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The Pervert and the Yandere

by Heng Heng

Year: 2016 (Dan Wenku)

Genre: BL, twisted, transmig,

Novel Status in Country of Origin: 13 Chapters (Complete)



Lin HaoMiao fell in love with Wen Wen at first sight after seeing him on the street. Knowing full well that the other party already had a boyfriend, he still couldn’t help himself from wanting him. In order to get closer to Wen Wen, Lin HaoMiao stalked, followed, spied, and went through his garbage; he did everything. Lin HaoMiao felt twistedly happy.

A perverted and demented gong versus a neurotic and yandere shou. Both have twisted personalities and their three views are not very positive. 

PS: Please call the police if you find such people in real life, thank you. _(:3″ ∠)_

Chapter 1: Lin HaoMiao knows he’s a pervert.

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Lin HaoMiao knew he was a pervert. He found that out the first time he saw Wen Wen three years ago.

At that time, Wen Wen was wearing a simple shirt and jeans, shopping in the supermarket, so plain, he couldn’t be any more ordinary.

But Lin HaoMiao couldn’t help himself and fell in love with him at first sight.

Then he followed Wen Wen, like a stalker, all the way from the supermarket to the bottom of an apartment building. Then he followed the other man into Building 8 like a man possessed, watched him press the 11th floor in the elevator, and then pressed the 12th floor himself.

When the elevator reached the 11th floor, Wen Wen did not give him another look and left, Lin HaoMiao almost followed him out.

After he got home, he was like a demon. He went crazy, frantically looking for all kinds of ‘for sale’ property information, ran through several agencies, and even directly tried to contact Wen Wen’s neighbors, saying that if they were willing to give up their house to him, he could buy them a bigger house in the city center.

The process was skipped, and anyway, half a month later, he moved in next door to Wen Wen before even selling his own house.

Lin HaoMiao thought he was crazy, in order to “meet” Wen Wen, he could stand at his door for two hours, just looking through the peephole, waiting for Wen Wen to come out. Every time they greeted each other, Wen Wen was very polite, like he was a stranger.

Then Lin HaoMiao found out that Wen Wen had a boyfriend.

The other guy seemed to be an ordinary working man who only came to spend the night on weekends. Every Saturday through the wall, Lin HaoMiao could hear faint moans, and he thought he would be sad or angry at first, but unexpectedly, he was actually excited and sexually aroused, so every weekend he jerked off to Wen Wen’s voice. The rest of the time he jerked off to the photos – which he downloaded by hacking into Wen Wen’s computer, which was his real job anyway.

Lin HaoMiao occasionally fantasized that he was the one who pinned Wen Wen to the bed and did that, but he had been a wimp since he was a kid, and he could see that Wen Wen seemed to be deeply in love with his boyfriend, so he thought he could get by with just fantasizing about him every day.

Six months later, Wen Wen’s boyfriend stopped coming.

For two weeks in a row, there were no ambiguous sounds next door.

At that time, he didn’t realize that there was any connection between this and the story in the corner of the newspaper that “a man fell from the top of a building”.

Lin HaoMiao tried to talk to Wen Wen, having already figured out Wen Wen’s habits. He waited ten minutes to see Wen Wen coming out of the opposing door, so he hurriedly opened his door and came out, putting on a surprised expression, “Eh, what a coincidence.”

Wen Wen smiled indifferently.

The only sound in the silent elevator was the ticking of the floors, which a normal person would feel awkward about, but not them. Wen Wen looked lost in thought, staring expressionlessly at the elevator button, while Lin HaoMiao stared at Wen Wen’s shoes, imagining the white backs of his feet inside, placed near his crotch…

He got hard just thinking about it.

“Well… haven’t seen your boyfriend for a long time, huh?” Lin HaoMiao suddenly asked out loud, making his voice sound as natural as possible.

Wen Wen froze for a long time before slowly smiling: “Ah, he, ah… we broke up.”

“Oh, I see.” Lin HaoMiao did not know what to say, Wen Wen also did not want to continue to speak, so the two no longer conversed.

The next few days, Lin HaoMiao’s feelings suddenly came alive again, he felt he had a chance. So he ordered a rose and looked up a bunch of information on how to chase people, how to hit on them, and even how to pop the question, and finally felt all set.

However, within two days, Wen Wen brought home a new man.

Lin HaoMiao had to give up.

This time the man seemed to be a college student, several years younger than Wen Wen. Not long after, the man began to live in Wen Wen’s home. So Lin HaoMiao’s jerking off frequency increased dramatically.

The two households were symmetrical, with the bedroom attached to the bedroom and the bathroom attached to the bathroom.

This time Wen Wen and the boy dated for a year and a half, during which time Lin HaoMiao did another thing that was enough to make his former self smack his lips.

He cut a small hole in the wall of their joining bedrooms.

The hole was a little above the floor, so he had to lie down to be able to see anything. If he glanced up hard, he could at best see the knees of the people on the other side.

So he had a more important activity every day, although he couldn’t see the key scene, but occasionally he could see Wen Wen take off his pants, revealing his white calves. Or two people’s entangled calves… Of course the legs of the young guy in Lin HaoMiao’s eyes were no different from air.


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Is that Komaeda on the cover? The covers of chinese novels are always so random 😅

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“…didn’t realise there was any connection… man fell off building…” *Concerned Bert stare*

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March 24, 2021 6:25 pm

Definitely am reading! Interesting!

June 16, 2021 6:15 am

911 there’s a pervert on the loose. The victim might know about him though

June 24, 2021 4:56 pm

this reminds me of Killing Stalking XD

December 8, 2021 10:32 pm

woah this guys is such a creep!!

December 17, 2021 5:00 pm

Wenwen: ah he feel so we broke up

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Is that nagito on the cover? hahahaha

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