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Chapter 203 – Fulfill the Promise

When they spotted Ling Xiao, Fang ChenLe and the others voluntarily started to leave.
You XiaoMo stood up, wanting to follow them and leave, but Ling Xiao grabbed his collar and dragged him back.

Not waiting for him to say goodbye to Fang ChenLe and the others, Ling Xiao immediately threw him off with a *hong* sound. When the two-leaf door closed, the three of them almost bumped into it. They looked at each other, and then left.

We hope that we still can see you tomorrow, Xiao-shidi!

“Xiao-shidi, this is your own room, where are you going?” Ling Xiao asked, while leaning on the wall.

You XiaoMo shrank his neck, “I… I’m not going anywhere, I just want to send off my three seniors.” And to slowly slip away….

Ling Xiao glances at him, “They have their legs to walk, they don’t need you to send them off.”

You XiaoMo cried inside his heart, he didn’t mean it that way. T_T

Ling Xiao took advantage of this moment when he was not aware, lifted him up, and walked while carrying him behind the screen.

You XiaoMo got scared. “What are you doing?”

Ling Xiao turned his head, showing his pearly-white teeth, laughing eerily. “Doing you.”

You XiaoMo “……” This lecherous guy.

This isn’t a big-sized bed, but Ling Xiao just threw him like a sandbag, resulting in a very loud sound. Luckily, there was nobody outside the room during this hour, or else people would have gathered. Just by imagining how embarrassing it would be if people saw them, was enough to make him want to puke….

You XiaoMo immediately shrunk into a ball, his expression was slightly distorted.

Ling Xiao poked his butt, “Are you playing dead?”

You XiaoMo “……” Shouldn’t you poke my face instead?

As if he heard his inner thoughts, Ling Xiao put his palm on top of his butt and stroked it a few times. “You have more meat on your butt.”

You XiaoMo “….” Go die!

Ling Xiao took off his shoes and climbed up onto the bed, and pressed his body on top of him while pulling his clothes off. “Xiao-shidi, do you still remember your promise when we were at the Paradise Realm? Don’t tell me you want to break your promise?”

The corners of You XiaoMo’s mouth twitched, as expected Ling Xiao came here to collect his reward. He shouldn’t have promised him anything, something must have possessed him at that time.

As if he could hear You XiaoMo’s inner thoughts, Ling Xiao leaned down, bit his lower lip, and nibble it gently using his teeth. You XiaoMo immediately felt numb, as if he was being electrified at the place where their bodies touched each other. His whole body was trembling. After enduring for a long time, Ling Xiao didn’t have any patience to play anymore.

He had longed for this juicy lump of meat called You XiaoMo for a long time. Today, no matter what happened, he was gonna eat him from inside out. So he took the most straightforward way, and that was to directly kiss him until You XiaoMo forgot everything else.

Ling Xiao slowly moved his hands downward, pulling his belt and throwing it to the floor, and he did the same with his outer clothes. When the only thing that remained was the thin inner robe, he didn’t try to take it off hurriedly. Instead, he put his hands into the lower garment, and gently pulled his pants. Seeing his half-naked state made his blood boil.

You XiaoMo’s body was steaming with heat, just like if it was being boiled all over. When Ling Xiao took off his clothes, You XiaoMo didn’t resist at all. His cheeks became bright red as if he was in ecstasy. The blood inside his body was overflowing joyously, and his body couldn’t help but stick close to Ling Xiao.

Ling Xiao really loved his reaction, and he couldn’t help but chuckle.

Every time he kissed him, this little guy’s reaction was always so straightforward.

Ling Xiao lowered his head and kissed his lips. Using the tip of his tongue, he tried to open his clammed up teeth that were tightly closed, and then he forced his way into his mouth. When XiaoMo felt the tip of his tongue, he tried to shrink up only to be entangled quickly. When their tongues pushed against each other, it felt as if he was electrified, and he couldn’t help but let out a moan.

You XiaoMo was unable to endure this kind of intense pleasure and tried to retreat by putting his two soft hands against his chest, but he was too weak to move him up. His chest was already exposed, and his fair skin was dyed in a pinkish color from the burning lust, making him look more delicious than usual.

Ling Xiao couldn’t stop his hand from gently caressing and stroking him; his sly finger slightly touched the trembling little “bulge” on his chest, he even fondled it a few times with his fingertips.

These movements made You XiaoMo gasp, his eyes opened up like round bronze bells. The sudden stimulation made him lose his reasoning little by little, but he quickly became shocked again.

Ling Xiao bent over to his chest, sticking out the tip of his tongue, and licked his pink nipples lewdly while sucking it a few times. This made You XiaoMo’s chest lighten up a bit, while the sucked areas became red and swollen. After that, he caressed it again and kissed it.

You XiaoMo cried, constantly letting out “ngghhh.. ah….” sounds, the pleasure was sending out electricity all over his body. It was putting him into disarray and bringing him into incomparable and nonstop excitement. This kind of torment was more unbearable than ever, his body arched unconsciously, as if searching for something.

Ling Xiao took this opportunity to grab his waist, his hand moved toward his butt, and pulled down the the rest of the pants that were halfway down, revealing his well-rounded butt. From behind the thin undergarment that was covering up his upper body, he could faintly see his member. This sight really was enticing.

You XiaoMo tried to clamp both of his legs together, but Ling Xiao was already in between his legs.

It was the first time he felt such a strong desire, and the desire was running rampant, as if wanting to gather up in one place and go down, eagerly trying to find a way out.

Ling Xiao’s face stiffened, his fervent eyes were gazing at You XiaoMo’s confused face.

Knowing that You XiaoMo couldn’t stand it anymore, Ling Xiao moved his hand towards the bottom, and he reached into the clothes that covered the body slightly. Then he gripped the thing that had been swollen and wet since a long time ago.

You XiaoMo suddenly opened his eyes widely, his body leaned powerlessly against his shoulder. His body quivered with each of his strokes. As the panting grew heavier, his throat sent out uncontrollable moans.

Ling Xiao grabbed his waist tightly, his forehead soaked with a thin layer of sweat, while his eyes became darker than usual with a hint of a glimmer, just like a deep night sky full of twinkling stars; yet with aggressiveness, like a ferocious beast, completely different than his usual self.

Sensing that he was going to cum, Ling Xiao’s hand moved faster. When You XiaoMo opened his mouth and moaned, he kissed his lips, continuously moving his tongue to tease his sensitive spot. You XiaoMo came immediately, stimulated from both places. When he let it out, Ling Xiao’s hand and the clothes on his upper body were sprayed with hot, wet liquid. But it wasn’t clearly noticeable because he wore white clothes.

Ling Xiao didn’t get rid of the hot liquid on his right hand. He first used his other hand to half-support You XiaoMo who passed out from the intense pleasure, and then used the fingers from his right hand, that was covered with the hot liquid, to thrust into the hole of his lower part. He slowly squeezed in one finger. After making sure that he didn’t feel uncomfortable, he squeezed in another finger.

You XiaoMo was shocked and his eyes widened. He clearly felt that there were two fingers entering his body, and in such an embarrassing place. Although he already guessed that it would become like this, but when it actually happened, of course he panicked.

At this time, Ling Xiao said near his ear with suppressed laughter, “Xiao-shidi, do you feel comfortable?”

You XiaoMo’s face reddened, both of his hands were on his shoulders, but they looked powerless. He only managed to say, “You… take your fingers out!”

Ling Xiao threw off his own clothes. His neat appearance and You XiaoMo’s messed up clothes formed a strong contrast, but the thing below that was bulging out from the clothes could be seen clearly. He didn’t know when it happened, but it looked like it was going to tear off his pants.

You XiaoMo sat exactly on top of it, his butt was poked with the hot and stiff thing that was restless. His body automatically turned around, wanting to flee.

But little did he know, the more he tried to move, the more Ling Xiao became excited. His lower part became harder and hotter.

Ling Xiao was panting heavily while grabbing You XiaoMo’s slender waist, when You XiaoMo was about to climax, Ling Xiao quickly pulled off his pants, and while You XiaoMo was dozing off, he thrust into him all at once.

The moment You XiaoMo felt it come in, he gasped. The painful feeling of getting torn from below cleared his mind, he grasped Ling Xiao’s hand tightly, his fingernails looked as if they were going to sink into his flesh, which of course, was impossible.

Although Ling Xiao had stretched him before, but for men, that place was small to begin with, it wasn’t made to accept another man. Besides, Ling Xiao’s thing is bigger than a normal man’s, so when he shoved it in all in one go, of course it would hurt so much he almost died.

Ling Xiao didn’t want him to feel too much pain, but his endurance had already reached its limit, so after he waited for him to adapt a little bit, he started to move slowly.

Feeling that his lower part was already torn, You XiaoMo felt it thrust in repeatedly. His torn, slender body felt like a small boat swaying up on top of water. If Ling Xiao hadn’t grabbed his waist, he would have fallen on top of the bed already.

Fortunately, Ling Xiao didn’t only enjoy himself, he sometimes took care of his lower part, so after a while, You XiaoMo started to feel pleasure. The pain slowly started to subside, and soon he enjoyed the feeling of lovemaking.

When Ling Xiao realized his change, he started to speed up. Whether it was because of his strength or movement, You XiaoMo’s body started to shake violently, going up and down, each time with intense movement. Soon, You XiaoMo became exhausted and surrendered again.

But Ling Xiao’s endurance was much stronger than his. He didn’t show any sign of stopping, instead, his movements became more and more intense, not stopping until he climaxed.

Ling Xiao hugged You XiaoMo tightly, supporting his body that couldn’t stop shaking, both of them drenched in sweat and sticking close together. He then grabbed his head, and simultaneously kissed his lips while he intertwined their tongues together. It muffled You XiaoMo’s moan completely, until he was out of breath, and then he put him on top of the bed. After that, he put both of You XiaoMo’s legs on top of his shoulders, positioning them so their bodies were sticking close to each other, and then he started moving for a new round…

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