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Chapter 72: Seafood Fried Rice and Qifeng Cake

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo finds TuanTuan so adorable TvT


At one o’clock in the afternoon, the final night for the rookie competition had been open for four hours.

Gu YuMian’s studio firmly occupied first place in all data rankings with absolute popularity advantage. At this moment, the number of real-time online viewers in the studio was rapidly approaching 300 million.

Since they had dozed off before lunch, and the children ate a little more, they were not sleepy at this time — except for the little fox, maybe because he was tired from helping in the kitchen, the little guy had curled up into a small ball and fell asleep in Gu YuMian’s arms.

“Let’s go for a stroll,” Gu YuMian said, touching the rumbling belly of little Tangyuan and the husky. “Utopia is somwhere we will not go often, and I’m so full that I can’t sleep for a while.”

The little fox was sleeping very deeply. It was rare to see that he would sleep so soundly, and he was even breathing evenly and snoring. His little claws were holding Gu YuMian’s lapel, and he smacked his lips in his sleep, maybe recalling the spring cake and chicken congee he ate at noon.

Of course the audience agreed.

[Mian Mian, male ticket: I will listen to you, burp.]

[White Pear Blossom, Lili: Utopia in the daytime is not as prosperous as that in the evening, but it’s quite quiet, suitable for walking~]

[Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter: Why is Utopia so quiet in the daytime?]

“Utopia’s days officially start in the evening,” Gu YuMian explained after a general understanding before he came. “Many orcs, witches and elves work and rest in the daytime and awaken at night. In the evening, shops, night markets and dinner parties will open, and they will stay up all night until it is quiet again at dawn.”

That was why Utopia suggested that the order of play should start from the ‘Night Tour in Utopia’.

The Berry Festival was not as obvious as before near the World Tree. They could see it when they entered the main city area. Many shops and small houses were closed with curtains. Obviously, the owners were immersed in a dream, and only scattered tourists were wandering the street.

Gu YuMian parked their boat on the shore, put the sleeping fox in his arms, pushed the baby carriage with little Tangyuan, and let little husky move to digest his lunch.

The little husky started to run with his head shaking, ran from the beginning of the street to the end of the street, then rushed back, and circled Gu YuMian with something in his mouth. The little snow leopard lay on Gu YuMian’s shoulder, unconsciously moving his head and rubbing Gu YuMian’s neck. Gu YuMian didn’t dislike the peaceful Utopia nor the noisy Utopia at night.

The street was very quiet, small houses of various architectural styles were crowded and close to each other, and plants and potted flowers stretched out their branches, which also showed great vitality in this autumn weather.

The sky train was still roaring by, and the golden leaves of the World Tree fluttered down with the wind. A little fairy folded his wings and slept on the windowsill. The house of the orcs was a bit rough, with the totem flag flying in the wind. A young witch apprentice rode on their broom and couldn’t help but look back at Gu YuMian, fascinated.

“Er’er don’t run around,” Gu YuMian squatted down and scratched little husky’s neck. “It’s said that witches and dwarves are not very good tempered. Let’s not fight with them. Then… What’s in your mouth?”

The snow leopard yawned, and the fox was still asleep. Little Tangyuan glanced at what the little husky was holding in his mouth and looked frightened, “Chii.”

The little husky’s tail soon turned into an electric fan, and as before, he put the things in his mouth into Gu YuMian’s hands like a treasure offering. It was a roll of old parchment with the flame of the Witch’s Society, as if it were a prophecy or a proverb.

The parchment was too old, had been bitten by the little husky leaving two holes, and saliva also soaked through half of it.

Gu YuMian was in a very complicated mood, “…”

Contrary to Gu YuMian, the atmosphere in the bullet screen was very happy:

[Hahahaha, everyone, come out to collect the expression pack.] 

[Is Er’er still stupid today? Yes, he is. ‘I’m so sorry that Mian Mian has to deal with his mess,’ that sentence toward Mian Mian is a doom flag.] 

[Just after saying that a witch has a bad temper, and then he bites a witch’s thing! Hahaha, stupid Er’er!]

Gu YuMian looked at the parchment with a hole in it and tried to think about how to remedy it.

He glanced at the words written on it: {7: In February 245 of the Xinxing calendar, there will be a wandering soul that does not belong to this era. I think he may like to drink tea. I will prepare a cup of Ceylon black tea for him and will wait for him to come during Autumn.}

Gu YuMian’s heart leaped.

… Wait, wait, wait.

This year was the year 245 of Xinxing calendar. The first day he woke up in Takk was the beginning of February. A soul that did not belong to this era… Didn’t that mean him? But when he thought about it, it was just an amusement park, and technology was so advanced — since the World Tree fairyland could tell his life before, it was no surprise. Maybe everyone picked up a parchment and see different things?

The little snow leopard carelessly swept the parchment, and his eyes stopped for a while, and his gray-blue eyes narrowed into a line.

The bullet screen soon broke Gu YuMian’s guess.

[Tiger: Anchor also picked up Aunt Jenny’s paper. It doesn’t matter. It should be hand copied by apprentices. You can buy one with dozens of star coins on the Internet.]

[Storry: These predictions were written thirty years ago, but twenty years ago it was about the time of the defeat of the Zerg.]

[I don’t like garlic: So why does Jenny live in a Utopia?]

From the content of the bullet screen, it could be inferred that the “Jenny” who wrote these prophecies was not an AI written by Utopia, but a real and living witch. And these prophecies had been popular for many years. One could buy dozens of them for coins on the Internet.

That’s terrible, isn’t it? Gu YuMian had a feeling that everything had been seen through.

This year was the year 245 of Xinxing calendar. He crossed into the interstellar era in February. In early autumn, he just brought children to play in Utopia. He really likes tea——

But as far as he knew, the tea of this era was unearthed from Ancient Earth thirty years after the witch wrote this prediction. Many people did not know about it.

She had been living in Utopia… Was she waiting for him?

Gu YuMian held the parchment and read the prophey on the front. Just as he was about to roll it up, he saw the back of the parchment and saw a sentence written with a very shallow brush, {This paper is not for that silly dog. I don’t like the saliva from children. Not thanking you.}

Gu YuMian, “…………” Wasn’t that terrible?! He saw lawsuits in his head, and his consciousness was aroused by the paw of the little snow leopard.

The witch apprentice was a little girl with freckles and round eyes on her face, riding on a broom unskillfully. It seemed that she just passed by without even stopping. When she passed Gu YuMian, she handed him a letter covered with firey red paint. 

“Mr. Gu, this is from my teacher.” She lowered her eyes and said softly in a voice that only the two of them could hear, “It’s over tonight. When you get back to Full Moon Lake, destroy it before going to bed.”

Gu YuMian nodded.

The little witch looked back at him and smiled nervously. She rode on the broom and flew out askew. After about three meters, the broom seemed to have no power. She had to come down and drag the broom and turn the corner with a depressed step.

Gu YuMian, “……”

Little TangYuan tilted his head in doubt and gave a “shi” sound. The husky took Gu YuMian’s clothes in his mouth and happily pulled him to play with him. The little snow leopard in Gu YuMian’s arms pushed his head away.

Gu YuMian just wanted to be immersed in some deep meditation about life and the world, but he was interrupted by this group of cubs and could not continue.


If he was a normal person, he might think the witch’s affairs were funny. But what was her purpose? What was this predicted future? Was it related to one’s journey?

… But Gu YuMian was different. He had a very good mentality. Since he could control his own life, and what he cared about most now was the children, he didn’t have much desire and was satisfied with the current situation, so this matter only left a trace in his heart.

He could open the letter tonight. Then think about it tonight. It was not easy to come to Utopia. He had to take the children to have a good time.

In the afternoon, there was no one in the main city. Gu YuMian took the children for a walk around. He felt that lunch was almost digested, and then he took a boat to float down the stream — He didn’t know where to go, maybe the sea? No, there was no sea in Utopia.

[Jinling 15: I feel like I missed something? Did the little witch just say something to MianMian?]

[User 18675: Anchor, what are we going to do next? Ah, I’m a little sleepy ]

[Little Pudding: It’s easy to sleep when held by MianMian.]

“Well, the night market in Utopia starts at six o’clock,” Gu YuMian looked at the time and reached out to help the fox cus. “You’ve slept for hours, are you still sleepy?”

The little fox had been sleeping for a long time, and he gave a confused “jii”, and little Tangyuan rubbed his eyes, and he yawned with the little husky’s head next to his head. Gu YuMian used a small stove to warm the fruit tea. He could smell the light scent of berries and laurel at the tip of his nose, which was mixed with the autumn wind. It was a sleepy afternoon.

Cuddled by Gu YuMian, they could lie in his arms directly and look at the entire blue sky. The sun shone down gently, and the wind was full of a clean scent.

It was very comfortable to doze in Gu YuMian’s arms.

Gu YuMian made the fruit tea and gently held the children’s paws, holding the teacup to warm their paws. The temperature of the fruit tea was just right. Gu YuMian used the temperature of the tea cup to immediately warm the whole body.

Since I didn’t have much time to comb them when we came out to play, and several of the cubs have long and thick hair, if I don’t comb them for a day or two, their fur will knot and hurt.

So Gu YuMian seized every opportunity to comb the children’s hair when they dozed off. Gu YuMian took out his little brush and said, “Sleep when you are sleepy. I’ll comb your hair and call you at dinner.”

[junior B: Fuck, I get a grooming today. I like the grooming from the anchor best! See you when I wake up.]

[Vivian: + 1, Happy! Aaah Today is the best!!! I’ll love MianMian all my life!!!]

Now the audience was only a little less than 300 million, and the popularity was rising.

Of course, there were new audience members who hadn’t been there during a grooming and who were confused. How could grooming be good? But because the atmosphere of the whole studio was peaceful, they couldn’t help but watch.

At this moment, the audience were watching from the perspective of the little snow leopard.

Gu YuMian was holding a wide toothed wooden comb, which was light and gentle, with just the right strength. Gu YuMian’s clean and pleasant smell and the temperature of his fingers were all transferred over.

The blunt wooden comb and Gu YuMian’s fingers, like a gentle and regular warm current, moved from the nape to the back, abdomen and skin, as if all the blood vessels were filled with that temperature, and their limbs and bones were relaxed.

After combing, they could curl up in Gu YuMian’s arms and sleep. Listening to his steady heartbeat and chatting, their whole heart was full of satisfaction.

“There are night markets and bonfires at night. It’s said that there are many strange things in the night market of Utopia. YuanYuan, QiuQiu and Er’er may like them. By the way, the Circus and the Bard will also perform. We should go to the Elven forest too. In a word, there will be a lot of fun.”

So don’t worry.

Go to sleep.

This was a rare and unforgettable experience in many people’s hearts. Listening to Gu YuMian’s voice, all the fantasies about the future were sketched in their brains. It was not over, they were just taking a little rest on this sunny autumn afternoon.

When they woke up, they would see Gu YuMian, have a rich dinner, go to the night markets and performances, and go to the Elven forest… Just imagining it, every second of the future had become a yearning.

Gu YuMian’s voice was very low and soft, and it combined into the sound of water, and the sky lit with an afternoon light didn’t cause any distraction.

From a safe and stable world, all the way extradited to a beautiful dream.

The little snow leopard’s ear was against Gu YuMian’s palm and he rubbed it lazily and satisfiedly. Little Tangyuan and the little husky were resting on Gu YuMian’s knee and their breathing was gradually evened out.

[Matcha Pudding: The anchor is so sweet. I’ll see you in the evening.]

[These days: Happy to have no time to send a bullet screen… Everyone should have a look at MianMian’s live broadcast! My gifts are all for MianMian and the cubs. I really like you.]

[South China tiger will never blind date: Wake up and see Mianmian, there are delicious and funny things. Is there anything happier than this!! I will sleep too.]

There were not as many bullet screens as before, but all kinds of gift effects were dazzling. And the total number of online viewers was soaring at this time! All the way over 300 million, not only the number one in the popularity list and real-time popularity list, but also the top three in total popularity this week.


When the children woke up, it was almost evening.

Utopia had a different style in the night. The waking orcs opened the doors with lights and shouted loudly to prepare for the night market. The whole street was full of the clear sound of dwarves pounding and forging iron. The little fairies carried lanterns across the street and the golden red sunset spread all over the landscape.

It was like a furnace of boiling water, hotter and noisier than in the daytime, full of fireworks.

When little Tangyuan sat up, there was a sound of hot oil in his ear, and a strong, smooth and bright fragrance at the tip of his nose——

Gu YuMian was cooking.

The rice in the pot had been fried until the rice grains were golden and loose, and the grains were full and clear. Shrimp, chicken and bright yellow egg were complemented with bright hot oil. They were evenly mixed with the chopped onion, garlic and bamboo shoots which were fragrant in the fire, making a sound against the oil.

It seemed that Gu YuMian was making seafood fried rice. On one side of the alcohol stove, there was a thick seafood soup. There were snow-white fish slices, shrimp, crabs and shellfish in it. They were thick and were bubbling to the top.

Gu YuMian grabbed a spoon, first added a little brandy, then poured a spoon of seafood soup on the fried rice. The thick and mellow seafood soup was wrapped with golden rice grains and proteins. The delicious taste immediately melted into fried rice and dried shrimp, and chicken breast. In the fire, the fragrant white steam was still steaming out, and it went straight to the tip of people’s nose!

The baby panda and many people suddenly woke up and couldn’t help but look over. The little snow leopard and little husky woke up earlier than little Tangyuan. The little snow leopard arrogantly occupied Gu YuMian’s left shoulder and looked down at Gu YuMian. While the husky grinned and looked into the pot, the fox got up to help Gu YuMian.

As the baby panda rubbed his eyes, his saliva dripped down, ‘What’s going on?’

[augbxjx: Fuck?! I depended on you?!!! What is this???! ]

[Cat’s Meow: I’m awake! Aaah! MianMian!! MianMian, didn’t lie to me. I woke up with delicious food. My God, this is too fragrant??!]

[Hawthorn dumplings don’t want to get up: I love being awakened by delicious food and MianMian, and I suddenly fall in love with getting up! qAq]

[Blue water Fox: Is this fried rice? Looking at the fragrant and full rice, the side dishes are also very tender and crispy… When can we eat it?]

One afternoon passed, although Gu YuMian did little this afternoon because the cubs were sleeping, the audience did not see a downward trend. Now there were nearly 400 million viewers watching online, and tens of thousands of new viewers entered the live room every second.

Little Tangyuan was still a little confused. He blinked his wet eyes while looking at Gu YuMian’s hand, looked at him and went to the pot.

“Awake?” Gu YuMian could not help bending his eyes, reached out and pinched the little guy’s face, handed him a cup of fruit tea, letting this help him wake up. “There will be dinner later, and now you’re just in time. I also baked a small Qifeng cake 1 so we can have that after having seafood fried rice for dinner. Then we can go to the night market.”

[Groundhog: Ow ow Ow! Listen to you! I want to ask the anchor, this fried rice looks delicious, and the one fried last time was also delicious. What’s the difference between the two?]

Gu YuMian nodded and explained, “This time, it’s fried with seafood. It’s more western style — the western style of Ancient Earth. The main ingredients will be more prominent and where one needs to pay attention to the appearance.”

Western style seafood fried rice was similar to the Yangzhou fried rice from before, but the flavor was different. In addition, there were berries. Gu YuMian liked Qifeng cake with chopped berries. When the children fell asleep, he borrowed kitchen utensils to bake a Qifeng cake.

At this moment, a pot of seafood fried rice was almost finished. Gu YuMian cut up the peppers and added them, and finally sprinkled a little white sesame. The taste of brandy and seafood soup was completely fried into golden rice. The smooth and delicious pan of fried rice was filled onto the plate. The full and loose rice grains, tender and crispy shrimp and shellfish, and soft fish slices all absorbed the mellow and fresh soup.

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Translator Notes:

  1. Qifeng cake: Qifeng cake is the basic type of cake. Although it looks very simple, it’s not so easy to make. Some people call it mad cake, which shows how high the failure rate of this cake is. It belongs to a kind of sponge cake, because it is sent out, so the taste is relatively soft, very suitable for babies to eat. It is really similar to sponge cake and chiffon cake but uses cornstarch instead of cream of tartar or baking powder.


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