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Chapter 6: Eyes of the Small Animals

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


From that day on, Myka had been afraid all day and was increasingly unable to concentrate on business.

He would always notice stray dogs on the street, cats on the roof and low walls, sparrows on the window ledge, and crows on the opposite spire house. He suspected that he was still being watched, and every day on the way home, he would worry that the wild dogs outside the city would suddenly become Druids, and they would have a shy smile or something.

One morning he was woken up by the noise of the birds. There was a pigeon outside the crack of the window looking at the house with its head askew and cooing. At that moment, Myka lifted the quilt to his throat, looked at the pigeon for a few seconds, and the pigeon flew away.

At first, he comforted himself and said: I must be too nervous. That Druid has never been to my shop, but on second thought, no! Between the lines of that letter, everything was revealed… He knows everything!

Myka was so depressed that he thought the stupid cooperation was just an accident, but Sylar’s letter scared him enough that it was hard to sleep and eat. Sylar had met him many years ago, and even slept with him in a quilt… Although Sylar was a rabbit at that time, it was still unacceptable.

And Sylar had been wandering around in recent years, which was the most chilling thing for Myka. Sylar even helped him collect the sheets… 

With that in mind, Myka had to consider the more terrifying possibility: Did Sylar agree to play as a dragon not to help the Elven King? But to see him?

On the way to the shop, Myka met the village guard, Pilak. Today, it seemed that he was resting and was going to the orchard to help his mother.

“Myka, what’s wrong with you? Overindulgence?” Pilak caught up with Myka and looked at the mage’s pair of dark circles beneath his eyes.

Myka didn’t want to chat and only wanted to answer the two sentences casually. Looking up, Myka saw a yellow cat crouching by the window of a certain family, half of his face peering out and watching him.

Myka stopped and looked at the yellow cat, trying to find a human aura in its eyes.

Pilak didn’t know what was wrong with Myka. He patted the mage on his back and said, “To be honest, did you overdo it when you tried the effects yourself? You mages are always delicate and frail, but you have to make potions for the disordered love…”

Pilak was always fond of mentioning these things. In fact, he had never seen Myka’s products. His comments and jokes were just hearsay.

As the guard continued to joke, Myka was still looking at the cat until it went to the window and disappeared.

“What are you looking at?” Pilak looked at him doubtfully. “A cat? What’s up? Are you afraid of cats?”

Myka coughed a few times, and decided to change to a serious topic, “Have you noticed that these days, the goblins nearby haven’t left yet?”

“Yes, the seed merchant from the city was almost killed the other day,” said Pilak. “We heard the news and rushed over. Strange to say, some goblins ran away and died. The merchant was seriously injured and almost died. Who were the goblins fighting and why did they run?”

Myka looked at him with his mouth slightly open. Pilak didn’t understand why the mage was so surprised. He said, “I guess it’s the city guards. Their weapons are better than ours… Are you okay? Why are you looking at me like this?”

In the past, Myka would have thought it was the city guards or even the adventurers passing by, but now he knew who it was.

Pilak continued, “Goblins are always in this area, and we want to find out where they are hiding. They dare not go directly into the village or the city, only dare to hang around in the periphery, but this is also very annoying! By the way, did you hear about last night? What do you think is going on?”

 Myka asked stupidly, “What?”

“You don’t know? You really don’t know? Everyone has been talking about it this morning!”

Myka didn’t sleep much last night because there were always birds outside… He began to sleep heavily towards dawn and heard nothing.

“That group of goblins seemed to have barbecued in the forest behind the hill. As a result, they started a small forest fire. In the middle of the night, we and the hunters, who lived nearby, rushed over. They could be heard chirping from afar,” said Pilak. “However, by the time we arrived, the fire had been extinguished and some goblins had died.”

“They… Specifically, how did they die?” Myka was now certain who did it.

The young guard didn’t know magic and other things. “It was like they were burned, but they didn’t burn all over. It’s strange… Myka? What’s the matter with you?”

He found that mage’s face was shocked and frightened, and he walked with his eyes fixed on the ground, which he had never seen Myka do before.

Pilak thought Myka was afraid, so he quickly changed his tone and said, “I guess the God of Abundance punished those evil little things! They dare not enter the village. It’s okay. Although you always make some colorful things now, you are a mage, aren’t you? Can you not be so timid?”

“I’m not afraid of them, I am…” Myka said half of it, and quickly swallowed the second half of it. Then he said other words, “It’s your responsibility to protect us villagers and tourists, not a pink robed mage.”

“Of course.” When Pilak was about to walk to the orchard, he patted Myka on the shoulder again and said, “Be careful when you come back at night. You can shout if you are in danger.”

It was a very serious sentence. It was not a joke at all. But Myka just nodded in a dazed way.

When he finally arrived at the store, the customer who ordered something just a month ago showed up. Myka welcomed him in and closed the door before displaying the goods.

It was like a tin jewelry box, very delicate and small. In work mode, Myka finally recovered and began to demonstrate the item’s usage to his customer.

“At your request, this is the phantom box of the third stage, the one with sound,” Myka closed the wooden window, making the room dark, and then started the box. “As long as you turn this, you can start it. If you want to end it, you can close the box. You see, the image of the blonde you asked for…”

The customer worked in the accounting room of the biggest weapon store in the city. Myka met him before and thought he seemed to be a serious person. It was the third time he’d been to the shop, and the first two times he asked for the same thing: an Alva pink phantom box.

This was a magic object with a simple start and an illusion. After opening it, a vivid image would appear in front of you and do something very provocative or more private.

This strange thing was named after the inventor. Now many pink robed mages could make these, but Myka couldn’t. He mastered the magic part very well, but he could not shape the image of a beauty or man with magic. Beauty was beauty, but it was the temptation that was a shortcoming. Myka was self aware, so he usually only helped the customers buy from other mages, and only received a small part of the reward.

What he was demonstrating was the item that had just arrived a few days ago. In the illusion, a blonde elf with a sensual body was leaning against a wall and was near a dark elf with silver hair and ebony skin.

“Why is his body stuck on the wall?” The customer was referring to the dark elf’s body.

Myka complained in his heart that ‘people who didn’t know magic were really troublesome’, but patiently explained, “You see, this is the wall in my shop, and the wall behind the blonde is formed by magic. My shop is too small. The female’s position is right next to the wall. A magic sensitive guest like you will see that there is no coordination, right? It is recommended that you use it in a wide room, which will make the illusion seem very real.”

The customer nodded and kept looking at the scene from different angles. Myka couldn’t help sighing that the middle-aged man, who usually looked casual, had such an ‘elegant’ hobby in private: he liked to see blonde, white and tender elves being taught by the evil dark elves.

In fact, Myka thought that the dark elf in the illusion was not right at all. It was just like the surface elves changing colors. Neither the clothes nor the eyebrows and eyes were like the real dark elves. Of course, he wouldn’t say that.

After another small meeting, Myka couldn’t help but say, “Are you satisfied? If you are satisfied with it, you can take it home to enjoy it. My shop is really messy, which also affects your viewing.”

What’s more, the customer’s eyes were steady. Myka was worried that some place of him would directly rise in a moment.

And the phantom had a voice. Although this area was relatively remote, Myka was still worried about someone approaching. His shop was closed, and there was a sound of “mm-hmm-ah” in it. It sounded terrible.

When the customer came back to his senses, he stuttered a little. He happily paid the agreed amount and Myka gave him a small bottle of ointment as a gift.

The box was closed and wrapped again, and the customer tucked it into his arms and left. Myka looked at the entrance of the alley as he watched the customer leave. A yellow haired dog was sitting there.

Myka’s eyes couldn’t move away from him. Myka was relieved when the customer went to touch the head of the yellow dog and the yellow dog left with him.

“I can’t go on like this. I see too many animals nearby…”

Myka shook his head to himself and turned back to his shop. However, Myka didn’t notice that a little grey mouse had slipped into the room when he closed the door.

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August 1, 2020 6:08 pm

oof even insects are “animals”…

thank you for the chapter

August 1, 2020 11:16 pm

Myka will soon become paranoid like that. It’s still frightening, especially if you don’t know what kind of form your stalker has at the moment.
Thank you for the chapter!!!

August 3, 2020 11:18 pm

He must invent a spell to keep all animals away XD

Thanks for the chapter!

April 18, 2021 12:46 pm

I can understand, you never know what animal form he is on watching him!! People have their quirks when it comes to their toys, especially that elf obsession that customer had, insane lol

July 29, 2021 3:01 pm

Oh, it’s bothering Myka, that’s not good; and now Sylar appears to have krept into his house. Not good either.
I keep thinking of the illustration though and hoping things work out, with some giggles along the way.
Thanks for translating.

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