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Chapter 92: Fireworks

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo finds this couple so cute


Gu YuMian, “The royal family… What do you mean?”

Shuo Han, “…”

For a while, he was so pleased that he let it slip.


Half an hour later, the moon of the Ancient Earth was gentle.

All the guests were scattered in several tree holes. The nearest one to Gu YuMian was their tree hole with Guo Shi’er. Obviously, these big children and little children were very excited tonight because they finally met Gu YuMian. From time to time, there were whispers of discussion and laughter.

After that, there was even snoring from the koala in the tree a little further away.

The two ladies, the rabbit and the Red Crowned Crane, prepared a sleeping mask.

Under the big tree near the river sat Gu YuMian and Shuo Han.

Gu YuMian sighed.

I will definitely remember this day for my whole life, Gu YuMian thought. There are so many things that happened on this day.

——I met the children of the Guo family.

——Felt love for the first time.

——Well, cross species love.

And at the end of the day, there were surprises.

The person he loved was the emperor.

The legendary SSS level spiritual power, who was only 20-years-old when he went on the front lines, spent seven years to defeat the Zerg, and spent one year eliminating the previous iron-blooded Emperor.

The controversy around him was as famous as his effort in war. In this interstellar age, no one on the Internet dared to mention his name or spread even a picture about him in private.

Such a legendary emperor was his boyfriend.

Gu YuMian had kept him for such a long time, and his belly had been rubbed. He had delicious food to eat and drink. In addition to the vinegar essence, he would be ‘ferocious’ at ordinary times.

Gu YuMian reached out and took a handful of water from the cool stream, “I want to be quiet about our relationship.”

Shuo Han mumbled. “Why be quiet?”

Gu YuMian, “…”

He was too old-fashioned. Now he felt a cold sweat on his back.

“All in all, I —” In the middle of the sentence, suddenly Gu YuMian’s voice became smaller. He looked at Shuo Han for a moment, put the back of his hand on the man’s forehead, thought about it, and asked softly, “Aren’t you afraid?”

Shuo Han was actually calm.

At least not as nervous as the time when he was exposed as not being a real cub. When he narrated his identity, his tone was very flat, like he was talking about a stranger.

It was just that his grey-blue eyes had been closely watching Gu YuMian, and didn’t want to miss any of his subtle expressions.

Shuo Han, silent for a moment, clasped his hand and denied, “No.”

Most members and ministers felt that their majesty may never care about his reputation.

In the seven years when he led the troops to the battle, he would rather spend 20 hours without sleep to arrange tactics, rather than spend a minute to manage the Capital Star’s “Royal Scandal” at that time.

Shuo Han didn’t care.

It was not worth mentioning that unimportant people express some unimportant opinions to themselves.

He was strong enough to get what he wants.

But he also knew that he was not an Emperor with such a good reputation.

‘Patricide,’ ‘violent,’ ‘greedy,’ ‘impure blood with unknown origin,’ ‘heretic’ …

Shuo Han was like a dragon sleeping lazily on countless gold and silver treasures. There were many ugly and horrible scars on his body, which many people were afraid of. Before meeting Gu YuMian, he even thought that the scars and the fearful eyes were nothing strange and worth showing off.

They were all afraid of him.

It’s ridiculous.


Later, the dragon began to realize that the ugliness of his skin might frighten the human he loved. Other people’s frightened eyes were like the tide, which would push the dragon further away and colder, step by step, and his human would never be there.

But it’s already like this. He would never become the kind of person most liked, modest and helpful.

The dragon was clumsy and awkward, putting on a false and beautiful coat, and living with a heavy burden all the time.


Shuo Han could give Gu YuMian a lot of things.

He could pile up the softest fabric in the whole universe at his feet, display fireworks for him in the most prosperous places of Capital Star for many nights, send him many galaxies with rich resources and charming scenery, and let his name be remembered by everyone for a long time to come.

Shuo Han was ‘almost’ omnipotent.

But he could never be a man praised by his neighbors, a lover with a good reputation, a man who was the most ordinary but worthy of Gu YuMian’s gentleness.

Many people were afraid of him.

What about Gu YuMian?

Would Gu YuMian be afraid of him?

He was a fake and shoddy product that had been exposed to hypocrisy and beauty. Although he had been bought home by his lover with bad eyes, he was afraid of being returned.

The omnipotent Emperor never knew this emotion; terrified.

His throat was dry.

His back was tight.

Every knuckle was stiff.

Shuo Han looked at Gu YuMian for a moment and said, “No fear. What are you afraid of?”

Gu YuMian raised his eyebrows, looked at him for a while, and said “um” without hesitation, then, “Then can I ride you?”

Gu YuMian asked this nonchalantly.




Shuo Han’s hand spasmed. With a strong force, he broke the solid trunk beneath his hand.

All the serious contemplation about life and love suddenly disappeared.

Gu YuMian, “???”

Shuo Han coughed. His entire ear was red. He looked up and down at Gu YuMian once, “What kind of ride?”

Did he mean which… position?

Here? Outside?

He wouldn’t object, but——

Gu YuMian, “………”

Gu YuMian was also stunned for a while, then he came back to himself and almost coughed.

Didn’t you just say something serious? How did your brain end up there?

How could this cute fluffy Shou Han think of something like this?

An hour later, a majestic snow leopard, with Gu YuMian on his back, soared among the stars.

The big snow leopard looked exactly like the little snow leopard after growing up. But he was much more handsome than Gu YuMian dreamed of.

Smooth, beautiful, gorgeous silver fur covered with stripes; slender and strong body; his eye color was lighter than when he was a cub, his pupils were indifferent and a frightening light silver gray.

He was bigger than all the big cats Gu YuMian had ever seen.

Super handsome.


Still obedient.

Gu YuMian held his neck and touched his big fluffy head.

The snow leopard gave him a quiet look, his cold eyes softened a little, and moved away, a little embarrassed.

This was absolutely something that most people would never experience in their lives.

Not long ago, the snow leopard and Gu YuMian rose from a small stream until they had a full view of the gentle and quiet blue stars in the whole night, and then a transparent barrier covered them all the way through the atmosphere to the boundless universe… 

There were many planets around Earth.

Prosperous, bright and desolate.

All the twinkling stars were interwoven into an indescribable brilliant star river. The wind from the deep universe, which had been blowing for hundreds of millions of years, gently swept over Gu YuMian’s forehead.


“Would you give someone else a ride?”

Snow leopard squinted at him for a while, hissing, his eyes were lazy and arrogant. Who dared?

He wanted to take Gu YuMian back and press him down into the quilt.

But if he liked it, he would do whatever he wanted.

He was his, he could monopolize him, kneel down and kiss him.

Submit only to him.

“All right, all right.” Gu YuMian grinned and scratched his furry chin.

Even in the interstellar age, what Shuo Han could do was beyond Gu YuMian’s imagination. To travel through the universe at a high speed and freely, to create a space with oxygen and appropriate temperature for the vulnerable human while in the sky. When meeting meteorites, he didn’t even need to do anything, and when approaching them, they would break up into powder on their own.

It wasn’t a long journey. They traveled to seven different planets.

At dusk on some planets, they bought the cloaks of local people in the market, covered the silver hair and blue eyes of Shuo Han, and walked through the simple and lively streets shoulder to shoulder. There were also undeveloped planets like the Ancient Earth that were completely uninhabited, with dead trees and long winds all over the uneven surface. There were also planets inhabiting creatures that were not intelligent but vicious.

“Can you keep your ears?”

When he became human, Shuo Han listened to Gu YuMian’s words and left his plush ears out.

His hair had also grown, and the beautiful silver hair fell down to his waist. He lowered his head and asked Gu YuMian to help him tie it up. With his military uniform, there was a kind of coldness, aloofness and beauty that was particularly dignified and arrogant, as well as the connivance and gentleness that was only aimed at Gu YuMian. 1

The planet was uninhabited, with only thousands of miles of sand dunes rustling in the dark.

Gu YuMian raised his hand a little and helped Shuo Han tidy up his collar and hair. Shuo Han lowered his head awkwardly and his pair of ears were drooping strangely and cleverly.

At this time, from the sand dune behind Gu YuMian, a greedy beholder approached… 

Gu YuMian only heard a loud noise, then his eyes were covered by Shuo Han, and all he could see was darkness.

The tip of the nose smelled blood.

Gu YuMian asked, “Shuo Han?”

Shuo Han frowned and his gray-blue eyes were light with inorganic light.

This creature should have been extinct for a long time. Why was it here? On this abandoned planet near Ancient Earth?

Shuo Han answered, “It’s a derivative of the Zerg. It’s dead… Don’t be afraid.”

This seemed to be the first time Shuo Han had killed a creature in front of Gu YuMian. Shuo Han was used to killing. He didn’t even need to think to do it. He could kill in a single breath with his eyes closed. Even his breathing was smooth.

But he knew it was not a pretty sight.

He was uncomfortable.

Twenty years ago, on the edge of interstellar space, Shuo Han rescued a single planet surrounded by Zerg. At the end of the war, the adjutants and soldiers who rushed to the reinforcement had been completely parasitized by the Zerg and their brains had died. They were about to become a new source of infection. Shuo Han killed them just as he killed the Zerg.

At that time, all the people who were saved showed their fear.

It was like Shuo Han had stepped out of hell with a deadpan expression, blood on his cheeks. It was a little more disgusting than the fierce and ferocious Zerg.

“I can’t guess his thoughts, I can’t see his emotions.”

“I’m afraid, he’s disgusting.”

“I don’t know when the Particle Cannon facing the Zerg will turn to us.”

“Anyway, life is just as cheap in his eyes.”

Shuo Han hated taking pictures and leaving his own images.

It had been like this since childhood.

Since he was a stranger, everyone was afraid of him, and of course he didn’t like them.

Such eyes accompanied him most of Shuo Han’s life.


The wind of the dunes blew through the night.

Gu YuMian reached out and gently pressed the back of Shuo Han’s hand.

“Don’t be afraid?”

Don’t be afraid of the derivatives of Zerg?

Or, don’t be afraid of you?

Gu YuMian gently and firmly grasped Shuo Han’s hand a little bit, clasping it with his ten fingers.

He saw the ferocious and twisted creature in a pool of gravel and blood. He glanced in Shuo Han’s direction. Shuo Han lowered his eyes and deliberately avoided his gaze. Gu YuMian watched him carefully for a long time, then slowly exhaled a breath.

He sighed, “Shuo Han, aren’t you seldom praised?”

Gu YuMian’s eyes were very gentle, like amber, sunset, a light brown gentle lake, and Shuo Han saw two extremes.

Now those eyes, which have made countless people fall in love with him, looked at him.

The human youth belonging to Shuo Han had a very handsome appearance. His lips were gently pursed, his eyes were clearly bent up, but they seemed like he was about to cry again.

Gu YuMian said to Shuo Han, “Then I’ll praise you.”

Those people are stupid.

Being afraid of such a big baby.

“You are very good, very strong. You defended against the Zerg for seven years and defeated them. You are very powerful… really powerful. Everyone will do something wrong. I know you have worked hard. You don’t need to be critical of yourself all the time. Although I still need time to accept all this, I need time to understand all about you. But I feel really lucky to meet you and live with you. Thank you.”

Gu YuMian reached out and his thumb stroked the corner of Shuo Han’s eye, even though there were no tears. “I can say it every day if you like.”

“… Twice a day.” Shuo Han lowered his eyes and held Gu YuMian’s hand with his fingertips quivering.

Then they kissed.

In the deserted planet, with only night and white sand dunes, with the eternal wind surrounding them.


Later that night, fireworks flew all night over Capital Star.

Gorgeous and charming fireworks, one after another blew up in the air. It was not a special day, but it was just like a grand festival, these beautiful fireworks made everyone stop and look up.

It was just like the fireworks in front of Shuo Han the first time he laid eyes on Gu YuMian. His eyes were grabbed by him, his pulse beat for him, and his mind was dazzled by Gu YuMian every moment and every second.

Many years later, Shuo Han was still in a state of uncontrollable confusion.

Gu YuMian was a unique star in Shuo Han’s life, shining through the brilliant flowers of life.

And a sweet dream that he didn’t need to wake up from.

At twelve in the morning, just as everyone was talking about the unknown fireworks on Capital Star.

Ding Dong.

A profile that everyone cared about, which had never published anything, suddenly updated.

[Shuo V: My firework. Picture.]

The picture was a silhouette of a young person looking up at the vast starry sky.

Because it was a silhouette, one could only see a general outline, the details and so on were not clear. They didn’t know whether it was unintentional or the photographer was mean and didn’t want to share his lover with others, even if it was just a picture.

So he was contradictory. He wanted to show off his unique treasure, but he didn’t want the treasure to be known by others.

What’s more remarkable was the deep love that was revealed from the camera language.


Everyone shook their hands and slid up to take a look at the publisher.


The profile had no default picture and no column or profile information. Except for the official “V” and no attention, everything else was a white board.

But there was no mistake.

… It was His Majesty.

‘My firework’??

Was this… an official announcement???

Your Majesty?! Who is the person????


The calm before the storm lasted two or three seconds, and then——

The Star Network went down.


[WTF…… ]

[WTF, what magical creature can capture His Majesty’s heart??]

[My firework? Aaaaaah! That’s great!!!! I am dizzy, who can hold me up!!! ]

The Star Network blew up.

The cabinet exploded, too.

… Before Shuo Han ascended the throne, the power of the cabinet was unimaginable, almost reaching the level of covering the sky with one hand. As for the special irreplaceable nature of the royal family, up to Shuo Han’s father’s generation, the royal power had been basically suspended.

Later, a large part of the effort was devoted to the elimination of the cabinet.

The cabinet no longer had the right to speak. Its main role now was to help manage government affairs and create some minor troubles for Shuo Han, such as urging his marriage.

Of course they looked forward to His Majesty’s marriage.

But it didn’t mean that they wanted Shuo Han to marry someone of unknown origin casually. The meaning was far from good!

There was no form.

“And the heraldry?” More than 400 white haired cabinet leaders, leaning on crutches, got up in the middle of the night to hold a meeting. “It’s so unorthodox, it’s not like words!”

One minister said, “Well, the heraldry has been taken away by His Majesty several months ago. He has checked the registration information and entered it…”

Another minister said, “If His Majesty is determined to do so, we will…”

It was embarrassing.

A cabinet that once had a good time… Now it was reduced to the power of a secretary.

Of course, it was a pity that their leaders’ thinking still seemed to stay at the time when they were in charge of the world twenty years ago.

“What are you talking about? We are the cabinet!” The head old man exclaimed. “How dare he defy the authority of the cabinet? It’s really not possible. We just bump into the pillars in front of the parliament one by one — cough, cough — and die. Can he act recklessly under the pressure of public opinion?”

There was silence.

First, they didn’t want to crash.

Secondly, His Majesty could do anything.

And depending on the situation, it was true.

Even if the wheel can’t be killed, I’m afraid that if they dared to raise a little objection, they would be “cleaned up” by the particle gun again in the middle of the night

“Now the war is almost over,” one minister said hesitantly. “It’s almost time to give the freedom of marriage back to the royal family, and it’s also good for the public to be the first partner, in terms of public praise and popularity.”

“Well, I think so.”

“Now the pursuit of spiritual power and power is a little extreme, and there is racial discrimination, if His Majesty can take the lead to stand out…”

“The end of the war? It doesn’t seem like…” A man in the corner said, “just detected —”

“I won’t allow this to happen.” The chief old man interrupted them with a livid face. “Tomorrow, in the morning of the meeting, I will go to the door of the Council and wait. I will persuade His Majesty with my death. Can he be indifferent?”

The first minister thought about it and said cautiously, “I don’t think so.”

Head, “Hum, of course.”

Minister, “Maybe he will set off two firecrackers to celebrate.”

Head, “…”

Everyone, “…”

They were professionally trained and generally did not laugh.

Unless they couldn’t help it.

After the emergency meeting was dissolved, they couldn’t hold back… 



The next day, Ancient Earth in the morning. 

It was a fine day today. The stream flowed quietly and the sky was bright.

At this point, the pandas are still sleeping. I’m going to call them to get up and wash. What’s for breakfast?

However, as the Emperor, was it really good for Shuo Han to come to the variety show?

Gu YuMian slept in a daze and thought a lot of things in his brain. In his dream, he felt as if he was held tightly by a dragon, which seemed to have a fever and a body temperature that was very hot.

What was the hard and hot thing against his waist? Was it the dragon’s tail?


Three seconds later, Gu YuMian suddenly opened his eyes.

Shuo Han held him and yawned lazily.

Because Gu YuMian liked it, his ears hadn’t changed back, and he even had his long, powerful, plush tail out — but the thing against Gu YuMian’s waist was not the tail… 

Shuo Han’s long silver hair flowed like water all over the bed. He glanced casually at Gu YuMian, kissed his fingers in satisfaction, and then asked suggestively, “Ride me?”


Gu YuMian coughed violently.

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