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Chapter 88: Are you having an affair?

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo hopes for more Shuo Han and Gu YuMian time


‘Bon Voyage! Ancient earth?’, just a few minutes after the start of the broadcast, the first hot spot came — one of the guests turned out to be Gu YuMian!

The development after this was extremely expected. From public suspension devices to schools and companies, many young people were discussing the variety show.

“That anchor is a human,” said Dan Lin, looking at her purple fingernails and mumbling to her open optical computer. “How can so many people pursue an inferior human? And the leopard is an albino…”

Since her friends liked Gu YuMian very much, in order to have a good interpersonal relationship she pretended to like them and Dan Lin went to the award ceremony yesterday. She remembered that she saw the albino cub at that time. She wanted to touch it. She didn’t expect that anchor was so mean! What happened after that?

It was only yesterday, but the memory was blurred. It was strange to remember the feeling of fear and shame.

“Forget it.” Dan Lin sighed.

This variety show was still to be seen. After all, she had created a “likes Gu YuMian” setting for herself to show that she did not discriminate against human beings and albino species at all. That’s why she went to the awards yesterday. If at that time the people around chatted about the variety show, but she couldn’t catch up, her mask would be seen through.

Dan Lin’s vanity was very strong, the pursuit and love of the people around her were the necessities of her life. However, the variety show couldn’t be opened, and the system prompted her ‘no access rights.’ Dan Lin thought it was a little strange. It was the same after changing several channels. She was a little fidgety and just closed the page.

She needed to go to lunch with a group of friends at Elbet Restaurant.

Dan Lin was a VIP member in this restaurant. Although the boss was the inferior human, she couldn’t deny that the food was delicious. Today, she met six or seven girls at the door of the restaurant, but when she went to go in, she met something unexpected.

There should have been a little robot as soon as they entered the door, but after scanning their fingerprints, the little robot did not show the menu, but showed ‘feedback information.’

A few minutes later, it was the regional head of the restaurant who came out to see them in person.

“I’m sorry, Miss Lin. Our restaurant will take back your VIP qualification from today, and will not accept you to eat in our restaurant for the next three hundred years.”

Several girls originally gathered around Dan Lin in the middle and chatted happily. At this time, they were all shocked, “Three hundred years? Withdraw VIP membership? Is there something wrong, LinLin? “

“Yes LinLin is still a big fan of your boss. If there is anything wrong, can you reconcile it? The food is so good.”

Dan Lin’s heart was also cluttered, inexplicably had a bad feeling, “Why?”

The person in charge said, “If you want the rights back, please apologize to Mr. Gu’s children.”

Dan Lin, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Person in charge, “Do you need to be reminded?”

A few girls also listened in, confused, “Is there a misunderstanding?” 


“What’s the matter?”

Danlin’s heart was not good, but before she could stop it, a projection light screen spread in the air——


“They like that inferior human, is their brain on wrong? That albino is quite lovely, but it’s an albino seed, so stupid…” This was obviously Dan Lin talking to herself when she was impatient in line, which was caught by the random monitoring of the street.

After another period of noise, it became a dialogue between Dan Lin and Gu YuMian,

“What’s the matter? It’s just an albino cub.”

“Anchor Gu, why are you so mean?”


The monitoring of public places was open, but it needed to go through a very complicated procedure to access the monitoring. This was the video that Gu YuMian spent nearly four hours searching and sorting out after the children fell asleep last night, corresponding to the information of Dan Lin.

It was an open surveillance video. There was no possibility of forgery.

Just as some girls were helping Dan Lin talk, their faces changed halfway. She usually pretended to be so gentle and said all creatures were equal. In the video, there was another face and mouth. Everyone was not a fool. If they thought about it, they would know what’s going on.

Originally surrounding her, they all moved away without trace.

Dan Lin’s face was pale.

These girls were all well-known in their school and it would spread all over the school soon. Then she… 

What’s more, one of the girls was the dean’s daughter, so Dan Lin’s plan to graduate and stay in school was basically in vain. She insisted, “I’ve never heard of the withdrawal of VIP qualification. Do you have to pay high liquidated damages? I’m not a bully either. If I expose this to the media…”

No one helped her speak this time.

“You can expose it.” The person in charge smiled, “Our boss asked me to tell you that he is not short of money.”

It was okay to have a lawsuit and okay for the media to find out. Gu YuMian had never lacked time or money when it came to TuanTuan and their affairs. In the future, everything related to Gu YuMian, whether it was a variety show, a live broadcast or a restaurant, including the service platform planned to be set up later, which would occupy the mainstream of the whole interstellar in the near future… 

Dan Lin didn’t even want to touch the edge.

After that, she interviewed in nineteen enterprises and received nineteen rejection letters. Since then, she was banned from entering the Upper Urban District, and was included in the Royal blacklist, Shuo Han’s personal star and asset blacklist, etc… It was all the next thing.

After more than thirty years of being a racist and being used to holding high and trampling low, Dan Lin finally realized the feeling of being discriminated against.


Eight in the morning, they packed up, had breakfast, helped the children to tidy up their appearance and took off the children’s optical computers.

The little husky raised his head and chest bravely, and the little fox straightened his back. He looked out of the door with the little snow leopard sitting on the shoulders of Gu YuMian and the excited and exploratory little Tangyuan in the pram.

Gu YuMian opened the door, with bright sunshine and Capital Star’s blue sky, “Then it’s time to go.”

Gu YuMian smiled and waved at the camera, “Let’s have a good journey to Ancient Earth.”

Gu YuMian and the children got on the suspension device and drove, while the camera of the variety show was operated by a professional photographer. With the door slamming, the whole camera kept pulling away, raising and flying to the sky——

[tfs: Aaah!! Have a good trip!!!]

[Mickey Mouse: I feel like I’m going to travel, hahaha!]

[Little squid Ju: Although reason told me that I would cut the second guest shot next, but Aaah! Can we extend the time of this family of human and cubs? Not enough!! QAQ! ]


After the start of variety show, guests could no longer use their optical computer and STARNet, so Gu YuMian couldn’t know the situation of other guests in advance. And of course, he also didn’t know about the growing popularity of the online variety show.

After all, space travel was quite tiring. It would take half a day to go to Ancient Earth from Capital Star by starship, and there was also a lounge in the Starship. Gu YuMian took the children to catch up and wait for the notice of the program group.

After all, he stayed up late last night, and he was a little tired.

He just wanted to sleep for a while. As a result, just as he was leaning to the side, he was hugged. Was it Shuo Han? Gu YuMian was so sleepy. In the cool and pleasant pine breath, he was careless——

He slept for hours.

Little Tangyuan and the little husky were excited at first. Seeing Gu YuMian sleeping, they felt sleepy too. In the end, Gu YuMian was lying on the small bed in the starship cabin, holding two cubs who had their bellies to the sky, surrounded by the small fox with his big tail curled up.

Shuo Han looked down at them for a long time. Finally, he also closed his eyes, hugged Gu YuMian from behind, buried himself in Gu YuMian’s neck, breathing a little bit more evenly.


On the other side, the second, third and fourth guests appeared one by one. Because Gu YuMian couldn’t be seen in a short time, the audience was a bit lost, and then it was a surprise!

Different from the audience’s surprise, Guo Shi’san was very nervous. Guo Shi’er was also very nervous.

Ten pots, fourteen pots, fifteen pots They were all nervous, of course, not because of the variety show. The guests this time, Shi’er, Shi’san and 16th Guo were all there. Other pandas, as NPC, had already been on Ancient Earth for two days.

The guests were able to see Gu YuMian for the first time. There was also a round of fierce competition in the Guo house. As for the reason why it was Shi’er and 16th Guo, there was no reason other than these three pandas could play mahjong best.

This was the way that the Guo family decided important matters. Whoever played well in Mahjong would get the priority. It was the bloody battle of Sichuan mahjong. Gu YuMian raised Big Guo as his own child and often chatted with him. When he was in college, the custom of playing mahjong with his roommates was never a problem, so it came down all the way.

At this moment, because of a mahjong game, Shi’er, Shi’san and 16th Guo sat on the starship, scratching their stomachs and ears anxiously and expectantly.

The dog force program team didn’t let them meet on their journey. It seemed that they would wait until Ancient Earth.

16th Guo, with chubby claws holding a small mirror, stroked his fur, “My fur is still neat?”

“You just have a few,” Guo Shi’er kindly reminded him in their hometown dialect, “pull them till they are all gone.”

16th Guo, “…”

Guo Shi’san, with the tea cup, laughed, and 16th Guo’s face was green, and the mirror snapped shut.

If he met the ancestor bald, he would be famous and become the laughingstock thousands of years later. As a former performer and martial arts star, Shi’er and Guo Shi’san had long been familiar with the camera lens, and 16th Guo, not to mention the origin of the electronic competition champion, was not used to being photographed. Mainly because of the tension of seeing Gu YuMian.

… The three pandas did not know what they set off in the Star Network, it was stronger than an earthquake and tsunami.

[figure: WTF?! Aaaaaah!!!!]

[muji:WTF??!!! Is the show a fairy? ]

[yishulihua: Excuse me, am I dreaming? I saw Shi’er Guo from classical music history in the textbook yesterday, and today I saw him in the variety show!]

[User 1240349: WTF, my father just jumped up from crutches and beat the table excitedly. Is this Guo Shi’san??? The teacher who filmed Taiji’s boundless and famous hero???]

[user 127564: Aaaaah! Aaaaah, the 16th Guo demon king!!! Legend is not old, glory is not destroyed!!!]

[hahaha: Is it just me who thinks it is funny to pay attention to their conversation?]

The whole bullet screen system was about to collapse!

Although the audience’s reaction had been guessed for a long time, the director still felt helpless. Originally just Gu YuMian was very scary, plus these three, now the focus of the bullet screen was completely “what is the immortal guest combination” and “wtfwtfwtf”, and it had forgotten the event of the variety show itself!

In addition, such a group of big guys who have to shake three times to stamp their feet in the industry, the next seven days would become fun.



Gu YuMian and the children, from the star ship taking off at Capital Star to sleeping until landing on Ancient Earth after two hours. In this period of time, two guests had arrived at Ancient Earth in advance, met, and began to look for tents and dinner in the evening, while other guests had continued to arrive.

Every time the camera switched to Gu YuMian’s side, the comfortable atmosphere of Buddhism was totally different from that of other guests.

The program group was so bad, with all kinds of labels like “MianMian” and “participating in variety shows? Ancient Earth life? No, we’re here to go to bed” and “we’re going to give direct pictures of the sleeping faces of several children and Gu YuMian respectively — we can expect that Gu YuMian’s sleepy and busy after they woke up.”

It always caused the audience to laugh again and again.

The variety show’s main theme was reality, so Gu YuMian and the cubs could really sleep for eight hours. What’s more, it was really interesting to see Gu YuMian sleeping, as could be seen from the response of the number of viewers and the number of bullet screens.


Half-asleep and half-awake, Gu YuMian heard someone talking, “Awake?”

“If I was sleeping, why are you shouting?”

“No, the bullet screen is screaming that the family is so cute and sleepy, and the audience has been growing. If they are forced to wake up, the program group will definitely be scolded to death.”

“…It doesn’t matter. Send it out first.”

Six in the evening, Ancient Earth was in midsummer, and cicadas chirped longer. In the evening in the mountains, the golden red sunset passed through the gaps of leaves and cast light and shadow.

Gu YuMian opened his eyes.

Variety show?

Ancient Earth?


Gu YuMian was a little confused. He knew that they should have arrived at Ancient Earth by now, and they were moved down by the program team and together with the quilt… But where was this? The children were still falling asleep and their stomachs were moving regularly. The little husky was on all fours, drooling and smacking his lips as he slept.

However, before he was fully awake, the micro headset sent by the program team made noises for a while, and then the first task was released!

“So far, all guests have arrived on Earth. Welcome. The first task: please join us for one hour. The penalty for the mission’s failure is that everyone will get no tents for the first night.”

Gu YuMian, “……”

Other guests, “…”

In the completely primitive state of Ancient Earth without any modern technology, and being stuck the first night without a tent?

As soon as the voice fell, Guo Shi’san scuttled out!

After all, he was once a martial arts star, and was still in his infancy. Although he was chubby and dressed in a Tang suit that seemed inconvenient to move, he ran very fast.

——Of course, it was not for the tent. The three of them didn’t listen to what was said in the headset at all.

It was at the same time that Gu YuMian and his cubs were sent down to announce their mission, that the pandas could immediately feel it.

Ancestor! He was very close!

Guo Shi’er was squatting in the grass trying to be self-contained. At this time, he also stood up, with a few leaves on top of his head. He followed Guo Shi’san in a round and chubby way!

“Shit!” 16th Guo was just talking to another guest. At this time, he was about to lose the chance and wanted to scold Shi’er and Shi’san for their cunningness. He simply took off his shoes and held them in his hand, sat on a board just used to cushion his butt, and went down the hillside like a skier… 

Audience and guest No. 567, “……”

What happened?

At the same time, Ancient Earth, from the top of the mountain to various ruins, from small wooden houses in the snow, to the tropical jungle, each NPC had a mission.

Dozens of black and white pandas came out at the same time! Although they were too far away to feel directly, from the telepathy between the pandas, they knew that the mood of Shi’er, Shi’san and 16th Guo was extremely excited. It must be!!

Halfway up the mountain, Gu YuMian leaned against the tree and held his forehead to wake himself up.

Guests 1 and 8? Besides them, one of the guests left behind? But I always feel that statement was a little strange. Why is it a “confluence with No. 1 and No. 8” rather than a “separate confluence”?

Little Tangyuan and the little husky were still asleep. The little fox woke up and licked his paws in a daze, staring at Gu YuMian. The little snow leopard pricked up his ears and narrowed his eyes to hear something.

Not far away, a panda, who had just grown up in appearance, was picking at the trunk of the tree, wearing a pair of glasses, and moving slowly and stealthily to Gu YuMian.

He took two steps, inhaled, stopped and wiped his eyes with his claws.


I want to cry.

Yes, of course, it was impossible for the program group to let the guests meet. Therefore, the NPC, Sanshi’ba Guo, which managed the tent, was the first to arrive at the scene, even before Shi’er, Shi’san and 16th. Sanshi’ba Guo was still in school and he usually had a sticky personality. He cried when he was bullied; cried when he failed his exams; cried when he was sad and cried when he was happy.

Walking forward, he couldn’t hold back his tears any more. He cried and fell down. The panda turned into a chubby ball and began rolling and rolling.

He rolled right into Gu YuMian’s arms.

Gu YuMian and Snow Leopard, “…”

Sanshi’ba Guo, “…”

Sanshi’ba Guo’s tears fell more fiercely. Together with little Tangyuan, he buried his round head in Gu YuMian’s arms and held his hips. The little fox looked at Sanshi’ba Guo in a daze. He looked at Tangyuan again and made sure he was right.

Where was this little roller from?

Gu YuMian didn’t know why but seeing this little guy was the same as seeing little Tangyuan before.

Heart soft, sour, a little bitter, but more sweet.


A bony hand picked up Sanshi’ba Guo up by his nape.

The little guy kicked his legs in tears, and his snot ran all over Shuo Han’s collar.

Sanshi’ba Guo cried, “Wuwu, Papa, wuwu, hiccup, wuwu… “

Compared with “ancestor”, the new age youth preferred the word “Papa”.

Shuo Han, “……” He looked at Gu YuMian, his face like frost and cold, “Did you have an affair? Who did you have this child with?”

Gu YuMian, “???”

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