention to Lestrot, who was still recovering in the hospital bed, and Lestrot was hit as hard as they thought.

He really liked Bai Duan. As the first person he truly fell for, when Lestrot heard that Bai Duan was abducted by his ex-wife, Lestrot was full of anxiety. Regardless of his injury, he went for help, trying to find an opportunity to rescue Bai Duan, but within a few days, his ex-wife and sweetheart beat his face by announcing that they were getting married. He instantly became the laughingstock of the whole universe.

Before encountering Bai Duan, Eddie fell in love with Lestrot; before encountering Eddie, Bai Duan also had an affair with Lestrot. However, when Eddie and Bai Duan met, they fell in love at first sight quickly. Didn’t that mean that Lestrot’s charm was not only inferior to Bai Duan, but even to his ex-wife, Eddie, who was once abandoned by him?

This was undoubtedly a great irony to Lestrot, who was proud and thinks he has outstanding charm. Looking at the two people embracing each other in the live video, looking at Bai Duan’s gentle smile and affectionate eyes, Lestrot finally couldn’t bear it. He threw his optical computer on the ground in a rude manner — however, no matter how angry he was, he couldn’t change the fact that it had happened, and he couldn’t stop Eddie’s ‘revenge’.

Although the original’s wish did not include revenge against Lestrot and his parents, Eddie himself could not bear that his lover had been coveted. What’s more, he and two families have already formed hatred, Eddie was very good at getting revenge.

The truth was that he would never tolerate and sympathize with the enemy, so as to prevent the enemy from making a comeback and capsizing in his own gutter. Under the close blockade of Eddie’s and the Soul-Eating Ermines’ deliberate suppression, the fleets of the two families were just like meat buns eaten by dogs. The second they left the port, they sunk, and there was no return. Even the caravans that dared do business with them were affected. Once there was no ship to deliver the family’s resources and materials, they could not sell their products and turn them into money, the two families were in a dilemma, and they would soon fall short of their daily needs. Not to mention that the two families had been independent for a long time, and they had been regarded as eyesores by other emerging families and even the state power, they all were eager to get rid of them.

The so-called ‘enemy of the enemy was a friend’, since Eddie also hoped to maintain a harmonious and friendly relationship with their motherland for the sake of Bai Duan and his parents. Soon, he and the government reached a successful agreement to work together against the O’dean and the Flynns. But in fact, there was no need for Eddie to spend his time on this matter at all. These two powerful families with deep roots were rapidly declining in endless troubles and harassment.

The once high and defiant aristocrat Alpha lost his rights and money, and was under heavy pressure from various forces not wanting it to recover, and finally they were even more inferior to the common Alphas.

Looking at his once proud and indifferent father in the original’s memories, and comparing the memories to the one on the screen right now, who was lowering his ‘noble’ head to himself, begging Eddie to let them go. Eddie sat in the comfortable seat, with his legs up and a smile, “Father, are you proud of me?”

The head of the Flynn family was stunned and bit his teeth, “Of course, you are so excellent, I am naturally proud of you.”

“Do you think, as a Beta, I can’t compare with Alphas and Omegas?” Eddie blinked, while having a light tone.

“…How could that be,” the head of the Flynn family was eager to crush Eddie’s skull, but he had to praise him, “you are way better than any Alpha, and more precious than any Omega.”

“I’m content to hear that. Thank you, father,” Eddie’s dimples were deep, and as he said that, he raised his hand to turn off the communication, completely ignoring the suddenly brightening eyes of his father.

“…Boss, the ship of the Flynn family. Are we still sinking them?” Seeing that the father and son seemed to have reconciled, his second-in-command hurried forward and asked softly.

“SINK IT, why not?” Eddie looked at him as if he was spouting nonsense, “What nonsense are you asking?”

Second-in-command, “…”

One second ago, he called his father and thanked him with satisfaction. Then he turned around and didn’t recognize him. He wasn’t even going to leave a single transport ship alone, that was their boss. Their boss’s brain was worthy of a million praises!

Although he fulfilled the original’s wish, he not only took revenge on the one who abandoned his lover, but also became the pride of his parents as a Beta, Eddie didn’t stop his steps there. His group of the Soul-Eating Ermines grew bigger and bigger, and even became the commander of all star thieves more than ten years later. Although after his death, the star thief Empire soon disintegrated, but in the history of the universe, it had painted a strong picture, and become an example for the future star thieves to pursue, imitate and surpass. Unfortunately, no star thief could reach his height, making all star thieves bow to his example.

As for Bai Duan, under the guidance and help of Eddie, he quickly absorbed the scientific and technological knowledge of other intelligent races, and integrated them, becoming a famous master of science and technology in the universe and sought after by all intelligent races. There were even countless schools that had erected statues of him to pay homage to this master of science and technology who had pushed forward space science and technology for decades or even hundreds of years forward. The Royal Academy of Delmo regarded this as a great pride — even though Bai Duan did not graduate successfully.

Meanwhile, the marriage between Eddie and Bai Duan, which had attracted much attention but was not seen as long-lasting by others, continued for decades, everyday was as happy as the first. This pair of husbands created the supreme position of the Star Thief Empire; one was responsible for force, the other was responsible for technology. Due to the conquest of science and technology, many countries had completely ignored their identity of ‘star thief’, and couldn’t wait to extend their ‘hand of friendship’.

As for the twists and turns of the two people, it was a love story full of accidents and suspense, it was spread in the public for a long time, and even adapted into various forms of entertainment. No matter in novels, movies or games, they could be seen. And when it came to the past, there would always be another name interspersed with it and talked about by people -— unfortunately, no matter the title, which was “monster who abandoned his wife”, “powerless to protect a lover” or “insufficient Charm Value”, none of them were glorious titles.

Lestrot stood under the huge light screen of the square and looked up at the two people who were smiling hand in hand on the screen. It was said that today was the 50th anniversary of Eddie and Bai Duan’s marriage. The famous star thief husband and his parents-in-law went back to their hometown to visit friends, and they were warmly received by the local government.

The hard life had already made a deep mark on Lestrot’s face, which made his originally handsome features gloomy. Even as an Alpha, no one dared to marry him even though he was middle-aged. It was really sad that even Betas stayed away from him.

However, the two people on the screen did not seem to have changed much. They were still so beautiful and dazzling. Lestrot’s eyes were a little sour.

With his head down, Lestrot walked heavily home. Because of the fear of the Soul-Eating Ermines, even as an excellent graduate of Royal Academy of Delmo, he still couldn’t find a satisfactory job, and dared not board a star ship to flee to another country under the covetous eyes of the Soul-Eating Ermines. He could only live by selling his strength like the common, unintelligent Alphas. He was tired of thinking about anything at the end of every day’s work.

Sometimes, Lestrot even wondered if his youthful energetic self was just a dream.

The figure of the brilliant, beautiful and cold young man was becoming more and more blurred.

When the wind blew, it disappeared without a trace.


Seme: Eddie – Beta (艾迪)
Uke: Bai Duan – Beta (白緞)

Lao Lin (老林 – means old man Lin)
Kaleid (柯雷德)

Lestrot O’dean (雷斯特洛·奧迪恩)
Professor Zieger (齊格教授)

O’dean family (奧迪恩家族)
Flynn family (斐琳家族)
Royal Academy of Delmo (德爾莫高等學府)
Hobian planet (霍比恩星)
The Soul-Eating Ermines (噬靈貂星盜團)


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Translator Notes:

  1. There is a Chinese love novel that had an equivalent value to Chinese like Romeo and Juliet had to Brits. The love novel is called “A Love Story that Made the City Crumble”, official translation is more like “Love in a Fallen City”, basically it was a love story that took place near the time when a war broke out.
  2. A story about how rumors form. When one person said there’s a tiger in the market, no one believed him, when a second person said the same thing, people became suspicious, when the third person said so as well, everyone believed it as the truth, even though they didn’t see the tiger themselves.


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Thank you for the chapter.

March 27, 2020 12:56 am

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