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Chapter 93: Need you

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo thinks His Majesty has got no chill xD


Last night, the blog post [My Firework] almost paralyzed the whole Star Network. Tens of thousands of programmers stayed up late and worked overtime to maintain it.

… And the earthquake effect it brought was sustainable. From the top to the bottom, from the cabinet members to the common people, many people even stay up all night gossiping. The next morning when people went to school or work, almost everyone around was discussing this!

The royal family had always been the focus of attention.

In addition, Shuo Han was the most independent member of the royal family. Unlike the previous monarchs who were more ‘spiritual pillars’ and had no real power, Shuo Han was actually in power, participating in politics, and holding control over the army. And the royal marriage system meant that all royal family members would have only one partner for life, and everything they had would be shared with their partners — which was one of the reasons why many royal families chose to be single. Many royal family members were forced to marry by the cabinet.

Where was the Emperor’s companion from? What race? What identity? Was it true love or a pure interest marriage?

All of this, presumably, would have a significant impact on the overall situation and the lives of all people in the future. 

Everyone had a feeling that they were standing at the intersection of historical changes.

From the moment last night to this point of the day, the little official information about Shuo Han’s recent three years had been searched by netizens, including the possible identity of the young man in the photo.

“My God, did you read the blog last night? Has His Majesty’s account been stolen…”

“Certainly not. Who dares to steal his things? And last night, Capital Star did set off fireworks in response. It’s a bit romantic if you think about it.”

“I feel really spoiled getting to see his photos and blog posts. It’s totally different from his style.”

The Cinderella version of the story was the most accepted version for female high school students. And there were many people who believed that it was a young master’s ten years of infatuation and bitter love that came true, a single arrow turned into a double arrow, and fake love began to be true love and so on.


But in any case, it was only a few young people who had fantasies about the story, while more spectators were rational.

Love story? Royals couldn’t love.

Needless to say, from Shuo Han’s father to the tens of generations of Emperors and their partners, there was not a pair that had married because of love. But, due to Shuo Han’s character of being passive, cold and irascible, it was even more impossible.

“It’s just a gesture. Do you think that person will really fall in love with someone? Isn’t that so naive?”

“It should be a compromise with the cabinet. Didn’t the cabinet urge marriage before? Maybe the political situation needs to make some big moves. I didn’t expect that His Majesty would be subject to the cabinet one day. What happened? Will there be another war?”

“This post seems to be very affectionate. It’s good to have pictures. I guess the Secretary has pondered over it for a long time. Hahahaha!”

“I also think this is a ploy to directly hand everything over to the Secretary. What official publicity or fireworks… I don’t think His Majesty has that spare time.”

“Well, anyway, I hope everything is okay.”


It was different from the hot discussion on the Internet and outside.

Gu YuMian and Shuo Han, who were at the center of the storm, were spending their first morning after becoming lovers.

This morning was so peaceful and calm… 

Well… kind of… 

Shuo Han, “Do you want to ride me?”

Gu YuMian was speechless before he retorted, “No.”

How had he tempted this wolf??!

Gu YuMian actually thought about whether he was wrong. After all, Shuo Han used to show his belly and claws to sell his cute, white and soft little snow leopard form like a cat. How could this happen?! Maybe he was referring to the ‘riding’ in the actual sense like last night?

But he wasn’t… 

Shuo Han gave a questioning look. He looked a little confused and looked at Gu YuMian with that ‘don’t you have adult needs’ look.

The question in his eyes was one that normal young people would have.

It was… 

Very explicit.

The light gray-blue eyes, which were not cold toward Gu YuMian, were half closed in a squint. The eyes traveled from Gu YuMian’s lips to his throat, shoulders and neck, and along his shirt collar to the waistline. The look made Gu YuMian feel as though he had been kissed from the roots of his hair to his fingertips.

He was a fierce animal and really wanted to push Gu YuMian down into the quilt.


Shuo Han reached out and held Gu YuMian’s shoulder. “Let’s try it.”

It had been too late and they were too tired returning last night — Shuo Han didn’t sleep for a whole month, but Gu YuMian obviously didn’t have the energy, so although Shuo Han was a little reluctant, he finally let Gu YuMian sleep.

Shuo Han took off his military coat last night and slept in the T-shirt Gu YuMian was looking for. He seemed to be at home. At this time, half-lying on his side, he stretched out his hand to Gu YuMian. When he fell asleep, his T-shirt inadvertently rode up against his abdomen, revealing clear and strong abdominal muscles.

He looked at Gu YuMian eagerly.

Those online, who had made a private bet that ‘His Majesty was absolutely cold’, would never have guessed that Shuo Han would have such an expression and look in his life.

Gu YuMian had never thought that he would be lured by the body of the same sex.

But after all, he was in love. His first love.

“……” Gu YuMian couldn’t help the blush that covered his ears. He was sweating a little at the tip of his nose, and his back was against the edge of a tree, but he tried to say, “No.”

Gu YuMian was eager to have a conservative and conventional love, step by step.

Although they had cohabited in advance, everything should go according to common sense, right? It was better to date for about two or three months, then hold hands, hug, kiss, meet the parents or family members, and then… Well, build a closer relationship, then cohabitation and marriage.

But Shuo Han’s style and pace were very different from his; it was radical. It was like he was an underachiever with bad grades, but somehow he jumped from grade to grade, again and again…

At this moment, Shuo Han raised his eyebrows, held Gu YuMian’s hand, kissed his palm, and then rubbed the pad of his finger. Shuo Han seemed to like his fingers, especially his ring finger.

It was like he was measuring his ring finger’s circumference, just like trying to figure out what size of ring——

“……” Gu YuMian was a little shocked, then his heart beat faster.

A small windy window opened up from within the tree, and it shone softly into the early morning light. Outside the window was a light sky.

Shuo Han easily encircled Gu YuMian in his arms, kissed the ends of his hair, lips and eyes, and exchanged a deep kiss until they were both out of breath.

The temperature rose a little bit.

From the beginning, he didn’t understand, even when their teeth met, but now they were quite proficient.

Gu YuMian could never imagine that two people could be separated from each other. After all, love, in any case, was still very variable, especially when they originally had family relations, if their love broke down at that time, even the family could do nothing… But no matter, at that time or now, Gu YuMian had never had such a concern, nor had he been tied up and worried about gain or loss.

Because it was Shuo Han.

Shuo Han was that kind of person; he had no idea about the world and his patience was basically zero. He wanted to learn how to fall in love and used the wrong method. But he was cut off by Gu YuMian. Shuo Han didn’t know if he was being blind and confident, or alone and brave.

If Gu YuMian didn’t like him, he would lose everything.

But how could Gu YuMian not like him?


Shuo Han’s hands were long and broad, with distinct knuckles, and his fingertips were calloused.

Gu YuMian hadn’t noticed that before. Shuo Han was the “lonely” monarch; every time he touched his finger, Gu YuMian would have a heart ache.

Shuo Han grabbed the soft moment in Gu YuMian’s heart, moved his hand through the hem of Gu YuMian’s shirt, and trailed down.

Gu YuMian held Shuo Han’s wrist tightly, “You…”

Shuo Han looked at him for a moment with his eyelids lowered.

“You need it, too.” Shuo Han’s voice was a little lazy and eager, with a happy look.

Although reason told him that he shouldn’t ask, Gu YuMian still said, “What do I need?”

Shuo Han responded, “Sex. And me.”

This was too straightforward. Gu YuMian, the ancient earthman, wanted to find a place to hide.

Shuo Han whispered, “I’ll help you.”

The kiss deepened.

“No, the children are still outside —” This was the only reason Gu YuMian could think of to refuse.

Shou Han had forgotten all about them… 


Half a second later, they were interrupted… 

“Good morning! Let’s see if all the guests get up! The day’s schedule is about to start. First, guest 1 — I’m sorry to disturb you.” The little robot of the program team came in through the crack in the tree door but quickly left.

Behind, the robot was followed by little Tangyuan, Sanshi’ba, Shi’er, Shi’san and 16th Guo. The little fox put his paws on his face and also went out.

Shuo Han, “……”

Gu YuMian, “……”


Starting today, everyone began to live in the wild with only the river and lake to use to wash. Gu YuMian took a towel and wiped the stinking Shuo Han first.

Shuo Han whispered,

——”Too big, not small.” This was a comment about the pandas in the Guo family.

——”Bold.” It was about the little robot.

Gu YuMian. “… Okay, okay.”

Was his boyfriend a child? His thoughts were so cute and childish.

Oh, he really was.

Until recently, Xue Tuan was still a naive vinegar expert. Now, in addition to that, it seems that all the others are Shuo Han children, not like the Emperor Gu YuMian knew.

He was a little bit cold and fierce, but he was lovely.

Fortunately, the program group was not so damaged. The little robot was just a wake-up call service, not a direct live broadcast, or the consequences would really be — in fact, there seemed to be no consequences? Anyway, they were lovers.

Gu YuMian thought about it a little while preparing breakfast, but he didn’t think about it much. After all, surrounded by a lot of fluffy children, Gu YuMian had a really hard time having personal time to think about things.

Last night when eating hot pot, he was so happy that he didn’t think of saving ingredients at all. This morning, ingredients directly changed from being full of spices, high-grade synthetic meat and so on to the most common potatoes, slices of bacon, a little flour, a little oil and salt.

From today on, ingredients and water would depend on the completion of tasks.

Of course, Gu YuMian couldn’t be defeated.

Director Kokao, the koala, helped a lot because he used to live in the wild alone and could make a fire. Gu YuMian simply treated the ingredients, kneaded the flour and dried it, sliced the potatoes and marinated them. In a short time, the potato cakes fried on both sides had turned golden in the hot oil, and the dark bacon chips were dotted in it, sending out the attractive fresh and crisp fragrance. They could feel the crispness just by pinching it with chopsticks.

When he took the potato cake out of the pot to cool it, he could hear the sound of everyone’s mouth watering. Gu YuMian couldn’t help laughing. It didn’t take long.

At eight o’clock in the morning, another day’s variety show officially began.

After the official start, the guests would not see the bullet screen of the audience, nor need to think about the interaction with the audience like the live broadcast — it was a lot easier for Gu YuMian, because he had to pay attention to Shuo Han and the babies of the Guo family, as well as the little fox and the little husky. He really had no energy to interact with the bullet screen.

But Shuo Han seemed to have something to do in the morning and it was better to stay in the camp and not take part in the recording. It was just a pity for the audience who couldn’t see him for the gossip.

Shuo Han should have something to do with it, after all, he was the Emperor. Although Gu YuMian hadn’t fully digested this fact.

Besides, the little fox had something to do too. When Gu YuMian got up to brush his hair in the morning, the little guy was looking at something with a pair of light glasses on his face. It seemed that it was something from the Academy of Sciences, and he also didn’t participate in the recording.

As for what the bullet screen would say? He would just go with the flow.

At noon, the guests had just finished a task, and it was not easy to get ingredients. Of course, Gu YuMian was responsible for the work of cooking lunch.

After eating, there was also a lunch break for the live broadcast.

“Ancestor.” Guo Shi’er mysteriously pulled Gu YuMian aside.

Gu YuMian, “Hmm?”

“There are several things I want to tell you.” Guo Shi’er seemed to be hesitant, holding his round face with his two claws. “The first one is that your boyfriend seems to be…”

Gu YuMian didn’t understand how he guessed it at the beginning. He thought it might be because of the foresight mentioned earlier? So he smiled and touched the head of Guo Shi’er, “Oh, I know that, but thank you.”

Guo Shi’er, whose head was touched, couldn’t help patting his belly. He felt relieved, “That’s good. There is another thing you should know, right? About little Tangyuan being Guo Er Shisi…”

Gu YuMian nodded, “Oh, YuanYuan is Guo Er Shisi… I beg your pardon? That big star?”

Guo Shi’er, “…”

Gu YuMian was speechless. 

Tangyuan tilted his head. “Chii?”

Ten minutes later.

“… So he didn’t mean for it to happen and his brain has regressed now. Because of the egg shaped rescue capsule from before, he changed back to a child’s appearance, but we don’t know why it is taking so long for him to change back. We’ve already interfered, but it’s estimated that it will take a while for him to get better. He could have become an adult but he didn’t want to be found by that agent. Maybe when he became an adult, you were not nearby.”


Little Guo Er Shisi knew nothing about his ploy being found out, and he was lying on Gu YuMian’s lap and sucking his claws naively. Gu YuMian held his forehead, “Okay, I know now. What else do I not know?”

“That’s it. There’s a lot of trivial things going on.” Guo Shi’er laughed and smiled.

Of course, Gu YuMian didn’t know at the moment that the Guo family submitted an application to let Gu YuMian become the guardian of the whole family… This kind of thing was actually called trivial by Guo Shi’er, it was an understatement. This was a legal process in the case of race differences and the extremely rare and endangered species.

Although Gu YuMian was said to be the ‘Guardian,’ in fact, this guardianship relationship was the most beneficial for Gu YuMian — he had little responsibility to bear, except for the main shares of profit-making projects and the property rights of houses everywhere. Most importantly, no matter what happened to Gu YuMian, the Guo family would be the most solid support.

No matter what he wanted to do, whether he wanted to continue to be an anchor, or wanted to develop restaurant related business, no matter what accidents, changes, or if he was rich or poor… 

As long as there was even one panda in the Guo house, they would always be his family. Just like how Gu YuMian used to treat the naughty Big Guo along with 2nd and 3rd Guo as his family. This was not an just an oral statement. It was a legal certification that would come into effect, and it was also unconditionally agreed by all members of the Guo family.

At this moment, Gu YuMian looked at Guo Shi’er. He felt like he hadn’t said something important.

The fat panda blinked innocently.

“That’s everything?”

“Hm.” Guo Shi’er nodded.

“Then… Shall we go back and rest?” Gu YuMian suddenly remembered what he had thought of before and almost forgot, “By the way, Shi’er, wait a minute.”

Guo Shi’er stopped.

Shi’san and 16th were in the corner, Sanshi’ba and forty-two were a little bit away and so on… And he stopped. Gu YuMian hesitated for a moment and asked, “You… Do you want to take my last name?” Gu YuMian hastily added, “It’s ok if you don’t want to…” 

Gu YuMian really regarded these children as his own. But their surname was Guo, which was thought of before by Gu YuMian, who was not very good at giving names. In Sichuan, the meaning of the character ‘guo ()’ was actually ‘brother.’ Before that, he wanted to be a big brother who could take good care of them, so they were not lonely. Who would have thought it would be used for thousands of years. On the Internet, there were still many people who would laugh at Guo Er Shisi’s family name for being ‘too rustic’ and ‘it’s really like picking it up from a trash can. Isn’t it too casual…’

He felt so aggrieved for his children.

His pandas were not from the trash.

They were under the care of a parent.

Although he came a little late, as long as Gu YuMian lived a day later, he would never want to see the saying that ‘the Guo family were wild children who had no way.’

Fortunately, Gu YuMian was not the Ancient Earth man who didn’t have anything when he just arrived to the stars. Although he didn’t reach the point of omnipotence, he would go all out to protect the Guo house well.

Guo Shi’er didn’t speak for a long time.

Squatting in the corner, Shi’san and 16th did not speak either.

Gu YuMian immediately felt uneasy, “In fact, I think Gu Guo Shi’er, Gu Guo Shi’san, Gu Guo 16th and so on are very pleasant, but it’s mainly based on your opinion, if you really don’t like it…”

Guo Shi’er blinked his black bean eyes and big tears fell down.

Gu YuMian even blamed himself, “Do you not like it that much?”

Guo Shi’er gave a sniff with his tears, crying while shaking his head, “No, just I’m so happy, wuwu…”

How can I not like it??

I just like it so much, and I’m afraid of causing trouble for Gu YuMian.

Gu Guo Shi’er, Gu Guo Shi’san, Gu Guo Shi’liu… 

They were really good names. There were no better ones.

After so many years, they finally were a complete family.


The variety show was in full swing. On the other side, there was no peace.

The little fox, with his big tail, was anxiously looking at the information on his screen, his small claws clicking against the keyboard. At this time, it was useless for him to hate his super brain power. But even so, he had ten years of experience in the Academy of Sciences.

“The collection is finished. Have you sampled yet? What about the results?”

“Yes, it’s a… Zerg.”

There was a silence on both sides of the communication.

He never thought such an ordinary Ancient Earth variety show would involve such a thing. Why was it near Ancient Earth? It was almost as if it was premeditated. The most terrible thing about Zerg was their ability of parasitism and infection. It was almost a terrifying proliferation. As long as it was a creature, it could be their vessel.

In addition, their combat effectiveness was terrible. Although the weapons were advanced now, only His Majesty could completely crush the Zerg. If other soldiers met a single insect, it would be a bitter battle.

Until now, His Majesty was the only one who had a mental power at SSS level — even His Majesty, who was so terrible, had spent seven years fighting against the Zerg, which showed how difficult it was.

Where was Gu YuMian now? Where were the pandas and little husky? The little fox was very upset and was wanted to see his family.

“Hateful.” The fox bit his optical computer, and tears fell.

His main project in the Academy of Sciences was the follow-up research on the extinct Zerg.

Why was he so useless? If his power had been used at full capacity, they may have been found earlier… With tears in his eyes, the fox ran all the way from the camp to find Gu YuMian.

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