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Chapter 4: I Know What You Did Many Years Ago

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


“Impossible! How could there be a black dragon in Lansuo Valley? There is not even a swamp here!” The soldier’s eyes were full of shock, which was easy to fake, “Mage! What do you want to do? Are you going to eat Princess Hyacinth?”

Myka poked out half of his face from behind the crocodile’s side, “I won’t eat her. I’ll feed her to the great black dragon. The black dragon likes to eat elves most!”

“Nonsense! Green dragons are the ones who like to eat elves most!” The soldier retorted earnestly.

“The black dragon is second!”

Seeing how the crocodile blocked them from view, Myka secretly opened a small bottle near Princess Hyacinth to wake her up. Their purpose was to let the princess see the brave side of her fiancé. How could she sleep through it?

When she woke up a little, Inkoso was saying, “Showing such evil and terror to Princess Hyacinth is unimaginable! If the black dragon dares to eat her, it will face devastating consequences…”

Princess Hyacinth had just been awakened by the potion and listened to this sentence word afterword.

Myka could see her face, but Inkoso couldn’t. The elf continued, “When she wakes up, she will torture you with unimaginable terror, making you wish you were dying! It’s better for you to catch Morning Mist than her. That’s the elf with the most beautiful appearance, slim body, and extraordinary temperament. So, give back Princess Hyacinth quickly…” As he said this, Hyacinth easily broke the wrist strap and stood up slowly with her back to Inkoso. “…over…” 

Myka clung to the crocodile.

The princess looked back ferociously. At last, Inkoso realized what had happened. He screamed, “No!”

In response to the cry, the basement door was suddenly opened from the outside, and several crossbows reached in. Myka thought that he should cast a spell to prevent anyone from being hurt at this time, but he had brought the wrong spell notes with him. He had not been able to prepare the protection barrier spell.

The crocodile stood in front of him and the princess. When several crossbow arrows were launched, Inkoso screamed a second time. Myka was wondering about this, and the sudden explosion of fire in the room made him immediately understand what happened. The people outside were not shooting arrows, but shooting plastic bottles into the house with the crossbow!

When the bottle hit a hard object, it cracked immediately. The hot air inside would burn quickly after coming in contact with the air, and it would engulf a large area in a short time. What’s more, the so-called ‘reinforcements’ outside even closed the door after projecting them in!

“I told you to come alone! What kind of bullshit is that? Are all the soldiers in Lansuo Valley mentally ill?” Myka yelled at the soldier.

“I just let them hear the wrong thing… Do it again!” Inkoso cried. “I said, if both the princess and I die in the enemy’s hands, you will not be allowed to escape safely!” 

The whole room was engulfed with a crackling fire, and the smoke obscured the view. Myka grabbed the princess’s hand nearby and heard the crocodile’s tail hit the ground twice. Sylar told him before that his tail hitting the ground meant that he should climb on the crocodile’s back, so Myka did it immediately.

The princess screamed and struggled, calling out the names of the soldiers. Through the thick smoke and fire, the soldiers were also looking for her. Myka shouted in the princess’s ear, “Don’t move if you don’t want to die!” Then dragged her on the crocodile’s back and protected her under his body.

The giant crocodile rushed to Inkoso, grabbed the disoriented warrior, and smashed open the basement door with a hard giant claw. Some of the sparks landed on the crocodile’s back, and some on Myka’s robe. After rushing out of the basement, Myka immediately took off his robe, but the flames had still burned him.

The elves on the ground screamed one after another, while the crocodile carried off the princess, mage, and Inkoso with incredible speed, scurrying past the soldiers, and rushed into the forest not far away.

The princess was scared and so she had fainted. Inkoso didn’t know what it was that made him faint as well.

By the stream in the woods, Myka rolled off the crocodile’s back in fear, and Sylar immediately recovered his human form behind him.

“You’re hurt, but please wait a moment. I’ll be right back.” Sylar, holding a holly branch in his hand, quickly went back.

Myka’s injury was not serious. His right hand and forearm had been burned a little. Although it was very painful, as far as he was concerned, he was thankful that it was just a small injury.

Myka sighed helplessly as he looked at the fainted couple. He pushed the princess to Inkoso with one hand, letting the two show a close posture of snuggling up with each other. Then he took out a small bag of walnut powder, placed it on the palm of his hand, and then put it on the princess’s arm.

When he finished, the small spell had begun to work on the princess. At this time, both elves began to hum and frown. It seemed that they would soon wake up. Myka immediately ran away to the path that had just been covered by the giant crocodile. Across the woods, he saw that there was no fire in the distance. He was surprised that the elves put out the fire so fast.

After squatting in the trees, he saw that the awakened princess began to love the soldier affectionately, and the soldier went from bewildered to red-faced. Then the princess began to rub up in his arms, speaking softly, laughing and crying, and then burying her head in the soldier’s chest while telling him her thoughts.

A voice in Myka’s ear said, “Is this your magic?”

Myka fell to the ground in fright and saw Sylar crouching behind him. Sylar made a silent gesture to him and helped him to leave quietly. Under the guidance of the druid, when passing the warehouse near the open area, the surrounding elves did not find them.

Sylar seemed to be quite familiar with the terrain. He took Myka to a quiet woodland, close to the forest border cave where they met. Sylar cleaned Myka’s burn with mountain spring water, then covered Myka’s arm with his palm, and lowered his head to say an incantation that only druids could understand.

Myka knew that there were many druids with healing abilities. This was the first time he had seen and experienced it with his own eyes.

“I’m sorry I hurt you,” said Sylar, with a sad look, he scrunched his head into his shoulders, “but I couldn’t put out the fire immediately…”

“What? You can put it out?” Myka asked.

Sylar nodded, “I have magic that can put out the fire immediately. I could have put out the fire of the whole warehouse in a few seconds. However, I can’t cast it with the crocodile form. If I turned into my human form immediately, then Princess Hyacinth and Inkoso would have found out that I am a druid, and they would not believe in the black dragon and the evil mage.” 

Myka realized that Sylar had just run back to put out the fire. 

“I’m sorry about hurting you anyway.” At this point, Sylar’s left hand was still holding Myka’s arm, his right hand was covering the healed wound, and he was rubbing back and forth like a scared little rabbit.

Myka had just been thinking about the difference between druids and mages, and suddenly felt something was wrong. Goosebumps spread all over his body and he immediately pulled back his arm.

Sylar continued to smile unconcernedly, “When it comes to spells, Myka, what did you do to the Princess Hyacinth just now?”

“It’s just a fascination spell,” Myka shrugged. “Don’t worry, as long as the soldier is righteous, it won’t cause them to make love. It will only let them get along with each other tenderly during the duration of the spell… After she regains her mind, if she finds herself crouching in the other side’s arms, she would be too embarrassed to make trouble again. I think that the princess still likes Inkoso very much. What nonsense are you thinking?”

The druid’s eyes suddenly brightened as if he had found some god, “Myka! It’s a pink spell, isn’t it?”

Myka nodded. Sylar asked, “So, are you really the so-called ‘pink robed mage’? As far as I know, many ordinary mages don’t get involved in pink magic.”

Myka wanted to deny it, but he thought there was nothing to hide. Even if he didn’t say it, there was no saying that Morning Mist wouldn’t in the future, so he admitted to it.

He thought that Sylar would sigh about the profession or be embarrassed into silence, but Sylar said, “Hm, I see. Did you not bring your old spell book?”

Myka looked at him in disbelief, “How did you know?”

Sylar said, “Before, you have made so many force field walls, magic balls, all kinds of shields to protect your allies and even protected the nearby animals who didn’t know what the fighting was. You could recite the incantation quickly, bravely, and shrewdly. You could also keep your focus in front of flying arrows, and timely spread the wind to blow away the rain of arrows… But this time you were cowering. Of course, we were just helping that couple, so we really didn’t need to be too serious.”

“You… How did you know?” Myka stuttered the sentence in a daze.

“Because I know a mage’s way of casting, you usually copy the learned spells in the spell notebook, and the casting needs to be prepared in advance…”

“No! I don’t mean that!” Myka looked at the druid, who was smiling. “Do you know me?”

Sylar nodded, “Yes. I’ve seen you before. You’ve fought mages, you’ve fought with allies in the Trebins Forest. And… This is not what Morning Mist told me.”

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July 28, 2020 6:11 pm

[…and even protected the nearby animals who didn’t know what the fighting was] 👀

thank you for the chapter ❤️

July 28, 2020 10:39 pm

And let that be happily ever after for the pair of elves.
This druid changed into a black croccodile… was the black wolf also him? Hm…..

Thank you for the chapter!!!<3 <3 <3

August 3, 2020 11:00 pm

And the elves lived happily ever after.

Huh? Sylar knew him from before? That’s intriguing.

Thanks for the chapter!

April 18, 2021 12:41 pm

Oh my goodness! In the end he had to end up putting one of his pink spells lol the whole scene was so unbelievably insane! Loving it!

July 29, 2021 2:15 pm

If not for his spell, Inkoso would be in big trouble with Princess Hyacinth, for basically saying she was a nasty handful and then sounding like he was swooning over Morning Mist 🤦‍♀️😆
Do they have background checks in this land and time?… Sylar seems very knowledgeable 😉
Thank you for translating.

June 1, 2022 8:09 am

I know this whole escapade needed to happen to officially introduce Myka and Sylar to each other, but I still feel like this whole elf princess thing could’ve been accomplished with strategic use of one of Myka’s pink spells. 🤣

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