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Chapter 9: If You Think Too Much, You Will Dream

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


Looking at the bed carefully, Myka was surprised to find that there was a living elf on the bed!

It was a brown-haired female elf wearing armor around her waist and shoulder armor. She was also petite. One of her legs seemed to be injured, her boots were gone, and there was blood and swelling below her knee. With a hammer in her left hand and a long hook knife in her right hand, she was watching the dark elf and the mage on the ground warily.

Myka thought this was a poor elf who was captured by the King and enslaved, but he observed that the elf was well dressed, even in full armor, and the helmet was on the table, only the injured leg and knee were exposed… It seemed that nothing happened, but what happened to the hammer and the long hook in her hand…

“Come on, little dark elf, where do you want me to chop?” The elf woman waved her weapon at Hollis.

Hollis didn’t answer, as if he was trying not to look depressed. He put his hand on Myka’s shoulder and said something in the underground language that Myka didn’t understand. The dark elf was so angry that he dragged him out of the room and dragged him to a small passage across the big cave.

“Damn it! Aren’t all mages profound? You don’t even understand the dark elf language! You’re really inferior!” The dark elf complained.

“Well, I’m not profound, I’m stupid… So what do you really want to say?” Myka finally stood up, and once again, he secretly felt that Hollis was so short that his head reached his shoulder.

“Do you have any way to tame that elf?” Hollis said.

Myka looked puzzled. The dark elf first sneered, then looked sorry, and said, “I caught her in the valley of Lansuo. The hateful woman dared to shoot me in the ass with a crossbow. However, her beauty made me keep her life. I am not eager to kill her. I have to replace her before I get what I really want.”

Myka refused to ask ‘what do you really want’, and waited for the King to speak.

“We have so many people and we finally caught her. In fact, it took a lot of effort! And now… Since I want to enjoy happiness, I like privacy.” Hollis leaned against the stone wall and stroked his hair with a pose that looked as elegant as possible. “I didn’t expect that the women of the surface are so evil and violent, ah, although they are not afraid of my claws like my sisters, but also…”

Myka didn’t know the meaning of ’afraid of my claws’, but he could also guess that it was not a good thing. He had heard that dark elf women were very cruel and violent. “In a word, you want to… to rape her…?” Myka asked.

“No, I want to teach that goblin.” Dark elf corrected.

“Even without a pink robed mage, you can…” Myka didn’t want to help him do such a hateful thing, but at this time, he was in the tiger’s den, so it was obviously not a good idea to express disobedience directly. He refused to participate as roundabout as possible.

Hollis bit his lower lip, and after a moment’s psychological struggle, he said, “Well, I can’t beat her. Do you think I haven’t tried? She took all my weapons!” Myka chuckled out loud, and the dark elf rushed up to his collar and shouted, “Pay attention to your attitude! Human!”

Myka immediately apologized and said he needed time to prepare his magic. The dark elf’s hometown was also highly dependent on magic, so Hollis knew that it took time for a mage to cast a spell.

So he pushed Myka away, called in two orcs, and asked them to take Myka to prison.

Although he didn’t know where he was at this time, Myka knew that there shouldn’t be so many strange guys within the range of one night’s journey from the village. This seemed to be a gang of robbers led by the dark elf, and the race composition was very complicated. Myka was escorted into another cave. With the light of occasional torches, he saw goblins, orcs, jackals, ogres… There were even a few human slaves.

Myka tried to communicate with the orc fighters around him, “Are you Hollis’s men?”

“It’s King Hollis!” The orc corrected.

“Why do you follow him?” Myka asked.

“The former king is not him, the former king is not good enough,” said the orc in a slightly illogical sentence. “King Hollis is smart, can get more money, a lot.”

Myka understood that although dark elf was small in size, he had absolutely won over these guys in terms of evil plot, so they tasted a lot of sweetness with the dark elf, and thus, supported Hollis.

He continued, “You live here?” 

By this time, the orcs had taken him to the so-called cell — it turned out to be a very deep pit with a wooden ladder beside it.

“Go down!” The orcs ordered, and almost pushed the mage straight down, “We can’t live here, it’s not good, we want to attack.”

The orc said this with a look of expectation on his face. Myka was more convinced that the purpose of the robbers was not to occupy the mountain here. As the dark elf said, they must have other plans. Myka decided to observe them for a while, so he obediently went to the bottom of the pit. When the ladder was pulled away, the high, inward sloping walls made it impossible to climb.

In fact, Myka had a way to escape. After all, there was a lack of people who knew magic here. Even if he didn’t have any old magic books, only pink magic, there were scrolls in his scroll box, including the invisibility one and two floating spells. Myka had the chance to leave this ‘cell’ or even slip out of the cave.

However, he couldn’t leave the elf girl who had an injured leg. Along the way, he saw the human beings being forced to cook… they were probably slaves. He couldn’t take so many people, especially the wounded. Even if he ran away to find someone first, he was not confident that he would recognize the way back after leaving.

Sitting on the haystack at the bottom of the cave, he began to think about what to do next, and pulled out his magic notes and a lighting stick. When he opened his backpack, a little grey mouse came out and ran to look at him. Myka was surprised, then whispered, “What’s the matter with you? Little guy?”

The little grey mouse scurried around, tried to climb up the stone wall, and at last it huddled in the corner and looked at Myka for a while, and went into the straw pile.

Myka smiled. After being kidnapped by robbers, he forgot that he was avoiding small animals. Even now, he still didn’t remember. He just thought it was a scared mouse. He reached out to the little grey mouse, and the little one peeped its head out of the haystack, then climbed meekly into Myka’s palm. Myka picked it up and whispered, “Don’t be afraid. When they let me out again, you can go out with me.”

He placed the mouse next to his robe, then focused on looking through his notes and checking his material bag. With the experience of a battle mage, Myka could also concentrate on magic preparation in such a very uncomfortable environment. When he concentrated, he could ignore whether he was in a study or in a cave. The sound of goblins throwing dice, drinking and fighting didn’t disturb him.

Myka was not afraid. He was worried about what the robbers wanted to do next. It was supposed to be daytime, but because he didn’t sleep well the night before, when the magic was almost ready, the light of the lighting staff could not drive away his fatigue.

“Pink spells are not useless.” Myka whispered to himself, closing his notes and turning off the light.

Now the cave was darker. There was a torch in the distance, so it was not dark. It was a small vertical hole, so unless he stood, he couldn’t straighten out his legs. Myka had to curl up and decided to rest. As he turned sideways, he saw the little grey mouse curled up in a small ball, as if sleeping. He touched the unexpected child gently, closed his eyes and soon fell asleep.

It was hard for Myka to imagine that he could dream in such a situation. He dreamed that he was still in the shop, busy cleaning up the goods. Then a pigeon landed in the window and suddenly turned into the red haired Druid in a green cloak.

In the dream, he closed the window decisively, but in the corner of the room, a small snake crawled out and became the Druid again. He simply opened the door and walked out. A cat jumped on the wall and roof, suddenly jumped at him, and became Sylar midway. Myka ducked in horror and looked back to find the cat missing, but there was a large group of dogs ahead.

Myka didn’t want to deal with him, so he changed his surroundings and went into the woods. There were deer running and jumping in the forest. As they ran, they became Druids, closely following Myka.

Myka, in the dream, ran hard, and Druid Sylar behind him turned into a cheetah! The cheetah was so fast that Myka was immediately overtaken. The cheetah pounced up, pressed Myka under his body, held Myka with his huge claws, and turned into the red haired Druid again.

Sylar’s head was still covered with small, cream colored wildflowers. He said in a shy, excited voice, “Myka, I’ve been watching you…”

“What’s the matter with you?” Myka cried out.

Then he was confused, it felt like someone was shaking his shoulder. The sound of straw rubbing in his ear made him open his eyes.

The view was dim. This was the cave, not the forest in his dreams… Myka was a little relieved, but then became nervous again. In the dark, a figure pressed on him, and a hand reached out to caress his forehead.

Myka opened his mouth, trembling, and the other party quickly reached out to cover his mouth.


The area of the vertical hole was too small. It was a bit crowded for two people. The man pressed down and soothed Myka in a low voice. “Have you had a nightmare? Don’t be afraid. It’s okay.”

People will lose their voices in a state of extreme panic, and they can’t even scream. Myka felt like that now.

Even seeing the faces of the goblins, orcs, jackals, werewolves, ogres… Myka didn’t get scared even when he faced the dark elf.

But Sylar, who he just dreamed of, who had been following and peeping at him… Myka finally remembered the little grey mouse, and recalled the atmosphere when he spoke to it while holding it in his hand… 

The Druid still covered Myka’s mouth. In fact, even if he didn’t, Myka wouldn’t be able to say anything.

Sylar lowered his voice, leaned in next it to Myka’s ear, and said in a tone full of shyness and excitement like Myka had just dreamt, “Myka, don’t worry, let’s find a way… Fortunately I’ve been watching you.”

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August 8, 2020 12:08 am

When you are in deep trouble and the one one who can help you is your stalker… For now it seems impossible to reach the happy cover picture state. I wonder how Sylar will persuade Myka?
Thank you for the chapter!!!

August 8, 2020 9:14 pm

Myka has been seriously frightened for this stalker. That bunch of monsters and the fact that he’s imprisoned didn’t scare him so much as Sylar’s appearance.

Thanks for the chapter!

August 19, 2020 1:51 pm

Omg the atmosphere is a weird mix of horror and comedy XDDD

April 18, 2021 2:23 pm

Oh my! Sylar to the rescue! He probably means well but comes off stalkerish! And he was having a nightmare about Sylar and he happens to wake up and he is on top of him! ❤️❤️

July 29, 2021 6:27 pm

Poor Myka and his well meaning, if totally bizarre, stalker saviour, Sylar.
Thank you for translating.

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