STSC Chapter 16

STSC Chapter 16

Chapter 16

There was something warm yellow, rather weird aspero. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

Well, Ers suddenly opened his eyes and rubbed it.

What is a crazy feeling?

When we open our eyes, they are planning to talk to Mo Shu.

He still lit up as a star, and now his eyes look brilliant, he drank wine, but fast and ugly. Like a sharp sword, it was emptied.

His lips glow with wine. Dewey, soft and pink.

It was as if he was a completely different person.

Nan Ge Er Looks like Mo Shu that this fiendo is Mo Shu, a similar subject of astronomy in front of me?

His eyebrows slowly hit: “Just keep it, if you wake up, it will eat some of the famine, near the stove.”

Before Nans Er Er instinctively unknowingly saw the window, they stood to see that the sky began to shine. The dish did not affect the table, but the vessel that was previously filled with wine has already been omitted.

Even if I lose consciousness, this is not the case, but please remember that the night is not over!

Drink, drink, drink …

Does he drink all night?

Whatever you fight, even if your tolerance to alcohol is great shocking, you do not have to go to the bathroom yet!

The recent expression of Nana Ge Er “What?”, Slow Mo shoes

Eggs …

Nan Ge Er bothering “What?” He leaned his head to hide his passionate hot face.

As expected, this boy had a truly brilliant aspect. His usual attitude was too mondonna, because his perfect look was ignored as a result. On the contrary, he now looks appealingly surprised, even a little smile, he can easily make another look.

“Go and have breakfast, your stomach is empty, you’ll need to eat something.” Mo Shu accidentally looked indifferent, showing a small cross at the stove.

“Mn” Ge Er Nana was pumped in front of the boiler buccade.

Why in the world, he was all night strange from Mo Shu, and when Mo Shu in the world completed …

He really had no courage to ask him.

Suddenly, along with little children laughter, crashed fajrokaptistoj noise coming from the door “Nan Ge Er, Mo Shu-Xiansheng, Kai Shen 1 arrived messenger!”

Nan Ge Er is ready to put the casserole in his hand and for some time hesitates.

He knew that such an adjustment existed, but he did not perceive it before. I whispered a bit from here.

“I’m going.” Mo Shu stood up, opened the door and placed the ball in his hand.

“Wow …” Nan Ge Er continues to shrink.

In fact, he did not know if Mo Shu was drunk. He told me that this guy was moving normally, but of course he simply thought that it was not usual for Mo Shu.

This guy does not do something funny, is it?

Worried, Nana Ge Er quickly got up at him, “Mo Shu Xian …”


“Wow …” It was his sound to breathe in the cold air.

“Nn is Nn, Nn is Nn, Nn and Nn …” It was a jump in the sound that he knew when he said “Southern South” or “male guy.”

“My Shu-xiansheng!” The incredible sadness came out.

Now there was a shocking look on his face … … looked at Mo Shu, there was a crowd of people outside the door.

What’s wrong This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

When he saw everything Nana Ge Er was a little bit confused, he saw Mo Shu, who seemed normal, except a little magical, before finally seeing herself.

He suddenly breathes in.

I’m dead – I explained if anyone knows whether someone will listen to how ruthless my foolish man can make me – who do we think about all the thoughts I forgot that I’m wearing woven wraps only with my cruel like Mo Shu – Run with the following things – Mo Shu is a woman If it were, I would be at least a little quieter – ah sorry that I can think of what I have forgotten – the problem is Mo Shu is actually much prettier, in spite of the fact that it looks more elegant, now there is an ugly stamp – why it was here – how everybody can now face me, what a damn ….

In any case, he pointed out that taking Mo Shu clothes, the Nan Ge Er’s brains were completely stopped.

In the empty uncertainty ceremony, when looking at Nen Ge Erenprofundiĝantan, Mo Shu said, slowly smiling. “I drank a little alcohol.”

After hearing these words, the front child who put a fake beard, a red robe, a traditional ĉinalan hat pretending to Caicheng, noticed that a fake beard fell to the ground on his jaw, Not even, he extended his mouth.

In addition, we naturally confiscated the seizure.

“Since then, Ge’s Er clothes from Nan contaminated, he took me,” Mo Shu explained further.

“Vu …”

“First name …”

“Goodness …”

“Oh …”

Each eclipse was due to the fact that their hands were subject to sounds that were related to their hands.

At the beginning of the noise, Nan Ge Er was quiet and inhaled deeply. He still decided that he had to explain. “Erm”

“Unfortunately, we were wrong!” The ball that fell from his beard cut the sound that Nan Ge Er tried to explain. He leaned and shook the circle deeply.

“Huh?” Nangge saw people who were mixed up.

“We give you Mo Shu-Xiansheng, leaving no Furen!” Because they cried with a strong voice, everyone began to bend in shape.

When Nan Ge Er spoke, he almost collapsed.

Oh, everyone. You are see al. How are you?

“I do not disturb you, Mo Shu-Xiansheng!” Other people are not described, they did not want to hear anything about the explanation. They died wearing uniforms immediately after a blind flame and quickly disappeared from these two perspectives.

The face of the nail was black belt. I really did not know what Mo Sue said in the world, but I knew that his appearance would never cause such anxiety.

He was in the face of Mo Shu – What did you say to them?

“I just announced the truth.” Mo Shu smiled innocently, elegantly and cheerfully.

I do not believe it at all!

Nan Ge Er gave him a brilliant brilliance of brilliance.

He was fully aware that Mo Shu was certainly not a good person.

It was hidden under her elegant appearance, it was a bad, two-way mind!

“In any case,” Mo Shu did not matter. “We’ll keep breakfast.”

When you say “continue”, what do you think you drink?

Nan Ge Er’s eyes are expanded.

“I imported wine for the first time,” he naturally said, as though he were waiting to go to the garden.

… This guy is really drunk!

Nan Ge immediately pulls Mo Shu’s sleeve. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

Mo Shu saw Nan Ge Er turning his head and lifting his eyebrows.

“Darren, I do not know when to eat breakfast, now. Nange, what it feels like to be a bucket, wanted to talk. This man was drunk one night, he was” Was it not enough? ”

He was not so shameful anxious man.

Now he did not know why he seemed to condemn Moshi’s behavior, no matter what strange events. He probably felt a little closer to Mo Shu.

But when the words were dragged a little on his forehead, he felt that he was still too sweet.

On the other hand, Mo Shu began to smile slowly.

“Of course,” he replied directly: “I was sleeping even if you did it.

“Ha, however, Nan Ge looked completely Mo Shu, why Mo Shu was completely courageous about what to say, so absurd.

Also, I went to bed with Mo Shu in the past.

“And we have to go with the bed,” continued Mo Shu. “Sleep alone is not okay”

“Why?” Nange El Blancke, asked unconsciously.

“Because I can not accept you,” Mo Shu’s reaction was pure. Nan Ge Er from but not much of the yellow body, he was a man, he was a perfect fit just a hug, his head was really round, it was a perfect stroke.

He believed that it was the best position to cover Nan Ge Eru.

So he instinctively responded to an egotism.

“… …” Nan Ge Er believed that such unconscious questions should not be …

Who are you bolster? Mo Shu – Day 4! Are you a young child under the age of 5? Do you still need courage to sleep?

Nan Ge Er felt black streaks and crossed back to the forehead. This is a complex emotion that moved in her.

I really want to pick him up.

But before he’s a partner, he’s just supercilient, in fact, he’s just “like that.” According to his speech, the grinding teeth, it’s possible to stop yourself that you want to beat him. Nothing I need to beat my ass to bother about this guy.

He went to eat food.

Looking beyond Nan Ge Er’s head, most of it is Steam, for which Mo Shu did not speak for a while. He soon smiled.

“Children must always be viable”

… Oh, Mo Shu-xiansheng, you just could solve Nan Ge Er …

Do you really not really understand what the word “perfection of vitality” really means?

1Cai Shen, a lot of information from the riches of China’s God (my good God 1): https: // and The second day

2 The name Nan Ge Er stutris was “South”, which is also the expression “South” and “People”.

Third: the conditions used for any wife

Day 4: Usually used as a respect for elderly men. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

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