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Chapter Thirteen

After thirteen long hours of helping out Ren with his cafe, and several bouts of nausea, Shouta collapsed into one of the vacated chairs. He sighed into the table, his arms outstretched. Along with the nauseous feeling that had lasted hours, Shouta also became aware of his increased sensitivity to smells. The smell of garlic caused him to shudder and the thought of pickles made his mouth water. His increased appetite made it hard not to eat everything he saw, but he resisted until his breaks to stuff his face.

One of the other things he had noticed during the day was his increased libido. He had thought that last night had only been because of the smell of Ren’s pheromones, but any time Ren neared him, his stomach clenched in anticipation only to be shot down. Running around the entire day with all of those new sensations had exhausted him.

The light touch that ran down his spine made Shouta moan aloud. Curling into the touch like a content cat, Shouta turned his head and smiled at Ren.

All day Ren had kept a close eye on Shouta, he didn’t want him to have another episode like he did that morning so every chance he had he had shoved a little bit of food Shouta’s way along with a glass of water. Anytime his face started to change to a different color, Ren would stop him from doing whatever it was and make him sit down a bit.

Since it was a Sunday, Akira had the day off so she could study and do her projects that she could not during the week. Ren had decided this when she had first started working for him because since he did not have Misaki, he did not need help. Even though Akira wanted the time and the money, she had conceded to Ren because his teacher side would always show through during times like that.

Akira had not reacted at all when Ren had mentioned to her that Shouta was going to be living with him upstairs. She had simply shrugged her shoulders and clicked her tongue. Ren did not know that she had been thinking of how to break this slowly to Hana as not to break her heart.

She had decided that she would take Hana out to a meal on their next day off and let her know. The two mates within Ren’s small cafe did not know, that as they were beginning to relax from their day, that the two girls were meeting up at Akira’s apartment for dinner.

Ren was standing behind Shouta, his lips curled and his face alight with emotions. He loved just looking at Shouta’s profile. Those teal eyes like oceans that one could lose themselves in, he wanted so badly for their child to have exact eyes like that. His fingertips continued to stroke and soothe along Shouta’s back as he asked, “How are you feeling now?”

Shouta closed his eyes, feeling comfortable where he was, laying stretched out atop of the table. “I’m okay, starving though.”

Ren murmured soothing words under his breath. Then his fingers paused on Shouta’s back as if he remembered something. He ran his fingers up to Shouta’s exposed neck and traced the mark there. “Jun texted me earlier and asked if the three of them could come over for dinner.”

Not even moving, Shouta sighed, “What did you tell him?”

“That I’d see them soon.” Ren replied with a cheeky grin. “But if you’re tired, you can go take a nap and I’ll wake you up when they arrive.”

At this Shouta’s eyes snapped open. He glared at Ren, his eyes as turbulent as rough seas. “No, it’s okay.” He swiveled his chair around and moved to stand up, but even as he did so, his face paled considerably and his knees began to tremble. Being stubborn, he continued to rise to his feet, “I’ll help you make dinner.”

“Nope.” Ren chidded, pushing Shouta back down softly, his face close to his mate’s. Ren’s breath fanned across Shouta’s face, and the smell of him, the smell of home, made him shudder. Shouta was still without color on his face, his eyebrows scrunched together as if in pain. Ren clicked his tongue, “You’re not allowed. You stay right there off your feet or else.”

With their faces so close, Shouta stared into Ren’s eyes and felt his libido react as it had all day. His face regained some color as fire seemed to lick and spread within his veins. Shouta leaned forward, their lips touching with each word Shouta spoke, “Or else what?”

Shouta then closed that space and nipped at Ren’s bottom lip eliciting a growl from his partner. Ren’s hands fell along Shouta’s waist, bringing him in close, forming the from of their bodies together. They were like two puzzle pieces that fit together, connecting in all the right places, made for the other.

“Or else I’ll eat you instead.” Ren responded in kind and lightly bit Shouta’s lip, loving the feel of the shudder that raced through Shouta. They both could feel themselves brimming with lust.

Shouta reached up his hands and pulled lightly at Ren’s hair until their noses were touching, their eyes locked. Shouta’s response was a groan, “Maybe I’d like that.”

Wrapping his hands around each globe within Shouta;s pants, Ren dragged him closer until their erections were pushed against each other, proving that they were both ready at any time. Ren couldn’t help it as he whispered, “I know you would.”

Then Ren closed that mere space between them and kissed Shouta passionately on the lips, his hands kneading Shouta within his hands. Shouta shifted his weight onto his tip toes and spread his fingers through Ren’s hair, the feel of the silk like strands against his skin was intoxicating. Their tongues tangled and parried, their breaths becoming quicker and quicker as they lost themselves in that passion.

“Ahem.” A voice called out. At the same time there was the clatter of feet. From the entrance of the cafe stood Jun with Misaki in his arms and Kichirou slightly behind him, peering over his shoulder to glance inside. Misaki was sucking on his thumb, his eyes wide as he watched Shouta and Ren kiss. Jun cleared his throat for a second time when neither of the two infront of him moved. “I thought I had mentioned we would be over by seven. Did I not?”

Shouta and Ren jumped away from each other, Shouta’s face turning a bright red. He turned away, biting his lower lip feeling as if they had swelled up twice their size. Ren ran a hand through his hair where Shouta’s fingers had just been. He tried to run recipes through his head to call down his lust, hoping the front of his pants were not tented.

It was Shouta’s turn to clear his throat, “I’m going to go get changed.”

As he turned away, Misaki popped his thumb out of his mouth and said, “I wanna go too!”

Kichirou looked at Shouta’s flushed face, his eyes glancing at the pair in front of him before he glanced at his son and back. “Is that okay, Sensei, can he go with you?”

Shouta waved his hands, “Please don’t call me Sensei anymore, Shouta is fine. And of course he can come with me.”

Misaki got all excited and accidentally whacked Jun across his face as he turned with bright eyes, going, “Lemme down, Papa!”

Grumbling about how his face hurt, Jun set Misaki down and watched his small son run to where Shouta stood before reaching up a hand for Shouta to hold. Shouta gave the boy a loving smile, and took that hand within his before making their way up the stairs to the second floor. Left within the cafe, Kichirou stared at Ren until his friend finally turned an embarrassed face towards him.

“You shit head.” Kichirou growled before whacking Ren on top of his head. Ren grabbed his head in defence, moving slightly away from his friend, wondering what he did to get cussed at and hit all in one go. Kichirou pushed up his falling glasses with his fingertips and then put his hands on his hips to frown at Ren. Even without Ren responding or trying to defend himself, Kichirou snarled, “Where did you find your mate? And why is he already pregnant?”

At that last sentence, both Jun and Ren jumped, taken aback, but for different reasons. Jun stared at Ren and then up at the stairs where Shouta disappeared. Ren winced and muttered under his breath, “I don’t remember and he’s about a month and a half along, but how did you know?”

Kichirou dropped one of his hands from his hip and sighed, “It just began with this pregnancy, but the fate strings between mates seemed to have developed a subtle change. Normally, the strings are a single line, however, when one of the two are pregnant, the string from the father vers off and splits into two when it reaches the mother. I can only guess that this is showing a bond to the growing child.”

Ren seemed to be lost in his own thoughts as he muttered aloud, “And Shouta has one from me?”

Kichirou’s eyebrow raised slightly, “Yes, he does. Did he not tell you?”

Running a hand through his hair, Ren sighed and looked at his best friend, he almost felt like he was getting too old for this. “He did, but…well, I never saw a test, but somehow I could feel that something was there even if my brain didn’t want to accept it at first.”

“Oh, it’s definitely there. He’s one hundred percent pregnant, the same as me.” Kichirou rested his hand on his stomach, as if feeling the life growing inside of him. A particular look came across Kichirou’s face as he looked at the glittering red string wrapped around Ren’s finger. As if muttering to himself, his words came out slowly, “Your string is wrapped extremely tightly around that young man. I wouldn’t doubt it if the two of you had accidentally met somewhere before.”

Ren had a quizzical look flash on his face, “I think I would remember him.”

Shaking his head, Kichirou explained, “It doesn’t always work like that. Even if you didn’t see him, he could have seen you and in that moment, your fates would have connected. But this is just a theory, there is no doubt he’s your mate, Misaki didn’t see it wrongly.”

Kichirou moved farther into the cafe and sat down in one of the empty seats, shifting until he was comfortable. Jun walked forward and sat slightly behind him, his hand resting at the small of Kichirou’s back. Ren sighed and turned around to begin to prep for their dinner.

With the almost non existent sounds of a knife clattering against a cutting board, Kichirou wondered if he should continue asking questions. He wasn’t worried about Shouta coming back down to hear something he wasn’t supposed to because he wasn’t that type of man to ruin someone elses relationship. But because this was the first time in fifteen long years that Kichirou had seen such a content look and comfortable air surrounding Ren, he didn’t want to ruin his friends happiness by asking the wrong thing.

So he waited until he gathered his thoughts before asking a question that seemed the most appropriate for the situation.

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Marianne Jackson
Marianne Jackson
January 25, 2018 12:59 pm

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January 25, 2018 3:31 pm

Awwww that’s so cute cx dinner with the two pregnant adorbs guys and the ultra cute Misaki. :’)

January 25, 2018 3:47 pm

Thank you^^

January 25, 2018 4:26 pm

Uuuh.. Ren and Shouta catch on the middle of burning passion by Jun and Kichirou plus Misaki.. 😄😆 hehehehhe
And I love how this is going.. 😍
Actually and honestly I always waiting the day you will update because I really love this story.. But please don’t think I rush you to update Addis.. I just want you to know that your story is great! And I will patiently wait because I know how hard to write.. 😊 so once again thank you for write this.. 😁

January 25, 2018 9:12 pm

Thank you for new chapter!! 😀😀😀
Ren and shouta catch in action! 😂😂😆
The pasion is so strong between them! 😶😶😶 well shouta face is not pale anymore now 😂😂

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January 27, 2018 5:26 pm

Thank you

December 20, 2018 11:17 am

That kiss before Jun and Kichirou appeared was so hot, the hair grabbing is my personal preference in these scenes hurrdurr. And butt-grabbing…. I’m sold.
Gasp! What could the question be…something like, do you love him, or something? Ooo wanna see this family meeting through!

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March 16, 2022 2:58 am

Thank you for this story 😍😍😍🥰🥰🙏🏽

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