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Chapter 89: I’m back

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo can’t wait to see the reunion 


He just arrived at Ancient Earth when this thing suddenly came out rolling, and shocked Gu YuMian to the point he had not digested this information.

Shuo Han was confused again. No, did he have an affair?

“I haven’t,” Gu YuMian said blankly, pointing to the rolling black and white. “Even if I have an affair, I can’t have a panda.”

No, no, no, no, no, no.

It was not about that.

There was no such thing as “inside” or “outside”?

Shuo Han squinted at him for a moment and snorted, “Better not.”

Gu YuMian, “……” He thought about it and couldn’t help but say, “I don’t seem to have —” with whom?

Sanshi’ba Guo was carried by Shuo Han by the nape. Although the cub was close to being a grown-up, he rolled around, Gu YuMian had to use two hands to hold him up. He didn’t expect Shuo Han to grab him so easily.

Shuo Han, the new baby’s father, was qualified. He wouldn’t hurt the cubs by carrying them like this, but the little guy was still tearing up and extending his claws to Gu YuMian, “Wuwu, Papa…”

Shuo Han was very upset. Looking at it, he growled, “Shut up.”

Sanshi’ba Guo was stupefied for a while, hiccupping, and the next second, he broke out with an earth shaking cry, “Wuwu! Papa!!!!”

Gu YuMian constantly comforted him, and then he had to say something nice to comfort Shuo Han. He was very busy.

At this time, the little husky woke up and picked up little Tangyuan’s underpants. Little Tangyuan was whirring vaguely. With the sound of Sanshi’ba Guo crying and chirping, Shuo Han calculated how to “deal with” him with a cold expression like a crying ghost. The whole scene was in chaos for a moment.

The fox gave up treatment and covered his ears with his claws as if he could not hear or see.

Twenty minutes later, the guests should meet first. If they couldn’t meet within an hour, there would be no tent at night.

It was not a way to stay in place all the time. They had to take the initiative to find other guests. Of course, before that, they needed to roll the “NPC” back to the NPC camp, which was what the program team said.

Gu YuMian, of course, talked to this little guy, but he didn’t know what sad thing it met. It was sobbing all the time, it couldn’t even speak well, and it was calling him “Papa”.

Gu YuMian had no choice but to take it first and wait for it to calm down a little bit. He had a premonition that the arrival of this little guy seemed to indicate something, something was flowing gently in his blood vessels, and there was heavy hope in his sadness… But nothing was known.

The little husky was spanked, and finally he was honest. He sat with his tail in his hand and his head down. Shuo Han, with Sanshi’ba Guo crying in one hand, was very reluctant to let little Tangyuan and the little husky sit on his shoulder, leaving only the lightest fox for Gu YuMian.

Because he always had to hold the children when he went out, in fact, Gu YuMian’s shoulder and back were a little bit strained, so when Shuo Han used his human shape, he always took the initiative to bear these things without expression.

Gu YuMian looked at his empty right hand and Shuo Han. He reached out and asked Shuo Han to give him a cub. Shuo Han raised his eyebrows. He was confused for a second, and then he knew what he was asking.

Shuo Han reached out his left hand and took Gu YuMian’s right hand in his.

He had a face that said ‘want to hold hands’ expression.

Gu YuMian, “…No, I mean Give me one.” 

Gu YuMian coughed violently for a while, went red from the neck to the root of the ear, feeling abnormal embarrassment and various senses of awkwardness.

A single adult panda was heavy enough. Let alone the husky and Tangyuan, he must be very tired. Shuo Han looked at him for a second.

Eyebrows slightly raised, again confused for a while, and then soon began to relax.

He put Sanshi’ba Guo on the grass, reached out and directly picked up Gu YuMian, and said stiffly in his ear, “I love when you’re coquettish. I want you to get used to me.”

Gu YuMian, “……”

Gu YuMian, “……………………”

Not this one.

One, two, three, four… children stared at them, Sanshi’ba Guo was still crying but he quickly extended his claws to cover his eyes and didn’t look at them politely.

One paw covered his eyes, the other paw covered his poor Uncle 24’s eyes.

It was over. My father’s looking for a boyfriend. What should I call him later? What’s the family rank? In case of divorce, who was the Guo family going to go with? Sanshi’ba Guo’s small head was suddenly filled with a lot of big question marks.

The little fox shook his tail nervously, and his little body broke out with great strength that he had never had before. He dragged the little husky with his tongue sticking out to one side and left the space for the two adults.

This was a major event concerning the future members of their family. One by one, four little heads were covered. Behind the big tree on one side, they peeped out their heads and listened to the gossip of the parents. Among them, Sanshi’ba Guo and the little fox were the most attentive listeners, and the little husky and little Tangyuan were pure fans.

Gu YuMian said, “…Who in the world is acting coquettish?”

Who was the one who wanted to hold hands actively? Who was the one who showed his belly when he didn’t agree?

Shuo Han looked at him seriously. “I don’t like to be coquettish.”

Gu YuMian thought to himself that Shuo Han might say something else.

Sure enough, Shuo Han paused. Then he asked him lightly but inexplicably seriously, “Don’t you know who I like? Is it hard to guess?”


“I like you.”


Shuo Han continued, “Shouldn’t  you give me a chance to be honest and jealous?”

Gu YuMian was tongue tied.

He was finished.

He looked into Shuo Han’s grey-blue eyes and thought, maybe it was no use.

Because there was only one option.

He had little choice.

The wind in the twilight of the mountain forest rustled across the leaves, and his heart beat louder than the cicadas.

Shuo Han held his hand, nervous and inexperienced, coaxing him to say ‘yes’.

Shuo Han couldn’t say anything nice, and his tricks were so strange, clumsy and even cute.

If he wanted to grade Shuo Han’s love level, it was hard to pass.

But Gu YuMian wanted to say yes.

Still want to say… 


Gu YuMian, “……”

Okay? Wait. He hadn’t made a sound yet?

The voice came from a nearby, chubby but fast, brown and white panda, panting, but still not affecting its speed.

——”Ah, it was hard to find you…”

Sanshi’ba Guo realized who it was and immediately despairingly covered his eyes.

Shuo Han, “……………”

Not far away.

Three black-and-white, round ‘whirlwind’, with an incredible speed, came here!

Shuo Han frowned and held Gu YuMian in his arms in a protective posture. There was a very light fluorescent blue in his eyes.

It was an adult panda in a Tang suit. It finally stopped in front of Gu YuMian, with his round head arched in his arms, and his snot and tears covered his shirt. Then from the slope, there was 16th Guo in his polo shirt and baseball cap, and Guo Shi’er in his suit, who couldn’t breathe.

The three rolled over, one after another, and were sitting next to Gu YuMian like porcelain bumping, putting the fluffy heads under Gu YuMian’s palm.

They had imagined it many times before. When they saw Gu YuMian, the first thing they had to say was suddenly forgotten.

“You’re back…”

“We’ve been waiting for you.”

“Wuwu, you, you are back…”

Guo Shi’er was the oldest. Unlike the 16th Guo and 26th Guo who were still young, more than half of his life had passed. He had experienced friendship, love and marriage, and almost every kind of ups and downs in his life.

But now, he still wanted to cry.

The second he saw Gu YuMian, he knew it was him. There could be no one else but him. Such a gentle and familiar feeling, the heart had a small vacancy, at this time, it was finally gently and successfully filled up.

Tears suddenly blurred his vision, his nose running. Guo Shi’er stretched out his claws and turned his back to wipe away his tears.

“……” Shuo Han took only a second to connect the causes and consequences, and his eyes were slightly relaxed, but he still kept Gu YuMian in his arms.

Gu YuMian was stunned for a moment. Subconsciously, he felt the heads of these small “children” one by one, and asked softly, “What’s the matter? Well, who’s back?”

These three pandas were a little bigger than his Big Guo. Their thick fur was a little hard, their heads were round, their eyes were dark, wet and sticky.

Very sticky… 

Gu YuMian’s hand stopped a little.

Thousands of years later, the summer wind of Ancient Earth once again blew in his ear.


——”When I come back from this business trip, I will bring you gifts. What do you want?”

In all the long-term difference, God had given a prediction in some places.

On the day when he was going on a business trip, 2nd Guo and 3rd Guo seemed uneasy. They bit his sleeve, but they were burping and still didn’t let him go, their black and wet eyes looking at him. At that time, he was eager to go to another city to hold a seminar on giant panda breeding, living conditions, reintroduction and other issues, which concentrated the whole Sichuan Province’s elites in this respect.

Gu YuMian was eager to go to the meeting, to bring his gifts back early, and grow up happily watching his Big Guo, 2nd Guo and 3rd Guo.

Before the door closed, the fat Big Guo and the small Guos looked at him, what were they trying to say?

‘Don’t go’.

Or ‘we don’t need gifts, just you.’

Or ‘no matter how long you are gone, we will wait for you at home’.

So they waited.

By the end of the world, hundreds of years had passed. Everything was different. They were still waiting.

They would never give up.

Gu YuMian was not a competent parent.

Many years ago, he irresponsibly took care of a small seed, dried it in the sun, watered it and fertilized it for a while, but he failed to accompany it to grow into a small sapling. But the seed had grown into a big tree with thick branches and leaves, and no one was needed to help water and fertilize it.

But Gu YuMian’s name had been stubbornly written in every leaf.

I’ve been looking for him.



The dusk sank a little, and the evening wind of the day smelled of leaves.

The three children really looked like his Big Guo, 2nd and 3rd Guo.

Little Tangyuan was very similar.

The little rolling manner in which they just came here was very similar.

Their eyes… 

Looking at him, very gentle, full of trust and expectation.

As long as Gu YuMian said it, they would believe it. Gu YuMian said he would come back, so they had been waiting.

Gu YuMian gave the name of Big Guo, so the children after that were called 3rd Guo, 4th Guo, 7th Guo and 8th Guo.

After waiting so long, when they met again, they didn’t complain, just said, “You’re back.”


Gu YuMian’s hand hovered over the top of Guo Shi’er’s head for a long time, then slowly fell down.

Then there were tears.

Gu YuMian didn’t even realize that he was crying, but somehow tears came out of his eyes. It was Shuo Han and the three pandas who came to wipe them away in a hurry.

“You’ve been waiting.” He choked, “I’m back.”


‘Bon Voyage! Ancient Earth?’ in the backstage studio.

Although they didn’t know the situation, several of the assistant little girls were already sobbing under the influence of the atmosphere.

The photographer’s hand was stuck in the air, unable to get up… 

“Dong Dao, do you want to broadcast or not…”

After all, it was an official variety show with such a large audience, so although it was live, there would be a time difference between the backstage decision-making and the front-end live broadcast. For example, what the audience saw on STARNet was that several other guests were rushing to the place where they were. The next scene should have been the situation of putting Guo Shi’er on their side.

But the situation now, it seemed, was not suitable?

“I’ll tell you why they rushed to our group…” Dong Nan was not a fool either. He was born in the Upper Urban district. Thinking about the rumors of the Guo family that he had heard before, he felt that he had grasped the key to the problem.

But wasn’t that too unscientific?

Dong Nan also had a sour nose… 

“I think it might take a while for them to sort out their emotions… Let’s add a temporary task to guests 5, 6 and 7, and prepare the one before using it, and finish giving them grade A ingredients in advance tonight, and shoot guests 5, 6 and 7 first.”

If this passage was released, one was afraid to disclose Gu YuMian’s privacy, and the other was afraid not knowing how the audience should guess. As for whether or not to publish it later, it was also the matter of the Guo Family and Gu YuMian themselves.

“Okay.” The photographer nodded, switched the seats, and the deputy director went to do it.

“Oh, by the way, wait a minute,” Dong Nan called the deputy director. “Even if you can’t finish the guest on May 67, you can send them the grade A ingredients and wine, as a little care of our program team.”

They met again after a long absence. It was time to have a hot and noisy meal, drink good wine and wash all the turbulence and dust over the years. But it was good to get through, and there would be no pain.

The rest must be good things, and the rest of his life would be safe and long.

Dong Nan was right.


At this time, Gu YuMian could not care about the variety show.

… Really, these were Big Guo’s children.

In Sichuan, he liked playing mahjong, drinking tea, eating delicious food and sleeping. He also had a slow temper with Gu YuMian.

They found the cabin that the program group prepared for Sanshi’ba Guo nearby, and Gu YuMian cried with his pandas.

He didn’t cry when he came to a strange star. He didn’t cry when he couldn’t eat any food. He didn’t cry when he met any difficulties.

It also let Shuo Han experience the feeling that the most vulnerable part of the heart was pressed and kneaded.

Pain, can not breathe, uncomfortable.

Although Gu YuMian’s tears were not entirely due to sadness and self reproach, they seemed to have turned into ice dregs and smashed into Shuo Han’s heart, making him extremely upset and helpless. After many years, he felt so weak again.

At last, Sanshi’ba Guo, who had been crying, stopped first, and brought the few ignorant children out to play, leaving time for the long-time reunion of adults.

Shuo Han fidgeted, clumsily and crudely reached out to wipe Gu YuMian’s tears, which made his eyes a little more red. Shuo Han immediately took back his hand in frustration.

The three pandas were close to Gu YuMian. Usually the most stable Guo Shi’san was the most emotional one. When he lifted the cup and wanted to drink tea, he bowed his head and cried. After a while, he looked at Gu YuMian and wanted to laugh again.

Even Shuo Han, who knew nothing about the world, knew that he had no right to be jealous at this time.

Although he was really jealous.

After all, Gu YuMian’s life was that he came many years late.

If he could meet Gu YuMian more than a thousand years ago… 

Of course, there was no such if.

“…Then I’ll go out first. “

Shuo Han stood up. Gu YuMian and Shi’er, Shi’san and 16th Guo must have a lot to talk about.

“Shuo Han.” Gu YuMian was no longer crying. He stopped him with a nasal sound in his voice, and then reached for him, “You don’t have to go out.”

Gu YuMian’s hand stopped, and then his fingers gently weaved in between Shuo Han’s fingers, held it slightly and released it.

Shuo Han stopped.

…The ice dregs smashed into the heart suddenly turned sweet.

Of course, the three pandas had long seen that the relationship between this man and Gu YuMian was not ordinary.

Looking left and right, they thought Shuo Han was familiar, but they couldn’t remember.

“Well, who is this?” The three sniffed and looked at Shuo Han.

Gu YuMian was concise, “Family.”

Shi’er, Shi’san and 16th Guo suddenly realized, “Oh, oh, that’s so, no wonder.”

Gu YuMian,“……”

‘No wonder?’ What did you suddenly realize?

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