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Chapter 100: Go On

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo wants to be surrounded by lots of fluffy animals too


Gu YuMian woke up surrounded by a group of fat and soft dumplings.

Such a group of pandas, who were raised in the old house and had not yet grown up, could barely restrain themselves at the beginning. They just scratched their paws and touched their heads to rub Gu YuMian’s palm. After falling asleep, they could no longer help it.

This kind of ancestral, soft and memorable temperature, clean and slightly sticky bamboo leaf flavor… 


Guo Shi’er was supposed to take care of the little fellows, but he couldn’t bear the sleepiness first, and fell asleep on Gu YuMian’s shoulder. Then, the sleeping black-and-white regiment unconsciously moved to the side of the ancestral bed, pillow and arms——

Gu YuMian had soft panda claws on his cheek, and his warm body was covered by a head. The whole bed was full of giant pandas who looked like dolls, and a few of them were falling off the edge of the bed.

He sat up, a little muddled, and suddenly several of them rolled down like snowballs.

Gu YuMian, “……”

Gu YuMian quickly hugged the fallen ones and put them back on the bed. He coaxed several humming cubs along, and finally calmed down the whole circle, so he had time to start thinking about the series of events.

From the outbreak of Zerg tide to grey Saturn… Was the infected miner saved? There seemed to be a vague impression that the miner, with his wife, daughter and friends, apologized to Shuo Han with great guilt.

At that time, Gu YuMian was in a state of confusion since he had just spiritually awakened. His consciousness was unstable. He only remembered that after hearing the apologies of the miners, Shuo Han gave a faint response and turned away.

He held Gu YuMian in his arms and walked forward without any aides or servants.

They seemed to have moved to a starship. Gu YuMian only heard the sound of Shuo Han’s boots stepping on the ground steadily in his haze, and the sound of the starship launching

By the way, Shuo Han took him to the starship. Looking around here, was he back in Capital Star?

After that, Gu YuMian wanted to make his consciousness stay in reality for a long time, but he was unable to do anything. He was brought into the dream world, that is, the sea of consciousness. After that, he met Shuo Han when he was a child and accompanied him for many years.

Everything in the dream had been completely rewritten. Shuo Han did not witness his mother’s suicide, and there was no cold shoulder in the first ten years, including the war. At last, Shuo Han came in and took a long nap.

After the long dream, Gu YuMian returned to the sea.

The ice in the sea had melted, the sun rose, the soft clouds embraced him, gently bringing Gu YuMian to the vast blue sky, and then he passed through a barrier made of light. From Shuo Han’s spiritual world, they returned to Gu YuMian’s own spiritual world peacefully.

The state of instability in the wake of mental strength had almost completely recovered. Gu YuMian could see every corner of the world clearly. In his spiritual world, he saw a letter floating in the air.


Gu YuMian, the native of the Earth, had never understood the operation of the spiritual world and powers. How could a letter appear in his mind?

The letter reminded him of the mysterious witch. She not only saw that Gu YuMian was a visitor from the past, but also predicted many things that did happen. But the content of the letter made him care more than that.

After the Zerg. After reading these two words, the letter would burn itself, and Gu YuMian’s dream would end.

He opened his eyes.


Gu YuMian looked around at the pandas, one by one, who were sleeping next to him. He couldn’t bear to wake them up. He went to bed and put on his coat.

It was not hard to guess why he was with the Guo’s. From grey Saturn back to Capital Star, Shuo Han was supposed to have had something to do, which was a bit dangerous, so he was placed in the safe and hidden Guo home.

“Cabinet, and the Zerg?” Gu YuMian put on the cotton slippers that the pandas had prepared for him, thinking as he gently opened the door and walked out of the room.

He still had something to do. He had a premonition that without him, the end of the war would lack a very crucial link.

This was the old house of the Guo family. It was a place that Gu YuMian had never been to before, but it felt very familiar to him. Moreover, the lock on the door also recorded his pupil information and fingerprint, so he could go everywhere smoothly.

As soon as he opened the door, Gu YuMian felt something hanging heavily on his trouser legs.

Capital Star had a rainstorm tonight. It was four or five o’clock in the morning and was not bright yet. There were lights turned on in the corridor of the Guo family’s old house. A round little guy turned around the corner, wiped his tears and slowly moved towards Gu YuMian.

After moving for a long time, he bumped into something, and then subconsciously reached up with his claws and wanted to be held, and then raised his head——

Gu YuMian also looked down… 

The panda baby in the back belt pants held Gu YuMian’s ankle with two claws out. He was a little shy and helpless. When he saw Gu YuMian, he became happy and looked at him with wet eyes.


“YuanYuan!” Gu YuMian leaned over and picked up the little guy. He had been in his dream for decades so it felt like he hadn’t seen him in a long time. Gu YuMian’s eyes were sour for a while, and he felt extremely missed.

The baby panda was stunned. Then he blinked his wet eyes. He sniffed and arched his round head into Gu YuMian’s arms.


Gu YuMian pinched the little guy’s round face and looked into his eyes.


Little Tangyuan, “…”

“YuanYuan has grown up.” Gu YuMian held him again.

Little Tangyuan put out his paw and touched his nose.

Gu YuMian had learned from Guo Shi’er that little Tangyuan was not a baby, but Guo Er Shisi, a famous star in the whole universe. But because an accident had turned him into a child, he looked like this. Was he back now?

He was obviously a lot bigger than before. Gu YuMian couldn’t hold fast. His eyes were not as ignorant as before. Of course, they were still clean and naive.

It was true that Gu YuMian guessed it well. Little Tangyuan had now changed back to Guo Er Shisi’s psychological age, but he couldn’t become a human for the time being. It was not convenient to do many things.

“By the way, what were you crying for?”

Guo Er Shisi woke up from the joy of meeting Gu YuMian again.

He held up his optical computer in his little claw to Gu YuMian in a hurry.

Guo Er Shisi’s optical computer showed a communication with the other side — from the background there, it appeared to be the first or second floor of the Academy of Sciences. It was in a state of chaos and the camera was shaking violently.

Gu YuMian watched for a while, and then realized that the camera was being held by the little husky, and he could hear the faint sound of his voice.

The little husky was short, so the overall perspective of the camera was very low, and only the messy background of the Academy of Sciences could be seen.

After a while, the little husky was held up by someone. A girl in a white coat appeared in the picture. She touched the little husky’s head and looked at the camera, “Er’er, you are following…”

She was a group leader of the Department of Biological Sciences. Last time Gu YuMian visited the Academy of Sciences, she received a small gift that she had prepared for a long time.

Two seconds later, the girl covered her mouth, “Anchor Gu? My god, you’re back at Capital Star?”

Gu YuMian nodded, too late to greet, “What happened? You seem to have — QiuQiu, no, where’s Ming Qiu?”

Even if it was an extraordinary time, the Academy of Sciences should be one of the safest and peaceful places in the whole universe. Their scientific research achievements would be most directly related to the war situation on the front line.

However, in a short day, the Academy of Sciences seemed to have become a mess, and the background noise and cries could be heard faintly.

When it came to this, the girl looked gloomy.

The small husky woofed two times, he saw Gu YuMian through the virtual projection, and then his angry face changed into a happy look.

“It’s a long story. Anchor Gu, would it be convenient for you to come here? I don’t know what will happen next. It’s better to take Er’er and the chief to a safe place first.”

Gu YuMian was not only the parent of Er’er and QiuQiu, but also most likely the only person who could control the chaos of the Academy of Sciences.

——The sudden war made the people fall into extreme pessimism, which was used by those who wanted to. Although Mr. Finnick took over the work of the cabinet, which was a kind of appeasement to the public, fear was still present.

A day ago, there were only some people who were dissatisfied with the inaction of the Academy of Sciences and, therefore, took a sit-in demonstration outside the Academy of Sciences or Upper Urban District. However, this kind of emotion was constantly fermenting and soon became a farce with great influence.

It broke out in the middle of last night when a group of prepared illegal intruders infiltrated the Academy of Sciences. Gu YuMian listened to the girl’s story and walked out with little Tangyuan in his arms. His face became dignified.

It seemed that he needed to hurry to go there. Who knew that just as went through the door of the small courtyard in the Guo house, and was about to step out, he would be blocked.

“Ancestor.” Guo Shi’san stood at the door, bleary eyed, stretched out his claws and rubbed his belly, and shouted. 

Next to him, an officer in indigo uniform bowed slightly to Gu YuMian and saluted, “Your Highness.”

There were two officers guarding at the door, and there were more hidden guards in the dark. They should have been ordered by Shuo Han to protect Gu YuMian. They couldn’t sleep in the middle of the night. It was really hard for them.

Indigo was the color of the Royal Guard’s exclusive uniform.

“Shi’san,” Gu YuMian took Guo Shi’san’s paw and rubbed it, then looked at the officer, “You are…”

The officer quickly introduced himself, “My name is Lu, and I’m in charge of the Royal Guard.”

Gu YuMian nodded, “Mr. Lu, it’s hard for you. I want to go to the Academy of Sciences now, can I?”

If Shuo Han sent someone to protect him… Gu YuMian himself also knows that Shuo Han’s possessive and protective desire for him had reached an extreme level. In such a bad situation, he was probably not willing to let him go to the center of chaos. But unexpectedly, the army officer only pondered for a while, spoke a few words with his companion, nodded and said, “Yes, but please allow us to escort and protect you, Your Highness.”

Gu YuMian thought it was a mistake. I didn’t think that they were really addressing me as “Your Highness”. That’s all. I don’t know what Shuo Han told them. He was not allowed to say more now.

“Ancestor, I’ve heard about the Academy of Sciences.” At this time, Guo Shi’san woke up completely and took the little Tangyuan from Gu YuMian’s arms. One older panda and one baby panda looked at him, worried.

Gu YuMian pursed his lips, shook his head, and touched their heads calmly, “I’ll be back soon, Shi’san. If you are free, please contact me —” He whispered a few words to Guo Shi’san, said goodbye without hesitation, and stepped on the suspension device for the Academy of Sciences.

It was getting dark and the rain was still pattering all night.

“You don’t have to go.” After setting out the suspension device, the army officer was quiet for a while and sighed.

If you just want to pick up two children, it’s easy. You don’t need to go there at all.

“Because I am a parent.” Gu YuMian said this in a warm voice.

He was the parent of the family and the Guo family. He should protect his children.


His lover was the Emperor of the country.

Gu YuMian was not used to being called “Your Highness” or being held so high.

But just for Shuo Han, he also wanted to work harder.

He wanted to protect him, too.


The Academy of Sciences at this moment.

“And the chief? Get your chief out here!”

The first floor of the Academy of Sciences had been messed up by this group of emotional people. The instruments had been pushed to the ground and broken. All kinds of materials and test papers were also in a mess. The ground was full of broken glass.

The leader was an aristocrat — it was because of this youth’s existence that the officers guarding the Academy of Sciences dared not act rashly, and could only embarrassingly organize the scientific researchers to hide first.

If he was an ordinary aristocrat, it would have been fine. After all, since His Majesty had succeeded the throne, most of the aristocrats had declined. But this young man was an aristocrat who was closely related to the royal family.

Since several queens, including the last one, Shuo Han’s mother, also came from this family, they even lived as half-royalty. Of course, Shuo Han didn’t choose a partner from their family, which made them very dissatisfied privately, but they didn’t have the courage to say a word more.

“Brother Lan, how about today?” Following the young man and holding the sign, the servant looked at the tragedy of Academy of Sciences and was very impatient. He said cautiously, “It seems that their chief leaders are hiding. If they make trouble today, there will be no result.”

Lan Xuan squeezed out a cold hum from his nose.

“The infection has spread to Capital Star! This group of freeloaders are still making turtle heads here. It’s not their relatives who died. Of course, they don’t have any problem. Do you think it doesn’t matter? Why don’t you meet the Zerg? “

Lan Xuan had a compelling voice.

The surrounding people who followed in and made trouble were even more furious and responded!

The servant was silent at once.

Although, from the time of the outbreak of the Zerg wave to this moment, no one had been killed — however, some people spread false news of tens of thousands of people’s lives among the people. There was a close friend of Gucci in the cabinet, who deliberately let the rumors spread during this period of chaos.

But it was an undeniable fact that the military’s response was very rapid, and the people were centralized and protected. Although the medicine developed by the Academy of Sciences failed to cure the infection, it greatly extended the lifespan of the infected people, so that they could live until the advent of the cure method.

As for why Lan Xuan led the farce, his mind was also clear:

He wanted to take advantage of the public’s pressure on the royal family to seek the opportunity to become a queen. He was one of the many admirers of Shuo Han, and the family expected that.

… Although the outbreak of the Zerg tide was accidental, it was also a great opportunity for them. It was just because they were unprepared that they could take advantage of it. The Lan family was not willing to go down like this. In fact, as early as several years ago, they secretly colluded with the cabinet chief Gucci and wanted to put pressure on His Majesty through the cabinet.

However, it was clear that from the past to the present, neither the Lan family nor the cabinet could shake Shuo Han. They should carefully live with their tails under the tyrant’s eyes.

The Lan family had a very good reputation among the public as the representative of the aristocracy for a long time in the past.

But Shuo Han didn’t care.

But now, could he still not care?

The first floor of the once orderly Academy of Sciences was now in ruins. It was still raining outside the window, and the people who came in were kicking angrily at the door.

Lan Xuan thought of this and sneered inside, saying, “Since you have no courage to come out, don’t blame me for being rude. Turn on my camera.”

As a mascot in the aristocracy, the Lan family was still popular among the public, and the sales volume of related peripheral items was very good. This time, Lan Xuan also came here well prepared. He said hello to the people related to the cabinet in advance and used the media with a large exposure… 

It was early morning, and it was time to release the morning news. During the war, everyone would pay special attention to the official media, so what he said next would be broadcasted directly to the whole star through the camera!

It was quite a live broadcast.

As for the content to be said, he had already made tens of millions of abominable manuscripts.

At this moment, in the curtain of the rain, Shuo Han put his sword into his sheath.

Outside the Academy of Sciences, the suspension device stopped slowly and all officers bowed to salute. On the second floor of the Academy of Sciences, the young man in white coat opened the door regardless of persuasion and walked down the stairs.

The rain was still falling, and the sky was shining.

“Beep —”

Countless people with the optical computer simultaneously heard the prompt sound of the morning news broadcast. At this time, no one could sleep. Hundreds of millions of people opened up the news for the first time nervously and wanted to hear the latest progress.

The host finished the opening words from the higher ups with fear, and said “let’s connect to the scene”. Then the camera switched.

A voice came, “Hello, everyone. Please have a rest. I’m Lan Xuan.” He inhaled, turned on the camera, and just wanted to say something. Then he caught a glimpse of Ming Qiu, the chief of the Academy of Sciences, who hurried down the stairs.

“You can come to me if you have something.” The boy looked at the mess on the first floor, his eyes were red, but he was not good with his words. Although he was angry, he didn’t know what to say. “What do you want to do? Don’t send false information to the public!”

Lan Xuan frowned, waved, and the surrounding attendants stopped the young chief and the researchers who came down together, pushed them to the place where the camera couldn’t see, and even kicked them directly.

Researchers usually neglect exercise, and at this moment they were the opponents of these prepared mobs, so they were soon injured. They even used special potions to force the researchers to return to the animal form, so that they would no longer be in the way.

Lan Xuan nodded with satisfaction and continued to say to the camera, “Is it me who delivers false information? As you can see, I’m in the Academy of Sciences now. Now we have confirmed that the discovery of a way to cure the infected is just false news!”

“Yes, it is the inaction of the Academy of Sciences, as well as the inaction of the military and His Majesty that led to the war —”

Listening to his words, rational people didn’t believe him at all, but many people who didn’t know the truth were getting anxious. Is what he said true? 

All of a sudden, the camera was covered by a pair of hands.

The room turned quiet at the same time.

A gentle and clear voice of a youth, like the wind blowing strings, was heard by hundreds of millions of audience through the camera. Despite the confusion, it was clear that there was a strong aura which was gentle but could not be concealed, “False news? Who told you that?”

People familiar with him would know that Gu YuMian was really angry at this time.

As a guardian of the cubs.

As the arrogant boyfriend of His Majesty who said “no”.

How could he not be angry?

There was no smile in his light brown eyes. He held the teary eyed little fox in his arms, held the little camera in his hand and looked at it for a while. He said in a low voice, “It’s on air.”

It was a coincidence.

… He was good at this.


Lan Xuan looked at Gu YuMian in horror.

It was the soldiers who opened the way for him personally. He even saw many officers at or above the school level at the gate. They were all very respectful to him. What was the origin of this human being?

Besides, how could no one stop him. What about the angry people?

“What are you, what are you waiting for?!”

Lan Xuan finally recovered from the inexplicable fright, looked around angrily, and found that everyone’s expressions were different. The anger that had been incited out before was all condensed in the middle of the air.

They looked at Gu YuMian confused, and could not feel angry at him at all.

I even want to be close, to show my ears, to be rubbed. But I dare not to approach him, because what is hanging over him is a more indifferent, awe inspiring and unconscious atmosphere, which is a bit like… 

His Majesty.

Gu YuMian looked at the camera, thought for a while whether to turn it off or take advantage of the situation. He chose the latter two seconds later. “Hello, my name is anchor Gu YuMian, and I’m at the Academy of Sciences now.”

He released the camera in his hand, bent his eyes towards the camera and waved. Although the situation was not yet clarified, more than half of the audience had an impulse to choke at the same time on hearing this sentence. Many people had seen the live broadcast of Gu YuMian, whose popularity was even higher than that of many stars.

Even if they didn’t know him, just listening to the warm voice, and then looking at the young man’s smile and the small dimple, holding the eyes of the sky light in the rain curtain, they had an inexplicable feeling in their hearts.

From a few days ago to now, everything that happened was too sudden. Life had changed dramatically. So Gu YuMian, and his familiar saying, “Hello, I’m anchor Gu YuMian”, was like a symbol of a smoky, peaceful, right and sentimental ordinary life, which made everyone quiet at once.

When Lan Xuan was talking, everyone was in panic, but now the network gradually began to have a less panicked discussion.

[visitor 1: What’s the matter with this morning’s news? What Lan Xuan said just now scares me to death. He’s from the Lan family? It’s annoying to talk.]

[Cat Claw: aaaaah! MianMian!! I cried. I just cried. These days, it’s like a nightmare. 55555. Seeing MianMian, I feel like I’ve been saved again…”

[White Pear Blossom, Lili: + 1, I’m just like the kind of kid who was bullied but saw his parents outside. My tears fell.]

[absb: Well, what’s the situation of the Academy of Sciences? What’s the situation now? Whose words can be believed?]

“About the cure for the Zerg infection,” Gu YuMian looked down at the fox, tickled his chin placidly, and said, “It’s not fake news. Now we can prove it.”

“You lie!” Lan Xuan couldn’t sit down at once. Although no one agreed with him, he felt embarrassed, but his morale suddenly returned, “You can’t prove it. You can’t… Hey, what are you doing? I am a noble!! I command you to shut that human up immediately!”

The second half of the sentence was for the servants.

In the Upper Urban District, the order of nobles was always the priority, and they were superior to other nobles. This was the reason why Lan Xuan had been trying hard since childhood.

This time, however, it was the first time in history.

The servant who followed him took a difficult look at him and said, “You are a noble, but that is a member of the Royal family…”

“It’s not enough to know I’m a nobleman — wait, what did you say?” Lan Xuan’s words choked in his throat.

Royal family?

How could a human be from the royal family? No… 

At a distance of several meters, he fixed his gaze on the human. 

Gu YuMian was facing him. The first button of his shirt was unbuttoned, showing some traces between the collarbones. The dark red rose and thorns entwined with the sword, which was not the same as the youth’s gentle aura, but the mark of arrogance and strength.

There’s even a tinge of color.

There was also the aura that guards his body. All people who had seen His Majesty would not be mistaken. It was like a kind of ridicule from above.

Lan Xuan looked at the pattern, his mood shifted to that of panic, and for a long time he could not look away.

The next second, Gu YuMian’s neckline was held by a pair of bony hands.

A pair of gray-blue eyes looked indifferently at Lan Xuan, which was a kind of cold and arrogant gaze mixed with unhappiness. Just like a stingy magic dragon looking at the ants who dared to covet its treasures.

It was quiet again.

This time, unlike the last time, it was complete silence. Everyone was trying to make their breath smaller.

The careless Emperor’s boots stepped on the ground, and the crowd automatically divided a path for him to walk to Gu YuMian step by step.

He took off the Royal cape and put it on the young man’s shoulders. It was a posture of encircling the human in his arms. He did not release his hands after fastening the buttons.

The little husky came in with Shuo Han, grabbed Gu YuMian’s trouser leg and gave a bark.

The rain stopped completely and the light poured in.

Everyone was watching on with shock.

Shuo Han glanced lazily at the camera, looked around again, leaned closer to Gu YuMian’s lips and kissed him, saying, “Don’t worry about me, you go on.”

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