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Chapter 311: Teng ZiYe

Translated by Kollumceti of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

You XiaoMo felt that his vigor was thoroughly restored after getting out of bed the next day.

Though concrete results may not be seen on the first day of training, he believed that the results would be beyond his expectations after enduring it for a long period. Now he felt that walking was very cool and as easy as the wind.

Before leaving, You XiaoMo specially dragged Ling Xiao to his dimension to look for the Thunder Flame Leopard to test the results of the training out. His speed had definitely risen a little. It was not much, but to have such progress in a day made him more determined to reach his target. Nevertheless, the most important thing was that entry into the Gravity Mountain was free.

You XiaoMo headed towards the Gravity Mountain as usual today.

Ling Xiao did not follow him as he had been dispatched by You XiaoMo to the Red card area of the Cultivation Center.

Feng ChiYun heard that he went to the Gravity Mountain to train yesterday so he wanted to come along with him to take a look.

Tong YueXu had not been to the Cultivation Center recently, instead he had been refining pills. As his speed of advancement was too fast this time, his foundation was not very strong, so he needed to re-establish his foundation. Otherwise, his success rate of refining pills would be low in the future.

On the way there, You XiaoMo explained the Gravity Mountain’s rules and the do’s and don’ts to Feng ChiYun.

As the two left early, there were not many people inside after they reached the Gravity Mountain. That Elder had also recommended a transport stone to Feng ChiYun before they went in, but he declined the offer.

You XiaoMo walked from the first to the third area like it was nothing special.

Feng ChiYun blindly follow suit and walked along with him, giving an impression of doing it skillfully and easily.

You XiaoMo, “Feng ChiYun, your strength is quite good. During the Gravity Room test, why didn’t you persist for a few more minutes?”

Feng ChiYun shook his head, “I feel that it’s enough if I just ensure that I can get into the top ten.”

This attitude was really sanguine, no wonder he could remain on top of the geniuses that were everywhere in DaoXin Academy.

You XiaoMo thought, if not for Teng ZiXin and Chai Zheng’s provocations and the old geezer’s threats, it would also be enough for him to just ensure he could enter into the top ten.

Feng ChiYun had already broken through the sixth level to become a low-grade level seven mage. Naturally, the qualitative and quantitative change in his soul force could not be compared to a level six mage. Therefore the third area was a little more effortless for him when compared to You XiaoMo.

However, You XiaoMo was also not an herbivore. Every aspect of his was more powerful than an ordinary mage, and he was able to catch up to Feng ChiYun before long.

Just at this moment, Feng ChiYun pointed to a person in front and said, “Look at the fourth area, on the right side. Doesn’t the man wearing black seem a little familiar?”

You XiaoMo followed his finger and looked in that direction. That was a man with slightly solemn and cold facial features, which were so handsome that it looked as if it was a perfect masterpiece carved out by God. He unremittingly walked around even though his cheek was already covered in perspiration.

His face really looked familiar. If his facial features were softened, he looked completely like a female version of Teng ZiXin.

Without a doubt, this person should be Teng ZiYe!

Feng ChiYun explained, “In actual fact, between the brother and the sister, Teng ZiYe is the genuine genius of the Teng Family. It’s only just because Teng ZiXin’s talent is slightly better and she has a powerful master, so outsiders think that Teng ZiXin is the Teng Family’s best genius.”

You XiaoMo interjected, “But a true genius does not only need to have a good talent. It should also be important for them to have a motivated heart, and be able to put in the hard work and sweat required ba.”

He knew this principle better than Feng ChiYun.

Feng ChiYun smiled but did not continue their conversation.

The two’s gaze coincidentally moved away from Teng ZiYe at the same time. They would not despise him based on his relation as Teng ZiXin’s brother. Rather, time will tell them exactly what type of person Teng ZiYe was.

You XiaoMo’s speed had increased a little after a day of training. He believed that it would not take long for him to be able to walk around normally.

After the sun set, the two simultaneously exited the Gravity Mountain, and their bodies seemed as if they had unloaded a burden weighing a thousand jin.
t/n: jin is a measurement of weight, equivalent to 0.5kg.

You XiaoMo sighed in relief and he turned back to look at the Gravity Mountain. Before exiting, he specifically took a glance at Teng ZiYe who was in the fourth area. He was still persevering on, and did not even have the slightest hint of the intention of coming out.

“Looks like he won’t come out today too.”

“It seems that he had been inside for close to two weeks.”

“Teng ZiYe is really trying his hardest. Is he not afraid that his body is unable to endure the strain?”

“I’ve heard that if he’s tired, he’ll go back to the third area to rest. After enough rest, he will continue to train in the fourth area.”

… …

The whispered conversations sounded from behind them. It came from the couple of people who had also come out from the Gravity Mountain. They appeared to be senior students who were very familiar with Teng ZiYe.

Teng ZiYe was indeed working hard. However, results will only show with continued perseverance for the type of cultivation location like the Gravity Mountain. Thus, You XiaoMo felt that he understood Teng ZiYe’s frame of mind a little.

Both were from a family of geniuses, but they were constantly compared to their younger sister. Not only that, their sister was also superior to them. As the elder brother, it was natural that their heart would feel somewhat uncomfortable.

After returning to his room, You XiaoMo discovered a note from Ling Xiao on the table in the bedroom.

The note said that he would go into secluded cultivation in the Red card area for more than a month. He also told You XiaoMo to take care of himself during this time and to remember to think about him.

You XiaoMo was jubilant. Although three to four hundred points would be spent to cultivate in the Red card area for more than a month, he had also sold many magic pills when Ling Xiao had previously went into secluded cultivation. Each of the two cards now had more than two thousand points inside. This was considered as a huge sum of money.

Since Ling Xiao wanted to go into secluded cultivation, You XiaoMo also planned to go into secluded cultivation at the Gravity Mountain.

He was slightly stimulated by Teng ZiYe’s situation. Since Teng ZiYe could train at the fourth area, he should also be able to do the same. However, he did not forget Ling Xiao’s instructions to train in the third area until he could run and jump about inside.

Before going to the Gravity Mountain for secluded cultivation, You XiaoMo went to look for Tang YuLin to inform him that he was going into secluded cultivation. He also instructed Tang YuLin to hold onto the magic herbs that he had found, and that the bill would be settled when he came out.

The next day, You XiaoMo headed over to the Gravity Mountain together with Feng ChiYun.

Sure enough, they saw Teng ZiYe at the fourth area after they entered.

To tell the truth, if Teng ZiYe wanted to immediately raise his strength, he could go to the Cultivation Center. This was because the most important thing for mages was not the physical quality, but the spiritual prowess.

Feng ChiYun glanced at You XiaoMo who was looking restless and laughed, “Do you want to go to the fourth area?”

You XiaoMo hesitated for a moment, but he still shook his head, “No, I promised Ling Xiao that I would train in the third area. I’ll wait until I’ve advanced to a level seven mage to see if I want to enter the fourth area.”

Feng ChiYun, “Looking at your aura, it appears that you’ll advance.”

You XiaoMo delightedly crowed, “Yup! That’s right, aren’t you a level seven mage? Are you not preparing to test yourself in the fourth area?”

Feng ChiYun took a gander in the direction of Teng ZiYe and shook his head, “Nope, I like a down-to-earth progress rate.”

You XiaoMo excitedly clapped his shoulder, “Your personality is really lovable!”

There would truly be none who would dislike a down-to-earth person.

Feng ChiYun did not understand what was there to be excited about, and after laughing he did not speak again.

After ten continuous days of training and adaptation, You XiaoMo could walk about normally in the third area. He did not go out once in these ten days. Feng ChiYun persisted for three days and did not come back after leaving. Most likely he had gone to the arena or the Cultivation Center.

You XiaoMo could already trot about after another ten days. Taking the two yellow lines linking the third area as the start and the finish line, he ran back and forth while speeding up from time to time.

This scene attracted the attention of many others.

The ones around were all practitioners as mages seldomly came to the Gravity Mountain.

It was extremely difficult for many to achieve running and jumping around in the Gravity Mountain. Most people proceeded to the next area after they had attained a normal walking pace. Few would be like You XiaoMo who was running and jumping about.

“Who is this person? I’ve never seen him before.”

“He should be able to go into the fourth area with his current strength. I’m not sure why he wants to persist in training here.”

“On the contrary, I feel that his training method is quite good.”

… …

Not many in Ward A recognized You XiaoMo. Everyone only knew that he was a mage. If a mage could accomplish this, there was no reason for them to not be able to do the same. Thus, without You XiaoMo’s knowledge, a butterfly effect was triggered.

Hearing a hubbub behind him, Teng ZiYe looked back. His cold and severe gaze was directed towards the source of the commotion.

At a distance of three to four hundred meters away was a youngster who was trying to run.

Teng ZiYe did not recognize You XiaoMo, but he had constantly been seeing him for a period of time. His dedication made reminded Teng ZiYe of himself, so he could not refrain from looking over more often. Just as he was preparing to turn away, a clamor erupted from that direction.

“Ah, he’s going to advance now.” An unknown person loudly exclaimed.

Teng ZiYe discovered an extremely strong soul fluctuation coming from the youngster. This was a sign of advancement which he had also experienced the same not long before. However, what surprised him was that the youngster was quite young, and he was actually about to advance to a level seven mage.

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