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Chapter 71: Chicken Congee

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo is hungry QAQ


The children woke up in a flash.

Little Tangyuan looked at the pot, then Gu YuMian, and tried to swallow some saliva. The little fox and the husky’s stomach growled, and the little snow leopard’s vision also stayed on the pot for more than ten seconds, and then he hesitated to slowly move away and continued to look at his baby optical computer.

The response of the audience was more surprising than that of the few children who just woke up.

[Dust NN: Aaaaah! Aaaaah! What’s this? According to the name of MianMian’s previous congee, I guess this one is called “chicken slices, tender bamboo shoots, and yam congee”?]

[auhufc: …… This is a good name. In addition, it’s really fragrant and looks tender. When can I eat it? What a surprise. ]

[If I can’t lose 90 pounds, then I won’t change my name: WTF! When did the anchor cook a pot of congee?]

[Baabaabaa: Happiness is dying. What kind of congee is it? 555 I didn’t expect to drink congee as soon as I opened my eyes!]

“…” Gu YuMian suddenly laughed and laughed, “I just turned the broadcast on. TuanTuan and them were sleeping, was everyone else sleeping as well?”

No wonder the data showed that there were so many people, but the number of bullet screens was surprisingly small, so these audience members had fallen asleep?


[I was really asleep, and now I’m refreshed.] 

[I was asleep + 1 The embrace of anchor is really super suitable for sleeping.] 

[I feel that I have reached the peak, playing in Utopia all morning, eating berry pie, sitting in a boat, being held by MianMian, taking a nap, waking up and having congee…]

It was no wonder the audience was asleep.

The boat was gently carried down the water by the wind, leaving the shade of the World Tree and passing the dwarf’s village. It was very slow all the way. The water flow was slow and the wind was gentle. The autumn sunshine was warm. There was only the sound of water and wind and the breath of Gu YuMian.

In addition, the existence of Gu YuMian was enough to make people feel full of peace and tranquility.

A small dwarf along the way had shoved several ingredients into Gu YuMian’s arms. He decided to cook the chicken breast and yam, and make congee. Nobody woke up during the whole process. Not all the audience members were asleep, just in a very relaxed and tranced state, their eyes could see, but their brain was empty.

In fact, the biggest fear of this long-term live broadcast was that the audience would get tired. It was inevitable to watch the live broadcast for several hours. Generally, it took more than five hours. After the new audience and the old audience are basically offset, the total popularity would not rise again.

But Gu YuMian’s live broadcast was totally different.

Calm and relaxed, every second was very tranquil, with emotional convergence or rise. For example, after having a good morning’s fun, taking a comfortable nap and opening their eyes to the hot and fragrant lunch they were looking forward to… The audience even had a sense of being in the moment, fresh and refreshed, and all their tiredness was gone.

Now it had been more than five hours, but the audience was still climbing. Not only was the live broadcast the top of the hot list, but also the gap between it and the second place was being widened rapidly!

[The finch who lost his dream: When I saw the congee, I forgot all the other delicious food. Is there anything else greater than congee? Is today such a happy day?!]

“There are still places to go in the afternoon and evening. It’d be better to be full. You’ll be hungry soon after eating congee.” Gu YuMian explained with a smile, “I don’t know the name of this congee.”

This congee was made by looking at the ingredients he had on hand. The dwarf sent the young bamboo shoots, the yams were brought by a little fairy, and he cut up the synthetic chicken breast into thin slices. After using the cooking wine, he marinated the chicken for a while, and then mixed it all together in the congee pot.

Gu YuMian scooped up the congee with a long spoon to have a look. The delicious and tender chicken breast meat boiled and had become a slightly golden oil. The white yam was boiled until it almost became mush. The translucent and thick congee rice was delicate and soft. It rolled in the pot and the tender bamboo shoots in it sent out a fresh fragrance

The little husky took a deep breath near the pot. His mouth was almost drooling, and he was hugged by Gu YuMian and hurriedly pulled away. Little Tangyuan had been very active in grabbing his small bowl out of his backpack, holding the bowl, and waiting.

The little snow leopard’s eyes moved away and back.

Gu YuMian was embarrassed to see that the little fox wanted to help him. He held the little guy up and helped him stir the congee with a long spoon held in his little claw.

“The congee will be a little bit better for the stomach — well, because we’ve already had berry pie, it’s best to have a light lunch. Besides congee, there are also spring cakes.”

In fact, spring pancakes 1 were pancakes baked with flour and eaten with all kinds of dishes. Once upon a time, they were created on Ancient Earth from Chaozhou, Guangdong and had this way of eating. 2 It was simple and delicious. Spring pancakes later evolved into spring rolls. They were not only folk snacks, but also cakes that could become elegant. There was a custom of “biting spring” in many places.

“‘Biting spring’ means when spring comes back to the earth, you should eat spring pancakes on the first day of spring. You can taste the whole flavor of spring by taking a bite of spring pancakes or spring rolls.” The size of the round face was like a lotus. Gu YuMian evenly brushed oil on the surface and said, “But it’s autumn now. Can we have a bite?”

Little husky cooped up with the sound of “woo, woo, woo, woo.”

During the time when the clhildren and the audience were sleeping, Gu YuMian not only cooked congee, but also kneaded the spring cake, worked hard and rolled it into small circles. After brushing the oil, the two pieces overlapped, and then he could start to bake the cake.

They were white and thin as cicada wings. It was really thin and the shape of a full moon.

Chicken congee was cooking on the stove. The boat was floating down the river. The flowing water reflected the blue sky and white clouds. They had not entered the main urban area and there was a breeze on both sides. The audience felt comfortable to the extreme, it was hard to imagine a better day than this, no waves, no fighting, and no place would be missed.

The audience had now reached 250 million.

“Let’s have pancakes first. By the way, what would you like for the side dishes? We usually have sirloin, fried chicken breast and eggs on our side — and a little vegetables…”

[Cross the ocean to beg for food: I want all of them, and give me all!!! ]

[Carrot rattan: I want all +1]

Because they couldn’t drink congee or eat pancakes, little Tangyuan and the little husky had begun to play tricks on each other. Little Tangyuan rolled around on Gu YuMian’s lap.

Gu YuMian had to carry them both in his arms before he could turn on another alcohol stove to heat up the pan and cook to pancakes.

The cakes made a ‘zizzy’ sound in the hot pot, and soon a bubble blew up on the surface from time to time. Gu YuMian then held the spatula and flipped it onto it’s other side. Soon, the two sides were fried a light golden yellow, and the oil made them appear very bright.

Spring cakes were flexible and chewy, but also thin, they didn’t look like any other cake.

The children couldn’t look away.

That small look was serious and lovely. Gu YuMian rubbed their chins. Gu YuMian took out the pancakes, and with a flick of his chopsticks, he naturally divided them into two. The pancakes were all stacked together. Gu YuMian covered them with moist and clean gauze to keep them warm and moist.

“Cover them with gauze and wait. It will not be so hot, and it will be more flexible and delicious… Hungry? I’ll hurry up.”

It was almost time for the congee. Gu YuMian transferred the spring pancakes to the side to keep warm and then made the dishes to be sandwiched in the spring cake——

First, he slid the yellow eggs into the pot, spread them into thin circles, cut the smoked meat into thin strips and cooked it, and then cut the chicken breast into thin strips. He then fried it until it was golden and oily, crisp and tender. The vegetables he chose were bean sprouts, julienned cucumbers, and julienned green onions.

Gu YuMian put his chopsticks in the pancakes. In the golden crisp, thin and flexible pancakes, he evenly sandwiched smoked meat and fried chicken breast, then spread the vegetables, and finally poured a layer of sauce and butter over them. 3

Gu YuMian used chopsticks to roll the pancakes on one side, held the bottom of the pancakes in his palm, rolled up the other side, and finally took out the chopsticks with a flick of his wrist. The young man’s fingers were white and slender, his fingernails were covered with a little powder, and with such delicious jianbing, the whole picture was very moving.

All kinds of fragrances went straight to the tip of their nose. The sauce and crispness of smoked meat and fried chicken breast were accompanied by the fresh and delicious scent of cucumber and bean sprouts, as well as of fried eggs.

So many flavors were mixed in a small spring cake. Through the soft and thin cake skin, you could see that there were light gold eggs, green cucumber and green onions. The color and smell was divine!

The audience and the children couldn’t look away.

The little snow leopard looked at Gu YuMian’s fingers, and then directly pressed his paw on Gu YuMian’s wrist. He forcibly stole a bite of the first spring pancake and squinted his eyes with satisfaction.

Gu YuMian, “……”

Little Tangyuan and the little husky tried to steal, but they almost bit the plate and knocked out their teeth. Only the little fox looked after the fire beneath the congee conscientiously.

The audience couldn’t wait. The bullet screen burst out again and again!

[Pinru’s clothes are worn by me, Xi: Aaaaah!!! Aaah!!!! Groundhog screams and doesn’t stop at all!]

[Lazy snow: Pupils vibrate!! How can this spring pancake be delicious and attractive, and it’s so beautiful that people can’t bear to eat it?! PS: I suddenly found out that anchor’s hand is really beautiful!!!]

[Dog Man, Awoo, Awoo, Awoo: MianMian’s hand, WTF, and spring cake gave me 10000 critical hits. I got a cramp when I pressed the gift button.]

[One Salted Fish: Congee, spring pancakes, MianMian… My saliva unconsciously flowed onto the tabletop… QAQ]

The special effects of gifts exploded one after another, and the special effects of the platform lottery appeared several times. The total number of people had exceeded 260 million, and the growth rate was still amazing!

“I’ve tried the congee. Let’s have some congee to warm our stomach first, and then have the spring pancakes.” Gu YuMian took a small bowl and served a bowl of chicken congee to each of the cubs. The children already knew how to drink congee, so they first blew on it, then drank it directly from the bowl, or scooped it up with their claws holding their porcelain spoons.

A moment later, the little husky took a sip of congee, grinning and savoring it for a few seconds. The baby panda, with a comfortable, milky nasal sound, lay back in Gu YuMian’s arms. The little fox was holding his bowl, and the cub was sitting softly, drinking congee and smacking his mouth.

… It was really good to drink.

——The glutinous rice congee was thick and delicate. The boiled chicken slices produced fragrant oil flowers, which were mixed in with bamboo shoots and yams. The fresh taste was boiled into the fragrant and soft congee. What’s more surprising was the chicken slices and the tender shoots of yam in the congee. The sweet and crisp and fresh shoots with the yam and glutinous rice did not lose their own flavor because of the congee. The fresh and tender chicken breast was the finishing touch.

Delicious and appetizing, they drank down the whole bowl until their body was warm. They were so comfortable, they wanted to sigh. The audience savored the congee carefully. For a few seconds, no one even had time to talk. Only the total number of viewers counted in the upper right corner was rapidly refreshing.

The little snow leopard put his paw on Gu YuMian’s palm, drank a small half-bowl of congee with Gu YuMian’s hand, licked the lip corner satisfully, and arbitrarily lowered his head to bite a spring pancake.

Gu YuMian was helpless, but he couldn’t stop it. He looked at the congee in the children’s bowl and drank a small half of it. Then he pulled up his sleeve and held a spring roll out for little husky, little Tangyuan and the little fox.

“Try the spring rolls, but don’t choke.”

The little fox lowered his head and carefully bit the spring roll from Gu YuMian — just the right size, the perfect size of a bite. After a while, the little guy sat in his place, holding his big fluffy tail and chirping twice. He was so happy that he almost thought he was dreaming.

The thin and pliable skin was full of sinews and chewiness. A bite down, immediately there would be sauce with a variety of fillings that rushed out. The smoked meat with strong burning fragrance, the fried chicken breast with crispy outside and tender inside, and the half-cooked and fragrant eggs were mixed with refreshing cucumber and bean sprouts

It was worthy of saying that they could taste the entire spring with one bite. The spring pancake was so delicious that even the little snow leopard ate one in two or three bites, and then went to find a second one.

Little husky also gobbled up the food, could not help licking his nostrils for aftertaste. Little Tangyuan took a bite and hiccupped.

The boat was moving on the river, the sky was covered with blue, and the wind was blowing.

At this moment, the audience could finally recover from the impact of delicious food, and the screen started to set off a wave of heat, and finally completely swept the whole live room!

[User 118738: !!!!!]

[Soft MianMian: I’ve just been paralyzed by eating?! Totally unconscious!! QAQ]

[Milk tea without milk cover: This congee is delicious and slippery!!!! And that layer of oily flowers, not greasy at all. The taste of yams and bamboo shoots is excellent. I can’t help licking my paws after drinking!]

[Vivian: I was really amazed when I ate it. How can this spring cake be so tender, fragrant, and the surface layer of dough is really delicious! Aaaaaah!! ]

[Iceberg: There’s nothing to say. Give the anchor fireworks. I like congee and spring cakes very much.]

Tens of thousands of bullet screens were sprayed out at the same time, and the atmosphere was lively and warm. The number of people had exceeded 270 million, and was rapidly approaching 300 million!

Looking at this increase, if nothing happened today, it would probably break the real-time popularity record on Starry Sky’s Platform by far. At the same time, the rookie final night area, up to now the process was just over half.

Gu YuMian’s live broadcast room was unique. With his own strength and the whole competition area, he triggered several times of push and draw of the whole platform. Like a snowball, it rolled until it was bigger and bigger.


As the boat drifted slowly into the main city area, the crowd began to bustle — but it didn’t seem noisy. In the afternoon, the urban area in Utopia was not so colorful and bustling like it was at night, but more quiet. The clear river running through the whole main urban area reflected the clear sky light. They passed by the witch’s tower, the wooden house where the orcs lived and the drinking pavilion in a small boat. The novice witch squatted by the river and greeted the pedestrians while placing stones.

In the water market, a boat was filled with fresh vegetables and berries, even old books and antiques. The stall owners all went back to sleep, and everything was taken care of by the customers. They would write down their Star Net account, and how much money was transferred.

Utopia during late summer and early autumn was a place for dozing off.

Just after lunch, Gu YuMian didn’t pay attention. Little Tangyuan and the little husky were both a little too full. At this time, they were burping one after another.

Gu YuMian helplessly held them on their backs and fed them some digestible fruit tea. The fox had been fighting with himself, and soon his head was askew and he fell asleep on Gu YuMian’s knee.

As soon as the little snow leopard was free, he turned on his baby’s optical computer and looked at it happily and was satisfied. He took advantage of Gu YuMian’s inattention to look at him for a few seconds, and then shook his tail and looked at the screen with satisfaction.

Gu YuMian had just talked with the witch on the side of the river. Turning around, he ran into the sight of the snow leopard. The little snow leopard’s tail tip stopped moving, and then he lay on the floor. He was staring at his optical screen with his eyes wide open, tapping on it.

Gu YuMian, “……”

He was a bit upset. Was this little guy in love? A cyber-love experience? With which girl?

Maybe it was a little girl he knew at school.

“What is TuanTuan writing about? May I have a look?”

Gu YuMian held the little guy up under his ribs.

The little snow leopard pushed his cheek away with his paw, held his optical computer, and carefully folded up the light screen.

[Endless: TuanTuan, it’s definitely early love. My sister is in primary school… Did he download the head portrait of his puppy love without telling his parent how he fell in love? Now children are so good at playing around.]

[ausjhx: It’s nice to be young.]

[White Pear Blossom, Lili: I used to be like TuanTuan. Before the school sports meeting, I secretly asked someone to take a photo of me and the boy I like with my optical computer. I went back to print it and pasted it on the wall. I stared at it every day.]

The little snow leopard saw this sentence, ‘secretly took a photo, looked at it’, and immediately went silent… 

“TuanTuan, it doesn’t matter if you fall in love early,” Gu YuMian pinched the paw of the snow leopard, and his expression was a little tangled. “I’m a person from the past, and I’m not a very old-fashioned parent.”

But was it too early?

The snow leopard’s ears went up. Was he experienced in this?

He immediately knocked over the vinegar jar in his heart, and the sour smell filled the air. Who did Gu YuMian fall in love with?

“The success rate of early love is very low. If you can’t be together in the end, don’t be too sad.” Gu YuMian consoled.

Little Tangyuan touched his belly, raised his paws and gave two grunts of approval.

Snow Leopard, “…”

This was what Gu YuMian wanted to say. The little snow leopard slowly sat back and yawned carelessly.

It was a matter of no consideration or concern. No one could take Gu YuMian away from him.

Not together? There was no such possibility.

“Well, where should we go then?” Gu YuMian opened the map, “There are places in the city to visit, but you still need to take a nap. Is there a night market and a bonfire party in the evening, or the fairyland?”

The little husky wagged his tail, and the sleeping fox snored.

Nearly 300 million people immediately went there in a series of strokes — such a dream like day, no matter how long.

“… TuanTuan?”

The little snow leopard looked at Gu YuMian for a while, and the tip of his ear was suspiciously a little red. He didn’t open his eyes.


Gu YuMian later discovered that Shuo Han had been keeping a diary for a long time.

The first diary was written on the day they went to play in Utopia, it even included a picture.

Gu YuMian didn’t remember taking this picture at all. After thinking carefully, it should be the World Tree mirage — his own face in the picture was blank, and Shuo Han reached for his fingers.

In the picture, the handsome and lazy man had the pleasure of trying to hide in his expression. He looked at the camera impatiently and unskilled, which made him nervous. It should be at that last moment when the shutter clicked. He hesitated to smile, so he couldn’t help but look down at Gu YuMian.

The hazy sky light cast down gently.

In those gray-blue eyes, at that moment, the rippling heart reflected in them, so it was captured by the camera.

Shuo Han hated taking pictures, the media and leaving images about himself, but he was willing to appear in Gu YuMian’s live broadcast, secretly take a photo with Gu YuMian and look at it for a long time.

The first day’s diary was written and deleted, leaving only two sentences.

{Happy to go to the amusement park with him for the first time and take our first photo together.}

{I like him.}

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Translator Notes:

  1. Chunbing. Spring-pancake (simplified Chinese: 春饼; traditional Chinese: 春餅; pinyin: chūnbǐng) is a traditional Chinese food unique to the northern regions. People eat spring pancakes on the day called lichun to celebrate the beginning of the spring. The main ingredients of chunbing are a batter of wheat and grain flour, eggs, filled with vegetables and sauces.
  2. Random fact: The pork used to cook spring pancakes is usually bought from a store in Beijing named Tianfuhao, which has been in business for over 270 years.
  3. Chunbing:


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