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Chapter 5: The Druid’s Letter

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


Lansuo Elves were mean. This time, Myka saw it firsthand. It was true that Princess Hyacinth and Inkoso were reunited, but the Elven King wanted to deduct most of the earning after saying, “You burned my empty warehouse.”

Myka said angrily to Morning Mist, “It was definitely the elves themselves! How could they fight like that? Shut up your own people and the princess, and light the fire?”

Morning Mist patted him on the shoulder, “I can’t help it. To tell you the truth, most of the Lansuo Elves have never experienced war or faced any crisis… At first, they planned not to let Inkoso go in and directly pour a lot of sewage into the basement. They wanted to force you out by drowning the building, but I stopped them…”

What was depressing was that Myka couldn’t say to the Elven King, ‘Your daughter and son-in-law are reunited because I used addictive magic to her.’ He knew that the elves rejected pink magic, and what’s more, using the younger princess made it easier to control the effect.

Now they were on their way back. Morning Mist and Myka were on the same road and were ready to split from the fork road, but druid Sylar was nowhere to be seen since the morning.

“By the way, that druid…” Myka asked, “he said he knew me, and it was in the battle in Fenglin.”

Morning Mist pulled out an envelope made of coral colored chopped grass paper. “He does know you,” said the elf woman with a meaningful smile. “When I asked him for help, he was a little hesitant, but when he heard that you were playing the evil mage, he immediately agreed.”

“What?” Myka felt cold all over even though it was daytime.

Morning Mist shoved the letter into Myka’s hands and took the left fork. “This is a letter from Sylar. Read it slowly. He’s going to take care of something in the woods, so he’s left first.”

Myka did remember seeing some druids, but he didn’t remember what they looked like. He couldn’t even see some of them. Those people prowled in the woods, spying on others like cats behind curtains and outside the door. Myka still didn’t know how many druids he met in that battle many years ago.

It was already afternoon when he returned to the village. Myka delayed business for a few days and rushed back to the shop after gathering his things. On the way, Myka met another young man who was a guard; the young man was supporting his father who was a hunter. The old man seemed to be slightly injured.

The young man’s name was Pirak. He was usually the one who liked to play dirty jokes on Myka. At this time, he seemed very polite in front of his father.

“Recently, goblins have been wandering around the village.” It seemed that the old hunter’s hand injury was from when he hit the goblins on the shoulder. “They dared not do anything. They run when they see our guard, but sometimes they steal fruit from the orchard. It’s really disgusting.”

Myka nodded to them, surprised that the goblins had not left.

“Hey, mage, you shouldn’t go back to the village so late at night,” Pilak said to Myka after holding his father for a while.

Myka bowed to him, and Pilak nodded his head, still looking like he wanted to say more.

After arriving at the shop in the city alley, Myka put up a business sign on the doorknob, counted the popular goods, then sat down and took out the letter Sylar left to him. The letter was very soft, and Sylar’s handwriting was round, which didn’t match his height and muscles at all.

[Dear Mage MykaBin Huguerie:

Due to the fact that I had to go to Suzulan Valley to take care of the mountain as well as the deer that are about to give birth, I left yesterday night. I didn’t say good-bye to you. I’m sorry.

In fact, when you asked me ‘why did you agree to help me,’ I wanted to tell you it’s because it’s you.

Originally, there is a deep friendship between me and the Lansuo Elves. I couldn’t refuse to do anything, but I was worried about playing the evil role. When Ms. Morning Mist told me that it was you who would be playing the evil mage, I joined immediately because I wanted to see you formally.

Maybe my language is a bit abrupt, probably because I lived in the forest border for a long time, all year round, I hope you can understand. Although I’ve been watching you for a long time, I didn’t expect you and I could become true friends so soon. It’s so shy and exciting.]

Myka almost threw the letter away with shaking hands. Seeing that the letter was longer, he decided to bear with it to read it.

[In fact, I’m more used to quiet interpersonal relationships and I’m not dedicated to building relationships. Friends are like people and rivers, mountains and rivers, wind in spring and leaves in autumn. They are also like the path from the city to the orchard, to the village, or the little red litmus grass planted in front of your house, and the low yield grape trellis behind your house. It’s enough to be there and with each other.

Later, I found that my idea was too naive and arrogant. I overstated my common understanding of nature, but I ignored human nature. This nature of longing for close communication is something we are born with. I should not be ashamed of it.

So I decided to meet and work with you calmly and expectantly.]

Seeing this, Myka was done.

When a guest knocked on the door, Myka had to put down the letter to entertain a customer and introduce the medicine and incense she wanted. When the customer left, Myka continued to read.

[You asked me if Druids were cold, and my answer was ‘No.’

Our love for everything may make us indifferent, but on this basis, we also have our own lives and hobbies. Just like you, you will be stereotyped, but you know how others view you is not the real you.

To get back to the point, Myka, I’m very glad to meet you. I’ve been thinking about that for many years.

Maybe you don’t remember. Many years ago, in Maple Forest, you saved a white-headed rabbit from a trap. In fact, I was that rabbit. No, I didn’t use the right words. I should say: I had changed into that rabbit.

At that time, I used the ability of natural transformation to investigate, in the form of a small animal, but I was caught by the trap. I could get rid of it as soon as I turned back to human shape, but there were people nearby. I felt embarrassed to do so.

Then you came over, released me, and took me back to apply medicine to the wound on my leg… That little injury was really nothing, as long as my human shape was restored, it would immediately heal, I was okay. But I couldn’t change, I was lying in your arms, I couldn’t do that…]

If it wasn’t for Sylar’s letter, Myka really would have forgotten about it. Now he remembered… It was better to forget!

The round rabbit with a white head and brown body was actually a fully muscled druid. Myka wanted to hit the crucible with his head.

[Then I escaped from your bed while you were asleep. I don’t know if you’ve ever looked for me. Of course, what you were looking for is not me, but the rabbit you knew.

I had been wandering around your camp until the end of that battle until I left Fenglin to embark on my own journey.

I saw that you gave up the status of a battle mage, and didn’t want to be an arcane researcher, but became a magic goods merchant. I noticed the figure of you planting and picking herbs, and followed you all the way from the north to this area.

Maybe it’s a bit abrupt, but I have to tell you Myka, I’ve been looking for an opportunity to tell you.

You sometimes hang the grass leaves and cloth sheets outside for most of the day. In the evening, when it rains, you are usually in the shop in the city. So when I happen to see them, I would help you move them under your porch shed, but I couldn’t do it all the time. Sometimes when you forget to close the window, I would close it for you. You need to pay more attention.

I’ve never been to your shop, so I didn’t know you were a pink robed mage. Now I think it’s really far. You were followed by a group of goblins that night. I thought you should have a way to deal with it, so I waited and watched before I moved. Now that I think about it, I don’t like that you don’t prepare attack spells for normal days. It’s dangerous.

Fortunately, the cries of Lucy, Faith, and Black Pinecone reminded me that the goblins were ready to move when we got there. By the way, Lucy and you are very familiar with one another. I heard you call her “Kokona”, but actually her name is Lucy.

I was relieved that you left safely. Some of the goblins were killed by me and my friends, and some escaped. They may come again. Tell the women and children in the village not to go to the countryside at night.

Please rest assured that I will always be around you, quietly and closely watching you, and will never bring extra troubles to your life.

My name is Sylar Needles.

—You can call me Sylar.]

Myka’s fingers relaxed slightly and the letter fell onto his lap. He opened his mouth slightly, goosebumps spread to his neck, and his back was chilly.

The black wolf he saw that night was not the leader of the pack or the companion of Kokona… It was a druid. It was Sylar.

What’s more, how long had Sylar been lurking in this area? Myka had never paid much attention to the small things like not closing the window or drying the grass, but he was sure that he had not done any in recent days.

Besides, Morning Mist only said the name ‘Myka’ to Sylar, but Sylar knew that his full name was ‘Myka Huguerie.’

“Good gods. How long has that guy been following me?”

Myka was about to cry. He couldn’t imagine what he had been through these years.

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July 30, 2020 3:37 pm

oof it’s like “I know what you did last summer”
(I never watched the movie, but its title is catchy, so I always remember it XD), but’s actually a indetermined time?

thank you for the chapter ❤️

July 30, 2020 8:43 pm

He’s a stalker
Thanks for the chapter ♥

July 30, 2020 10:09 pm

The moment when your stalker informs you that he has been stalking you for many years now, and you didn’t even know it… I wonder what Myka will do?
Thank you for the chapter!!!

August 1, 2020 1:25 am

Quite funny. I had to laugh seversl times since I start to read this novel this morning.
“…. Ehm by the way, I stalked you for several years now…..” …..being quite interested what Mika is going to do.
Thank you for your hard work.

August 3, 2020 11:10 pm

This stalker is really earnest and cute… but Mika won’t rest easy from now on. He’ll be worried if Sylar is watching him in that moment XD

Thanks for the chapter!

August 19, 2020 1:22 pm

“Please rest assured that I will always be around you, quietly and closely watching you, and will never bring extra troubles to your life.”
Myka be like “rest assured my ass” XDDDDD

April 18, 2021 12:43 pm

Stalkerish much! I can understand Myka’a reservation, although Sylar was doing it to help him! It’s a bit creepy!

July 29, 2021 2:46 pm

Benefit of the doubt, Sylar is more used to nature than people and protecting things seems his primary focus, so since he was saved (and enjoyed lying in Myka’s arms as a bunny), he’s looked out for him. A lot. Secretly.
Myka knows now though and Sylar admitted it himself, like it wasn’t weird. How will he now feel…
Thank you for translating.

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