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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


It was going well. Everything was going well.

Xie Kurong had the intention to recruit Xiaoshen. When he talked about the deeds of his ancestors and the many disciples in his sect, he took the initiative to propose to Xiaoshen, that if he had nowhere to go, he could join the Yuling Sect.

This young man had a thousand year long relationship with the Yuling Sect. Xie Kurong couldn’t let him wander outside trapped with a spirit bracelet. Moreover, he could protect him from the red robed man, who had an impressive cultivation. He had his attention fixed upon the young man, and he thought that he may be extraordinary after the restriction was undone, maybe this could be a chance for him to finally get an inner disciple through the door?

There were thousands of ways to cultivate water in the Yuling Sect, all created by Founder Fang Cun in the past. They learned from the world’s water veins.

Therefore, the disciples who practiced water skills in the sect liked to make friends with water masters, since it was beneficial to their cultivation. Especially those who had the blood of the dragons and were born with the ability to sense water pulses.

However, for the Yuling Sect, it was not necessary to grasp onto a water race person like the man in red robe wanted to. They had their own water people that were part of their sect, who guarded the mountain gate for Yuling, did odd jobs, and worked for benefits. Even future generations were all attached to the Yuling Sect, which was mutually beneficial.

No matter the origin of those in Yuling, some demon clans with excellent talents would even worship the sect.

“What’s your name?” Xie Kurong asked softly.


Xiaoshen. Xie Kurong repeated to himself, “What about the last name?”

“Oh, sad stuff, don’t even mention it.”

It was an embarrassing thing and could not be revealed.

Xie Kurong mistakenly thought that if Xiaoshen had any relatives left, he wouldn’t have had to wait for his help. It seemed that he had a miserable life experience. He didn’t want to pry in Xiaoshen’s painful past, so he stopped talking about it.

Looking at Xiaoshen’s clothes, only his jade belt was intact. He gave Xiaoshen a new set of clothes that covered the silver bracelets, which made Xiaoshen feel better.

Not long after, all the disciples brought by Xie Kurong came back to the Wang Clan Pond. They saw a soft and feeble water race youth by the patriarch. At first, they didn’t think much about it, until Xie Kurong said that he would return back with them to the sect.

Fang Cun’s life was a secret handed down to the patriarchs of the Yuling Sect from generation to generation. How could mere disciples know about it? They could only see the young man’s low spiritual power. What did the patriarch like about him? In the Yuling Sect, even if one wanted to join and had great ambitions, with low spiritual power, they wouldn’t be accepted.

But no one dared to question it out loud.

Xiaoshen saw the disciples return one by one and then looked at them again.

It was not only to observe them, but also to figure out how many people there were in Yuling Sect. When he was done, he started thinking, after taking over Yuling Sect, should I keep them around to do odd jobs?

His reasoning was: since these people were in the Yuling Sect, they must have been drinking (my) water and have been using (my) water, so they all owe me!

Without any vassals by his side, he didn’t have any misgivings about keeping these ones for a while.

Xie Kurong looked older, but maybe he could be the grand chancellor of my Dragon Palace

While Xiaoshen was daydreaming, Xie Kurong instructed a demon clan member in their group, “Daomi, you and Xiaoshen should go together.”

Ever since he was born, the grandfather of the little demon had been a member of the Yuling Sect. He and Xie Kurong had such a good relationship, that even the name Daomi (Overflowing Dao) was given by Xie Kurong. When Daomi turned eighty, he was sent to work for the patriarch.

Because Xie Kurong was fond of him, he usually didn’t have much to do. But he could get guidance anytime, which even the disciples of an orthodox sect envied.

Daomi was very diligent, and he boastfully slapped his chest, “Don’t worry, since I was a child, I often helped guests with my grandfather. I could do this with my hands tied to my back!” 

He closed his eyes quickly after looking around, and since no one wanted to comment, he felt he had to explain, “I’m a veteran!”

Xie Kurong, “……”

Well, erm this old fiend and his disciples were all good just a little noisy.

Daomi’s body changed into his original shape, a huge starling bird, and Xiaoshen stepped on his back. Xie Kurong also flew into the sky.

Xie Kurong’s disciple could not help, but lean forward and ask, “Master, is Xiaoshen from the water race? What’s his clan?”

One couldn’t judge a person by his appearance. Although Xiaoshen looked weak, and didn’t really have a background, he had the subtle look of a master.

“What do you think he is?” Xie Kurong asked.

The disciple thought for a moment, “Looking at his delicate body, is he a clam?”

Once on Daomi’s back, Xiaoshen found the most comfortable position; in fact, he seemed so comfortable as he lied there, that it almost seemed like he was boneless.

Xie Kurong smiled and didn’t answer.

The demon clans had their own taboos. After all, sometimes their original shape could also reveal their weakness. It was difficult to ask about it, if they didn’t wish to speak of it.

Although Xie Kurong, as the patriarch, should inquire about the new man’s original form, he treated Xiaoshen differently and wanted to interact with him slowly.

And Xie Kurong already had a guess. One couldn’t tell what Xiaoshen was thinking, his face didn’t change at all, when he heard the word ‘Yuling’. But he didn’t even know the deeds of Founder Fang Cun. Even as a water species, he didn’t know that Lanyu Lake had disappeared five thousand years ago. This was not something that could be explained by living in a remote place. The world was connected with water, and Lanyu Lake’s change was a very well-known thing.

It seemed that he had missed the past five thousand years… but he was still so young… After thinking it through, Xie Kurong was convinced that Xiaoshen was a tortoise.


Daomi was less than one hundred years old. In the demon clan and among the cultivators, he was still considered young without many accomplishments. Fortunately, Xie Kurong and the others deliberately didn’t go at their fastest speed. He barely managed to hang on, but was still able to keep up on the way to Yuling Sect.

Xiaoshen didn’t have much power at present. Instead, he needed to take advantage of this bird named Daomi. He looked at the white clouds passing by and felt that this speed was extremely slow.

Daomi was a very energetic fellow. He asked Xiaoshen outright, “Brother Xiaoshen, what’s your cultivation level now?”

Xiaoshen had been forced to join the Yuling Sect. He was not in the mood to talk about it. Moreover, this child was of the demon race. The bodies of the dragon race and the demon race were not the same, and since dragons were connected to nature, even their cultivation realms were vastly different.

For dragons, comparing thickness was more interesting to them, than cultivation.

Daomi said with a smile, “I can almost perceive a golden dragon!”

Xiaoshen was shocked and looked down at Daomi, stupefied.

Perceiving a golden dragon? Can people recognize dragons these days? Can they only recognize a golden dragon? Can they even tell that I’m an azure dragon??

“It’s hard to tell, but… In fact, I’m pretty good.” Daomi said shyly, “I have almost broken through the bottleneck.”

When Xiaoshen heard ‘bottleneck’, he recovered from his shock and asked slowly, “To Perceive the Golden Dragon (Ren Jin Long)… Is it a realm?”

Of the twelve stages he knew of, the third was the so-called ‘passing through the Xuanguan (Entrance Hall) of the immortal’, also known as Xuanqiao (Black Hole). It was the place where the Yin and Yang of the human body could be divided. If they passed through Xuanguan, the life span of the cultivator would be greatly increased.

Actually, this stage was still considered foundation-laying, like the previous two stages. Many people who were not gifted enough got so frustrated in the first two realms, that some practitioners believed that Xuanguan was actually the first step on the path of cultivating into an immortal.

But in Xiaoshen’s memory, the stage after Xuanguan should be called ‘Shentiandi’ (Unequal Heaven and Earth). He was sure of that.

Daomi was shocked by Xiaoshen. “Brother Xiaoshen, you don’t know?”

Common sense was common sense.

The way of cultivating immortals, from the beginning to ascension, there were twelve great stages.

Yingning (Attack Peace), Dichu (Basic Cleansing), Xuanguan (Entrance Hall), Ren Jin Long (Perceiving the Golden Dragon), Ting Lei (Listening to the Thunder), Xun Tian (Sky Survey), Fei Xian (Fly to the Immortal), Guizhen Shen (Return to the True God), Bu Fu (Don’t Submit), Bu Que (Don’t Retreat), Bu Mei (Don’t Conceal), and Bu Gui Ri (Don’t Return to the Sun). Up until now, no one has returned to this world after ascension!

He could pretend for a while, but he couldn’t pretend for a lifetime. Xiaoshen could still fool them when he heard about Yuling. But, after ten thousand years, he had fallen too far behind in his knowledge of the world. The human race was garish and also named everything. They also had a lot of different stories about everything. It was hard to follow.

Xiaoshen chose to accept it, and nodded, “I have been in seclusion for hundreds of years, so I never heard of it!”

“But it has been called Ren Jin Long since more than a thousand years ago.” Daomi didn’t expect that there were people who were so committed while living in seclusion. He hadn’t even kept up with the current knowledge and most what he knew was out of date. This was too secluded, right?

Daomi couldn’t help stealing glances at Xiaoshen. Birds’ field of vision was very wide. Daomi’s left eye slipped back, so he could look at Xiaoshen on his back. He thought he was being smart, when in fact he looked really stupid.

After muttering, he then said proudly, “Besides, it has something to do with our Yuling Sect. When Yu Zhao, the third generation patriarch, was communicating with heaven and earth in this place, he heard the roar of a dragon. But the dragons ascended to the world of immortals ten thousand years ago. That’s why it’s said that the golden dragon’s roaring was caused by Yu Zhao’s reaching the great circle and ascension to the world of immortals. Therefore, everyone will recognize this stage as the golden dragon, also known as kowtowing to the golden dragon, which is also asking for a good omen. They want to follow Yu Zhao’s example and find the golden dragon.”

In Daomi’s eyes Xiaoshen looked very serious and was listening to him earnestly.

In fact, this was mainly because Xiaoshen was not proficient in the human language, and the little demon spoke with a slight accent. He had to listen carefully to such a long speech. Inwardly he felt very disdainful.

What a braggart You can’t tell the color of the dragon just by listening to its sound. Even I can’t tell if it’s blue or purple. Xiaoshen thought.

Moreover, he was the last dragon in the world. He was still sleeping thousands of years ago, unless… what the man heard was his snoring.

Uh? Snoring…

It was impossible, Xiaoshen thought. My family said that I don’t have any bad sleeping habits!

“By the way, Brother Xiaoshen, are you coming to Yuling alone? Do you have any friends or relatives? You can bring them with you. My whole family lives in Yuling.” Daomi changed the subject with a smile.

Xiaoshen listened to him and said without a thought, “No, my whole family is gone.”

As just mentioned by Daomi, his whole family was not in this world but in the world of the immortals.

“Ah…” Daomi felt like he was going to die of embarrassment. “Sorry for your loss…”

“?” Xiaoshen, “Oh, thank you.”

Daomi was a little ashamed. He simply continued, “But the Yuling Sect is full of talented people. If I can pass Xuanguan after one hundred years, it will be all thanks to the support of the sect. It’s really a beggar and Dragon Emperor competing for treasure.”

Xiaoshen was shocked again. When he heard the words ‘Dragon Emperor’, he felt very uneasy. It was his patriarch. Although Dragon Emperor was no longer in the world, he was still sensitive to the name. However, Xiaoshen had never heard that saying before. With his level in human language, he couldn’t help asking, “How is it like that?”

Daomi was overjoyed!

For the first time, he met a person who praised him, and immediately said, “It’s not worth mentioning!”

Xiaoshen, “……”

Daomi smiled at Xiaoshen, “Brother Xiaoshen, to be honest, no one is as kind to me as you are. I’m really like Grandma Lei talking to Dragon Emperor – looking for a friend in all corners of the world. Now, I have someone to talk to. “

Xiaoshen, “……”

Was this demon doing this on purpose??

Xiaoshen calmly asked, “Can you talk about something else? Is the Yuling Sect very famous?”

This was important to know, if he wanted to occupy the Yuling Sect in the future.

He also decided to keep away from this starling after they got to the sect.

Daomi nodded awkwardly. He knew that Brother Xiaoshen had lived in the countryside for a long time, and unlike other people, he knew very little about Yuling. So, he started proudly introducing his Sect, “There is a famous saying in the cultivation world, that goes: ‘Dao came from nature, its techniques from Yuling’s Yuling Sect’. Ordinary small sects only have a few skills. Our Yuling Sect is well-known all over the world, because we have techniques from many different sects in the cultivation world. And everyone can study those skills as long as they join Yuling. As the saying goes, this isn’t just Dragon Emperor farting—” 1

Xiaoshen, “……”

Xiaoshen, “?????”

“Don’t say it!! You shut up!!!”

From afar, Xie Kurong heard Xiaoshen roaring on Daomi’s back. He didn’t need to look back to know that it was directed at Daomi.

It was no surprise. Even if one could cultivate their body, it was hard to change one’s nature. It was almost impossible to make a starling learn to be quiet.

The Yuling Sect was thousands of miles from the old land of Lanyu, but it could be reached in a moment with the speed of practitioners. In a short while, they had arrived at a place among the mountains surrounded by forests with no people around. Of course, there was no way it was actually deserted; there were some ordinary houses here and there. Some of them even had fences in front, but, in fact, that was just the Yuling Sect’s trick to prevent outsiders from trespassing.

After circling around twice, Daomi descended in a certain place. In front of him stood two que towers. In addition, there was a small path at the back between them. The walls stood ten thousand feet high, and there were more mountains on the other side of the two towers.

The towers were radiant and breathtaking. Looking at them, one could see that the Yuling Sect really had a prominent background.

Ha ha, Xiaoshen thought coldly, Xie Kurong, I can’t believe you brought back the creditor to the sect. This vicious Dragon King is ready to rob your whole clan clean at any time.

Xiaoshen had already started calculating how much interest Xie Kurong would have to pay for borrowing his water for five thousand years. The result was that the profit would be so enormous, it was not possible to count. Now he looked at everything like it was his own. He turned to Daomi and said, “The Guangling wood we used in this building is good. Remember to paint it often and keep it in perfect condition!”

Daomi, “Alright.”

We? How did this new person assimilate so quickly?

Daomi mumbled, pointing behind him, “The gate to enter is here.”

Xiaoshen could barely hold back his joy. My water is here!!!

I’m coming, my precious!!

Daomi led Xiaoshen and followed Xie Kurong past the que towers. Suddenly, the scenery changed to beautiful peaks all around. There were overlapping pavilions covering the grass and trees, as well as large houses at the foot of the mountain. There were the occasional thatched farmhouses, which made the whole area quite diverse. This was a bustling place.

The most remarkable was the jade belt like crystal river in the air that encircled the peaks, connecting them all together. The water was sparkling and flowing. From below, one could see water species swimming around in it happily. On the river, there were boats carrying people. They looked like swaying leaves from afar.

Daomi explained, “This is Ligou (Scaling) River, the water that Founder Fang Cun brought back from Lanyu Lake.”

Xiaoshen was devastated. “Impossible! Lanyu has been a great lake since ancient times. There is no limit to the water. Do the people in your sect drink buckets of water and wash their clothes five times a day? You can’t use this river like that…”

Daomi touched his chin. “Well, I’ve been here for less than a hundred years. I haven’t really thought about it. Now that you mention it, the amount of water does seem unreasonably scarce.”

Although the river was large, it clearly didn’t have as much water as it used to.

My water. My water My water!!! 

Xiaoshen rushed to confront Xie Kurong and straightforwardly asked him. “Didn’t you say that ninety percent of Lanyu Lake’s water was brought back? How can there be only one river left?”

He also wanted to wait for an opportunity to snatch his water back. That was all. What else could he do?

“There’s also a deep pool in the back. It’s enough for the water species to live in. No matter how big your original shape is, you’ll be able to fit. Don’t worry.” Xie Kurong explained patiently.

Xiaoshen lost his soul and mulled over where the bastard could have put the rest of his water. He was in no mood to count his future profits anymore.

While following Xie Kurong through the mountains and walking through the palace columns built on it, Xiaoshen was in such a trance that he didn’t even bother acting composed. He was still wearing the spirit control bracelets, which made him a little weak, and he was staggering.

He didn’t know how many people stared at him.

Not everyone knew about the ancestor’s prophecy, but the patriarch rarely left the mountain. Today, he went out with several disciples and brought a young man back with him, which was enough to attract people’s attention.

“So small…”

“He doesn’t look like a human.”

“Is he not used to walking?”

“His aura is so weak, and he can’t walk. I feel like he’ll topple over if someone touches him.”

“Did the patriarch pick him up?”

Yuling Sect was the most accomplished and powerful sect. So it was strange when someone weak-looking like this appeared, and they couldn’t help looking at him.

The young man’s body was petite, and his broad robe was in the patriarch’s favorite style. It had a very ancient design, but it also made him appear flexible and slender; his waist and legs were well covered, his hair was a little messy, and his ears were a little red. His dark eyes flickered in the sunlight with a strange blue color, but his limbs seemed very weak, like soft noodles, which made him walk unsteadily, pitifully and adorably. The little starling wanted to help, but he knew Xiaoshen would kill him, if he did.

A little bit of the tiger’s teeth was exposed, but it was not fierce at all.

He didn’t know when the whispering around him stopped…

They held their breath and stared at the teenager, who seemed to about to fall down at a moment’s notice. He was adorable.

I hate Fang Cun. Fang Cun, you bastard.

Xiaoshen was absorbed in cursing at Fang Cun in his mind, hoping that he would fall from the immortal world step by step. Unfortunately, he was so distracted while struggling by himself, that when he stepped over the threshold, Xiaoshen stumbled, lost his balance and fell forward.

I’m sure I won’t die if I fall, but

Was there ever a dragon that died of shame since the beginning of the world?

Xiaoshen had that thought flash through his mind, but instead of falling down, he fell into a cold and fragrant embrace.

Xiaoshen looked up. It turned out to be a young man of the human race. He was wearing pristine white. He had a beautiful face, and a cold look like the moon on the sea and snow on the mountain top. The hand of the person in front of him was cool and the arm holding Xiaoshen’s arm was extremely powerful.

However, how thick were dragon scales? Xiaoshen stared at the other indifferently. He hasn’t encountered many humans. He couldn’t help but compare the one in front of his eyes with every human he met in the past. He was not the same. Compared to everyone else, he was very different.

The young man looked fixedly at Xiaoshen, and after a while, he slowly let go. There was a cup of tea in his other hand, which he handed to Xiaoshen.

“Tea.” The voice of the youth was as cool as his temperament, but this action was very intimate.

Xiaoshen suddenly had faith in the human race again…

His heart was cool – a comfortable temperature for dragons. Even his bad mood was not so bad anymore, and he immediately felt better. After taking the tea, he thought that this man was not like a love swindler, a water thief or a boaster. He was kind and gave him tea to drink. Also, he looked quite good.

Yes, he was good enough to pay debts.

Was it the dry season? 2 Xiaoshen took a look outside the hall, sat down naturally as if he was home, and absentmindedly took a sip of tea.

He didn’t know if the bride was kicked, no, fell into the water first, then went to the bottom and waited. If he picked him up like that, he wouldn’t be his bride…


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Translator Notes:

  1. In China, to say someone is farting or blowing rainbows, it means they are talking out of their ass.
  2. Xiaoshen is thinking about the dragon love story.


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