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Chapter 76: Kiss and the Sea

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo is excited to see what happens!


The moment the bonfire darkened, the part of Utopia surrounding the whole lake suddenly faded into darkness. From the high pavilion to the dwarf’s low wooden house, from the witch’s divination shop to the Orc’s tavern, the little fairy carrying the lantern also extinguished the lamp in his hand, and the unicorn neighed with a long neck and hung its head in the air.

The whole noisy world suddenly fell into such a vague and tacit peace. The whole world was full of soft moonlight, nestling in the silhouette of lovers, reflecting on the sparkling lake.

It was a minute for people who loved each other.

… Originally, when a light goes out suddenly, one’s vision would fall into darkness for a short time, let alone the visual shielding setting which was obviously added here too.

Just like before in the top of the World Tree, even if there was still light, there was nothing in the sight.


The children were not afraid at all. Thinking it was funny, little Tangyuan and the little husky were playing hide and seek in the dark a few steps away from Gu YuMian, and rolled around with the little fox who was curled up in a ball.

Gu YuMian felt the darkness and checked their safety bracelets to make sure that there was a good distance from the lake and they would not roll into the water, before he left them alone. The velvety grass was moist and soft, and Gu YuMian took a long breath and closed his eyes.

No one could see that Gu YuMian reached out his hand and touched his cheek. The previous cup of berry wine was still in effect, so his cheeks were a little hot and his brain muddled.

There was a rustle of grass and someone sat beside him. After the loss of vision, one’s sense of smell and hearing were very clear.

It was a man, much taller than Gu YuMian, with a very light smell of cedar and tobacco.

It was a cold scent, like a predator who was dormant and yawning lazily, and gave a sense of alienation and arrogance, but Gu YuMian thought it was a little familiar.

Who smelled like this — Shuo Han?

His mind was in a daze and he couldn’t remember.

“Hello.” Gu YuMian couldn’t see anything at this time. He said to the other, “Did you come for the festival?”

They were very close to the lake, with the scent of berry leaves and moisture in the autumn night. It was very comfortable and suitable for sobering up.

The man gave a low hum.

Gu YuMian was not good at chatting, and he enjoyed the quiet atmosphere. After greeting him, he continued to close his eyes.

“Tired?” Suddenly the man asked him, with a low voice, extremely magnetic and careless.

“A little bit,” Gu YuMian listened to the other’s voice, followed the direction, smiled and said, “but very happy.”

I’m really happy.

He was able to come to Utopia with his children, although he had to take care of them the entire time, prepare food, and clean up the messes made by them at any time… But he liked it.

The person beside him was silent for a bit, then asked, “Why?”

Talking to strangers in the dark was a very novel experience. Gu YuMian was holding on to the grass with one hand. The wet grass gently scratched his fingers. It felt soft and itchy. After drinking wine, his brain worked a little slowly. He thought hard about how to answer the question and said slowly, “In my last life, no, before, I left home early and seldom went out with my family. I didn’t have a chance to spend time with the children I raised before. I said that I would bring gifts back when I was on a business trip, but I didn’t get the right gift and couldn’t even go back. I lost my opportunity.”

I don’t know if they are still waiting for me, or if they were given better gifts.

He hoped for the second. After all, waiting was too long and too hard.

All of Utopia was immersed in a beautiful night, and the wind and the moon were complementing each other. Gu YuMian spoke in such a way that he would stop to think from time to time, but the man listened patiently, neither echoing nor interrupting.

Gu YuMian felt like it had been a long time, but it was less than half a minute. He finished very slowly, immersed in that kind of sad mood. The time limit of one minute was approaching, and all of Utopia was about to light up.

Until the man reached out and stroked the corner of Gu YuMian’s eye.

Gu YuMian was stunned.

His fingers trailed from the reddish eyes and the corners, which were slightly uncomfortable, to the buccal side, the tip of his nose and then to his lips that were gently pursed. His fingers were long and cold. He rubbed his fingers on Gu YuMian’s eyelids, but it was warm.

Under his lazy and indifferent appearance, he was also very upset and at a loss. I want to know how to make Gu YuMian less uncomfortable.

Filled with a lot of tension and heartache, it became harder to hide his feelings of indulgence and his heart. He was a little awkward and unskilled and ordered Gu YuMian, “Don’t be sad.”

Gu YuMian wanted to laugh but stopped suddenly.

The wind was still.

… A sudden kiss.

It was a bit impatient and unreasonable, but clumsy and untrained.

Utopia was gently surrounded by the night, and all the people who loved each other snuggled up and kissed for a long time.

And someone kissed him.

Gu YuMian opened his eyes wide and wanted to say something. The breath of the other side was overbearing. He was so much taller than Gu YuMian, even his palms were wider, he could hold Gu YuMian in his arms. He covered Gu YuMian’s eyes with one hand, clasped Gu YuMian’s nape with the other, and lowered his head to deepen the kiss.

At the beginning, the kiss gradually changed from comfort to an irresistible one, with the meaning of plunder and ferocity. From the side of his ears to his neck and corners of his lips, he was bewitched and slightly frustrated. He bit Gu YuMian’s lip in anger.

In that short moment, many scenes passed through Gu YuMian’s brain, leaving traces before fading.

The rose and sword pattern on his clavicle sparked.

The whole world was brightening up a little bit, and couples were reluctant to part from each other.

Gu YuMian heard a small laugh and whistles.

A little fairy rekindled the lamp, the golden red light spread from the low shop to the high pavilion, and the spark of the bonfire lit up again, a little bit brighter.

Gu YuMian’s brain was also gradually separated from the confusion.

“Wait, are you Shuo Han… or not?” Gu YuMian used more energy and pushed the man away very hard.

He opened his eyes and looked for the man.

The embrace that hugged him suddenly disappeared.

With the chat in the dark, the smell of cedar mixed with tobacco and the kiss without warning, it was like a short and strange dream, and now he was back to reality——

Gu YuMian looked at the couple on the left, who were still clinging to the lake; on the right, some Orcs were eating grilled ribs near the bonfire.

Behind him, the little snow leopard, little Tangyuan, little husky and little fox sat in a row, touched their bellies and licked their paws or curled up into little balls, all looking at him anxiously.

“Awoo, awoo, awoo?” The little husky’s head was crooked.

The little snow leopard’s gray-blue eyes were half open, with a satisfied sparkle, and there were some predatory meanings and desires that hadn’t converged yet. It was a pity that Gu YuMian was immersed in his own thoughts and hadn’t looked into them.

The eyes startled the little fox. The hair on the side of his neck bristled, and the little snow leopard gave a threatening glance. The little snow leopard walked over first, jumped to Gu YuMian’s shoulder and lay down, yawning lazily.

Gu YuMian felt the back of his head and his lips in perplexity

What’s going on?

A second ago, the corner of his lips were bitten. Gu YuMian touched it. He was going to take a breath of cool air subconsciously, but he found that there was no trace left.

No wounds?

Was it really a dream?

The little snow leopard looked at him for a while, his eyes narrowed into a thin line.

Gu YuMian stretched out his hand and carried the cub into his arms. He thought it was a little strange. He held the little snow leopard’s plush face carefully and looked at it.

At this time, the expression of the little guy had just disappeared. He was as lazy as usual. Looking at Gu YuMian, he pressed his paw on Gu YuMian’s lips, and then didn’t look away.

The audience was following the fox’s perspective and was forced to play hide and seek with little Tangyuan and the little husky. They were stunned, and could not see Gu YuMian.

[Trying to make money: What’s wrong with MianMian? What happened in the dark?]

[Yao Xiaoqi: Actually, I was just thinking that the mermaid and the dragon couple don’t seem to show up at random. If it’s for food, they didn’t show up for the congee, spring pancakes, seafood fried rice, or Qifeng cake.]

[Fried Tomatoes 186: It seems reasonable.]

[White Pear Blossom, Lili: The last time they appeared, it was because they opened the hidden plot?]

The audience was so talkative that they guessed Utopia’s move.

The campfire was burning up again. Everyone continued to eat, chat and dance. It was just a little bit more ambiguous and fiery. Gu YuMian’s small bonfire was also burning, leaving the last pork ribs wrapped in tin foil. Gu YuMian roasted the ribs on the bonfire.

Little Tangyuan and little husky confirmed that Gu YuMian was not stopping them. They continued to push each other and make noise as they played, and the little snow leopard began to doze off.

“Hidden plot?” Gu YuMian repeated it casually. As he was distracted and thinking about things, he picked up the fox and fed him ribs——

Little Tangyuan and the little husky had been full for a long time, while the little fox had been dragged to play games half of the time, and was still a little hungry.

Would there be more to the hidden plot? Gu YuMian thought. His mind was in a mess and he needed time to think. And he had a premonition that if he didn’t try to figure out the clue now, the abrupt part of this memory would gradually fade away from his mind.

However, it backfired.

Gu YuMian was cooking, watching the four children, the bonfire, and the ribs that were dripping oil on the bonfire. The area they were on rose up, and the bonfire on the lake platform was left below, and even Utopia became smaller and smaller.

Just like last time, the wind quickly passed by and everyone at the bonfire party looked up at them.

“That big brother is flying…”

“What can I do? I haven’t given him a present yet.”

“Is it raining? Shit, it’s hot.”

The mermaid sat on the back of the giant dragon, reached out to Gu YuMian, and smilingly put a crown on his head. With a whistling sound from the neck, the black wings that covered the sky opened, and the strong wind carried them far away——

The little husky got excited again, wagging his tail, aowu aowu. Him and the giant dragon were friends, and little Tangyuan was sucking his fingers.


The fox stubbornly finished the last ribs and sat in Gu YuMian’s arms.

He looked at Gu YuMian and the totally different scenery around him. He burped in horror.


There were many conditions to open the hidden plot, but they were harder to achieve.

The first one was during the “night tour of Utopia” attraction. The condition was if one in the underground river could successfully attract the mermaid sleeping in the water, and get the mermaid’s blessing.

The second chance was——

The name of this condition was ‘Berry Festival.’

Over the years, the Berry Festival had been held many times, and billions of tourists had participated, but none of them had triggered the hidden event.

This was because one needed to get the berries presented by the little Orc girls at the Berry Festival, cook delicious food related to the Berry Festival, drink a whole cup of the highest degree berry wine, and be kissed at the bonfire party…

All in all, if one took part in the festival, every condition needed to be met.

The current Gu YuMian didn’t know that.

“The conditions have been met during the Berry Festival.”

“Congratulations on opening the hidden story of Mermaid and Dragon: Sea.”

Things have not been going well recently. Sitting on the dragon’s back, while being blown by the wind, Gu YuMian thought this as he picked up the garbage left after eating the grilled ribs.

But the rookie officials didn’t think so. Gu YuMian could be said to be the most watched anchor, supporting 90% of the whole rookie audience with his own strength.

It was eight o’clock in the evening. The total number of online viewers in the whole rookie competition area was more than one billion. The other seven anchors were already at the top level among the rookie anchors.

… But with a billion viewers, Gu YuMian alone accounted for 800 million.

Since making the seafood fried rice, the audience had been dramatically increasing with amazing speed, to the night market and circus, bonfire party, and the hidden plot at this moment.

Although Gu YuMian himself didn’t want to experience the hidden plot at this time, the fact that the hidden plot had a follow-up had undoubtedly surprised a lot of audience members.

On the microblog’s hot searches, many entries related to Gu YuMian were on the rise, making headlines visible to the naked eye.

Even on the night of the final, there was a lot of exposure.

[Vivian: The name of the hidden story is ‘sea’.]

[Tiger: I found a flaw. Isn’t there no sea on Utopia’s map?]

[Love to eat marshmallows: Aaaaaah! It doesn’t matter!!! Mom, where’s my stuff? MianMian, it’s great to see you wear the crown. I’m in love. I’m in love. I’m in love.]

[Feizhai is not happy: I’m surprised. I just yanked out my hair and it’s not very nice. It’s like a miracle. MianMian is going around the world. It’s great.]

At any time, Gu YuMian’s fans had a strong sense of existence.

He didn’t know where the mermaid had found the small crown, she also put a shawl on Gu YuMian. Wearing the crown, he couldn’t wear the cat ears any longer, so they were taken off.

The translucent shawl was shining in the moonlight, and the cat ears had been changed into a crown. Gu YuMian immediately became a little warmer, more handsome and dignified.

… Was he being taken to the throne? Gu YuMian reached for the crown and couldn’t help thinking this. The mermaid smiled and did not speak. Under the cold eyes of the little snow leopard, she still reached out bravely and helped Gu YuMian to straighten out the crown.

Then she flicked her tail and jumped aside——

There were tens of thousands of meters between them and the ground. Gu YuMian and little Tangyuan were stunned. They reached out to pull her back up. But the mermaid waved to them, floating around in the air, dressed in moonlight, and whispered something into the ear of the giant dragon.

Gu YuMian, “……”

She could fly by herself, this was really worthy of the heroine.

“Where are we going?” Gu YuMian couldn’t help thinking, “It’s not like Sky City.”

Utopia went according to the real existence. The previous dinner party was over. It was impossible to hold another one in a hidden plot.

Whether it was the Sky City dinner party or Berry Festival, it should be the “pre-plot” of the hidden plot, not the real core part. Different roads lead to the same result.

Gu YuMian’s conjecture was soon confirmed.

They had already flown to the same height as Sky City. They circled around Sky City and the people living there looked up at them one after another. At this height, they couldn’t see the scene below. As expected, the dragon didn’t stay in Sky City. After circling around, he quickly lowered his wings and swooped down from tens of thousands of meters!

The earth drew close quickly.

“My God.”

Although Gu YuMian had ridden the dragon several times, this was the first time he had gone so fast. Gu YuMian was not afraid, but his heart was beating very fast. He had the feeling of jumping and parachuting. And unlike that and bungee jumping, which had protection measures, the protection measures in the interstellar age were virtual and invisible.

For example, at this time, there was actually an invisible device supplying them with oxygen, otherwise they would have suffocated.

The playful little Tangyuan couldn’t stand it, while the little fox was frozen in place and shivered into Gu YuMian’s arms, only showing his big tail outside. The little husky was so excited, but the little snow leopard didn’t feel it at all — he was still lost in his own thoughts. He looked at Gu YuMian, and then looked elsewhere. Finally, his eyes returned to Gu YuMian.

[Hai Juu: My heart is in my throat, because I can’t see the protective measures, and I feel like I’m going to fall at any time.]

This was also the common feeling of more than 800 million viewers.

Gu YuMian glanced at the bullet screen by chance and saw this.

However, he didn’t expect to be told something by the audience again.

When the giant dragon swooped, Gu YuMian still couldn’t see the following scene. Suddenly, the giant dragon stopped, and then shook his wings——

He had thrown Gu YuMian and the four cubs down.

The mermaid sat on the dragon’s back, smiled, waved and blew a kiss, which meant have a pleasant journey…

The little fox had hypnotized himself successfully and had entered a peaceful state of escapism. Little Tangyuan’s face was white, and the little husky thought that he had finally learned to fly.

Gu YuMian was shocked speechless.

Although he knew that the amusement park would not kill them, Gu YuMian’s heartbeat almost stopped. He only had time to hold all four children in his arms, and then he kept falling——

Nothing but blue filled his vision.

… There was water below them.

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