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Chapter 329: Elemental Essence

Translated by Jouissance of Exiled Rebel Scanlations

After confirming his future goals, Tang YuLin, for the very first time, dragged You XiaoMo to cultivate.

In the blink of an eye, two days had passed and You XiaoMo had witnessed the full potential Tang YuLin had for cultivation. It was probably a mix of it being the first time Tang YuLin had entered the red card zone, and with his natural talent, Tang YuLin managed to breakthrough within two days.

No wonder Tang YuLin’s master was desperate to change his thoughts. With Tang YuLin’s cultivation speed, it wouldn’t be long before another prodigy appeared on the Hundred Man Rankings.

You XiaoMo didn’t distract Tang YuLin from his cultivation, closing the door behind him as he left. After leaving the stone room, You XiaoMo ran to meet up with Ling Xiao.

Today was the fourth day since the Trials ended, and also the day that the top five had to go to the thirty-first room in the red card zone. The meeting point was just outside the cultivation center, so he saw Ling Xiao and the others already standing there as soon as he came out.

You XiaoMo walked over and before he could speak, BaiLi TianYi, who stood five steps away from Ling Xiao, spoke up first.

“Is YuLin still inside cultivating?”

Since he had always looked after Tang YuLin, You XiaoMo told him, out of the kindness of his heart, “Don’t worry, he’s very eagerly cultivating right now. When I left, he was still on it.”

BaiLi TianYi looked at him in disbelief. It wasn’t that he doubted You XiaoMo’s words, but because Tang YuLin was the kind of person who could sit there and stare at nothing if you didn’t push him into cultivating.

You XiaoMo grinned, saying, “Anyways, you’ll never have to worry about him procrastinating on cultivating anymore. In contrast, you might have to worry about him forgetting everything to cultivate.”

BaiLi TianYi understood what he was implying, but no matter what, he couldn’t think of how You XiaoMo had managed to change Tang YuLin’s opinions.

You XiaoMo obviously didn’t seem to want to continue, running to Ling Xiao after finishing that sentence.

Ling Xiao glanced at BaiLi TianYi before asking quietly, “What’s that about?”

You XiaoMo laughed to himself, telling Ling Xiao everything, including Tang YuLin’s backstory.

After Ling Xiao heard, he said, “Tang YuLin doesn’t seem like someone who has experienced those things.” Usually, when people were struck down over and over like that, they would easily become despairing or walk the wrong path.

You XiaoMo replied, “It might be because of his master.”

From what Tang YuLin had told him, he could tell that the other’s master was a very optimistic and good person. Tang YuLin might’ve been able to keep his forward looking attitude under his master’s careful guidance.

“Never mind him,” Ling Xiao suddenly said, “I heard your master was back.”

You XiaoMo perked up. He had wanted to talk about the Heaven Soul Scripture, but then remembered that there were many people around them and lowered his voice on purpose. “When did he get back?”

Ling Xiao said, “Yesterday he came to look for you. After hearing that you were cultivating, he asked me to tell you to go to the Magic Herb garden tomorrow. He probably plans on handing you some training techniques.”

You XiaoMo nodded hurriedly. This day had finally come.

After five minutes, Yan Fa finally came over.

The thirty-first room of the red card zone was very important as it was to do with the Leyline core. That was why they had to be cautious.

The room was in the very center of the Cultivation Center. That was something You XiaoMo had already known. However, he would’ve never thought that a transport circle would be necessary to get inside. Since the room was completely closed off, if one didn’t use the transport circle, you’d be forced to break through the wall to get in. However, you’d probably be found out before you even had a chance to try.

Yan Fa had everyone walk into the array before he began to transport them.

It barely took a second.

All You XiaoMo knew was a flash of white light and then everyone appeared in a dimly lit sealed room. The room was simpler than a poor house with only four walls; there weren’t even windows.

Yan Fa turned to look at everyone and said, “This is the thirty-first room. Now, you all have two hours. After two hours is up, I will come and bring everyone out.”

And then he left.

Apart from You XiaoMo and the others who were here for the first time, BaiLi TianYi and company had already been here last year. After Yan Fa finished speaking, they each found a dais to sit down at, not wasting a single moment to cultivate.

Though there was only two hours, it was enough to compare to a over a month of cultivating in the red card zone. It could be seen from this how precious these places were.

Feng ChiYun was pulled over to be with Yin Ge. The only reason Feng ChiYun had a chance to be here was because of Yin Ge, so he didn’t complain.

BaiLi TianYi was a little disheartened. It was a shame he hadn’t been able to pull Tang YuLin over.

You XiaoMo pulled Ling Xiao over to two adjacent daises. No one talked. Two hours seemed rather long, but in reality it would pass in the blink of an eye, especially when cultivating.

You XiaoMo had wanted to speak to Ling Xiao, but the room was extremely quiet. If he spoke it would seem abrupt.

Ling Xiao motioned for him to hurry up and cultivate and started to do so himself.

You XiaoMo had no choice but to keep his words to himself, sitting cross legged on a dais. These daises were different from the other daises. There was no need for you to swipe your card first. Upon sitting down, you could already feel the immense energy restlessly flowing under you.

The Leyline Core was different from spirit gems, not only just producing a large amount of spiritual energy. Like how spirit gems were the sublimation of spiritual water, the leyline core was the sublimation of spirit gems as well. However, the leyline core had something of a soul. It was like a machine that could still run without an engine.

There was a legend about the leyline core. It was said that the leyline core was a cultivator’s ticket to Divinity. With it, breaking through to the Divine level wasn’t a fantasy any longer. That meant, consuming the leyline core guaranteed a breakthrough to the Divine level. In addition, the leyline core was also a sacred item to mages, as well. It’s value was in that it could sublimate a mage’s soul.

For example, if a mage’s soul was purple and they consumed the leyline core, there was a chance above eighty percent of their soul becoming rainbow colored. This was an immense temptation.

Though talent wasn’t the only deciding factor for a mage’s success, it did limit how far one could go. For example, for someone with a purple soul, if they couldn’t upgrade it, they would forever be stuck a level ten mage. That meant the highest they could go was level ten. It would be impossible to progress further.

Though DaoXin Academy didn’t put so much of a focus on the souls of mages, those who could achieve higher states must have better souls. Even so, no one dared to try and steal DaoXin Academy’s leyline core.

This was because DaoXin Academy didn’t just have one or two powerhouses at its side. Just the five elders would be enough to crush any challengers, never mind the Academy headmaster or the level ten mage Duan QiTian.

The more powerhouses, the less chance of returning safely.

Taking a deep breath, You XiaoMo cleared his head of any unneeded thoughts and focused on cultivating. As he began to absorb the energy of the leyline core, he finally “saw” pools of green energy entering his body.

This was the element of wood, the purest form of energy, representing life. It was the gentlest of the five elements, able to be put to use by anyone. No wonder people were unwilling to waste even a second in the Trials.

With the help of the element of wood, there was practically a one hundred percent chance of breakthrough.

You XiaoMo became excited as he thought of this. It would be a shame if he didn’t take the chance to absorb as much of this pure Wood Element energy as he could. With a thought, the white spiritual structure in his mind’s eye began to move faster and faster as it absorbed the Wood Element energy.

More and more energy creeped out of the white spiritual structure’s surface and it was quickly absorbed by the green spiritual core. When the color on the surface became the deepest it could get, the spiritual core suddenly split. By the time it had knitted itself back together, the color had gone to a faint light blue.

With that, You XiaoMo found that he had broken through and become a mid-grade level seven mage.

Since he had good foundations, breakthroughs for him were like the flow of water.

That wasn’t all. He realized that his Soul Force was approaching high grade level seven. It wasn’t fast, but the change was tangible. It wasn’t until a sound like booming thunder rose, as if exploding right beside his ear. You XiaoMo was startled harshly out of cultivation.

Opening his eyes, he found that it wasn’t just him who had been dragged out of cultivation like this. It was only when he saw Vice Academy Head Yan Fa that he realized two hours had passed. He realized that the aura of spiritual energy around everyone had changed slightly from before.

Those who were already very strong wouldn’t be able to achieve breakthrough in a mere two hours, but they would still have gained something from this. Their presence was much more intense and some even had obvious smiles on their faces.

After a moment, Yan Fa led everyone out.

It was only until after they left the others, that You XiaoMo asked Ling Xiao, “How do you feel?”

Ling Xiao made a low hum in response, “There was too little time, so it had little effect. However, it won’t be long before DaoXin Academy closes that room, if they don’t want to let the leyline run dry.”

The leyline core was also called the Elemental Essence, its element was wood. As they used it, they were slowly depleting it. DaoXin Academy having used it for so long, the Elemental Essence was starting to burnout. If they didn’t let it recover, the entire leyline would be destroyed.

However, even if they let the Elemental Essence recover, it would need a very long time to do so, unless they found another Elemental Essence.

This was the method You XiaoMo had asked about which could save a leyline from drying out.

However, Elemental Essences were an extremely rare object, not something you could find just anywhere. If LongXiang continent had one, then it probably would’ve long since been taken by someone else.

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