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Chapter 347: Fairy Fu Rong

Translated by Jouissance of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

The afternoon of the next day, everyone gathered downstairs in a timely manner.

Seeing Tang Yulin, You XiaoMo almost began laughing uproariously, because the other’s face had an extremely ugly mask covering it. So that was what BaiLi TianYi had dragged Tang Yulin out so early for. After asking after it, You XiaoMo found out that the reason for the mask was because BaiLi TianYi was afraid that Fairy Fu Rong would go after Tang YuLin. You XiaoMo felt that BaiLi TianYi was the one who should be wearing the mask. Fairy Fu Rong had become infamous a long time ago and was a merciless woman. She probably wouldn’t be attracted to a delicate person like Tang YuLin. Though he didn’t want to admit it, neither he nor Tang YuLin had an impressive and imposing air.

Since the Gigantic Firebirds weren’t appropriate for oversea travel, their choice of transport this time was a different Demon Beast, the Ocean Rocs which usually resided in the skies over the Boundless Sea. They were extremely fast, even faster than Gigantic Firebirds, and you didn’t have to worry about them getting lost over the sea. However, even with the Ocean Rocs, they still needed three or four days to get to the JingHua Islands.

During the journey, You XiaoMo grew bored and fell asleep in Ling Xiao’s embrace. Seeing this, Tang YuLin dragged BaiLi TianYi over to be a pillow, copying You XiaoMo and lying in his man’s arms to sleep. It was rare that he didn’t take the chance to hurry and cultivate; probably because You XiaoMo’s lessons were paying off. The single men weren’t envious at all.

There was a lot of mist in the skies above the Boundless Sea and they could only see the environment within a thousand meters from them. If they looked down, they could see the Demon Beasts in the ocean swimming about. Due to how high up the Ocean Rocs flew, even massive Demon Beasts looked like nothing more than tiny fish. After a few days, the Ocean Rocs arrived at their destination. They were able to see the massive island from very far away. There were many practitioners patrolling the skies above the island; the security was very tight. As they approached, the patrols rose their guards, and a tense air arose.

“Who are you and why have you come?” a middle-aged man dressed in a deep red robe and holding a long spear yelled as the Ocean Rocs approached. The surrounding people all readied themselves for battle. You XiaoMo was startled awake by this voice and only realized they had arrived after rubbing his eyes. A black tablet flew out at the middle-aged man.

The middle-aged man caught it and took a look. The two red words “DaoXin Academy” were written on it. His expression changed and threw the tablet back after getting his subordinates to make way. Only after the Ocean Rocs had disappeared into the islands below did he say to the people around him, “Go and tell the three Island Masters that DaoXin Academy’s people are here. The person leading them should be the vice-principal Yan Fa.”

JingHua Island was split into a total of seven small islands. In the middle was the largest, and it was surrounded by six smaller islands. The largest island’s area was almost ten times each of the small islands. The Ocean Rocs landed in the massive plaza on the outskirts of the biggest island. They had come rather late and tens of Ocean Rocs had already landed in the plaza. Familiar and unfamiliar people gathered in a huge group. Yan Fa was the first to come down from the Ocean Roc and many recognized him immediately. You XiaoMo, Ling Xiao and the others climbed down after.

They hadn’t realized it while in the air, but this island really was massive. Just the plaza for Ocean Rocs was as large as several football fields. Not long later, the person managing this came over to welcome them, greeting Yan Fa with false enthusiasm before leading them to the meeting. After an hour, they arrived at the meeting place. The meeting was held in a large open space. It wasn’t very grandiose, and instead rather plain. It was separated into several sections, and each power had their own section with a few tables and chairs. However, Old Hei Yun and the other two Island Masters didn’t dare to neglect the DaoXin Academy representatives.

You XiaoMo looked towards the section for the Academy and didn’t see his master or the First Elder there. It seemed like they had yet to arrive.

“Yan Fa principal, it’s been a while, hasn’t it? I’ve missed you so much.” As they sat down, a voice that was seductive to the point of causing goosebumps, suddenly rose. Everyone looked over and a figure that was enough to be a scene of beauty on its own drifted over. It was an extremely beautiful woman. The woman looked only twenty or thirty years old, with an almond shaped face and peach colored cheeks, eyebrows like the new moon, spring in her eyes and a shapely figure, like a blooming lotus in the water. The woman wore a charming expression, her clothes slightly revealing, though she seemed very mature. She was the topic of You XiaoMo and co’s discussion a few days ago, Fairy Fu Rong.

Yan Fa’s expression tightened, subconsciously reminded of the discussion his students had been having a few days ago. It was good that he had long since cultivated his composure and this tightening of his expression lasted only for an instant. Not even Fairy Fu Rong could tell that there was anything wrong. However, his students weren’t unaffected. Gao Yang and the others had seen Fairy Fu Rong before. As soon as she arrived, almost everyone’s gaze went to her, and they all seemed to be doing their best to control some sort of urge. In the end they couldn’t help but look away. This was all noticed by Fairy Fu Rong and she couldn’t help but feel a little confused. Since she didn’t know why they did this, she attributed it to the fact that she was too beautiful and that made them stare dumbly.

Fu Rong flicked her beautiful hair, immediately becoming charming, her seductively smiling eyes swept over Gao Yang and the others, a sort of calculating look, making people feel rather uncomfortable. Everyone’s expressions tensed, unable to help but think of a few days ago what You XiaoMo had said when he had left Gao Yang’s. He must have jinxed it; she hadn’t really set her sights on them, had she?

That was when Fu Rong laughed lightly, saying, “Principal Yan Fa, the students of your school, really are getting more and more handsome.”

Yan Fa’s expression cooled, replying mercilessly, “As handsome as they are, they aren’t people you can go after.”

Fu Rong didn’t mind the mockery in his voice, saying with another laugh, “Vice principal you really are rather serious. I’m just joking. How could I possibly dare intend to do anything to the students of your school?”

Though Yan Fa’s power wasn’t anything to be afraid of, there was a person stronger than her backing him. No matter how confident she was, she didn’t dare do anything to offend Yan Fa. She didn’t know if Yan Fa would be forgiving or not either, so she didn’t continue speaking with him. Fu Rong didn’t want to stay here, bored, so she turned to leave. Suddenly she felt a gaze secretly alight on her and glanced over. It was a young man she had never seen before, his big dark eyes watching her in curiosity.

“Little guy, if you keep staring at me, I’m going to start thinking you like me.” Fu Rong blinked towards him, her beautiful face giving another seductive smile and her voice holding an alluring charm.

You XiaoMo came back to his senses abruptly and realized that everyone was looking at him, hurriedly waving his hands and saying. “No no, I’m not interested in old women at all.”

The crowd looked away and Fu Rong’s face darkened.

She hadn’t heard anyone call her an old woman in ages. After she became an Emperor level powerhouse, not even the Old Hei Yun or Thunder Fei Xie called her that to her face before.

“Oh? So you mean if she wasn’t an old woman, you’d be interested in her?” A lazy voice drifted over calmly, with a hint of inattentiveness.

You XiaoMo wanted to cry. Ling Xiao was pulling aggro for him here, but if he didn’t reply, Ling Xiao would definitely be unhappy and he’d be done for tonight. “I… I can’t possibly be interested in her. As for the reason, you all know why…”

Everyone around him immediately understood.

Fu Rong’ face darkened further, her dark eyes giving You XiaoMo a vicious glare. She whirled around and left. Now he really had completely offended her.

Gao Yang walked over to comfort him. “Don’t’ worry, her target is the Elemental Essence, so she won’t have any time to come after you for this.”

You XiaoMo glared at Ling Xiao. As time went on, more and more people arrived at the meeting place. The Four Great Clans opposite them had about all arrived and You XiaoMo realized that Teng ZiXin, Chai Zheng and Tang MengCheng were all there. Teng ZiYe hadn’t come. He heard that the day before the news of the Elemental Essence got out, he had sealed himself in his Family’s Forbidden Heritage Site.

Though they were also students of the DaoXin Academy, they weren’t coming as a representative of the Academy and the Academy didn’t force them to stand by the Academy either. Chai Zheng saw him and glared at him coldly before looking away and lowering his head to speak with the elderly but imposing man beside him. After a moment, the elderly man looked over at him. Bitingly cold, even with several meters between them, he could feel the intense and suffocating pressure that came with the elderly man’s gaze.

A hand suddenly came down on his shoulder and You XiaoMo knew it was Ling Xiao without looking. His body immediately felt lighter and the pressure disappeared. Ling Xiao bent down and whispered in his ear, “This person must be the famous elder of the Chai Family.”

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