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Kong Wen’s complexion kept getting worse over time, the fear in his eyes becoming more and more revealing.

That damn beast, did he just say You XiaoMo, for his three seniors, even went through the trouble and found three different high level beasts for them? How could this be possible, but he immediately thought of Fu Zilin and Zhao DaZhou, beside Fang ChenLe, those two also had close relationships with him.

Kong Wen’s mind instantly filled with anger.

Fu Zilin, his good disciple, even dared to hide the truth about his contract with a high level demon beast, no wonder that day he publicly disgraced this shifu in the face, turned out he had already been bribed.

Very good, very good!

What a waste, he spent nearly a decade to teach them wholeheartedly, and yet this is how they repay him!

Kong Wen eyes suddenly filled with hatred to the bone, his eyes focused on You XiaoMo as his face couldn’t help but twitch. All because of this person, if it wasn’t for him, his two beloved disciples would never betray their shifu. You XiaoMo, the damn You XiaoMo, if he had known that things would have come to this point, he should had just one hit killed him before everything began!

You XiaoMo let out a long sigh, he had to admit, what SheQiu said kinda made sense.

Kong Wen wanted to kill him, and he can’t just standstill, moreover Kong Wen had learned about some of his secrets. If he let him live, it would only bring more trouble for him and Ling Xiao in the future.

Kong Wen is a peak level eight mage, with his appeal, if he wanted to put a bounty on You XiaoMo with a level eight magic pill as the reward, there would be tons of experts that would risk their life for him. If that really happened, then they would have endless troubles following along.

As for the three high level beasts he found for his seniors, he didn’t want them to repay him or some sort, he had done it voluntarily in the first place.

But he was amazed, Kong Wen intentionally chose this day to take action, because all the powerful martial artists of the Tian Xin Sect wouldn’t be here as they are at the battle to fight. So even if he laid his hand on his disciple, there will be no one here to find out. This moment was indeed a perfect chance, but he didn’t know this could also be his one way pass to hell.

The war between the Qing Cheng Sect and the Tian Xin Sect, this day is not only a good day for Kong Wen to finish him, but this could also apply to You XiaoMo, because he could push this crime onto the Qing Cheng Sect.

He realized, ever since he got together with Ling Xiao, his heart has sunk darker and darker, should he say that Ling Xiao’s strategy is a complete success? You XiaoMo can’t help but facepalm.

This action indirectly told everyone the answer in his heart, in addition to Kong Wen’s horrid face, the XiaoHei bunch also got excited, their master should be cruel when the time called for it. Finally they were willing to help their master!

“You XiaoMo, go and die for me!” Kong Wen knew he had resolved to kill him, he took the risk and formed a massive soul force above his head.

When they thought that he would attack You XiaoMo, that soul force went straight to the roof that was covered by barrier, this is truly a ‘Make a sound in the east, then strike in the west’ (t/n: to make your enemy think of another direction while you attack in another way). All he needed is his soul force to escape here so that the people outside would find out.

SheQiu kept his eyes on every move Kong Wen made, so he didn’t panic, he transformed from his mini size to his bigger size, his tail quickly wiped toward Kong Wen. As his tail is his best, and hardest part of his body, even if faced with another level nine beast, this tail could easily whip them and make them fly. The defense of the mage that had yet to reach level nine is not worth mentioning.

Kong Wen’s soul armor, that he casted onto his body, in a blink has been torn apart. It made a puchi sound, the tail accurately pierced through Kong Wen’s chest, the blood splashed everywhere, the soul force that was charging toward the roof, since there isn’t anyone to control it anymore, it immediately dispersed.

Kong Wen spat out blood and staggered back two steps, his body leaned on the wall as it slipped down, the white walls now painted red by blood, even looking at it could give you a shock, after a while his green robe also turned deep red.

A peak level eight mage like himself, if he hadn’t harbored any evil intentions, he could have lived a glorified life for many years. But now this man has fallen, once again it reflected how cheap a human life can be!

You XiaoMo’s face wrinkled like wasted paper, and ultimately gave out a reluctant sigh. If Kong Wen hadn’t been greedy about his treasure and provoked him, You XiaoMo would never have thought of taking his life.

Life is so unpredictable!

Xiao Hei came forward, he furrowed his sharp thin eyebrows, “What, soft hearted?”

You XiaoMo’s mouth twitched, who needed to be soft hearted over a dead corpse, that seems too hypocritical, and he is not one like Ling Xiao. “I’m just thinking, if Da Shixiong knew about this he would be very sad.”

Xiao Hei heng as he said, “So what, you just need to get rid of this corpse, and make the Tian Xin Sect think that Kong Wen has just gone MIA.”

You XiaoMo thought a little, this idea is not bad, “Ok, but how do you plan to deal with this body?”

Xiao Hei said, “Let me devour his body, a level 8 mage body is certainly a very nutritious thing for me, maybe I can even gain a star after eating him.”

As he’s saying it, his body already in the position ready to come forth at anytime.

You XiaoMo got scared by him, quickly pulled him back, “No, no!”

Xiao Hei is dissatisfied, “Why not?”

You XiaoMo said, “No means no, there is no why not.”

He was already dead, and You XiaoMo is already burdened with the “teacher murder” sin, although the one in the wrong was this shifu first, but if he also let his contract beast eat his body, then this would be no different than a wild animal. This is not just for his own sake, but also for his seniors, as they are in debt with Kong Wen’s years of effort of raising them. If they knew even his body was not even in one piece, don’t even think about continuing to be a brother-in-arms anymore.

Having said that, the problem is still there.

He could throw the body into his space, but he didn’t want his space to be stained with blood, but if he buried it here then it would be easily discovered.

SheQiu could see through his troubles and said, “Master, you don’t have to be troubled so much over this body. Just let one of us take it away and get rid of it, we will find some faraway place and bury it there.”

There wasn’t any other option, so You XiaoMo immediately said, “Xiao Hei, you go.”

Xiao Hei unwilling said, “Why me?”

You XiaoMo said, “I will give you another chance to thirst for this nutritious thing.”

XIao Hei, “…”

This is definitely holding a grudge against him!

Minority obeyed majority, in the end Xiao Hei against four people is undoubtedly defeated, and he had no choice but to take the black bag with Kong Wen’s body inside away. He then used the fastest speed to leave the Tian Xin Sect, with the hope he could get back in time to watch the battle.

After he finished cleaning up the holes and blood, MaoQiu finally took off the hallucination spell outside. Zhu An is the only one left in the courtyard. SheQiu proposed to kill Zhu An too, but You XiaoMo didn’t want to stain his hands further, moreover Zhu An so far hasn’t done anything to him, that’s why if you can avoid killing then avoid it.

After that, MaoQiu used one of it’s spells to trick people into thinking MaoQiu is Kong Wen, waiting inside the room. After You XiaoMo left, MaoQiu called Zhu An inside, and made an alibi. You XiaoMo left while “Kong Wen” was still ‘doughty as a dragon and lively as a tiger’ (t/n: full of vim and vigor).

When everything was in order, they finally went to the foot of the mountain.

In order to avoid the supervisor, You XiaoMo deliberately hid inside his space, moved the space toward the foot of the mountain. Then he found a secluded place and finally came out of the space.

You XiaoMo had to disguise himself so people wouldn’t be able to recognize him. He changed his original blue robes into a black coat, he even let down his bangs, even though there isn’t much change overall, his aura has become more unrestrained and casual, a very heroic manner.

PiQiu stuck his head out of his clothes and said, “Master, you’ve become so handsome.”

You XiaoMo broadly smiled, “Really, I also feel like that.”

SheQiu lazily scolded, “A flatterer and a narcissist.”

MaoQiu also nodded.

When You XiaoMo reached the square, fortunately, the fight had just begun, the edge of the square is filled with lots of practitioners that came here to watch, constantly whispering voice came from the crowd, almost everyone’s eyes are focused on the people from the two sides.

Who would have thought, the Qing Cheng Sect and the Tian Xin Sect had just a few days ago joined forces to eradicate the third largest force of the south, the XinLuo Sect. They had even managed to damage the demons hard. Although people had expected that their cooperation wouldn’t last long, they did not expect that they’d tear off the skin so fast. (t/n: to reveal facade, to betray)

Today, the story about how Luo ChengYuan brought his disciples to destroy the Tian Xin Sect had almost caught the whole south’s attention.

Even though the XingLuo Sect has been destroyed, but the XiaoYao Sect and various other forces still remained, even though they are second-rate sects, but to draw them here they needed a lot of effort.

Therefore, Luo ChengYuan had a few days ago ‘handed out the olive branch’ to them (t/n: to ask for ceasefire/peace/ alliance). Only the XieSha Sect accepted it, the XiaoYao Sect and the JiLe Sect just gave neutral responses.

You XiaoMo walked to the center, he saw a familiar face among the warriors for today’s battles, but he didn’t have deep impression of him. He vaguely remembered this one was also Lin Xiao’s shidi, Luo something, as his relationship with Xiao Peng is neither good nor bad.

This Luo shixiong is still at moon level three star, his strength is nothing special, and yet he appeared on the battlefield, so probably he’s just a dummy. Not long after, this shixiong quickly got beaten.

His loss was not unpredictable, after all his opponent was a moon level four star martial artist.

But those two levels were still too low, their fight didn’t attract much attention.

After the opening fight finished, immediately various people cheered and shouted for the real strong martial artists to step out.

The Qing Cheng Sect didn’t let them be dissapointed, between the people stepped out a dignified man.

The sect explanation has been moved to the LMW guidebook.

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