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Chapter 70: TuanTuan is the Demon King

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo has great expectations for this chapter 


“So when I’m looking for TuanTuan and the others, they will be looking for me too, won’t they?” Gu YuMian casually drew a book and talked with the audience while looking at the contents of the book.

After all, the World Tree Wonderland was a project that everyone was ‘playing with’. Gu YuMian was not alone, but the world was his inner image.

Why was there a boss?

If it was similar looking to a game mode, what was the meaning of setting up a boss? Was the boss guarding one of the four cubs? Did he need to defeat the boss to gather four cubs, summon an exit?

[aihvcix: The boss is usually the one you care about at this moment. When I went to play last time, the boss was my boyfriend now, but neither of us had confessed at that time.]

Gu YuMian, “……”

Who cares? How can he have a bad feeling? Apart from the four children, he only cared about Shuo Han. Anyway, it was better to find the children and finish the game.

Gu YuMian had already made plans. In the evening, there was also the very busy Utopia night market and Berry Festival bonfire dinner, which were worth visiting. In the afternoon, one could take the children to sit on a boat in Utopia and stroll around the water.

In the World Tree, a circle of wooden revolving stairs wound upward. Surrounded by old books, several platforms extended out, and the high dome was sprinkled with light and dust.

“Will there be a hint?” Gu YuMian turned the book in his hand and looked it over. The page was stopped on one particular page, and a few lines emerged… 

“The brave soul who conquered the dragon takes a sword, the scholar sleeps in the afternoon in autumn, and the youngest guy works within a circus performance.”

The lines should be tips about the husky, fox and baby panda, but the last line was empty. The hints about the snow leopard were roughly erased by someone.

Why was this hint gone? Seeing this, Gu YuMian was a bit embarrassed.

“It’s a little…” Gu YuMian looked at the bullet screen and wanted to find approval from the audience.

But the audience: 

[Look, how can there be only three sentences? Can anchor read it again?] 

[I forgot to record it. 555.] 

[MianMian’s voice is very suitable for this. Bedtime stories, fairy tales and so on. My heart’s soft and crisp!!]

Now there were more than 200 million people watching online, among which the young people were always the most active group. Young people were also the main force of spontaneous recommendation. They cut video clips, recorded and drew comics to sell to their fan base. Gu YuMian thanked them for their love, but could not understand their brain circuit every time.

Within such a short time, the ‘World Tree Mirage’ with the human figure had rapidly spread. The number of people had rapidly increased by millions.

Gu YuMian, “……”

The time of a project couldn’t be too long. It wouldn’t be too hard for the cubs to find him. For Gu YuMian and the children, it would be easier. Because —

Gu YuMian put the book back, walked up to the first floor and shouted, “Er’er.”

There was no response. He went to another level and shouted, “Er’er.”

The third time, when Gu YuMian finished shouting, there was a sound of high spirits and short legs sprinting on the marble floor from far to near. A black shadow rushed like a bullet out of a small gun. The head arched into Gu YuMian’s arms, and Gu YuMian stumbled back.

“Aowu, aowu!” Human, you are here at last!

Yes, the little husky didn’t need to be found.

He was so forgetful that it was possible for him to forget everything except the way home. He could find Gu YuMian in the crowd with his eyes closed and rushed into his arms. In fact, the other cubs were the same, but the husky was born with a more developed sense of smell, hearing, physical strength and emotional exposure.

Gu YuMian touched the little guy’s head. The little guy’s two front paws were on his shoulder. He leaned his head to rub his nose against Gu YuMian’s face, grinning foolishly.

[User 1974: Special clearance method! orz]

[Seven Treasures Glaze: Although Er’er is still the stupid Er’er, I am inexplicably moved! Especially when you rushed to MianMian’s arms!]

[Sugar Rabbit: Me too, crying. QAQ]

“Well, let’s go find QiuQiu, YuanYuan and TuanTuan.” Gu YuMian pinched the husky’s paw, and his heart was warm — a warmth that lasted for a few seconds, as he looked back.

The little husky came from a mess, with books and toys scattered on the ground. Obviously, Er’er showed his racial talent of being good at breaking shit.

At the same time, the official penalty from Utopia was the continuous beep coming from Gu YuMian’s optical computer.

Gu YuMian, “……” Good. There’s a lot more to go back to.

Children also have their own world.

For example, the floor where the little husky was located was a maze that he needed to break through the barrier. Only when he came out could he see Gu YuMian. The prize was a small wooden sword, so he was deemed the ‘brave soul with a sword’.

Gu YuMian took the little husky up two more floors. In the middle was a huge library and the little fox was waiting at the open door and looked up at Gu YuMian.

This library seemed to be customized for the little fox.

Here was the projection of Gu YuMian’s inner world. Gu YuMian created a maze full of interesting things for his little husky in his heart, where he could play to his heart’s content and also created a safe and warm space for his little fox, QiuQiu.

By the window, it was by the deciduous blue sky, where the indoor heating was sufficient, QiuQiu could enjoy reading whatever he wanted, rest, and do all the things he wanted to do.

But when he arrived with the little husky, the little fox was waiting at the door.

Just like the time when he came to Gu YuMian’s house alone, the little fox wagged his big tail and chirped shyly. He grabbed Gu YuMian’s trouser legs with his claws and was soon picked up by him.

“Does QiuQiu want to stay a little longer?”

The little fox shook his head, curled up into a ball, and closed his eyes. The library was very comfortable, and he really liked it, but the happiest place to sleep was in Gu YuMian’s arms. Soon afterwards, Gu YuMian picked up the tiny Tangyuan, who was sucking his fingers and looking into his eyes, in front of a tent where the circus was.

The little guy was so upset that he held Gu YuMian’s palm in his mouth and tried to hold back his tears.

“Don’t cry, don’t cry,” Gu YuMian said with heartache. “We won’t come next time. I will take YuanYuan with me wherever I go. How does that sound, good?”

Little Tangyuan sniffed and nodded reluctantly.

[White Pear Blossom, Lili: At the beginning, this illusion was quite meaningless, but now I feel it’s cured me.]

[Dreams are like tides: Right, right! After a short separation and reunion, there is a kind of feeling that “I have seen a lot of scenery, but I want to go to your side most.”]

[A Curtain of Dreams: I want the anchor and the children to be happy forever. This aunt blesses you, I like the feeling of your home. Send you a few fireworks.]

[Vivian: At the beginning, paying attention to MianMian is like the atmosphere at home. He hasn’t changed for so long. How lucky I was to meet you! QAQ]

Gu YuMian caressed the head of little Tangyuan and rubbed the chin of little fox and little husky one by one. The clear light of the sky shed from the dome near noon in autumn. Gu YuMian hugged the children and sat on the stairs for a rest. His fingers gently caressed the children’s heads, necks and back. Even appeasement was a confirmation of reunion.

The bullet screen was not as noisy as it was just now, everyone was so naturally quiet, and was gentle and quiet. It was more moving than such a colorful moment.

I really want time to go slower.

And the opposite of this quiet atmosphere was the popularity of the studio. Almost every few minutes, there was another big leap, 210 million, 220 million——

On the night of the final, the whole competition released data again. The popularity of Gu YuMian’s studio was nearly double that of an hour ago.

“Let’s go find TuanTuan,” Gu YuMian looked at the time, bent his eyes, and picked up the prams that appeared and put the three into it. “When we find him, we can go to Utopia in the afternoon, have lunch and take a nap.”

“Chii!” Little Tangyuan sucked his hand and agreed unconditionally. But where would the snow leopard go? There was no hint, and the legendary big boss had not appeared so far, so maybe he would meet him when they looked for the little snow leopard.

“TuanTuan?” Gu YuMian, with three cubs, walked up the winding wooden stairs. Every once in a while, he shouted but the snow leopard didn’t answer him.

They had to continue going up the winding staircase. There were about n amount of floors. The higher they went, the lower the air temperature fell to, and even snowflakes began to fall.

Gu YuMian asked, “Is YuanYuan and QiuQiu cold? What about Er’er?”

The three were super cold resistant, with thick and soft plushy fur, so they all looked at him blankly, what was the concept of cold? The fox gently wrapped Gu YuMian’s neck with his big tail to help him keep out the wind.

More and more snow fell as the wooden stairs wound up, and even the handrails were frozen. The whole world was Gu YuMian’s inner projection, which should be a soft and somewhat old place, from the bottom to more than ten floors, but this was not the case here.

The light here was dark, covered with ice and snow, the bookshelves and ladders were frozen, there were flying scraps of paper in the air, and bats were dormant in the dark. It was not like any corner in Gu YuMian’s heart. The more they went up, the more severe the snow was.

Gu YuMian, “Huh? Is the boss coming?” He pondered, “Are we going to move on? TuanTuan should be in…”

Gu YuMian felt that what he left for the snow leopard in his heart should be a very warm cabin. There would be snow outside the house. The fireplace would be burning all the time. His TuanTuan could sleep for a long time and wake up with something he liked to eat.

Little Tangyuan cried and hawed, and soon regained his energy, and the little husky played on the slippery and icy stairs — sitting on a relatively high ladder, and then dududu whirled down, throwing snowballs at each other.

Gu YuMian, “…YuanYuan, Er’er, don’t stray too far away from me, be careful —”

His voice cut off… 

All of a sudden, the wind became harsher, and the extended area of the attic was filled with lightning and thunder, and the area of ice continued to expand.

The two little fur balls were carried by a sudden force, wrapped up by two transparent bubbles, hanging in the air.



Little Tangyuan and the little husky waved their claws in the air, struggling, but suddenly they stopped moving. They looked at each other blankly, and then looked back carefully——

Familiar grey-blue eyes stared down at them.

The little snow leopard wore a large and inappropriate crown on his head, and two black wings were stretched out behind him. One was in the air, and a small wooden card was hung on his neck. The words on it were crooked, [Boss.]

Little Tangyuan and the husky were stunned. Then little Tangyuan immediately relaxed, and the panda became a pool of soft fluff in the transparent bubble, rubbing his belly and rolling. The husky grinned friendly to the little snow leopard.

Because the little snow leopard’s face was arrogant and indifferent, coupled with this shape, he was instantly adorable to the extreme.

[Nanque: It’s TuanTuan who just laid the terrible atmosphere? What a lovely lemon! Hahaha!! ]

[User 18636: I thought I could gossip. It turned out to be TuanTuan. Unfortunately. ]

[Anna Sue: Only those who don’t love anyone can have a family member as a Boss. Isn’t MianMian a little too concerned and kind-hearted? I don’t believe it! Last time, the City Lord felt very ambiguous!]

Of course, Gu YuMian’s first reaction was to be relieved.

Fortunately, it was not Shuo Han — although even a virtual image of Shuo Han would not be Shuo Han himself, it was enough to make Gu YuMian get a headache.

Maybe he just liked Shuo Han as a friend, so TuanTuan was here. Maybe there was another possibility… 

Gu YuMian caught a thread in his heart, but it was very inexplicable.

… Who was holding back? I can think of it again after a moment.

He subconsciously directed the optical computer to take photos. He photographed such a cute little snow leopard from all angles. Then he reached out to take down the three young cubs floating in the air one by one and rubbed their heads.

The little snow leopard fluttered his wings and landed on Gu YuMian’s shoulder. He pressed his cheek with one paw and yawned lazily.

Gu YuMian, “Then can we just leave?”

Weren’t all four babies here? But there was no sign of going out.

[aihvcix: Anchor, turn over the little wooden card.]

Gu YuMian was stunned. He turned over the card with the word ‘Demon King’ and looked at it carefully for a while, but didn’t read it to the audience. The little husky and little Tangyuan curiously put their heads together and looked with Gu YuMian.

The little fox stretched out his big tail to help Gu YuMian warm his neck. After being pushed by the snow leopard, Gu YuMian carried him into his arms. Gu YuMian and the children watched for a while. At first, they were a little confused, and then slowly understood.

“It says something that must be done before going out…” Gu YuMian himself felt puzzled and said slowly, “Let’s go up a little bit. It’s dark. I’ll just turn off the video broadcast first.”

The audience was bursting with curiosity.

[Wait, wait, what’s going on?]

[Curious. It is so curious.] 

[I can’t see MianMian and the cubs, I keep thinking about them.]

Everyone tried to hear the clues from the sound, but there was no other sound except the children’s even breathing sound, sometimes accompanied by little Tangyuan’s curious chii’s.

Ten minutes later, the image appeared again.

The illusion of the World Tree had gradually ended. There was a door in front of it. Gu YuMian held the children and greeted the audience, “Hello, everyone. You’ve been waiting a long time. Let’s go out now.”

More than 200 million people were confused… 

Wait, what happened in those ten minutes?


“I don’t know what happened,” Gu YuMian explained to the audience. “Going up, there was a big platform. The light was very dark, so we should set up a special line of sight to block it — anyway, TuanTuan and I couldn’t see anything.”

On the board, it said that he should go to a certain place. Gu YuMian asked the children to wait in a safe place first, and then walked by himself. Because he couldn’t see anything. Several times in the middle, he felt that someone was following him. If not for Gu YuMian, and if it were someone else, not seeing anything, going to a strange place, and someone else following you. Maybe you would have a heart attack.

For a few seconds, his hand was held. Gu YuMian was just about to make a sound, when soon the other side released. Then, he heard the sound of the shutter.

Wait a moment and then come back, and it was over.

Unlike what the bullet screen said, it was not interesting at all, it was even a little spooky. He didn’t know if it was a bug. It was a failure of this utopian trip.

Come on, it was all over anyway.

[Little Strawberry: It sounds like a bug… It’s confusing. JPG]

[Mid summer July: I’d like to know if we’re going to have lunch? What will we have for lunch?]

“Lunch… Let me see. What do the children want?” Gu YuMian couldn’t help laughing. “Let’s go out and have fun. Is eating the most fun?”

Coming out of the dreamland, standing under the open and blue sky, there was a feeling of rebirth. The snow leopard lay on Gu YuMian’s shoulder, and opened its infant optical computer. The little guy pressed his paw on the light screen and looked at something seriously. His eyes were full of satisfaction and joy.

It was rare for his family’s TuanTuan to be in such a good mood — the little brat was always languid and lazy, or he was in a temper.

Gu YuMian scratched the little guy’s chin, “TuanTuan, what are you looking at?”

As soon as he asked this, the little snow leopard’s paws stopped. He quickly put away the light screen, and didn’t plan to let Gu YuMian look at it.

“…” Gu YuMian couldn’t help but feel disappointed. As the child grew up, he had his own little secret.

Utopia was a city-state standing on the water. The place close to the World Tree was a stream, on which you could go to the city center by boat. There were bazaars, residential areas, all kinds of strange small shops. It was a mixed place for Orcs dwarves, elves and witches.

Gu YuMian and the children boarded the rented boat, which slowly drove to the center of the city.

After playing all morning, the children were obviously a little tired. Little Tangyuan and the little husky were sleeping with their heads next to each other’s heads, leaning on Gu YuMian’s knees, and the little fox was also curled up in Gu YuMian’s arms.

Gu YuMian couldn’t bear to wake him up, so he let the children sleep for a while.

The sky was blue and high, the smell of leaves in the early autumn wind could be smelled at the tip of the nose, and the smell of a clean scent on Gu YuMian. This kind of weather lay on the boat that drifted down aimlessly, and there was a feeling of being drowsy.

The several cubs were awakened by a strong fragrance on the nose.

“Awake?” Gu YuMian took a long spoon and stirred it in the pot. He reached out to touch the children’s heads and bent his eyes. “It will be eaten in a few minutes.”

At noon, the traffic of the whole live platform began to increase. And Gu YuMian’s live broadcast was far ahead of the whole platform, and had directly rushed to the top of the total heat of the day. Every second, tens of thousands of new viewers poured in.

“I’ll watch the fire,” Gu YuMian looked at the time. “If you’re still sleepy, do you want to sleep a little longer?”

On the portable alcohol stove, a pot of congee was cooking.

The plump, soft and fragrant rice grains were blooming, and the thick, fresh and mellow congee was fragrant. From time to time, there were transparent bubbles in the fragrant and soft glutinous congee. Inside, there were slightly fried, crispy and tender chicken breast meat and snow-white yam slices. The green shoots kept bubbling up.

Audience and the cubs, “…”

Who can still sleep?!


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