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Chapter 73: Can’t Guess TuanTuan’s Thoughts

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo wants to cuddle with all the soft cubs


As night fell, stars began to shine. There were several oil lamps on the boat. They swayed with the waves of water. The evening wind on the riverside blew gently. Not bright, but very pleasant… Although, now no one was distracted to appreciate the poetic beauty of the environment.

The four children and the audience were all staring at the pot. The little fox pushed the white porcelain plate over with the tip of his nose. Gu YuMian touched his head and gave him a scoop of seafood fried rice, saying softly, “I’ve been boiling this soup for a long time. Now it’s very strong and not suitable for drinking, but it’s very suitable for the fried rice.”

The flavor of the western style seafood fried rice was in this thick soup. A pot of hot seafood soup simmered above the stove. By the time it finished boiling, there was only a little milk, white and fresh.

During the afternoon, some of the audience didn’t fall asleep. They watched Gu YuMian cook the soup slowly. When he put the minced onion, ginger, garlic and shrimp into the pot, he quickly left the pot to stir fry and collect the juice, then stirred it.

In the middle of the trip, the little husky tried to lick the spoon several times, showing his teeth, and was stopped by Gu YuMian.

At this time, the taste of the thick soup has been fully soaked into the round rice grains and side dishes. The golden and loose rice grains added a little extra soft feeling and delicious, while the fried shrimp, crab leg meat and chicken breast meat were covered with a layer of bright oil, and the fragrant and hot bowl was filled to the brim.

The baby panda and the audience had already had a good time watching.

The whole bullet screen was full of “aaaaah!”, “want to eat” and “MianMian, if you don’t eat, I’m going to eat the table”.

In the short time of Gu YuMian holding the spoon and putting the rice into four bowls, the number of spectators had increased by millions again. It seemed that it was going straight to 500 million.

Gu YuMian sat the several cubs in his arms and fed them one spoonful each with a spoon, “It’s still hot, slow down – by the way, if it’s a bit heavy, I’ll make some fruit tea.”

The snow leopard took the first bite lazily. After a while, he became normal and the chewing speed gradually increased. While eating, the little fox looked serious and thought about it. The little husky had eaten half of the bowl with his mouth wide open. The baby panda was totally shocked by the taste, holding up his paw in Gu YuMian’s arms and kicking his short legs.

Because it was really delicious.

The mellow beauty of the seafood thick soup and the cooked fragrance of the fried rice were smoothly mixed together.

First, they tasted the taste of the boiling hot seafood soup, which seemed to freshen their tongue. Then, they tasted the golden and delicate rice. The fried shrimp and crab meat tasted very tender. Finally, they ended up with the taste of crisp bamboo shoots.

It was just a spoonful of seafood fried rice, which contained all kinds of flavors. Not to mention the taste, the rice was loose and fragrant with the mellow seafood soup. It tasted more soft, glutinous and delicious than ordinary fried rice. It was accompanied by the chewy shrimp and chicken breast——

The baby panda was holding his spoon with his claw, whimpering and stuttering constantly, and clapping his belly with his other claw to make a satisfying whining sound. In the blink of an eye, the little snow leopard had finished a bowl. Pressing Gu YuMian’s wrist, he urged him to have another bowl.

“Be careful of choking. Don’t eat so fast.” Gu YuMian smiled helplessly and filled another bowl for the little brat.

The delicious fried rice was very suitable for this autumn night. The river was slightly moving with the wind blowing gently, and the boat was anchored on the bank. In the light waves of the river, there were flickering lights and moonlight.

The fried rice was delicious but not greasy. With the fruit tea stewed on the stove by Gu YuMian, it warmed from the lips and teeth to the stomach. The taste of fresh berries and laurels flowed through the tip of the nose, the fried rice overflowed with strong fragrance, and the aftertaste was endless and long, which was the unique scenery befitting of a poem of autumn.

In the same second, countless gift effects exploded together, and the bullet screen burst out!

[This salt fish is not a loser: Aaah!!! Yummy, yummy, yummy. My real saliva is running all over the table. Now I’m cleaning it!]

[There’s aCcloud: The fried rice is fragrant and tasty. After pouring in the soup, it looked soft, smooth and delicate. It’s delicious.]

[Green Gauze Makes up for a Drunk Beauty: It’s really delicious, the rice is very fragrant, shrimp and other side dishes are also very fresh and tender, the taste is just too good, aaah! Will anchor consider opening a lottery? Greedy eyes. QAQ]

[Paranoid in the Dark: I go to elbet for dinner every day recently, but the speed of Elbet’s new dishes can’t catch up with the speed of MianMian’s live broadcast, hate!!! ]

[Vivian: I’m so happy. Every scene and detail is exactly in line with my dream. 5555 Having fried rice, hot drinks, the eye-catching MianMian and such a group of lovely cubs. Such a good dream.]

The thick bullet screens were floating over by one after another, making people almost dizzy. That was to say, Gu YuMian had kept the top of the popularity list for more than three hours on the same day and in real time. The first place in the final night of the rookie competition would be announced in more than eight hours. He would be at the top of this week’s hot list at the same time.

It directly triggered the special effects of open screen recommendation and full platform push lottery. The number of online viewers was soaring to 500 million in a straight line, and new audience members were pouring in every second!

“Mainly, there are many delicious things in the night market,” Gu YuMian scratched the children’s chins. “How about calling this enough now?”

Wasn’t eating part of the great pleasures from the night markets and temple fairs? All kinds of local snacks were fried and cooked on the spot. It was a kind of enjoyment to eat while strolling with something in your hand.

The little fox hesitated for a moment, listened to Gu YuMian’s words, stopped to hold the spoon in his claw, and thought he did not have enough to eat. But the other three children couldn’t hear it at all. The little snow leopard ate three bowls. After eating, he nestled in Gu YuMian’s arms and licked his paws slowly.

But the baby panda and little husky had the hiccups from eating too quickly, and they looked lovely. They sat on the boat and messed with the water.

Audience: [That’s what I said, but I can’t stop at all.] 

[Yes, although I had three bowls from the perspective of TuanTuan, I still didn’t have enough.]

[How could MianMian cook delicious food in and compare it to the night market? QAQ There is also fruit tea, which beats it all!]

[Throwing Cosmetics: He just said there is cake!! I want to eat cake!!! What is the name of this cake?]

“It’s called Qifeng cake.” Gu YuMian bent his eyes and replied, “Wait just a moment.”

Fortunately, he guessed that the children would have enough to eat. He refrigerated most of the cake, leaving only a small piece of cake to eat after dinner. It was the kind of cake that tasted really good but did not fill the stomach at all. 1

The baby panda was forgetful. He had forgotten Gu YuMian’s saying that there was a cake. At this time, it was like a cake from heaven. He burped happily. Qifeng cake was also one of the most popular cakes on ancient Earth. Its taste was soft, moist, sweet, but light, without any other denseness or frosting.

However, in order to take care of the taste of the children, Gu YuMian also added cheese, which was a combination of Qifeng cake and cheesecake.

The production process was not difficult. Egg yolk and oil were evenly foamed. Add lemon juice and berries. Gu YuMian brought out the cake, cut it into four small triangle shapes evenly, and put in a fork to divide one for the children.

——It was a small cake with delicate milk white. Inside it was a cream cheese and light and delicious Qifeng cake. It was sour, sweet, moist and creamy. Not only that, the cake surface was covered with a layer of rich color berry jam, dotted with chopped nuts and a layer of crystal sugar cream, covered with fresh orange berries, which was almost like a work of art.

Scooping a small spoon into their mouth, they melted. Fresh, sour and sweet berry and the sauce were so fresh they could almost smell the dew and grass stalks. The whole harvest flavor of autumn was hidden in it, accompanied by the soft and smooth milk flavor of cheese mixed with the Qifeng cake.

“Jii.” The little fox was holding the cake bowl, and soon he had only one mouthful left. Satisfied, the fox became a soft ball.

The husky and baby panda were already licking their plates, and they were tucked in Gu YuMian’s arms. If the seafood fried rice just now tasted amazing, then after eating the seafood fried rice, there was such a sweet but not greasy, small cake, and the feeling was satisfaction.

The audience had no time to talk, while savoring it, the screen was filled only with continuous gift effects.

Their boat was on the bank of the river, not far from the main city of Utopia. At the end of the day, the setting sun gradually gathered light. They could see that the whole city was lit up a golden red light, and gradually some people were boisterous.

The orcs moved out the barrels one by one, singing and greeting each other. The fairies lit the street lights with their little lanterns. The oars and the moonlight reflected on the water, and the Utopian night of berry festival was about to start.

It was in this particular second that everyone’s expectation for the next whole night was suddenly brushed to the full point!

Having enough food and drink, the little snow leopard sat up on Gu YuMian’s shoulder and looked ahead. Little Tangyuan gave a satisfied nasal sound, and completely collapsed into a ball of tangyuan. The little huskys two claws were on Gu YuMian’s lap, and he was happily dancing his own Erha dance, expressing his excitement and happiness in his own way.

[Yogurt is not sweet: I just wanted to watch the live food broadcast, but what happened to expect the follow-up?!]

[White Pear Blossom, Lili: This cake is amazing!! The seafood fried rice is also excellent. Alas, when can I have it myself?]

[User 1763: It’s nearly six o’clock, and night is coming. Look forward to it!!!]

[Piao Piao Piao: I want to go to the night market and the stalls with Mian Mian and the little babies, go to the bonfire party, and the Elven forest! I’m ready. I’m all ready.]

With only five hours left in the final night of the rookie competition, the long schedule was finally coming to an end. At this moment, the audience had reached 480 million.

All the audience was looking forward to the night spent with Gu YuMian and the children. Because of the foreshadowing, the popularity would ferment till tonight. It would rise again and again.

The little fox was reluctant to eat the last bite of cake. Gu YuMian waited patiently and gently for him to finish eating, rewarding him with a small piece of baked biscuit, then shook the oar and rowed to the main city of Utopia, “Are you full? Let’s go, then, to Utopia.”


On the small boat, in line, they sailed into the city in the shadow of the lamplight. Every night in Utopia was very lively, but today was the annual berry festival night, which was even hotter than before. Many tourists came for the berry festival at night.

The Berry Festival was intended to be used to celebrate the harvest of rice and fruits in one year. It was to pray for the coming year and was a good festival.

The young men and women of orcs guarding the gate of the city are dressed in traditional ethnic costumes, showing their flexible waist, while many of the men were directly exposed with tattoos on their upper bodies, showing simple patterns, laughing freely and toasting tourists.

During the Berry Festival, adult tourists needed to drink a cup of specially brewed berry wine to enter the city. Children and old people would drink juice of course.

The orc girl who poured wine for Gu YuMian smiled shyly at him and looked at him fascinated. She wanted to say something. She was scared away by the cold and gloomy eyes of the snow leopard.

Gu YuMian: “……”

It really put an end to the possibility of finding a partner.

The little fox took the cup and drank the juice first, then took the cup considerately and fed it to the little husky with a blank face. The baby panda soon finished drinking and touched his belly with satisfaction. Different from Gu YuMian’s fruit tea, it tasted more green, astringent and strong, but had a different flavor.

Gu YuMian also liked to drink two small drinks, but in fact, the amount of wine was very common. But he was also happy to bring the children out to play. He thought that the degree of fruit wine would not be too high. He looked up and drank the whole cup.

Put down the cup and found that people around looked at him admiringly, especially a few Orc girls, eyes more infatuated.

“Good drink,” An Orc man raised his thumb. “I didn’t expect you to look like this… It’s still so drinkable. “

Gu YuMian: “???”

Well, compared with the residents here, he was not rough enough, but he didn’t underestimate people, did he? But this berry wine was a little thicker than Gu YuMian thought. It was mellow and sweet. He liked it very much. He thought he could buy some when he went back.

Although little TangYuan couldn’t understand what they were talking about, listening to other people’s praise of Gu YuMian, the little guy was happier when he was praised. He clapped his paws and drilled into Gu YuMian’s arms, and Gu YuMian smiled and hugged him.

The little snow leopard lowered his eyes and extended his paws to test the temperature of Gu YuMian’s forehead. Gu YuMian was not sure, so he took his paw pad and kissed it.

[Salted Duck Egg: If I remember correctly, there’s nothing to drink. The content was very high? Can MianMian drink well? ]

[Love to eat braised pork: Is he okay….]

At this time, the boat had slowly sailed into the city-state, and a colorful and noisy world was displayed in front of them. There were colorful lights in the sky, colorful colors reflected on the river. The little witch rode a broom, shouted and happily sprinkled flowers from the air. The accordion of the travel band flowed across the street.

There was everything on the stand.

Selling pulpy wine and juice, firewood for athe bonfire party in a while, dancing sugar for little monsters, crystal decorated with fairy wings, witches’ stall divination, dwarves’ on-site forging and selling. People were laughing, making noises, drinking wine, listening to minstrels singing. Not far away, the circus tent had been set up, and there was going to be a performance. The stand for witches and dwarves was a little lonely, but there were also many people around curiously.

At this time, the night market just opened, night just came, the most lively time has not yet arrived.

But Gu YuMian and the children had been completely attracted by it.

So many things they hadn’t seen were almost dazzling.

… But soon Gu YuMian had no time to see it. As a parent with four children, he was either solving the mess or rushing to solve it every second.

The little husky bit the lollipop and wagged his tail to take the witch’s crystal ball and gave it to Gu YuMian. He wanted to apologize one by one. Little TangYuan drove his pram in high spirits, but little fox couldn’t persuade him to run. He wanted to apologize to passers-by. The little snow leopard had been staring at the girls close to Gu YuMian coldly, frightened and cried several little girls, and also wanted to apologize.

Gu YuMian: “……”

“Well, let’s have a rest,” Gu YuMian said, taking a few children back to the boat, half adamantly, and finally stopping more farce and disaster. “Listen to the song sung by the bard, the circus is about to start.”

The performance of the circus was on the lake in the center of the city-state. Their position was still very good, close to the front row.

Night fell completely. The soft and bright moonlight and lights soaked the whole bustling Utopia in the water vapor. Now it was the orchestra and the bard who were playing separately. Soon the circus would begin.

The few children were still excited, fluttering in the boat.


Little TangYuan took advantage of the fact that little fox didn’t pay attention and put a wreath on his head. The little fox wanted to be angry and sat in Gu YuMian’s arms stiffly and shyly. The little husky curiously reached out his claws and pulled on the wreath.

Gu YuMian was exhausted after running back and forth, but he couldn’t help laughing at this time. He felt a little hot on his cheek.

Suddenly he felt a weight on his head. Gu YuMian reached out and touched it. Two fluffy white ears appeared on his head. The little snow leopard kept his eyes open as if nothing had happened.

“It was bought for me to wear?” Gu YuMian rubbed the little snow leopard’s head. “What did you buy that for?”

Of course, Gu YuMian couldn’t understand the girls’ love for these ornaments, but he was a doting parent, the little snow leopard liked it, and it was nothing to wear. Before passing by the booth, there are cat ears and rabbit ears for decoration, which could automatically adapt to the race. They were just like real ones.

It was mainly suitable for some customers whose prototypes were aquarium and poultry. It could let them experience the feeling of having plush ears, which were most popular with girls.

The little snow leopard had bought him a pair of white cat ears. Gu YuMian thought he was going to take them back to the girl he secretly loved.

Little TangYuan and little husky stopped and stared at Gu YuMian. So did little fox.

There was an eerie silence in the bullet screen for a while, and a moment later.

[Nether Fire: Brothers, I have nosebleed. ]

[Try to lose weight to 100jin: + 1 ]

[Orange in the Orange: This, this girl can’t hold it! Aaaah! What’s this beautiful and charming fairy face value?]

[Salted duck egg: I have to say, the cat’s ears are really good-looking, but are you a little drunk? It’s said that the wine is full of stamina. ]

The audience has already surpassed 500 million, just had a hot and noisy play, everyone’s feeling was very happy, the bullet screen has been constantly refreshing.

“Drunk? Am I?” Gu YuMian touched his cheek with the back of his hand, and the corner of his lips kept rising. He really liked to laugh when he was drunk, especially now, because he was really happy.

When little TangYuan and little fox and little husky saw him smile, they couldn’t help laughing. At last, the audience all laughed inexplicably, from the first smile to the later hahaha’s.


In fact, to many people’s surprise, the snow-white and fluffy cat ears were very suitable for Gu YuMian. Although Gu YuMian gave people the feeling of being handsome, gentle, and mature in everything, it was hard to imagine that he will be very compatible with such “lovely” things.

Warm and light eyes, like honey, reflect the golden red light. Maybe it was because he was a little drunk. Gu YuMian’s eyes were filled with a light layer of water, and his cheeks were also covered with light powder. He was usually good-looking, but not like this… People can’t move their eyes at all.

Plus that pair of cat ears, but soft and hidden in some invisible edge. There’s an urge for big cats to take him home and hide him.

A small snow leopard, a big cat, watched for a while.

His expression changed again and again, from awkward dislike, to obsession and ecstasy, to finally angrily lying on the top of Gu YuMian’s head, without showing people the appearance of Gu YuMian with ears.

The little guy’s ears were red.

Gu YuMian: “……”

I can’t guess. I can’t really guess TuanTuan’s thoughts.

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Translator Notes:

  1. Think a strawberry shortcake with angel food cake as the base.


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Thank you for the chapter!!! I guess the little leopard wanted to see MianMian with cat ears but the plan backfired… into increasing MianMian’s popularity even more.

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