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In the dry season, if one was to wait for a while at the bottom of the water where one lives, and they were lucky, then a bride would sink down. Then one could pick them up, wash them clean, and love them with all their heart.

This was an interracial love story familiar to almost every thin dragon.

Calling a young dragon ‘thin’ was also a unique custom of the dragons, which represented the good wishes of the elders. In order to avoid the premature death of a young dragon, the dragon people always claimed that there were no juveniles in the clan, only… some of them were relatively small.

Therefore, when Xiaoshen woke up from a long sleep, the first thing he did was to see whether his body size had changed from thin to thick.

During his deep sleep, he always kept his human form and looked like a seventeen to eighteen-year-old human youth. He was beautiful and lovely, just like a flawless jade, but his eyes were dark blue. He could never be mistaken for a human, as the non-human aura in his eyes became more and more obvious.

At this time, he went back to his original shape, and saw that his pale cyan body had indeed increased a lot. It was hard to say how thick his skin was. Anyway, he thought, it is impossible to tell how thin it is either.

Xiaoshen was so pleased with himself, that he immediately wanted to compare the thickness of his skin with that of his peers. This was also the basic instinct of dragons.

But he soon wistfully remembered that everyone had long been gone from this world

Eh, by the way, since there was only one dragon in the world now anyway, he was the thickest dragon in the world!

Xiaoshen’s mood turned as fast as the weather on the sea.

Xiaoshen turned back to his human form and lay on the smooth, hard bed. He was afraid that he had slept for too long, because he had no strength. His mind seemed to be a bit confused. He thought that the water quality was strange. At the moment, it was hard to think and there was no place that could answer his questions.

He was appointed Lanyu Lake, a world famous great lake, which spanned thousands of miles and connected the northern and southern states.

The dragon race was not like human beings, who only had a single name. For them to be easily remembered and to understand where they came from, one could add where they lived and their fiefs to the front of their name. For example, Xiaoshen could also be called Lanyu Shen.

The place where he slept was hard for outsiders to reach – it was a hidden underwater cave in the depths of Lanyu Lake.

The dragon race was in charge of the world’s water veins, which was naturally both intimidating and attractive to other nationalities. Those with accomplishments were more willing to follow them day and night. One could benefit greatly from being close to a dragon –  the aura and breath of the dragon people contained the Dao of water. 

However, no one knew about the cave and even the water species 1 could not enter, because the cave bottom was well-hidden with an array set up. The cave was empty and only the soft brightness of the night pearl lit the area.

It seemed that he was poor, but not too poor. Apart from the night pearl and a bed, he had nothing else. It was all Dragon Emperor’s fault.

Although his thoughts were confused, as a dragon, Xiaoshen became aware of the rippling water above him.

He stared at the entrance of the cave. A second later, a man’s figure appeared. He was tall and upright, covered in a red robe with a black shirt underneath, and with a broad hood hanging down, showing only half of his jade-like face.

Human race? Is it a human?!

There were only a few humans Xiaoshen had seen in his life.

Oh, human red robe underwater…

Xiaoshen’s mind instantly cleared. Isn’t this the legendary bride? What an old and beautiful custom!

As someone who had never had this kind of encounter, he had mixed feelings of surprise, excitement, and uneasiness.

But the bride was very surprised as well. He stood still for a long time, staring at Xiaoshen.

Naturally, anyone who saw a living man in the depths of the water would be startled.

Xiaoshen barely sat up straight. Apparently, the array outside has failed after he woke up, and the cave was found by the bride. He stared back at half of the jade-like face: a high nose, beautiful and full light red lips – these were all deemed pleasing in the eyes of the dragon people.

Needless to say, the aesthetic range of the dragons has always been very broad, and they have made great contributions to the prosperity of species between heaven and earth.

They had children with tigers, bears, tortoises, and had son after son, and grandson after grandson. Finally, different races emerged.

That’s why there were many various races with dragon blood.

The story didn’t mention the details of picking up a human bride. Xiaoshen could only test it himself and take the initiative to break the silence. “Have you come to be my bride, since you are in red?”

“Bride?” The voice of the bride in red was low and a little lazy. Because they were in the water, it sounded fuzzy and distorted. Xiaoshen couldn’t even tell the gender.

If he listened carefully, didn’t it sound like a man?

This should be a detail that wasn’t mentioned in the story. The brides could be men or women, which seemed reasonable.

But at this time, Xiaoshen was not ready to think deeper about this. He could only pretend to be confident, “However, I am not taking a bride casually.”

The bride’s face was confused, “……?”

Xiaoshen continued, “So I have to ask you…”

The bride’s face was veiled, and Xiaoshen didn’t know much about humans. He hadn’t seen many people and wanted to know the age of the other person. After all, it was said that humans get married early, but the dragon race was the opposite.

However, because dragons measure age differently, Xiaoshen asked, “How thick are you?”

It was polite to ask how thick one was, but you couldn’t ask how thin!

It was impolite to mention how thin one was.

Bride, “……”

He didn’t know why, but the body of the bride in the water seemed to be shaking. It was probably just water waves.

The bride was in a trance, “What did you say?”

“That is…” Xiaoshen thought that the other side might not understand him well. His language skills were far from proficient. He tried asking in the language of the humans, “How old are you?”

It seemed right, but…

The bride’s figure shook violently. Yes, this time Xiaoshen was sure that it was not the water that was moving, but the bride.

But soon, the water started shaking as well, so much so, that even the White Sea Sand bed began to tremble.

He didn’t know who was doing it. He was afraid that a great cultivator was making it move so much.

The bride’s aura was indifferent, just like the water grass everywhere – he had no sense of existence and almost looked human. But suddenly it sharpened like an unsheathed sword!

“…Husband.” When the other side said this word, the corners of his mouth were slightly cocked, and his voice was tinged with a kind of ambiguous smile. He raised his hand and turned a plain silver bracelet on his wrist. “Wait a moment.”

After that, he left. He seemed to be in a hurry.

When Xiaoshen heard the word ‘husband’, his body shuddered.

Wow, humans were so unrestrained.

But soon, Xiaoshen found that he couldn’t move his body well.

When he looked down, he didn’t know when his two thin ankles were encircled by a pair of plain silver bracelets. They were exactly the same as the ones like on the bride’s wrists, they looked very ordinary. They didn’t even have any spiritual power fluctuations, but they imprisoned his power.

It immobilized his spiritual power! His body was not listening to him!

He thought it was because he slept too long, that he became weak…

Not good.

These instruments came in many forms and different names, but their functions were the same. They suppressed the power of the wearer and made them subservient.

It was not a one-day feat to put this magic weapon on a dragon quietly. Xiaoshen was afraid that the array had been broken for a long time.

The bride was dishonest… No, he was not a bride at all!

He was a guy, who had been sneaking in here for a long time and wanted to do something bad to him. The silver bracelet was the same as that on his wrist. He couldn’t be wrong. He thought he was the bride from the story, who just fell down.

Ordinary people should not be able to see his small and deep colored dragon body, but they could sense a strong existence, and this person was bold enough to take advantage of the situation.

But because Xiaoshen suddenly woke up, the contract was not completely successful. Otherwise, the man wouldn’t have had to worry about it, and would have taken him away.

The little deep eyes turned red. The bride deceived his feelings. He was also imprisoned and was so angry, that he clenched his fists. He smashed down with his soft hand and the whole White Sea Sand bed under his body was torn apart. The whole situation was pathetic.

“I’m already an abandoned dragon…”

In principle, just because a person dropped in the water, one couldn’t guarantee the quality of the bride. These were other details that the story didn’t mention.

But for a dragon just growing out of being thin, it was still not something he could calmly accept.

If his family knew, Xiaoshen would be a laughingstock.

Since he was like a grain of sand in the other’s hand and he had no way to learn any skills or techniques without a teacher, he was at a dead end by himself. But because he was the only dragon, he could be called the Dragon King.


Xiaoshen lay in a pile of White Sea Sand, trying to get the silver bracelet off, but it was in vain. It seemed to have no fancy arrays, but it firmly restrained his power – he has never seen such a design before. He tried attacking it with his own spiritual power, that could easily destroy any other force, but only managed to hurt himself.

The bottom of the water was still shaking. There were cultivators fighting outside, but he didn’t know who the bride was fighting against. Well, he hoped he got killed.

Xiaoshen tried for a long time, but when the shaking had stopped, his heart suddenly loosened…

The man lost.

The thought flashed through his mind.

The restraint had not been fully formed yet, but he could also sense the other a little.

He swam out of the cave with the water waves at an extremely fast speed. Although he couldn’t use his spiritual power, swimming to a dragon was a natural skill.

His surroundings felt peculiar, and there were many things from the human race under the water. Before he went to sleep, there were no human settlements around his territory. After so many years of changes in the world, it was not impossible for the human race to have reached this far.

Just, do these people like to throw things into his great lake that were still usable?

Look, there were even fresh roots.

Just as Xiaoshen swam up halfway, a human also descended in the water. When they met, both of them stopped.

The other side was dressed in blue, his temples were frosty white, his body was thin, but his face was young and handsome. He looked at Xiaoshen carefully.

The young man in front of him was only wearing a broken Xuanyi, but the jade belt around his waist was as good as new, and since it was very wide, it made his waist look even thinner. His eyebrows seemed to make him a little childish, but those dark blue eyes, as they looked up, refracted the light and blue waves at the bottom of the water – it was fascinating.

Although he looked human, he was different somehow.

The young man was barefoot, with two control bracelets around his thin ankles. The simple and matching silver bracelets set against the snow white skin made it thrilling to look at. They seemed to be of the same shape as that of the person in the red robe.

The young man could breathe freely under the water. He should be from the water race, but he had turned into his human form. Because he was suppressed by the spirit bracelet, the man couldn’t see his original shape. His aura was so weak, that it was pitiful. It was really lovable.

This must be the person that the founder was referring to with his dying wish, the person in blue, who was in front, thought to himself.

“Little friend, want to escape? Don’t be afraid, the array set by the man, who put the spirit bracelet on you, has been broken by me, and he has escaped.” The person in blue suppressed his spiritual power’s fluctuation.

Xiaoshen was cheated by the bastard bride just now, so he was on guard. He looked at the human cultivator, who suddenly appeared. “So, you saved me? What a coincidence

If he had met the human race a day earlier, he would not have this attitude.

The person in blue felt that the young man was suspicious of his words, because his tone was still doubtful. He didn’t know where his accent came from, but he didn’t mind it. Knowing that the youth had escaped a disaster, he must be in a state of shock. So the man said, “I can swear by my heart, I don’t mean any harm to you, friend. You don’t need to worry.”

Xiaoshen was surprised at his frankness.

The man in blue continued, “But it’s neither a coincidence, nor is it all chance. I’m Xie Kurong, the patriarch of the Yuling Sect. Five thousand years ago, our founder, Immortal Fang Cun left a divination before he ascended. He asked later generations, that whoever succeeded as the patriarch in this year, on this day, at this time, they must come here to rescue a trapped person. And I really found someone setting up a battle array here.”

He was glad that his voice was not wavering.

Fang Cun was a real man of great virtue. The prediction from five thousand years ago was right!

After all this time, Xie Kurong came to the city under the guidance of his grandfather, and he really met a young boy from the water race, who needed to be rescued.

Xie Kurong’s attitude was surprisingly good. It was precisely because of the words that came from the ancestor. This meant that this young man and the Yuling Sect had a deep connection with each other.

Yuling? Fang Cun? Never heard of it.

Xiaoshen only felt that it was inexplicable. He had nothing to do with the ancestor of this person. Why did that old man specifically ask his grandchildren to help him?

He was probably very powerful, so why did he do this?

It was impossible to calculate that he was a dragon. Besides, the man’s descendants didn’t know his real identity.

“Thank you.” Xiaoshen didn’t want to deal with him, even if the man swore on his heart. He continued going upstream, it was not important to doubt those who randomly came to save him. But what was the matter with his waters? That was what was really crucial.

Xiaoshen only wanted to go upstream. Xie Kurong thought in his heart that few people in the world would be calm, when they heard the words ‘Yuling Sect’. But the young man prophesied by his grandfather was indifferent.

“Cough.” The other party didn’t invite him to join, but Xie Kurong followed and went up, “Little friend, you are now bound by the spirit bracelet. Are you able to get rid of it by yourself? Besides, it’s not safe to stay here. The red robed man’s whereabouts are unknown and his technique was strange…”

If outsiders saw that the patriarch of the Yuling Sect had such a thick face, they would question whether they were in a fantasy.

For this teenager, this was their first meeting. But for Xie Kurong, it had been hundreds of years since he took over as the patriarch, and he had known of the existence of this young man that had been handed down from generation to generation. He has also imagined countless times who he was going to save and why.

Although his ancestor left only a few words about rescuing him, at present, Xie Kuong found that he could not just turn around and leave.

What kind of person had he been waiting for for hundreds of years?

Xiaoshen had reached the surface, he stepped on the water and looked around, dumbstruck.

The bank was filled with houses, close enough that he could see the spring couplets on their doors. Far away there were city towers, towering palaces, carved beams and painted walls; it was clearly a large human city.

No matter where he looked, Xiaoshen could only see the traces of human habitation, not the vast water surface that he remembered.

But now, the vast and remote Lanyu Lake turned into a small cold pond with a stone tablet beside it, which said: Wang Clan Pond.


Where’s my water? Where did my water go?? 

Why was there so little water left for me to wash my feet in?!

It was the vicissitudes of life. What’s more, dragons would know when their water veins dried up… right?

Now, Xiaoshen was afraid that this was one of the reasons why the bride had won.

As for being the master of this great lake, since the water was gone, Xiaoshen’s strength was affected. He would never be able to be called Lanyu Shen again, he thought dejectedly. He became Wangjia Shen 2

What a terrible name! Xiaoshen cried deeply.

“Don’t worry, friend. The people in the city were enchanted by the person in the red robe. I brought some disciples who are working on breaking the spell. After that, they will naturally wake up. I think that the person in the red robe was afraid his movements would be discovered, so he fled.” Xie Kurong said. He thought that Xiaoshen was wondering why there were no noises in such a big city and why it was too quiet, so he explained.

A small deep trembling voice said, “This… Isn’t this Lanyu Lake?”

Xie Kurong looked at him a little confused, and quietly said, “You say Lanyu Lake? Five thousand years ago, the city was indeed a vast expanse of water. It’s also related to our Yuling Sect. My ancestor Fang Cun passed through and found that there were many natural disasters over the years and the people were suffering, so he helped them.”

Turning around like a puppet, Xiaoshen made sure to look at him, “…What?”

“You haven’t heard of it? Our ancestors pumped out ninety percent of the water from the great lake, and it became fertile land, so all the people were moved here. After thousands of years of recovery, due to their prosperity, this place has become the capital of a country.”

Xie Kurong proudly said, “The sun, the moon, the rivers, and the mountains are born under the sky, but they are gifted from our holy one! Ancestor Fang Cun, who walked against heaven and earth with his human body was our holy one!”

Xiaoshen, “……”

He lost all his water and his territory was taken by the humans. What kind of dragon was he?

It was all the human race’s fault. The human race was evil. One steals me, the other steals my water.

No wonder despite knowing each other, Fang Cun left a message to help him. Was that enough? Was that really enough??

Fang Kun do you know what you owe me? Repay me!!!

Xie Kurong stopped, only to see the young boy give a surging look that made him even more gorgeous. This water species youngster was slightly unlike his race that admired when they heard such deeds of their ancestors. He didn’t know how a teenager from the water race hadn’t even heard about it.

“Ha ha, it’s a popular city in the world now. There are dragon veins here. In those days, people would move here just to be near them. After ten dynasties, this area became an ancient capital. In fact, this place is just a combination of different ideas.”

At last, he restored the magnificence of the patriarch.

The young boy, “…

Xiaoshen was afraid, because he didn’t know much about this world and was shocked. Then he asked, “The water that was drained… Where did it go?”

Xie Kurong smiled, “When water covering thousands of miles is suddenly moved, it would also cause huge waves, and even changes the surrounding landscape. Moreover, there are many disciples who practice the water method in our sect, so the ancestor brought all the water of the great lake back to Yuling.”

Xiaoshen, “Oh…”


The author has something to say:

I’m a little bit late, I’m sorry……_(:з」∠)_

I hope you don’t get fat, the poor dragon, stay healthy!


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Translator Notes:

  1. 水族 Shui people – People from the water race (turtles, clams, tortoises etc.)
  2. Jia is family/clan


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