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Chapter 8: King Hollis

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


An ugly ogre, nine feet tall and all yellow and green, walked through the village square, beating his shield with a huge stick. Two orcs followed him with a shivering man.

“Send the prisoner! The pink robed mage is in the village!” The rough voiced ogre yelled, scanning the villagers who had been forced to bring him the mage.

He pointed at the man, whose legs were shaking so much that he could not stand on his own. He was a merchant who was delivering goods everywhere, and they caught him when he left the city and was rushing to Berry Village.

“King wants pink robed mage!” Roared the ogre, “Where pink robed mage?!” 

It didn’t seem to know how to say, ‘where is the pink robed mage?’

But it didn’t have to. In fact, several villagers had pointed out Myka’s house. It was just that there was no one in it.

“Kill people without pink robed mage!” The ogre waved, and the two orcs dragged out the begging merchant. The ogre held up a huge stick with spikes in his hand and aimed it at the human’s head.

Myka had just come back with an acceleration spell — he managed to get rid of Pilak and persuade him to inform the Order first and convince him that there was another way. Before entering the village, Myka used a scroll to cast an invisibility spell on himself.

He didn’t prepare an invisibility spell in a long time, and felt that he had been flattened by it. If he cast his own spell on someone else, the invisibility would last longer, but on himself, he could only use the scroll for about a minute.

Near the noisy little square, he had heard what the monster had just said. And now the invisibility had to be removed.

He knew that these guys didn’t kill the people in the village because they didn’t know which one was the ‘pink robed mage’ but the foreign merchant was not included on the list, so his life would be in danger at this time.

“It’s like pink robed mages aren’t people…” Myka mumbled, emerging from the crowd.

The ogre and the other nearby monsters, big and small, were so frightened that their brains couldn’t understand why a human could appear out of nowhere. However, the leading giant ogre was still smart. It knew that this human was a mage, and mages were mysterious.

“Pink robed mage?” Ogre pointed to Myka.

Myka replied, “Yes, pink robed mage, I heard you were looking for me?” 

“I’m not looking for you. The king is looking for you. Follow me.”

Myka bowed and saluted, “I’d like to help you. But I need you to let go of the merchant and the people.”

The two orcs did not immediately release their unsustainable captive. The ogre gave them a look and looked around at the villagers. Myka added, “I’ll see your King, but you have to let go of these people and leave what you took. Otherwise, I will disappear, and there will be no pink robed mage.”

“I’ll kill without pink robed mage!” The ogre also wanted to bargain. After all, he really wanted the spoils.

Myka shook his head. In fact, his heart was beating like a drum, but he still had to bluff. “No, if you don’t do it, even if you kill people, you won’t have this pink robed mage. Will your king be happy? I can change from air to man, so I can change again.”

But now, of course he couldn’t.

The ogre growled dejectedly and muttered a few words to the group of monsters. They were unwilling to take back their weapons and put down the bags that had been filled. Two jackals came up and walked around Myka, while the leader like ogre was behind them.

Myka estimated how long it would take for the Order to arrive. When passing by several people, a young mother hugged two crying children and muttered, “Why didn’t you show up earlier?”

Myka stopped for a moment, but did not dare to look at the woman. He wasn’t sure if she meant why the Knights didn’t come, or if she meant him.

Myka realized that his behavior of appearing directly from the invisible state might be misunderstood, and some people might think that he was always hidden by magic, and finally came out when he could not survive.

There were several huge wolves at the entrance of the village, and there were more goblins and orcs on the mountain road. Myka couldn’t imagine what kind of robbers they were. They were so eager to find a pink robed mage.

He was forced to ride with a jackal blindfolded. Myka endured the stench of the monsters. He thought that he had seen some Rangers before. Even if they could not see things, they could write down their routes… It was a pity that he couldn’t.

After a long time of turbulence, Myka slept. When he woke up, he could not help admiring himself. He could doze off even in this situation. Through the blindfold, he felt that the sky had brightened a lot, and maybe it was morning. It seemed that the robbers had been walking for a long time.

After a while, the jackals stopped, and the robbers pushed him into a dark area. After seven or eight turns, they finally took off the black cloth from his eyes.

Myka opened his eyes and saw that it was a wide, dark cave with only a small torch lit at the entrance. The ogre behind him said with the joy of invitation, “King! Pink robed mage!”

At the end of the cavern, there was a stone higher than the ground, on which was a seat covered with animal skin. There was a small hole with a curtain hanging beside the big stone. The curtain was painted with a metallic luster, which looked like magic runes.

Myka was sure, it was just “like”, since they were not functioning. They were irregular and disordered and did not belong to the dragon language magic or Arcane writing. Even if they were not familiar with magic, they should still have a basic feature… Those characters were just casually drawn.

“Very well.” A young man’s voice came from the small hole. Then, the thin and long hand with leather gloves lifted the curtain and a slim figure came out.

Myka tried to recognize him in the dim light, but when the man approached, he was surprised to find that it was a dark elf!

He had heard of dark elves. In fact, pink mages may know dark elves better than ordinary arcane researchers. The ebony skinned, silver haired, beautiful and evil elves living in the dark area were full of indescribable charm. They rarely set foot in the surface world, and surface creatures didn’t know much about them, and vice versa.

Mages occasionally came into contact with the magic of dark areas, but they was not interested in the dark elves, while pink robed mages were: many of them liked to study the rumors of the dark elf society. After all, dark elves lived killing and filled with desire all day long. It was a good illusion theme.

Myka’s eyes lingered on the “King” for a long time. He found that the creature was as beautiful as the rumors, and like the rumor… short.

The height and weight of dark elven men were generally lower than that of women. Myka thought they were only thin and weak, but he was wrong. Although the dark elf in front of him was indeed short, he was well-proportioned, slender and strong. His silver hair was tied behind his head, and his face was even more delicate than many surface elves.

The dark elf man walked up to Myka with his hands back behind him and his chin raised. Then he seemed to realize that he was too close, a little too prominent, and he stepped back a few steps.

“Human, are you a pink robed mage?” It seemed he was not used to the common tongue. His tone was a bit wrong, but he spoke much better than the ogres.

Myka nodded and began to think about the difference between the dark elf in the magic box and the real dark elf.

“Kneel down!” The dark elf ordered fiercely.

Myka froze, and the two orcs behind him forced him to kneel while pushing on his shoulders.

Then the dark elf waved and told the group to leave, leaving him and Myka in the cave. Myka was not kneeling at all. When he was pushed down, he simply sat on the ground. This dark elf didn’t care.

The dark elf walked around him two times, looked at the human head with satisfaction, and said majestically, “You can call me master Hollis, do you know where you are now?”

“Region?” Myka looks at him in confusion.

“Your area! Your identity and what you have to do!”

So Myka said, “You mean ‘status’? Dear Mr. Hollis, the word ‘status’ should be used in this sentence. I know my place and I came to serve you.”

With that, Myka sat completely on the ground and gave an extraordinary bow. He had heard how cruel and evil the dark elves were, so he decided to respect this one as much as possible. After all, he didn’t know the other.

“Can pink robed mage make people happy?” Hollis asked.

Myka was a little flustered, but still replied, “Yes…”

“Can pink robed mage make people more attractive?”

“To a certain extent, we can…”

“So, can pink robed mage provide me with a smooth and charming bed companion?”

“If you don’t care that they won’t be of the same race, yes. There is a similar spell, but with my ability, it can last for only three hours at most. “

“Of course, we don’t have to be of the same race. Good, pink robed mage, you’ll stay and serve me until I get my point.”

Myka guessed that the elf wanted to say ‘ideal’ or ‘dream’, but he didn’t correct it. Then, with the hood of his robe, Hollis dragged him into the small cave beside him. Considering that human beings couldn’t see things in the dark, Hollis gently waved and lit up a few small blue-purple cold flames in the room.

This cave seemed to be a living room with very simple basic necessities. There were some pictures on the stone wall; they were simple and rough in color and not very beautiful. They were elven girls in light gauze, wriggling, and beautiful and charming demons who posed to tease.

Myka took a complex look at the small, slender dark elf. As a pink robed mage, Myka was sure that the dark elf’s appearance was quite suitable for some customers. Myka was quite moved to see that the short and beautiful guy had the same hobby as a widower in the village.

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Eh, the difference between human imagination and reality… Well, let’s hope the king will be satisfied… and that rescue comes quickly.
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Interesting! Myka was able to bargain regarding his capture lol hilarious This dark Elf and his group are something else

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