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Chapter 7 – 9: Falling

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo

The bathtub has been filled with water. Ning Yan sat down first and felt comfortable immersed in hot water. Xie Lin also comes in, splashing water all over the floor. He holds Ning Yan’s penis and sits down slowly, positioning it towards his own hole.

The penis enters his asshole with warm water, and Xie Lin fully sits down. Before his asshole is fully opened, he is supported to the end again. It is a little painful, but also a little irritating. He puts his hands on Ning Yan’s shoulders, gets up and sits down again, controlling his body and letting Ning Yan’s penis rub against the inner wall.

Every time he moves, the sound of squelching becomes louder. Xie Lin feels that Ning Yan is also growing bigger. He stretches his back hole a little more and holds it deep, almost swallowing his soul.

“Touch me, will you?” Xie Lin’s body rises and falls as he makes love with Ning Yan. Ning Yan grabs his back, puts his nipple into his mouth, rubs it gently with the tip of his tongue, and grabs Ning Yan’s penis with the other hand. He caresses it up and down in accordance with his rhythm.

“You don’t just stay over there, lick this too.” One side of his chest was licked by him, and the other side was empty. So he wanted both his nipples to share the rain and dew. However, after Ning Yan added the other side, Xie Lin felt that there was something missing. He only hated that Ning Yan didn’t have more mouths, so that he could make him wholly comfortable.

Ning Yan attacks the two most important and sensitive points in his body. Xie Lin closes his eyes and sits down slowly, letting Ning Yan’s penis enter into the entrance of the genital cavity. He allows him to enter until he can’t bear it. He raises his buttocks but after trying to insert the penis into the genital cavity again, he feels that although it is comfortable to be inserted into his asshole, it is not enough. So he tries to make the penis enter his genital cavity one more time.

“Brother, I want you to shoot into my reproductive cavity, make me pregnant, and let me give you a little Ning Yan?” Xie Lin takes Ning Yan’s penis and is stimulated to start talking nonsense. Perhaps driven by instinct, he would like to get rid of this layer of superfluous things, let Ning Yan shoot in him, and let him get pregnant with the other’s children.

Thinking of this, he couldn’t help but slide down on the penis again.

He also wants to work in Ning Yan’s reproductive cavity and let Ning Yan carry his children.

With the most primitive desire, Xie Lin is doing futile things. He doesn’t notice the change of Ning Yan’s expression. He only feels Ning Yan grinding his teeth on his nipples, which brings him a wave of pleasure.

He sways his body up and down, slowly swallowing Ning Yan’s entire penis into the genital cavity until it reaches the tip. There is no more room for him to go in. He raises his buttocks slightly and sits down uncontrollably. He lets the penis hit the deepest place, loosening his tight asshole. He opens his eyes and looks over Ning Yan’s head at the underwater scenery. He imagined his closed slit being opened up by Ning Yan with the warm water flowing in.

This kind of imagination made him move faster, letting the other party wedge into his body and occupy him completely, leaving no room for him. The joy in his heart and strong pleasure in his body makes him soft. When he sat and was hit in the deepest place again, he had no strength and he could only plead with Ning Yan in a soft voice.

“Brother, can you move?”

Ning Yan touches his face, kisses his forehead, eyes and cheek, then kisses his lips. His body moves under him. He holds Xie Lin’s waist, lifts his body up and moves away his hands. Every time Xie Lin cries out, but his lips are blocked and he can only make a slight whimper from his throat.

Xie Lin doesn’t know how long Ning Yan has been working on him. Suddenly, his brain is blank, leaving only the pleasure of meeting and the feeling of entanglement. Ning Yan holds Xie Lin in his arms, and continues to force him into a deeper climax. His flesh and genital cavity are convulsing, and Ning Yan is completely wrapped in them. Xie Lin is eaten up thoroughly and doesn’t want Ning Yan to leave.

Ning Yan still pulls out and inserts it back, which makes Xie Lin cry again. After a while, he presses Xie Lin to himself and ejaculates in his deepest place.

By the time he finishes ejaculating, Xie Lin has completely lost his strength, and his whole body collapses on Ning Yan, gasping for breath. He felt that he had almost walked back from the gates of death.

Ning Yan pulls out his penis, cleans Xie Lin with the water from the bathtub, and then carries him out to rinse and put on his bathrobe. Xie Lin’s legs are soft, but he thinks that Ning Yan can’t hold him for so long. He holds on to Ning Yan and moved him to the bedside step by step. They both lie down.

“I feel like I’m dying.” Xie Lin says. He really spared no effort in teasing Ning Yan, but now he has a little fear. As expected, lust makes people lose their senses. He turns slowly and looks at Ning Yan.

Ning Yan’s face is crimson, and the smell of pheromone on his body had faded a lot. His bathrobe is open, revealing two gorgeous red beans. Originally, Xie Lin thought that the physical strength of a person like him who was immersed in the laboratory every day would not be very helpful. However, after seeing it, he knew that the other party had muscles, and his physical strength was quite good. He certainly could not compare with an Alpha, but he was a top Omega.

“Sleep for a while and eat something later.” Ning Yan smiles, reaches out and pushes Xie Lin’s hair back. Xie Lin looks at him without hiding his love.

“I seem to really like you.”

“I like you, too.” Ning Yan’s voice is still full of magnetism, and Xie Lin can’t help reaching out to hold him because he likes his body to be warm.

Ning Yan holds him in his arms, and they stick together. Listening to each other’s breathing, they soon fall asleep.

This sleep was not too long. Xie Lin was woken up by the sound of his stomach beating like a drum. Before his eyes opened, he stretched out his hand and felt for Ning Yan. However, he only touched the quilt and suddenly opened his eyes.

He could smell the fragrance of food coming from the kitchen. He settled down and lingered for a while with the quilt in his arms. Then he got up, put on his household clothes and hung his bathrobe back into the bathroom. He had had too much sex in the past two days. His legs are a little sore when he walks, and he still feels uncomfortable in the back. Fortunately, an Omega’s body is very special during the estrus, so it has little impact on his life.

He walks into the kitchen and sees Ning Yan cooking noodles. He sees the side of Ning Yan’s face and is greeted by the smell of the kitchen. All of a sudden, he feels a sense of home.

His mothers are both workaholics, so Xie Lin usually eats from the canteen, and the most he eats at home is takeout. The times they cook by themselves can be counted with ten fingers.

Xie Lin hugs Ning Yan’s waist from behind and stands on his tiptoes, looking over his shoulder to see what’s in the pot. The white soup bubbled and gave off an attractive smell.

“I’ve warmed the milk. Would you like some?” Ning says, but Xie Lin doesn’t immediately answer.

Because he saw what was in the pot — it was instant ramen. There was no big difference between instant noodles in a cup and instant noodles from a bag. Just put it in the pot and cook it.

It seems that he still found a workaholic.

“It smells delicious.” Xie Lin still says with a smile. Ning Yan naturally knows that most of his compliments are casual remarks. This kind of instant food tastes good to anyone who cooks it. Xie Lin was still very helpful, especially when he brought over warm milk, even putting a straw in it and bringing it to Ning Yan’s mouth.

Ning Yan took a sip of the milk, looked at the noodles that were almost cooked and put them into a bowl. He then fried two eggs, several sections of sausages, and cooked some vegetables as a side dish.

Xie Lin put the milk on the table and went back to help Ning Yan carry things. This meal was the most delicious meal they had had in the past two days. Xie Lin narrows his eyes in a smile, and looks at Ning Yan with his cheek in his hand. The more he looks, the more he likes him.

Ning Yan looks at Xie Lin only to see the Omega staring at him. Ning Yan laughs, feeling a little flustered and is unable to keep himself from speaking.

“What’s the matter? After a while, your noodles will soften. Eat quickly.”

“You look good.”

“Just looking and you’re full?”

“Mn.” Xie Lin can’t suppress his smile, but he still lowers his head and starts eating the noodles. Ning Yan prepared a large portion of the dinner. Although ramen is fast food, it tastes good. The sausage is wrapped in cheese, and the taste flows out together. The eggs are soft and smooth, just to Xie Lin’s taste.

However, Xie Lin is not picky about food. He can eat anything, so he is very well fed.

After dinner, they did not dare to go out for the time being because of the estrus period, and also because they were afraid of other perverts. Ning Yan seems to have a special constitution. From childhood to adulthood, he met many Alpha conspirators. Although they did not cause any substantial harm to his body, they left some shadows in his mind.

Later, after he chose to study genetic diseases, he also found that the incidence of abnormal and antisocial personality, as well as mental disorders, was higher in Alphas than that of the other genders, while Omegas came on lower than Betas.

Xie Lin just doesn’t like Alphas. Ning Yan has never said that he is exclusive to liking Alphas, but he can only keep a normal conversation from a distance of about half a meter. However, it may be because he is not too close to anyone, most people can’t see it.

Ning Yan also kept a distance from Xie Lin at the beginning, but Xie Lin slowly broke through the barrier in his own way. Now he can take Ning Yan’s hand and go to the balcony to breathe and watch the sunset slowly sink.

Xie Lin has a lot of things to say, but he thinks it’s too frivolous, so he just shuts up. When the sky gradually darkens, they go back to doing their own things.

When Xie Lin comes back to his bed sober, and remembers what happened in the past two days, he discovers some problems. For example, after his symptoms of oestrus started, Ning Yan took him back to his bedroom. For example, Ning Yan, despite being a single Omega, had a condom.

The most amazing thing was that even though the both of them are Omega, they could still help each other relieve the pain of the estrus. Xie Lin realizes that there may be some answers that he wants to know, but Ning Yan may not want to talk about.

While reading the book, he was lost in his thoughts and wondered whether to ask his mother about Ning Yan’s family or go directly to ask Ning Yan himself.

However, he didn’t want to reveal to his two family members that he had found an Omega so soon. He was not afraid that they would oppose him. They always took the education measures of laissez faire to themselves, and they would not care much about it. He is a little sorry.

Xie Lin pinches his face and forces his attention to the book, but the corners of his mouth still rise slightly. When he went to find Ning Yan, Ning Yan was still focusing on writing and painting. When he heard Xie Lin’s voice, he had just finished the last point. Then, he put all the materials on the table as he answered. 

“Go to sleep.”

Xie Lin originally thought that according to the rules of the previous two days, his heat would at least persist until tomorrow morning. As a result, he felt his body become hot and dry in his sleep. The more he rubbed his body, the more he felt that it was not enough. Later, when he opened his eyes, the room was still dark.

He couldn’t see Ning Yan in the dark, but could smell his pheromones that gradually became stronger. He knew that Ning Yan was awake and was brought into heat because of him.

He is dragged by the laziness brought about by sleepiness and the desire aroused by the estrus. Xie Lin wants to kiss Ning Yan, but he doesn’t know where his kisses fall, so he can only fumble for the other. Maybe his actions were so strange that he heard Ning Yan chuckle before being hugged.

Ning Yan pressed down his waist. Xie Lin was lying on the bed with his head buried on the pillow. He had been waiting for Xie Lin to move. He could hear the sound of the other rustling about. However, Ning Yan was so sleepy that he almost fell asleep as he waited.

What awakens Xie Lin is the pleasure behind him. He can feel Ning Yan lying on top of his back, pressing down on his whole body, making it sink into the bed. This feeling is similar to a hug, completely covered by the cage, completely protected by the other party.

With one hand behind his head, Ning Yan kisses him on the neck. With the other hand on the bed, he pushes himself up slightly and slowly falls down again. He embeds his penis into Xie Lin’s body and fits into him tightly. The distance disappears completely.

Different from the intense sexual intercourse earlier, the pleasure of being possessed makes Xie Lin’s scalp numb. His sexual desire is even hotter when he is half asleep than when he is awake. He slightly raises his hips according to his own feelings, but is knocked back by Ning Yan, who pushes down.

“Mn, it’s so deep…” Xie Lin sighs with contentment. He hugs the pillow, caters to Ning Yan’s movements, and spreads his legs wider, just to let him go deeper.

However, Ning Yan goes slow. He just enjoys the moist, hot and soft insides of Xie Lin’s body. He rubs the inner wall at different angles and pricks at the entrance of Xie Lin’s slightly opened genital cavity, which makes him tighten his body from time to time and wring himself more tightly.

Both of them are sleepy, so everything is done very slow. Ning Yan stays in the deepest place, rubs slowly, holds hands together, grabs Xie Lin’s hair and kisses his glands.

The glands are constantly secreting pheromones. The strong smell of grass is really bad. However, Ning Yan is addicted to it. He takes a little bite, which stimulates the secretion of more pheromones, and the body of his partner under him tightens, which makes him want to come quickly. But he does not want this to end so soon, so he breathes deeply in Xie Lin’s glands to let his scent fill his body.

Xie Lin was bitten by him and had an illusion that he wanted to mark him, and his desire was shouting. However, the movements were too slow. Ning Yan only cared about his own enjoyment, but not Xie Lin’s own feelings. Xie Lin slowly tightens his legs, trying to hold Ning Yan tighter to make him go faster. However, as soon as he gets up, Ning Yan falls back down and presses in.

Ning Yan grinds hard into his depths while biting his glands. His legs are sandwiched between Xie Lin’s to support his body, and move in and out quickly.

Xie Lin’s whole face was buried in the pillow, feeling waves of pleasure. His penis had been firmly pressed against his abdomen, and quickly rubbed against the bedsheet. A slight groan was heard in his throat, which reached the climax during the quick exercise. Ning Yan also shot out quickly, and the strength supporting his body was relieved because of the heavier pressure.

Ning Yan licked the gland which was bitten by him. Xie Lin’s legs were soft and limp. The exhaustion and sleepiness after the climax soon brought him to sleep. When he woke up the next morning, he felt something extremely heavy on his body, and he remembered that Ning Yan was still on top of him.

He soon realized that Ning Yan was still in his body. Both of them were so tired that they went to bed before he could pull out. Or Ning Yan did it on purpose. Thinking of this, Xie Lin’s cheeks turns red. He feels Ning Yan harden in him. His heart is ready to move, but his stomach feels a little hungry.

“Awake?” Ning Yan feels Xie Lin’s movements. He wakes up and turns over, pulling out in the process and leaving a stain on the sheet. The water and electricity costs for cleaning the sheets during the estrus must be huge, Xie Lin thinks. Human beings are really not kind, environmental protection creatures.

Ning Yan’s departure makes him a little reluctant to give up, but Xie Lin didn’t have a heat reaction in the morning, and he was embarrassed to say that he wanted Ning Yan to stay.

“I’ll take a shower first, and then I’ll make breakfast.” Xie Lin says. He wanted to get up quickly, but after thinking about it, he went to kiss Ning Yan.

Ning Yan gently kisses back and looks at Xie Lin’s naked back. When he goes out, Ning Yan gets up and goes to another bathroom to clean up.

In addition to cooking eggs, Xie Lin’s so-called breakfast is hot milk and all kinds of quick-frozen food, which can be eaten as long as it is heated. After breakfast, Xie Lin suddenly wants Aunt Qin to come back, but Ning Yan gives Aunt Qin a few more days off so that no one else can disturb them.

“Ning Yan, I…” After dinner, Xie Lin and Ning Yan carry the dishes and put them into the dishwasher. He watches Ning Yan clean the table with a rag and plucks up the courage to speak, but he still falters and cannot bring himself to do so.

“What’s the matter?” Ning Yan looks back at him and sees that Xie Lin is trying to say something, so he asks.

“Nothing… Wait for me to think about it. ” Xie Lin originally wanted to ask questions about heats, but when he opened his mouth, he felt that the time was not right. It was better to wait until their heat was over.

Turning around, Ning Yan, with his back to Xie Lin, looks thoughtful and doesn’t speak.

The time of the most intense reaction of his heat has passed. After that, Ning Yan and Xie Lin do it several times, usually in bed. Although Xie Lin is full of new ideas, he has no experience, and Ning Yan generally listens to him.

By the time their heat is completely over, it’s already Friday. Xie Lin wants to have only one day left. It’s better to take a vacation and just give himself a day off. Ning Yan originally wanted to go back to work and make up for the lost progress of the past few days, but Xie Lin held him in his arms and refused to let him go.

“Brother, you don’t want me after my heat?”

Ning Yan can’t help laughing at Xie Lin’s soft act of coquetry. Although Xie Lin behaves very mature, he is still several years younger than him. When he is coquettish, he still looks like a child, which makes him feel soft.

“I do.” Ning Yan touches his head. Xie Lin buries his head in his arms. They hang on the bed for a while, and Xie Lin speaks stiffly.

“Brother, I want you to mark me.”

“We’ve only known each other for a month.”

“There’s nothing to prepare for.” Xie Lin raises his head and looks at Ning Yan with bright eyes.

“We don’t know enough about each other, and there are still many problems to be solved. Even if we have a mark between us, we can’t publicize it and we can’t get married. Do you want this kind of life?”

Ning Yan seldom says so much in a row. Xie Lin looks at him and thinks about his answer carefully. Ning Yan had already implied with his words that he has a way to make marks between the both of them.

“Well I want to know you,” Xie Lin says, “paperwork doesn’t matter, as long as I like you.”

“I like you, too.”

As soon as Ning Yan answers, Xie Lin climbs up to him, puts his hands on his side, face to face, and looks into his eyes.

“What are you doing?” Ning Yan blinks and asks suspiciously.

“Looking at you.” Xie Lin’s eyes are crooked with laughter. Ning Yan was hit hard by him. The infinite love made him hug Xie Lin and kiss him. In fact, among the problems mentioned by Ning Yan, marriage is the least important. Once marked, a more stable connection than marriage will be formed between the two. He is just afraid that Xie Lin will make a wrong choice and regret it in the future.

After all, he is still young

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