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Chapter 99: According to him…

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo wishes Shuo Han and Gu YuMian all the happiness in the world 


Gu YuMian’s “dream” continued.

“You don’t have to think about that.” Shuo Han, who was just a young adult in the dream, said as he looked down at Gu YuMian, partly adamant, “You have something you like.”

Gu YuMian, “Hmm?”

But, how could he not think? If he didn’t think, who was going to protect this leopard, his Shuo Han, who knew nothing and grew up carefree in the dream? Gu YuMian felt that Shuo Han’s words seemed to have an unfinished meaning. However, just as he wanted to ask something, the sudden sound of the pouring rain outside the window broke through Gu YuMian’s thoughts.

By the way, the night Shuo Han had awakened and the Zerg tide broke out, it seemed that there was a storm. At the same time, outside the window came the sound of rapid footsteps and the light of the flickering fire!

“Hurry up, it’s Your Majesty…”

“Your Majesty was… How is that possible? This is the safest place on the planet!”

“Can’t go, can’t go, will be infected…”

There were very strict rules in the Imperial Palace. In the quiet Imperial Palace, these sudden voices grew very noisy. The footsteps of the servants were flustered and there were cries and screams everywhere.

Shuo Han listened in silence for a moment, his expression looking a little clear and tired at the same time. He looked more like he was upset from having a good dream disturbed, but his expression didn’t seem very flustered or caught by surprise. The communication device lights up. Shuo Han doesn’t avoid Gu YuMian, and then says a few words.

In the real world, more than twenty years ago, Shuo Han, barely an adult, walked into the former Emperor’s bedroom on such a rainy night… Then carrying a curse, began a seven-year long war.

Gu YuMian quickly stood up, “Will your father — Shuo Han, you wait here. I’ll go out and see.”

However, to his surprise, Shuo Han brought Gu YuMian back in his arms and let him lie down on a warm quilt, while whispering softly, “He’s fine.”

Everyone in this palace would be fine.

Because it had happened so close to Gu YuMian, Shuo Han wouldn’t allow any danger to lurk around.


Gu YuMian looked at this Shuo Han and didn’t know when his little TuanTuan had grown up.

He grew up carefree. He didn’t experience too much hardship and suffering in his childhood. He grew up smoothly, but he didn’t make Shuo Han weak and incompetent. On the contrary, he seemed to be more powerful.

Because there were people who he wanted to protect for life.

The butler bowed and knocked at the door. Shuo Han took the uniform coat and kissed Gu YuMian on the back of his hand, “Sleep first, good night.”

The butler stood still outside the door. Shuo Han didn’t even say goodbye, because he was just going out for a while, and would return to sleep with Gu YuMian after finishing the work.

All the noise was cut off by Shuo Han’s mental power; only the charcoal in the fireplace was ablaze and the sound of rain was soft. Shuo Han knew that Gu YuMian was worried, so he kept in touch with Gu YuMian and said two sentences from time to time, “The instrument has detected that no one in the palace has been infected. It’s a rumor. I already know who it is.”

Listening to his voice, somehow, Gu YuMian’s whole heart settled down. He was able to know what was going on with Shuo Han. As Shuo Han said, no one was infected.

It was totally different from the reality. Even the Emperor who Gu YuMian was most worried about had not been infected — it seemed that Shuo Han had been prepared for it a long time in advance. The reason for the commotion in the palace was that some people deliberately spread rumors.

There were also disturbances outside the palace, but it seemed that everything was within control. Since the Emperor did not have an accident, the cabinet could no longer be as rampant as it was in reality.

“Shuo Han.” Gu YuMian looked out of the window, at the light of the night sky and said, “No matter what happens, you should remember… In the future, we will have a family, we will go to hot springs, have snowball fights, go to amusement parks and see lots of fireworks.”

After that, there was still a hard battle to fight. Gu YuMian may not be able to help Shuo Han much.

Gu YuMian was dumb and couldn’t say anything affectionate. He just wanted to tell Shuo Han: Be sure to come back safely.

Shuo Han stopped.

It was very hard to control himself. He slightly pursed his lips and couldn’t help but smile.

The night passed quickly. Gu YuMian didn’t know when he fell asleep.

When he fell asleep, it seemed that the rainstorm had stopped and turned into warm sunshine. Shuo Han, who had finished everything, opened the door and walked in, and took a good nap with him. Since Gu YuMian was an ordinary person. He was born in the age of peace. His heart is full of love, relatives, firewood, rice, oil, salt and fireworks. He could not think of the complicated plot and struggle, nor could he bear the earth-shaking burden.

So Shuo Han would take care of everything and protect everything Gu YuMian cared about.

Gu YuMian was very good at taking care of others, but this feeling of love was protected by him. For him, it was a little out of habit, a little strange, a little awkward. But it was more like biting off the marshmallow just out of the fire. It was soft and warm, because it had stayed over the fire for too long, and it even tasted slightly bitter. 

After a while, a lot of sweetness spread from the tip of the tongue.

So he liked Shuo Han. It would be a big surprise for scholars to observe Shuo Han’s sea of consciousness at this time. The spiritual ocean was originally a deep sea with thick ice. It was dark, windless and wave free. Under the sea, there were sea monsters and an iceberg.

But at this point, the iceberg had completely disappeared. A lot of clouds sunk into the deep sea and gently wrapped the cluster of light, which did not belong to this ocean and had accidentally intruded this dangerous world, to prevent it from getting hurt.

The light cluster belonged to Gu YuMian’s consciousness. It was always shining, which helped the sea melt some solid ice.

… But the ice began melting on its own.

Including the roaring sea monsters and sharp thorns, they fought against each other, collided with each other, and finally turned into a very soft cloud to protect the cluster of light.

In the days experienced in the dream, the most ordinary years, the time spent watching the moon in spring, watching stars in the summer nights, the cool autumn solstice… All of this accompanied with Gu YuMian, had become the only and powerful fire in the sea of consciousness.

Wounds healed by themselves, and nightmares disappeared one by one.

It burned gradually and became bright and firm, little by little.

Finally, light shone through this eternal night!


In a small loft on Capital Star, the witch’s crystal ball lit up a little, and many images passed by, which were scenes in Gu YuMian’s ‘dream’, and finally stayed on a letter.

She became excited. She guessed right, Gu YuMian was the chance to change everything.

Now that His Majesty’s spiritual world had recovered, when Gu YuMian woke up again, the war would be over soon.


Gu YuMian spent more than ten years in his dream, while only a whole day passed by in the outside world. Although they all knew that this was a necessary stage for all creatures to awaken their mental power, Gu YuMian’s long sleep also worried them a lot.

Many things happened on this day. For example, there were thousands of cases of infection in the interstellar, the atmosphere of panic due to the Zerg invasion spread among the people, the first case of someone being cured was announced, and Shuo Han secretly rushed back to Capital Star… 

When all this happened, Gu YuMian was still sleeping.

They didn’t know what kind of spiritual world he had entered, and why it would take so long.

——The so-called spiritual force was to let the biological and spiritual world establish a connection. Generally speaking, when people just awakened, they would either enter their own spiritual world or the spiritual world of their loved ones, and review the “great events” that had happened in the past. For example, the death of a close relative or living alone at a young age would have a significant impact on a person’s spiritual world.

“If you enter your own spiritual world, there is a certain chance that you can make up for the regret within your dream that you can’t make up for in reality.” The doctor said, “If you enter the another’s spiritual world, you are mostly just a spectator.”

Entering their own spiritual world, there was a chance to make up for a regret in reality, and repair the wounds of the sea of consciousness. However, entering other people’s spiritual world, they couldn’t interfere with each other’s sea of consciousness, and may even be attacked or even injured by creatures in the sea of consciousness.

Unless the ‘intruder’ was the master of the sea of consciousness, unreservedly in love.

On the other hand, there would be no abnormal change in the person whose sea of consciousness had been entered, because everything happened in the subconscious field.

… That is to say, when Gu YuMian raised TuanTuan in Shuo Han’s spiritual world, Shuo Han himself was not in the dream, and would only occasionally notice something unusual intermittently.

At this moment, in a bedroom of the old house of the Guo family, Upper Urban District.

This bedroom was located in the best position of the whole old house with light and a view of the outside.

At first, it was arranged and cleaned by Big Wok and the two little ones. It was completely designed according to Gu YuMian’s residence in the Ancient Earth era, including the wooden floor, sunlit room and balcony… Later, it was handed over to the young pandas, who cleaned it up regularly. Every once in a while, they would guess what their ancestor might like and would bring additional things.

Gu YuMian didn’t like to live in a large and empty house. This bedroom was full of gadgets that were added by the pandas from generation to generation — letters written their ancestor, capsule discs that began to be popular in the generation of 6th and 7th Guo, pottery made in art class when they were children.

Now there was another photo of Gu YuMian, TuanTuan, Er Ha, Guo Er Shisi and the pandas on Ancient Earth.

The whole space had a kind of trivial warmth.

Now, this vacant bedroom for many years, finally ushered in its owner.

More than a dozen plump and fluffy pandas quietly surrounded the bed. Some settled on the foot of the bed and slept in the gentle atmosphere brought by their ancestor. Some couldn’t help but grasp the edge of the bed curiously and intimately, smell Gu YuMian’s cheek, and carefully press their claws against the palm of their ancestor.

Guo Shi’er was on one side, watching them, lest this group of young children be too presumptuous.

The person on the bed was sleeping.

The doors and windows shut off the storm, and the soft warm light was switched on. The young man’s eyes and eyelashes were drooping, and his lips were still habitually hooked up with small dimple. His eyebrows were slightly tightened, and soon released.

They didn’t know what he saw in his dreams. Was it good or bad?

“When will the ancestor wake up?” Guo Shi’er looked to the direction of the palace.

Other pandas went to work on it, and his family left him, and Guo Shi’San and Old Seven were too old. But it was not too much to say that the Guo house was equipped with the most advanced security system and was the safest place besides the palace.

The goal of the palace was too obvious.

About half a day ago, the Emperor sent Gu YuMian to the Guo house. This was also a recognition of the Guo family.

Shuo Han didn’t explain the situation to them. They could probably guess what he was going to do… 

“I hope everything goes well.” Guo Shi’er thought.


Everything went well.

This night, a lot of things happened in the whole interstellar, from the Academy of Sciences to the military. No one slept, and the whole planet was awake. In all the central government, Gucci, the former head of the cabinet, was waiting quietly. He had planned so long for everything to settle at his fingertips and had waited for the Zerg parasite to come down completely — but unexpectedly, something changed at the last moment.

In the last dark days before dawn, the wind rattled the windows.

Gucci was dizzy, “You, how could you be here!”

He thought Shuo Han would be delayed by the Zerg near grey Saturn, where countless of them lurked. It was true from the intelligence. Although the infection source of grey Saturn disappeared somehow, Shuo Han should not be able to escape… But he didn’t expect him to return to Capital Star.

He felt only a shiver after a shiver. So maybe he had been trapped by Shuo Han since a long time ago! Of course, the Zerg had evolved a lot in the past twenty years. Whether by attack power, parasitism, or everything, but just as a young adult, Shuo Han could confront tens of thousands of Zerg. What about the Shuo Han who had already killed off those tens of thousands? 

Could he have made no progress?

No, he was only going to be much faster than the Zerg.

So, as long as Gucci could be used as bait to attract the Zerg, it was easy to kill Shuo Han and end the war.

Gucci couldn’t help asking the nonsense, “What are you doing here?”

He felt that the Shuo Han in front of him was very different from before.

He had become more frightening. Shuo Han had always been very powerful, but it was an empty kind of powerful. Now, it felt like he was stepping on the real thing.

Shuo Han said, “Let’s pull in the net.”

The former head of cabinet and the Zerg queen had a lower IQ than Shuo Han thought. The military had cordoned off the area.

Shuo Han clasped his lightsaber; his lightsaber was very common. It was one that could be received by the newly enlisted soldiers. It was just that in his hands, it burst out a frightening light.

He pulled out the sword from the scabbard. It was shining!

No one noticed that a tiny camera was quietly flashing red in mid-air.

The Zerg that had materialized in Gucci was distorted by fear.

It could feel the oppression more clearly, the powerful mental power far above it. It had been dormant for so long, and the fear of being beheaded has not subsided… 

Maybe it would die like this.

“You, you can’t kill me,” Gucci quivered. “The Zerg has evolved. This time, even after killing the Zerg, those infected people won’t recover automatically! If you kill me, you will never know…”

Unfortunately, he was a step late.

The completely parasitized Gucci has been turned into powder and completely absorbed by the Zerg.

The ugly head behind the Zerg fell to the ground.

… A stunning blow.

Shuo Han landed and put his sword back into its sheath.


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Again, MianMian and ShuoHan are such a caring couple. So deeply in love……
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