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Chapter 4- 6: Heat

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo

Xie Lin has been using inhibitors regularly since adulthood, so he has never really been in heat except for his first mild symptoms. He felt the heat and dryness of his body. The smell of his pheromone was originally a light smell of grass. At this time, it gathered together as if the grass had just been pushed by the lawnmower. It was strong and pungent.

He thinks that the scent is so wonderful. Even though Ning Yan is an Omega, he must feel uncomfortable. Xie Lin looks up at Ning Yan, but sees that Ning Yan’s breathing is heavy, his face is crimson, and he is lowering his head to kiss him.

Xie Lin, turning his head to the side, avoids Ning Yan’s kiss but also smells Ning Yan. In fact, it’s a nice scent, but it can’t be described concretely. The scent is empty and can only be perceived, but can’t be described.

After inhaling such a scent, Xie Lin felt an electric current flowing from his abdomen directly under his body. A hot and humid tide flowed out of his asshole. His already half-wet underwear is completely soaked this time. Xie Lin subconsciously curls up his legs but is pulled down by Ning Yan.

“Separate your legs.” Ning Yan says in a low voice. It’s hard for him to be rational at this time. Xie Lin also tries to be rational, but the itching in his asshole is not controlled by his will. He wants to pull his legs together, then he can at least rub himself a few times to relieve his current feeling. However, Ning Yan separates his legs and pulls his underwear down.

His lower body is completely exposed to the air. Xie Lin puts out a hand to cover his face. He feels fingers insert into him from behind. The strange sense of invasion makes him want to curl his legs up. However, as soon as he straightens his legs, he feels that his pants have fallen to his ankle and are taken off.

At the same time, a second finger also pokes in and explores without hindrance in the moist and hot environment. The liquid secreted by his asshole is sticky and moist, and the soft inner wall can not resist the wriggling, and wants to suck the finger completely.

When he lowers his hand, he doesn’t want to think.

“Mn.” When Ning Yan’s fingers touch a certain spot, Xie Lin shivers and moans. Ning Yan also seems to find that his reaction is unusual. He knows that it is probably the entrance of his genital tract. He doesn’t enter it, but frequently brushes against it when he is rubbing.

The genital tract is a hundred times more sensitive than the entrance to his asshole. Every time Ning Yan touches it, Xie Lin can’t help moaning, with a trace of crying. He doesn’t even notice how the third finger enters and how it rotates and expands in his asshole to open him up wider.

Xie Lin’s front end is tilted, and his fingers are clenched, as he is close to climaxing with just these fingers alone. However, Ning Yan’s fingers suddenly leave his asshole, which stops the coming climax. He gasps and gives a deep sob from his throat. He wants to look for Ning Yan, but he soon feels a bigger and thicker thing being inserted inside himself.

The tide was pushed back into the cave, but just after it was inserted, squelching sounds echoed, which was extremely harsh against Xie Lin’s moans and Ning Yan’s breathing. As an omega, Ning Yan’s thing is really big. Xie Lin still has some rebellious thoughts in his mind, but his body has already catered to the past, swallowing it up to the root.

Xie Lin’s hand has been taken away from his face. Ning Yan has no expression, but his face is redder than usual. He grabs the base of his thigh and wedges his penis into Xie Lin’s body.

Each time he pulls out very slowly, the red penis coated with the white body fluid, slowly retreats, reluctant to leave the small hole, which in turn does not want him to leave.

It’s much quicker to enter. He can just skip the genital tract and wander around the entrance. It always causes a shiver in Xie Lin’s body, and the soft and dense flesh of the cave wraps him more tightly. After that, Ning Yan didn’t pull it out. Instead, he took advantage of the current depth to attack again.

The glans bumped against the depths of the cave and soothed the most comfortable place. Xie Lin couldn’t help but close his legs, wanting to keep him inside completely. However, it’s not good to use both his thighs to do so, as it only pushes the penis to move in deeper.

“Gentle. Be gentle.” Xie Lin feels like he is dying. He shivers, tears seeping from the corners of his eyes. However, Ning Yan doesn’t speak any more. He just thrusts faster, pulling his whole penis out, pounding into Xie Lin’s fragile hole, and even trying to get into the genital cavity.

When the genital cavity is attacked, Xie Lin can’t speak at all. He can’t stop sobbing and wants to hold Ning Yan, but he is powerless. His brain is blank and he can only feel the movements of Ning Yan in his body. Every time he is entered, the friction would stop his itching a little, but it also brought more craving. He even pandered to it, until his asshole contracted and could not stop spasming.

Ning Yan’s movements have not stopped. Xie Lin’s asshole wraps around his penis, making it almost impossible for him to move. However, he grabs Xie Lin’s thigh and continues to thrust into the tight cavity, breaking through his defense line.

“I can’t…” Xie Lin’s penis shoots out white strings without being touched. He has a layer of sweat on his body. He is weak and trembling. His asshole is tight, and he wants to push Ning Yan out. However, Ning Yan is deeply inserted and before his climax is over, he is lead into a deeper climax.

Xie Lin couldn’t tell whether he was happy or uncomfortable. He opened his eyes but could not see anything. His tears almost soaked his whole face. When Ning Yan supports his back and pulls him up, Xie Lin holds Ning Yan’s back and eagerly searches for Ning Yan’s lips.

“Do you just want to kiss?” Ning Yan says in a low voice. Xie Lin can only feel the vibrations as Ning Yan talks. It is very nice but he doesn’t know what he said. He keeps kissing Ning Yan’s face until he finds his lips. Xie Lin sticks out his tongue and hooks it around Ning Yan’s, entangling them together.

He sat on Ning Yan completely, letting Ning Yan go deeper, as if penetrating his whole body. Ning Yan makes a few small movements, stops, reaches for Xie Lin’s hair and kisses him fondly. Xie Lin was forced to climax again by him. He tightly twisted around Ning Yan’s penis, who was also ejaculating. He held Ning Yan in his arms and thought if only Ning Yan didn’t wear a condom.

The climax lasted for a long time, and Xie Lin gradually recovered from the chaos. He gasped and hugged Ning Yan, face to face. Originally, he wanted to accuse Ning Yan of violence against him. However, seeing Ning Yan’s face, he suddenly felt a burst of love in his heart and came to kiss him.

Ning Yan is obviously very tired. After all, the movements were almost unilaterally exerted by him. His hand caresses Xie Lin’s back as they kiss.

“Are you better?” Ning Yan murmurs.

“Mn, I’m a little thirsty.” Because it was not long after he had eaten, Xie Lin was not hungry, but his body secreted too much liquid, which needed to be replenished. When he got up from Ning Yan’s embrace, the white liquid runs down his thigh. Xie Lin is usually very thick skinned, but now he can’t help blushing; his legs are soft, and he can’t stand firm.

He slowed down and got out of bed to get the water. He was only wearing a bathrobe. He was naked below. The liquid ran down his slender legs with several winding traces. Instead of cleaning, he poured two cups of warm water with a little salt in each, and brought one to Ning Yan. Then he went to the refrigerator and got a sports drink for later.

He also wants to take a bath and have a rest, but his heat is not over at all. He is afraid there will be some trouble tonight, but Ning Yan is there… This cognition makes him extremely satisfied. However, as an Omega, Ning Yan can’t appease him, but he is much more comfortable.

When Xie Lin thought of this, he didn’t ask Ning Yan what he was doing. They drank water and didn’t make the bed, because another love session soon came.

With the first experience, the second is easier. Both are Omegas and Ning Yan is not made of iron, so this time both of them are lying on the bed with Xie Lin’s back to Ning Yan. One leg is lifted up and Ning Yan enters sideways behind him.

After a round of climax, his asshole is so wet that Ning Yan does not need to exert any force, so he dtives straight into the depths. This position is not good for exerting force, so Ning Yan’s movement is very slow, slowly pushing in, opening the small hole, stirring in the depths of Xie Lin’s body. Xie Lin is lying on his side on the bed, and Ning Yan thrusts into him and lingers in the deepest part of his body.

“Touch me.” This kind of gentle words make Xie Lin very comfortable. Unlike the last time’s urgency, Xie Lin really enjoys the feeling at this time. He opens his robe and takes Ning Yan’s hand to touch his breast. Two red nipples are already standing up, waiting to be caressed.

Ning Yan follows him and gently scratches his nipples with his fingertips. Xie Lin closes his eyes and feels that he will climax without having to touch his front. Ning Yan’s palm covers his chest, covering the thin muscles in his hands.

Every time Ning Yan enters, the hand on Xie Lin’s chest will follow him, which makes Xie Lin feel a little pain but extremely comfortable. He couldn’t help moaning. He was so well served that he cried out when the hand suddenly left and patted him on the buttocks.

With a soft moan, Xie Lin couldn’t help tightening his asshole. Although it was a little painful, it was more exciting. Ning Yan gently patted the hip until it went numb, and Xie Lin even wanted more.

Xie Lin didn’t mean to speak, but he heard Ning Yan’s smiling chuckle behind him. He heard it and wanted to see his face. Just as he wanted to turn his head, Ning Yan got up in his current posture and lay down on the bed.

Ning Yan takes him by the waist with one hand and lets him lie on the bed, puckering up his buttocks and separating his legs, just like an animal’s mating posture. Xie Lin stretches his arms out to support his body.

With two slaps, Ning Yan thrusts into him, making Xie Lin’s legs soft until he was almost lying facedown on the bed. He was just about to get angry, but he felt Ning Yan gently kissing his back.

Xie Lin can’t stand his tenderness, thinking that fortunately the other can’t see his face and forgets to be angry. Ning Yan kisses him on the back and shoulder, spinning his sticky hands around Xie Lin’s nipples.

The two nipples stand upright in Ning Yan’s hands. Each time they touch each other, they are clamped more tightly. Xie Lin straightens his back to let him go deeper.

The tide flows out along the gap between the two people. After Ning Yan played enough, he grabbed Xie Lin’s buttocks and remained motionless. He pulled Xie Lin toward himself using his nipples.

Xie Lin is struggling to support his body, pushing back in line with Ning Yan’s movements so that he can be penetrated to the deepest point. Ning Yan didn’t stay much this time. Instead, he pulls Xie Lin and thrusts into the deepest part of his body, again and again. Xie Lin takes the initiative to wrap around Ning Yan’s penis with his soft flesh.

For a long time, Xie Lin’s asshole has been slightly twitching, as if about to climax. Ning Yan suddenly pulled out all the way, and when he thrust in again, he felt that he had met with an obstacle before he went deeper.

“Don’t, Ning Yan……” Xie Lin didn’t expect that after such intense sex, his genital cavity would open and be accidentally bumped into by Ning Yan. The genital cavity is narrow and there is almost only a gap. Ning Yan’s glans pierced through, which made Xie Lin’s whole body tremble. He says no, but Ning Yan is tightly wrapped with his asshole that does not want him to leave.

“You won’t get pregnant.” Ning Yan whispers in Xie Lin’s ear.

Xie Lin doesn’t know what happened, but he feels a little sorry.

“You… Come in.” Xie Lin’s voice trembles, trying to pander back to him, but the feeling of being stabbed into the genital cavity almost makes him jump. Ning Yan kisses him on the neck and slowly enters the genital cavity, opening the narrow slit a little bit. As the genital cavity is too tight, Ning Yan takes a few deep breaths when he is in the middle of it, so that he does not shoot out immediately.

Xie Lin couldn’t speak at all. He just gasped and groaned. His voice was so sweet that he couldn’t even think of it. Ning Yan slowly inserted his penis into the reproductive cavity and opened the narrow space.

“How are you?” Ning Yan asks in a low voice. Xie Lin gives a vague hum, and then feels Ning Yan pull back a little, and then stab his entire penis in.

“Ah…” Xie Lin feels himself crying again. The feeling of inserting into the genital cavity was completely different from that of his asshole. Ning Yan moved a little bit, and it would cause him infinite pleasure. Semen was secreted tirelessly. In addition to filling the reproductive cavity, there was also semen leaking out from where the two people were connected.

Ning Yan went back and forth several times, and his movements became faster and deeper. This time, he really entered the deepest place. If he was an Alpha, he would form a knot in his body and sprinkle his seed. But Ning Yan is also an Omega, so he can only work Xie Lin to climax again, and the genital cavity shrinks more severely. Every time he opens, Xie Lin sends out a trill moan.

Xie Lin felt like he was dying and wanted Ning Yan to hug him, but he couldn’t see his face. Fortunately, Ning Yan didn’t stick to it for a long time, and after a hundred or so moves, he presses Xie Lin, who is weak all over, down and lies on the bed. His penis is still firmly wedged in the deepest part of his reproductive cavity and shoots out.

However, he did put on protection, so Xie Lin does not feel the feeling of being ejaculated into. He could only feel Ning Yan’s hand holding his penis and stroking his glans. His asshole twitched and climaxed. He also shot out in front of him, which made him lose his voice.

At this time, only the sound of Ning Yan and Xie Lin breathing can be heard. When Xie Lin finally regains consciousness, he turns his head and kisses Ning Yan. Ning Yan pulls out of his body and wipes him a little.

“Is it over?” He asked.

Xie Lin, dissatisfied with Ning Yan pulling out, kisses him again.

“It shouldn’t be over so soon.” Xie Lin says he is thirsty, but it is so comfortable being held down by Ning Yan that he doesn’t want to move. Generally speaking, an Omega’s heat lasts for a few days, and the two of them only did it twice, which is far from enough. But now it’s dark outside and it’s late. He should be able to have a good rest tonight.

“I asked for leave.” Ning Yan continues to be concise. He was thirsty, so he took the drink that Xie Lin had just placed there and took a few drinks. He was about to pass another bottle to Xie Lin, but he saw Xie Lin staring at him. He sat up and moved to kiss him.

Xie Lin took the drink from Ning Yan’s mouth and slowly recovered. He didn’t give much effort, so he recovered quickly. Ning Yan is really tired. He needs to lie in bed and rest as well as take a bath. He has to have a good sleep in the evening so that he can have the energy to face the next few days.

He was closing his eyes when he felt the feeling of being touched from behind.

Just now, Xie Lin’s brain was not clear, and now it comes to mind that Ning Yan went into heat because of him. Obviously, his heat can’t be solved by inserting it into other people. An omega’s body is naturally suitable for entry, so when he touches Ning Yan’s back, it’s not surprising that he also contributed to the liquid on the bed sheets.

“What should we do since you are in heat too?” Xie Lin is very reasonable. As soon as Ning Yan doesn’t have strength, Xie Lin’s fingers are already inserted into his asshole. Although Ning Yan is a few years older than him, he has no partner and has never been with anyone, so he is very tight. Just now, he was mainly trying to satisfy Xie Lin. At this moment, when Xie Lin’s finger is inserted in, the flesh of Ning Yan’s cave tightly wraps his fingers. His body is very honest.

“I can satisfy you, too.” Xie Lin says, adding a third finger, stabbing along the inner wall of Ning Yan, as if searching for something. After a while, he finds the closed gap and strokes it gently with his fingertip.

Ning Yan breathes for a moment, and is kissed by Xie Lin, who is smiling. Then Xie Lin rubs his body down and holds Ning Yan’s nipple on one side.

Xie Lin’s warm tongue whirled around the tip of Ning Yan’s breast, sucking from time to time, as if to suck something out of it. Xie Lin’s fingers were slowly inserted into the genital cavity, making Ning Yan’s front stiffen again, and Xie Lin grabbed him.

Xie Lin lets go of his nipple, bites on the other side and grinds it with his teeth. After a while, Ning Yan climaxes, and his genital cavity opens a little more and is gently touched by Xie Lin.

“I want to lick it. It should be sweet.” Xie Lin says softly.

“I didn’t take a bath.” Ning Yan says. Xie Lin couldn’t help laughing. He was tired, so he stopped pestering him. He asked Ning Yan to take a bath first. He made the bed, put the sheets in the washing machine, and then put on a new set. He didn’t want to take a bath with Ning Yan, or he was afraid they would do it again.

Anyway, it’s either him or Ning Yan, both of them could be done.

When Xie Lin finished washing, they went to sleep. When they woke up the next morning, Xie Lin was leaning against Ning Yan with one hand on him. Ning Yan woke up earlier than he did and he looked at Xie Lin’s head with a light smile. Then he closed his eyes and reached out to hold him. 

Xie Lin sleeps very heavily. When he wakes up, it is already very bright outside and he rubs against Ning Yang and hums comfortably. Ning Yan’s pheromone has no smell, but he has a faint fragrance, which makes him addicted.

“Hungry?” Ning Yan also wakes up and asks him.

“Mn. I don’t want to get up.” Xie Lin holds Ning Yan and doesn’t want to let go. He used to sleep on his own and he was worried that he would not adapt to sleeping in the same bed with others. However, it turns out that sleeping with Ning Yan is particularly reassuring.

In fact, he didn’t think that Ning Yan and himself would be able to go to bed together before, but he had some good feelings for him and some racing heart beats. But after sleeping together once, he felt that he couldn’t leave the other.

“So are we officially gay partners?” Xie Lin has a little smile in his voice, as well as some laziness of someone who just woke up. Ning Yan gives a chuckle as he kisses him.


Xie Lin is secretly pleased and plays with Ning Yan for a while before he gets up to eat. He takes advantage of the fact that he has not started his heat to do something else. He also asked for leave for a very simple reason, that is, his heat. Generally speaking, for Omegas who have no partners, when they have unexpected heats and need go to the hospital to deal with it, the teachers will give them a holiday.

In the afternoon, Xie Lin can smell Ning Yan’s heat.

“Brother.” Xie Lin remembers the lesson from yesterday. As soon as he feels Ning Yan’s heat, he takes his hand to take a bath. In fact, both of them had washed yesterday, so today is just an excuse to play in the bathroom.

Ning Yan hears Xie Lin call him in such a manner, and his heart moves. He wants to kiss him, but listens to him.

“It’s clean today. May I?”

Ning Yan doesn’t expect Xie Lin to be so persistent. Before he can answer, Xie Lin has already squatted down.

The shower has been turned off, and the bathroom is still foggy, but Xie Lin’s close observation shows that there is no obstacle. Ning Yan’s asshole is very wet and slippery. A finger can easily be inserted into it. Xie Lin likes this feeling very much. The wet and slippery inner wall is wrapped around his finger, which is hot and soft. After playing for a while, he slaps Ning Yan’s hip with his hand and licks the hole gently.

Maybe it’s an Omega’s inborn trait. The liquid and his asshole are also releasing a pheromone flavor. Ning Yan’s pheromone has no flavor, so it’s sexy. Xie Lin feels it is not bad, so he gently kisses his penis, making a squelching sound.

Although Ning Yan doesn’t speak, Xie Lin can see that his buttocks turning red and his legs shaking. He is obviously very excited. Xie Lin doesn’t know about the specific reason for Ning Yan’s sexual excitement and shyness. Anyway, it doesn’t make any difference to him.

He licked the mouth of Ning Yan’s asshole so it is wet enough, than tries to stick his tongue in. It is said that the muscles of the tongue are the hardest in the whole body, so the hard tongue goes into Ning Yan’s asshole and stretches it open.

Xie Lin licks the inner wall with his tongue. The soft flesh caters to him and even wants more. Xie Lin licks into the deep again. He feels Ning Yan’s body tense, so he hooks his fingers around the mouth of the cave and opens the folds.

Ning Yan’s legs trembled, while Xie Lin was immersed in the pleasure of exploring Ning Yan’s private area. A beautiful cave appeared in front of him, which made him unable to help pulling them apart, then licking and almost trying to stab his tongue into the deepest point. His whole face is buried in Ning Yan’s buttocks. He feels the tip of his tongue licking the slit, so he travels downward the slit and tries to enter his reproductive cavity.

After being licked by his tongue right up to the entrance of the genital cavity, Ning Yan can’t help moaning, which makes Xie Lin more excited. Xie Lin keeps stabbing his most sensitive place and licking the tender flesh. Before long, Ning Yan was licked to climax.

He wanted to comfort his front and let him come, but when he thought that Ning Yan almost fucked him to death yesterday, he suddenly stopped and stood up and forced Ning Yan’s climax to stop there.

“Brother, I want to have you, too.” Xie Lin says. Ning Yan doesn’t speak. He just nods as he raises his hips slightly and supports his hands against the wall.

Xie Lin really likes him and wants to possess him. He doesn’t need to hold on to him. He just stabs at him at random and takes a long time to insert into Ning Yan’s hole.

Although he licked the hole soft just now, Ning Yan is still very tight as this is his first time after all. Xie Lin broke through his bottom line inch by inch, inserted his penis completely, and stopped moving. Ning Yan turns his head and the two people kiss each other. Ning Yan takes the initiative to hook his tongue, and they kiss each other intensely. Xie Lin’s hands touch Ning Yan’s chest, scratches the tip of his breast, and strokes his abdomen. His hands touch his buttocks and thighs heavily, just teasing Ning Yan’s body.

Ning Yan’s breathing is heavy, leaning his head and resting his temple against Xie Lin’s arm. Xie Lin maliciously patted his butt a few times, pulled it a little wider, and reached for the place where they met and stroked Ning Yan’s hole.

The folds of the cave were opened by Xie Lin, which swallowed him. Xie Lin’s movements are very casual. He slowly rubbed on his inner wall and enjoyed the squeezing of the flesh. He felt that there might be no other beautiful body than Ning Yan’s in the world, and no one would be more compatible with him.

Whether it’s being done or doing others, both actions were more in tune with Ning Yan.

“Brother, touch here. I’m fucking you.” Xie Lin suddenly speeds up his movement and almost presses Ning Yan against the wall. He takes Ning Yan’s hand and touches the place connected behind him. Ning Yan puts his hand there and is constantly bumped by Xie Lin, which makes him go into a trance. Under Xie Lin’s quick operation, he reaches a climax soon.

Xie Lin hasn’t been thrusting for long, but he can still insist on it. He just presses on him, thrusts his penis into the deepest place, and makes the small hole tightly wrap himself. When Ning Yan’s climax is over, he starts again. Every time he thrusts, Ning Yan will spasm, and at the same time, he will tighten his small hole and wrap him to death.

He takes Ning Yan’s hand and asks him to insert his finger into his hole that already holds his penis. The hole is stretched to the limit, but it now contains a new finger.

“Brother, can you feel it? I make you feel comfortable, right?” Xie Lin speeds up, pulling out a little bit of his penis every time and thrusting it back in, rubbing the flesh of the pit and rubbing Ning Yan’s fingers at the same time. Ning Yan doesn’t say a word, but occasionally can’t help humming in his throat, which makes Xie Lin more excited and almost wanting to fuck him to death.

After experiencing an orgasm, Ning Yan’s second climax is even slower. Xie Lin thrusts in him, rubs his hip, caresses his inner thigh, and kisses his neck. The two finally climax together.

Ning Yan’s body twitches slightly and he gasps heavily. Xie Lin also feels that there is a blank in front of him. The feeling of releasing into the person he likes makes him extremely satisfied in addition to his pleasure. He looks at Ning Yan’s flushed face and licks the tip of his nose. The smell of sweat on the tip of his tongue is exciting.

“Brother, I want to mark you.” Xie Lin says to Ning Yan, kissing him on the lips, imprinting his lips on the glands behind Ning Yan’s neck, closing his teeth and biting.

Ning Yan’s body trembled, and there was a burst of climax. Too much liquid flowed along the place where they met. Xie Lin moved, and then he took his partner, turned on the shower, and let the hot water fell all over his face.

In the warm water, Xie Lin gently touches Ning Yan’s body. Ning Yan closes his eyes and tries to say something, but he doesn’t open his mouth.

“Brother is also good under running water. It seems that I have to exercise more in the future, otherwise I can’t satisfy you.” It doesn’t matter if he doesn’t speak. As long as he supports himself, he will never be lonely. He takes off the smaller shower head, opens the valve, and cleans Ning Yan’s hole.

The impact of the shower is very strong. The current rushes into the mouth of the hole, stimulating the inner wall and bringing out viscous body fluid. Ning Yan has just come and his body is still very sensitive. When he is impacted by the current, he makes a vague groan. The current makes him very uncomfortable, but Xie Lin certainly won’t let him go. Seeing Ning Yan’s performance like this, Xie Lin cleans his asshole with his fingers and flushes deeper.

“You’re all dirty because of me. I have to clean brother.” Xie Lin has a good argument, and even lets the water rush to the entrance of Ning Yan’s genital cavity. The more Xie Lin wants to wash him thoroughly, the more Ning Yan secretes liquid for convenience. Seeing that Ning Yan hasn’t said anything, Xie Lin kisses him with guilt and turns off the showerhead and puts it back.

“If you don’t feel well, you can say that. I’m not light hearted.” Xie Lin is a little guilty. He really likes Ning Yan’s body so much that he can’t help playing with him and trying to make him comfortable. But Ning Yan is too tolerant. In case of suffering, he still can’t help.

“Very comfortable.” Ning Yan says. He stands up, turns off the water, holds Xie Lin for a kiss, and then they change places.

Xie Lin leaned back against the wall, thinking that it is a good posture to be put on the front, but Ning Yan squats down and holds his penis in his hand. He had just guessed what Ning Yan was going to do, and his glans was licked by the other.

The wet tip of Ning Yan’s tongue licks the stem, and slowly covers it completely, bit by bit, like ice cream, as if to eat him. Xie Lin clasped his hands back against the wall and resists the impulse of his legs going weak. He looks down at Ning Yan giving him oral sex and is very excited and suddenly rose to 100 points.

Ning Yan is usually silent. An almost indifferent ‘brother’ unexpectedly putting down his posture to give him oral sex, this cognition almost let’s Xie Lin directly come. He imagined Ning Yan’s expression. He imagined that he was going in and out of his mouth. He could not help breathing more and more heavily, and his hands tightly clenched, and he could hardly hold the wall.

Ning Yan feels that Xie Lin’s grass fragrance is getting stronger and stronger. He holds his penis in his mouth and wraps it with his tongue. He feels that Xie Lin’s reaction is very strong, and his penis is becoming harder and harder. He reaches out and touches Xie Lin’s asshole, inserting two fingers, stimulating his inner wall while taking his penis into himself.

Xie Lin feels that his penis, wrapped in Ning Yan’s mouth, is being plunged in deeper and deeper. He is also stimulated by his partner’s fingers. He wants to see Ning Yan’s expression and his face more and more. He pushes forward and thrusts himself into Ning Yan’s throat. Ning Yan doesn’t draw back, but cooperates with him. His throat is tightly wrapped around Xie Lin’s glans, almost swallowing his entire penis.

Ning Yan isn’t used to this feeling, so he slowly withdraws for a while, and then swallows it again. Three fingers of one hand were inserted into the other’s small hole, which could not reach the base. The other hand kneaded Xie Lin’s testicles and pushed forward and backward dozens of times. Ning Yan felt that the asshole of the other tightened and clenched around his fingers, so he swallowed him to the deepest point.

“Brother, I think I want to cum in your face.” Xie Lin felt that he began to ejaculate. Although it was a good choice to let Ning Yan swallow it, he wanted to see how his semen looked on Ning Yan’s face. It must be very sexy.

He was ready for Ning Yan’s refusal, but Ning Yan obeyed, spitting out his penis, lifting his face, kissing Xie Lin’s glans, and letting him shoot him in his face.

Xie Lin watches the white and burning semen meandering down Ning Yan’s beautiful crimson face. His ascetic face became very attractive and Xie Lin doesn’t know whether he feels better in his heart or in his body. He can hardly stand up and would like to be killed or kill him. When he finishes cumming, Ning Yan licks the remaining semen on his glans again, which almost causes another climax form Xie Lin.

Ning Yan stands up and wants to wash the liquid off his face. Xie Lin holds his face, licks the liquid on his face, and then kisses him deeply. Their tongues are intertwined, and they almost fall into the unfathomable lust and lose their senses completely.

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Bless me. I’m reading in broad daylight ehehe :>

February 15, 2021 9:15 am

WoooW it’s been a while since i read something that’s this level of HOT!

March 22, 2021 1:43 pm

Intense! ❤️❤️

March 29, 2021 11:17 pm

Wow, such detailed mating. Thanks for the chapter 💕 💞

September 22, 2021 4:27 pm

Hmmm, I believe I have just discovered my new kink.

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