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Chapter 74: Bard and the Circus

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo finds the TuanTuan just SO CUTE


The moon and the lights were rippling on the lake. The circus was about to start, and the Bard was singing the last movement. The central lake of the main city-state, centered on the platform in the middle of the lake, was scattered with thousands of boats.

Among these boats, there were tourist boats like Gu YuMian’s and the boats of other city-state residents who had come to watch. The maiden witch was dressed in black robes and was on a broom floating above the water. Everyone was chatting and waiting for the performance.

A dwarf was more active, driving a boat selling strange snacks and fruit wine to shuttle in the crowd, taking only half an hour to earn a pot full of money. The dwarf expressionlessly threw Gu YuMian and the children bags of snacks and juice.

Gu YuMian wanted to pay but the dwarf looked at him contemptuously and drove away in a small boat.

Everyone, “…” It turns out that this dwarf was also a proud girl.

Since Gu YuMian put on the ‘cat ears’, the gazes of people around him were very strange.

Gu YuMian originally had an outstanding appearance, plus four such lovely cubs, and this combination was enough to attract people’s attention. Moreover, the popularity of Gu YuMian was not the same as it had been — in these two days, almost anyone who had brushed the circle of friends and seen the micro-blogs would more or less have seen Gu YuMian and his four little babies.

After all, there were several tags just for searching: Chef @Gu YuMian / I like the way @Gu YuMian looks / the hidden plot of Mermaid and the Dragon? @Gu YuMian / berry pie @Gu YuMian

There were so many categories in it that people couldn’t help but wonder. There were also those who kowtowed to beauty, Utopian fans, and even those who specialized in food. Young people knew of Gu YuMian from their circle of friends shared by their elders——

Race and birth didn’t mean everything. What they feared most was that they would deny themselves! This young man depends on his own efforts!

These recommendations were all spontaneous. Although they often brushed the sense of existence in various unexpected occasions, the perception of passers-by about Gu YuMian had not declined as a result, which made many people have a strange feeling.

… I don’t know why. I can’t hate this human being. I like him more and more.

It was the same now. With Gu YuMian’s boat as the center, no matter the tourists or the native Orcs, witches and elves, everyone’s eyes were still on Gu YuMian, especially after he wore the cat ears, little fans were screaming.

The photos had been quickly posted on micro-blogs by the live audience and the tourists present. [I like the way that MianMian] became a tag, and the number of forwards had increased dramatically.

The number of people in the studio was approaching 600 million.

Gu YuMian, “……”

The little snow leopard became more and more unhappy. He put out his paws to cover Gu YuMian’s ears.

He was his.

Why did other people look at him?

… He obviously forgot that this pair of ears was what he had insisted on buying so that Gu YuMian would wear them.

Gu YuMian was probably a little drunk, laughing all the time, bending his eyes to look at the cubs, holding some of them in his arms, rubbing their ears, and looking at the crowd. When he laughed and looked at others, his eyes and expression were very serious and affectionate. People around him dared not even look more. Their hearts thumped when he looked at them.

The baby panda didn’t know why Gu YuMian had ears, but he felt closer to him and liked it. He sucked his fingers and looked at Gu YuMian with wet eyes. He drilled into his arms happily. The little fox also liked it very much. Among the four cubs, only him and the little snow leopard had white ears.

Looking like this, it seemed that Gu YuMian really had some kind of blood relationship with them. If he had met Gu YuMian at birth and grew up just like a child in his family, it would be like a dream. The little fox wagged his big tail, and chirped softly and absentmindedly.

Gu YuMian felt that his family’s QiuQiu seemed to be a little sad. He held the little guy and rubbed his chin.

[White Pear Blossom, Lili: I can’t do it, I can’t do it!]

[Four o’clock, morning and evening: MianMian must mean marshmallow, otherwise why is he so sweet? awsl]

[Spark: MianMian’s eyes are too affectionate and loving. I can’t help it. I think I’m totally in love with him, QAQ]

The little snow leopard made a cocoon of his own, hid his face, and pressed his two claws against Gu YuMian’s cheek so that he could not look at the comments.

Even though Gu YuMian had a high score for languages since Grade 10, he still found himself unable to guess TuanTuan’s thoughts several times now.

This pair of cat ears would change with the wearer’s mood. Gu YuMian looked puzzled, and the snow-white plush ears drooped gently.

The little snow leopard originally stretched out his claws and pressed Gu YuMian’s cheek to the side and then his ‘ears’. When Gu YuMian’s cat ears fell softly and rubbed against his palm, the little snow leopard was stiff and released his claws like he received an electric shock.

Gu YuMian, “……” What was that? “Ah… Would you like some snacks?”

Gu YuMian thought about it and took apart the snacks that the dwarf had just handed them. The little husky had been watching for a long time, and he was holding Gu YuMian’s collar.

It was not because it was delicious. It was mainly because it was novel.

Candy beans were made into the shape of pills. When they were slightly broken off, there would be brilliant light like sand flowing out. It was really unknown whether they should eat them or not.

The little husky had opened his mouth to bite excitedly, and was hugged by Gu YuMian, “Er’er, it doesn’t seem to be food.”

Sure enough, after the light flowed from the candy beans, the candy beans disappeared. The light made an attached turn around Gu YuMian’s fingers, and then spread around their boat like fireflies.

The scene was a bit of a surprise.

At this time, the Bard just finished the last movement. Just when everyone thought that he was going to bow for the curtain call, the Bard suddenly mounted his unicorn and walked towards Gu YuMian on the water.

“Utopia blesses you, guests from afar. You are like a gift from the Muse to Utopia.” The Bard politely saluted Gu YuMian, put down the accordion and sang the last movement of the poem.

Gu YuMian smiled for a while, because after drinking the wine, his brain was still a little dizzy. He rubbed his head against the soft tips of the snow leopard’s ears and took out a ukulele to accompany the Bard.

The large lake reflected the moving moonlight in the night, and the boat was surrounded by the light. Just like driving in the sky, it was surrounded by tiny bright stars. Gu YuMian had his children on his lap, shoulder and side, as he held his ukulele and played the last moving note with the Bard.

The stars kissed his eyes and brows tenderly.

At the end of the last note, under the cold and dangerous gaze of the snow leopard, the Bard and Gu YuMian hugged each other, and the unicorn set foot in the air and flew to the sky.

All the people present and the audience watching the live broadcast were half-envious and half-obsessed.

[Liulizhu: I thought that anchor was very good at singing and playing, but I didn’t expect it to be so good!!]

[A’ Feng 321: There are two sentences in my mind: snow on the mountain, moon on the earth.]

[Miaomiao Buddha department is losing weight: Listen carefully = listen stupidly. ]

[aiufccx: Hahahahaha, look at TuanTuan’s eyes. The dreamlike atmosphere has been built up in a short time. Then the minstrel must have escaped in the end, right?]

The rhythm of the whole live broadcast and the mood of the audience had been taken away, and the atmosphere was very calm. However, the popularity of the bullet screen and gifts were higher than that of others. At this time, the number of online viewers had exceeded 600 million!

Some of the children at the scene watched Gu YuMian’s family. They had snacks, they had Gu YuMian holding them, they had a close look at the minstrel singing, and they were so beautiful. The children were almost crying enviously.

Several children started to make trouble with their parents and wanted to play.

But soon the light spread.

Gu YuMian’s fingers gently flicked in the air, and the light gathered in the boat dispersed like a small lantern. At last, thousands of boats were wrapped in warm light.

Everyone’s eyes were bright, and the few children who had just been making a ruckus were quiet for a while. Then they cheered in a low voice!


“Thank you, big brother.”

“Big brother is so handsome…”

Gu YuMian couldn’t help but feel embarrassed and smile at them.

At this moment, from real life to the live studio, the atmosphere was extremely quiet and peaceful. Everyone was waiting for the opening of the circus, sometimes with a little laughter.

Because the children liked to listen to him play the ukulele, Gu YuMian also continued to change to the next song.

The little fox listened carefully with his tail in his arms, and the naughty little husky and little Tangyuan, who were very active at first, got up, crowded into Gu YuMian’s arms and closed their eyes to listen drowsily.

The evening wind on the lake gently blew over the side of their ears, interweaved with the moonlight, and everything was just right to make people comfortable. The whole world seemed to be in the magnetic field created by Gu YuMian at this time.

It was like Gu YuMian’s feeling, gentle as the bright white moonlight, but not so high and unattainable. His arms were always soft and easy to lie in, and could cover all wind and rain setbacks. He could hold them gently and have a good dream anytime and anywhere.

It was hard to describe in words. All the beautiful colors and words were embodied in this moment, looking forward to every future, every next second.

Gu YuMian’s cheeks were still slightly hot and he was in a slightly tipsy state. He was still conscious, that is, his brain had become extremely active, and he felt that there was a rapid flow of heat in his blood vessels.

The little snow leopard’s paw had been pressing Gu YuMian’s nape, and after a few seconds, his expression became as if he was looking at an enemy.

But soon the expression disappeared. He fell down and yawned lazily.


At the corner of the lake, Jenny, the witch, floated over the lake with her broom. She was wearing a black cloak that covered her whole face. One could not see her face clearly. Others would only know that she was a pale, young woman.

There was a crystal ball floating in front of her eyes. From the beginning, there was a series of light and shadow color changes in the crystal ball. At this moment, it finally broke completely.

It had detected a very terrifyingly strong mental power which exceeded its limit by many times, so it was broken.

Witch, “…”

“Two thousand and five hundred star coins,” the haggard witch pondered for a moment, took out the optical computer, and wrote down, “plus the parchment that his children had bitten off before, it was three thousand.”

Now the crystal balls of their witches were all star connected, and she had bought the latest version that came with a holographic touch, which was not cheap. Two thousand five hundred was the cheap one.

It was hard to imagine that such a small lake, at this moment, had two spiritual ratings of S or above — and one of them didn’t even know he had it.

But it was no wonder he didn’t know.

Compared with the spiritual power of an SSS rank, his spiritual power could be said to be mainly gentleness, but it was not completely harmless. It was the softness and kindness that hid the sharp edge. As for the power type, it seemed to be a power that had never been recorded.

It was unheard of for human beings to awaken their powers, and all kinds of special situations could be explained. However, although the overall strength of this human being was extremely majestic, one would not feel uncomfortable in his shadow.

More than ten years ago, Jenny, the witch, had the honor to see His Majesty in person and felt the pressure of an SSS level spiritual power at a close distance.

… Maybe it was because His Majesty’s mental condition had always been poor and unstable. At that time, the threat was frightening and mind numbing, and now the aura displayed by this human being was completely opposite, two vast extremes.

Even if the technology of the interstellar era had reached this level, one still couldn’t confirm the existence of a “soul” — but Jenny, the witch, could.

Powers and mental powers, for example, were things tied to the soul. A few months ago, a human teenager killed himself in a remote area on Takk, and then woke up fused with another gentle and powerful soul.

The average age of awakening was fifteen.

Only in this way could a soul have the qualification to awaken as an SSS level mental power, so that ‘Gu YuMian’ was able enter the process of awakening even when he was over the average age. There would be no formal awakening, so there was no sign, but when he was a little drunk, he was unable to control it, so it was detected by the crystal ball.

The witch sighed and put away the pieces of the crystal ball.

The confirmation was finished. She stepped on the broom and left the lake.


The next part of the circus was a disaster scene.

There was no such thing as a “trainer” in the circus of the interstellar era, that is, all kinds of animals turned into their original forms to perform acrobatics. Power was also widely used.

… As they all know, a circus often had interactions with the audience. In this famous circus, all performers were obviously very fond of Gu YuMian and the cubs. Many times during their interaction, they either found Gu YuMian or the children of Gu YuMian’s family.

Under the attention of tens of thousands of people, the little husky joined a fire circle with the lion performer, and danced his own dance with the ignorant lion; Tangyuan, who had a talent for acting, made a face and scared the clown to death; the circus also liked to look for Gu YuMian, because when Gu YuMian stood on the stage, even if he didn’t do anything but smile, the audience below would be very attentive.

Of course, the little snow leopard was not happy. The fox tried to persuade him. The scene was very chaotic at the end. But even so, the whole atmosphere was still very lively and happy, and the audience watching the live broadcast was also very happy — their perspective switched back and forth among the several children, basically experiencing all angles.

The children were very happy when they played around, and so was the audience.

[For the first time, I know that a circus is like this.] 

[I also jumped the circle of fire.] 

[Whose idea was it to let MianMian come to the stage to help with the magic show? I just want to say that, well done, the ordinary magic was exciting for once. orz]

The number of spectators had been on the rise, approaching 700 million by the end of the circus performance. Fortunately, the circus was not a formal performance, just a part of the Berry Festival celebration, so the time was not long. Half an hour later, after the performance, the circus closed the curtain with laughter and applause.

Instead, a big platform rose in the center of the lake. The Orcs brought in barrels to sing and light bonfires. The moon climbed quietly from the foot of the mountain to the mountainside.

Gu YuMian had not had any more to drink, after all, even if he was drunk, he would not exaggerate any emotions. In a word, Gu YuMian had been in a very happy state all night. In the past, when the little husky was being stupid, he would get frustrated. Now he was not.

… It was not accurate to say that. Gu YuMian was angry when the little husky went through the ring of fire while watching the circus.

At the end of the circus, the cubs were still a little more than satisfied. The boats were all around the platform, blowing the wind on the lake, waiting for a bonfire dinner party.

“Everyone can participate in the bonfire party,” Gu YuMian also took the children back to the boat. “Utopia is a very hospitable city-state… Well, are you hungry?”

Gu YuMian touched the head of little Tangyuan. He ate a lot but digested it quickly. Just after a round of crazy play, his stomach had growled again.

Although they had visited the night market and watched the circus, the children were not tired at all. They were full of energy from the beginning to the end. But after such a round of play, they were a little hungry.

[Guoguoguo: I don’t know if the children are. Anyway, I’m hungry… ]

[Starry: Now when I hear the anchor say “hungry or not”, I immediately start swallowing my saliva unconditionally!!]

Gu YuMian speculated that the bonfire party during the Berry Festival was to eat berries and drink wine, while young men and women would dance. Sure enough, when the bonfire was lit, some people started to grill all kinds of food in their areas.

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