Karisuma AV Danyuu no Ore ga Omocha nanka de iku Wakenai!!!

There’s No Way a Charismatic AV Actor Like Me Would Come From a Sex Toy!!!

Artist: Komiyama Komachi
Language: English

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Kotobuki Ryou, popular AV actor with a “handsome face, good technique and perfect dick” boasts on a live online broadcast about how he “would never come from a sex toy.” Because of that, he is asked to try out a sex toy company’s products. Ryou is determined to give it a try, but he then meets the other company representative – Koga Takayuki – who makes Ryou come using sex toys. From then on, he’s not able to forget the sensations….

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Saiaku na Futari no Hajimari wa
Sono Ki Ni Sasete

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