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Chapter 91: Royal family?

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo loves the family uwu


The jealous kind.


A formal partner.

Sole spouse.


Gu YuMian only belonged to Shuo Han.

Can live together forever, can kiss, can hug, can sleep on the same bed, can also——

Shuo Han’s brain flashed with countless words and even specific scenes.

It could be traced back to a long time ago, when Gu YuMian first smiled and kissed the little snow leopard’s forehead. The color and luster in his eyes made Shuo Han want to see what he looked like when he was kissed and out of breath.

In addition, Gu YuMian’s lapel, while he was sleeping, had been pulled open by the paw of the snow leopard, revealing the trace of his delicate porcelain white clavicle.

And the curvature of his waist when cooking.

There was also a long line of his arm that had been exposed when his cuff was pulled up.

In this way, the expanding desire and thoughts in his heart, the impulse to monopolize — but all these arrogant and direct means were vetoed by one vote, and he could only approach it a little bit carefully

It was definitely not a feeling of kinship or dependence.

From a long time ago, he wanted to take this man back to his bed.



The door opened.

Shuo Han had been standing in the same place as though he were fixed, and his face was red.

Then, with a bang, the automatic wooden door hit him on the forehead. It blocked the completely dull Shuo Han with the door.

Gu YuMian took a step outside and looked back to find that the door was closed.

There was two seconds of silence inside and outside the door.

Shuo Han, “……”

Gu YuMian, “……”

How did the door open?


At half past seven, it was completely dark.

Beyond the door, it was busier than Gu YuMian expected. Apart from the two of them, other guests had converged and were camping in the open space outside the wooden house——

Since guest 567 was assigned an emergency task, and all the guests failed to meet in an hour, none of them could get the tent tonight. But the program team had a little conscience and gave them necessary camping supplies such as sleeping bags, as well as plenty of ingredients and kitchenware.

The little husky, Guo Er Shisi and Sanshi’ba Guo watched from outside the cabin. When the door opened, they cried excitedly and jumped into Gu YuMian’s arms one by one. The little fox put on the apron that Gu YuMian had prepared and helped to make a fire.

Shi’er, Shi’san, and 16th Guo were all red and full of energy — however, Guo Shi’er seemed to be in a trance, while 16th Guo, holding the little treat made by Gu YuMian, turned to look at Gu YuMian and smiled.

As for the other three guests.


Gu YuMian didn’t see them. He only saw a rabbit with ears dangling by the campfire, a Red Crowned Crane standing on a small pool with one foot, and a koala, who was leading the whole situation while chewing leaves.

Gu YuMian felt that he had returned to the zoo and the free range area of his last life. But even in the free range areas, it was impossible to make a stew on a plateau plain, with a tropical temperate zone, and even see these birds and mammals.

The second Gu YuMian walked out, the whole buzzing and noisy environment turned quiet.

The husky, the pandas, the fox, the koala, the rabbit and the Red Crowned Crane, all of them had bright eyes as they looked at him.

[Sample: Hahahaha! Anchor Gu: it must be the wrong way for me to open the door…]

[Marshmallow: Let me count, not counting the cubs brought by MianMian. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven. Where’s the eight? What about TuanTuan? PS: I finally thought that I would see MianMian sleeping! I’ve been through these two hours!!]

[If you have not passed the birdsong test, grade 4 will not be renamed: It is dark ~ you can’t see clearly ~ potassium permanganate drops your eyes ~]

The BGM also stopped in time. From the original relaxed and cheerful music, it became a little more serious and relaxed. It seemed that it was time to talk about business.

The host also took the time to clear his throat, “Finally, all the guests have officially gathered on Ancient Earth. If you don’t say much, I’d like to introduce the guests to the audience —”

“Guest 1: Anchor, chairman of Elbet Restaurant, Gu YuMian, who is popular on the Starry Sky platform!”

Gu YuMian was looking at the wooden door behind him, thinking about when Shuo Han would come out. He would introduce him.

The camera moved to Gu YuMian. Gu YuMian held the two panda cubs who were sucking their claws and the husky who was happily wagging his tail. He hardly greeted the camera.

The bullet screen was very supportive and enthusiastic, breaking out into all kinds of cheers and confessions!!!

“Guest 2: Famous violinist, Shi’er Guo!” The camera moved to the round Shi’er Guo who was holding firewood and running towards Gu YuMian.

Bullet screen: [Aaaaaaaah!!! The panda in my textbook came out!!!]

“Guest 3: A famous martial arts movie star who has made classic films such as boxing, Shi’san Guo!” The camera moved to Shi’san Guo who was next to Gu YuMian, pulling Sanshi’ba Guo out of the anchor’s arms, telling him to be polite. 

Bullet screen: [Aaaah!!! Aaaaaah!!!! My childhood idol came out!!!! Teacher Shi’san, we grew up watching your movies!!]

“Guest 4: The former team leader of STA, who has been the champion of all major competitions for decades, also known as the great devil king, 16th Guo!” The camera proudly raised its lens and showed 16th Guo who had little bows in his hair.

Host, “…”

Bullet screen: [Aaah! God of men!! You are my youth!!! Although I am tired, I am still… Aaaah!!! ]

“Guest 5: Stage actor, also an anchor in Starry Sky, Gene Rabbit!” The hare was circling around Gu YuMian curiously.

“Guest 6: Well known director, having directed classic films such as ‘The Last Me’, etc.” The koala looked at Gu YuMian and the leaves he was chewing fell out of his mouth.

“Guest 7: Bai Lang, a well-known scholar of the ancient Earth Research Institute.” The Red Crowned Crane elegantly raised its head to salute, showing its graceful shape — just that it was only in the direction of Gu YuMian.

Host, “……”

The program should be renamed ‘Gu YuMian and the animals who were fascinated by him’.

The host coughed and went on, “And the distinguished guest from the Academy of Sciences, guess who it is?”

The camera shook for a while, with an extremely tense drumroll, and finally stopped at… 

“Jii?” Wearing the apron prepared by Gu YuMian, with a little dust on the tip of his nose, the little fox looked at the camera with his head tilted up and asked Gu YuMian to help clean it off.

“Special guest of Academy of Sciences — Gu Bai Qiu!”

Audience, “…”

Gu YuMian, “……”

Little fox, “…”


In fact, Gu YuMian was not surprised because the Academy of Sciences had already passed him a message in advance. Since the host didn’t say it clearly when he made the introduction, most of the audience were still in the dark, thinking that the Academy of Sciences sent a mascot to make them look better.

The little fox was a little nervous and glanced at Gu YuMian.

But it was not over.

“And finally, mysterious guest 8…”

It was completely dark. With a bang, the wooden door was kicked open.

Shuo Han came out with a calm face, but his whole person was angry. He was a very cold entity and cold aura was emanating from him. He went to Gu YuMian and took his hand.

Shuo Han referred to Gu YuMian, “Mine.”


Audience, “…”



Half an hour later, all the guests, except Gu YuMian and the little fox, were basically a group of big guys who opened their own nutritious liquid and clothes to open their mouths. After Gu YuMian joined in, the whole process of preparing dinner and setting up camp was finally much faster.

Gu YuMian decided to have hot pot for dinner.

He really wanted to eat Sichuan hot pot. 1

Since there were cubs that couldn’t eat spicy food, he also made a mandarin duck hot pot, with bone clear soup on one side and spicy pot on the other. According to Shi’er and Shi’san, besides the four of them, there were four or five other pandas around here. It was estimated that they would be in touch with them tonight.

Gu YuMian was going to watch the pot as he waited for the pandas. He wanted to meet all his cubs and feed them well.

The host was still mending for what just happened, “A friend. Guest 8 just means that anchor Gu is his friend!”

Gu YuMian glanced at Shuo Han and refused to say anything.

The program group should have also given Shuo Han an earful, but he didn’t know whether the man lost it or didn’t hear it. At this time, he couldn’t hear the host’s commentary or the program group’s words to the guests, or he would lose his temper again.

‘Bon Voyage! Ancient Earth?’s mechanism was as follows:

Every morning from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. was the time for live broadcasting. After 8:00 p.m., the live broadcasting would be stopped, and the content recorded from then on would be edited into the clip edition of weekly broadcasting, so as to reduce the workload of the program group — otherwise, the photographers of the program group would have to stay in the backstage studio 24 hours a day.

This would also make the edited version more popular, not because everyone has seen the live broadcast, resulting in the final edition of the official Star Network no one’s attention.

It was just eight o’clock, so the first day’s live broadcast stopped in a thrilling place.

“Well, that’s all for today’s ’Bon Voyage! Ancient Earth?’ The content from 8:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m. will be released in the clip edition later. We’ll see you at 8:00 a.m. tomorrow morning!” The host looked at the number of people in the upper right corner and exhaled.

Oh, my God.

This variety show had a group of guests who didn’t go according to the routine, but the popularity of the show was so high — the number of real-time people watching even reached 10 billion while hosting for a full 12 hours, which was really a life-saving experience.

Audience, “…”

Audience, “……” No aaaaah!!!!

[asudguc: Friend? Boyfriend?? This man is so handsome. I’d depend on him. He is really handsome. How could he not be famous since he is so handsome? Where has he been hiding?]

[White Pear Blossom, Lili: He seems a little familiar… Fuck. I want to see more. What’s the relationship between the mysterious handsome man and MianMian? How can a few pandas be so intimate with MianMian? How loving!!]

[A leaf of spring: I would also like to say why, with Shi’er, Shi’san and 16th Guo, I have the same attitude towards them. And I see that MianMian likes these super reliable elders?? Is it the opposite?]

[user 187276: How is this the specially invited guest from the Academy of Sciences? Is it not the mascot of the Academy of Sciences? And TuanTuan? Where’s the big lemon TuanTuan??]

[Girlish Sugar: So what will happen next? This old aunt is scratching her ears and wants to know!]

[Naruto: Why? Don’t stop! Aaah!! Don’t stop!!! Live at 8 o’clock tomorrow morning!!! I want to see MianMian, the handsome boy, the panda, Er’er, that second panda, QiuQiu and TuanTuan, the koala, crane and rabbit!!! ]

On the first day of the broadcast, the curtain finally came to an end, leaving a very meaningful ending for the audience. All kinds of topics discussed on the Internet exploded, and there was a growing trend. This variety show was worthy of today’s traffic.

Also the program group and guests were finally able to take a breath. After the live broadcast, the atmosphere among the guests also relaxed a lot, and the hot pot was boiled. There was no doubt that the dinner was made by Gu YuMian. The guests set up a small earthen stove. Although there was no tent, they found a suitable space or tree in the forest.

Sitting down on the soft grass covered with blankets, the moon had already climbed to the sky.

“MianMian,” said the little rabbit, who was originally a fan of Gu YuMian, and was jumping around Gu YuMian and the hotpot. “Is this edible? When can I try some?”

The koala used to do everything slowly, but now he was very talkative. He was talking with Gu YuMian about the education of his children. Koala also had a little son and a little daughter.

The husky was holding Gu YuMian’s trouser legs to show him some interesting stones.

Shi’er, Shi’san, 16th and 38th Guo, and Guo Er Shisi, these five black and white wool balls followed Gu YuMian, one on the shoulder and two on the knee.

Guo Er Shisi had met several of his elders, but was still nestled in Gu YuMian’s arms and played with Sanshi’ba Guo who was still crying.

In a short time, Gu YuMian was surrounded by fur balls.


“Anchor Gu…”

“Awoo, awoo!”

“Chii Ancestor!”

“Pa, Papa!”

In addition, Shuo Han, a treasure trove full of lemons, kept close to Gu YuMian.

This was too many, wasn’t it? In addition to preparing hot pot, he had to watch such a large pile of fluffy children. Gu YuMian was really filled with happiness and misery.


Fortunately, the hot pot was soon ready, and the campsite gradually grew quiet.

The delicious bone soup was cooked in the earthen stove and had a milky and slightly thick texture, in which the fresh mushrooms were rolling, and the steam came out with a strong and mellow flavor.

On the other side was a red pepper and Chinese prickly ash stir fried with hot oil, sugar, onion, ginger and garlic. He poured in the stewed bone soup and mixed it with a spoonful of wine, then the white steam rose up, and the crisp spicy and fresh smell flowed out!

The deep fried shrimp opened up in the oil, and he put in a spoonful of fragrant oil, added the garlic, anise, and soy sauce, which was the simplest and most delicious seasoning for the dish.

The fresh ingredients from the program team were all on the ice. Now they were only one step away.

In midsummer, there was a hot pot in the mountains, a small kerosene lamp was lit on the earthen stove pot, and there was frozen plum juice and fruit wine beside it. All the creatures were gathered together and Gu YuMian and the hot pot were in the middle. If Shuo Han hadn’t been staring at them, they would have all squeezed into Gu YuMian’s arms.

The camera gave a close-up of the hot and bright hot pot.

Presumably, when the clip was released, it would cause all kinds of groans from the audience.

“Well, take a bowl, everyone. Each of you will have a bowl.”

The semi-fat and semi-thin synthetic beef rolls had snow-like marble lines. Rolling back and forth in the hot pot, they immediately absorbed the fresh, spicy, fragrant and thick soup. It was amazing to taste the tender and crispy flavour.

And the vegetarian rabbit and koala could also wash out the yam slices, carrots and bamboo shoots. The fresh and mellow mushroom soup also had a different flavor.

If they started sweating, they could take a sip of the refreshing wine or sour plum juice.

Three seconds later, all the guests sighed.

… Really delicious.

Shi’er, Shi’san, 16th and 38th Guo were eating at the same time, and couldn’t help wiping away tears.

“Wuwu, Wuwu…”

It was the smell.

It was made by Gu YuMian.

Even though they didn’t really eat what Gu YuMian made for the original three Guo’s, that is, those three just drank the pot milk mixed by Gu YuMian and some supplementary nutritious food, but this kind of feeling would not change.

“Don’t cry,” Gu YuMian said, touching the heads of the older children. “You can eat it many times in the future. Maybe you’ll be tired of it then.”

Sanshi’ba Guo was making sucking noises. After hearing Gu YuMian’s words, he couldn’t help crying, “Papa…”

The rabbit, the koala and the Red Crowned Crane couldn’t help but raise their ears.


Shuo Han lifted Sanshi’ba Guo without expression.

16th Guo told him, “You can’t call him Papa. Call him Ancestor.”

The rabbit rubbed its ears.


What’s all this about?

Little husky and little Tangyuan also cooperate with each other. The little fox was able to figure out the whole story, but he was still in a trance because he was worried about his apron falling off.

16th Guo looked around at the circle of children who had various puzzled looks, cleared his throat, and was about to explain.

There was a sudden rustle in the grass nearby.

Then, behind the big tree, two fat pandas stuck out their heads.

Three chubby little heads came out of the grass.

Black and white, chubby and fluffy.

They rolled over into Gu YuMian’s arms and stopped.

They couldn’t resist the double attraction of “Gu YuMian and hotpot”, and the pandas who had come to recognize their ancestor came from the surrounding task sites.

“It’s 27th and 28th,” Shi’er introduced to Gu YuMian. “The grandsons of Uncle Seven, they both play badminton. And this is 36th, this — “

Gu YuMian carefully looked at their round faces one by one, remembered the appearance of the children, and nodded.

Many little Tangyuans looked up with his round head arching into Gu YuMian’s arms.

Shuo Han, “……”

Guests, “?”

“In a word, this is our ancestor.”

16th Guo, “Our Grandfather’s father, do you understand?”

Guests, ”?”

“Are you stupid? Don’t understand?”

Guests, “…???”


Just eating, drinking, and then setting up camp together, chatting, unknowingly it was already the middle of the night. It was a pity that Sanshi’ba or the other pandas that had recently arrived couldn’t stay for a long time. After a meal and Gu YuMian’s hug, they still had to go back to the task site to go to bed reluctantly.

There were no tents tonight, but there were tree holes to keep out the wind and rain. The holes in these old trees were hollow, and were not wet. The program team should have dealt with them in advance. Although they wanted to sleep with Gu YuMian, they were all so big that they couldn’t stick to him. Besides… 


If they didn’t leave some space for Shuo Han and Gu YuMian to get along with each other, our ancestor’s boyfriend may fight the pandas.

It’s nice to be young.

His great grandson and great great grandson couldn’t help sighing. He took the husky, Guo Er Shisi and fox to sleep together.

In any case, we’ll leave time for both of them tonight.


It’s still good to have a few sensible older children at home.

Shuo Han nodded, barely satisfied.

The guests all went around considerately and went to sleep.

Gu YuMian finished taking care of the firewood and dishes left over from the hot pot, washed his hands by the river, took some water and came back. He saw Shuo Han walking away with his back against the tree.

“What are you doing?” Gu YuMian asked him.

Shuo Han glanced at him.

He was silent for a moment, and then he whispered, “Jealous.”

He had skillfully exercised this legal right granted by Gu YuMian.

Gu YuMian, “……”

Shuo Han, “…… Do you like me? “

Why was Gu YuMian so calm?

Peace was no different.

It was clear that Gu YuMian was not like Shuo Han.

There was no time to desire to have, and have after thinking about gain and loss.

Gu YuMian, “Well, what do you think?” He thought for a while, holding Shuo Han’s hand, and looked at him in the summer moon of Ancient Earth.

From the corner of the eye to the lip. Shuo Han knew all of Gu YuMian’s expressions. His frowns, lazy expressions, his smile… What it was it like to hold hands and kiss… 

Gu YuMian was very slow in emotion, because of his nature.

But it doesn’t mean that he wouldn’t be moved.


“I don’t know how to express it. Would you like to listen to my heartbeat?”

Shuo Han’s hand was taken by Gu YuMian and placed against his chest, above his heart.

Warm, quick… 

Bang bang bang bang.

Every beat said,

“You are very important.”

“Like you.”

“Very much, very much.”

Shuo Han’s lips were tight and his eyes were dark.

The shadow of the trees swayed. Gu YuMian bent his eyes, put his hand around Shuo Han’s neck and let him lower his head, and then slightly raised his own head.

Then kissed him.


Shuo Han was frozen in place. In any case, Gu YuMian was so close that he couldn’t breathe. Shuo Han hugged him and kissed him from the corner of Gu YuMian’s lips to the jaw, clavicle and neck. At the same time, he said, “I’ll be with you every day.”


“Kiss every morning before you wake up, and at night.” Better to… Well, that wasn’t urgent.


“By the way, come back to the Upper Urban District with me after the variety show and meet the other royal family members.”

Although I don’t want to see those fools very much, the Royal Engagement must see other members, so in any case, I need to turn Gu YuMian back and label him as mine.

“Okay…” Gu YuMian, “……”



Royal family?


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