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Chapter 346: So Hungry and Thirsty

Translated by Kollumceti of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

The Mirage Sand Sea was a part of the Boundless Sea, but this area was famous for being treacherous.

Besides the dangers posed by the environment, there were also many strong and powerful demon beasts hidden inside. It was reported that the kingpin of the Mirage Sand Sea was a level ten demon beast. This demon beast was known for years in the Mirage Sand Sea and even the three strongest experts in the Boundless Town were afraid of incurring its wrath. Therefore, those from Boundless Town who came out to sea to fish would not got to the Mirage Sand Sea and would even deliberately make a detour when they passed by.

But because of the Elemental Essence, everyone was willing to barge in even though they clearly knew it was a chasm for dragons to hide or a cave for tigers to have their lair. Yan Fa finally arrived with five elders at about nine in the morning. Their rendezvous point was the inn. Everyone immediately discovered them once the group came in.

“Shifu.” Gao Yang stook up and called out to them and gave his seat up to his shifu. Yan Fa gave a faint nod and took the seat. The others had also originally planned to give up their seats to the rest of the elders, but the elders took off towards an empty table to sit.

You XiaoMo, who had planned to follow Gao Yang’s example to respect the elderly, stuck his butt back onto his chair. Yan Fa held up the cup of tea that Gao Yang poured for him and took a drink. Gao Yang asked, “Shifu, the Elemental Essence has attracted a lot of experts. It would not be easy for us to attain it. Why not let your disciples help you?”

Yan Fa did not even consider it for a moment before rejecting it, “No. In order to vie over the Elemental Essence, all parties would need to sally forth in full strength. You would be of no help even if you went.” Gao Yang knew that his Shifu was saying this for their benefit.

Ling Xiao indifferently stated, “Vice Principal, we are here to learn through experience.” The others suddenly turned their attentions towards him.

Yan Fa frowned slightly, but after a while he sighed, “Fine, since you are all raring to go, I will no longer stop you. But you should all note that once the Elemental Essence appears, it will be impossible for the elders and me to take care of you.”

Gao Yang beamed, “Shifu, please rest assured, we will be careful.”

Ling Xiao smirked. Tilting his head he saw You XiaoMo blinking at him with an ‘I know what you’re getting up to’ expression. You XiaoMo was indeed not wrong, Ling Xiao indeed had some motive to say as such. If Gao Yang and his group really followed Yan Fa’s instructions to stay away from the Mirage Sand Sea, there would be no point in following Gao Yang and his group. However, this was the only reason. As he had said, they were here to learn through experience. Their path of cultivation could only end here if they retreated at the slightest hint of danger.

Yan Fa had agreed as he was probably also thinking of this point. The hall was not an ideal place to talk. Boundless Town and Yan City’s Four Big Clans were paying extremely close attention to matters concerning DaoXin Academy because their biggest competitor was not each other, but the colossal monster called DaoXin Academy. Therefore, there was always someone paying attention to each and every action of theirs. A few minutes later, a crowd gathered in Gao Yang’s room. Yan Fa specially sent two elders to guard the outside to prevent people from eavesdropping.

Since they were going to let Gao Yang and the others participate in the fight for the Elemental Essence, Yan Fa did not want to waste this fighting strength of theirs so they were currently drafting out a plan before the general assembly which would be beginning three days later. It was fortunate that they were all at the level of a Spiritual Realm practitioner. Yan Fa looked at everyone present and a hint of relief flashed through his eyes. Everyone here was a powerhouse on DaoXin Academy’s top hundred rankings. Besides BaiLi TianYi who was part of the BaiLi Family, the rest did not belong to any other forces and this gave him some degree of peace of mind.

Of course, this did not mean that Yan Fa was uncertain about BaiLi TianYi; his personal character was very trustworthy. “Three days later, the powerhouses from Boundless Town will be holding a general assembly at JingHua Island. I will represent DaoXin Academy to attend the assembly. You will all be heading there with me. But there’s one thing of note. To prevent underhanded actions, try not to act alone when we reach there.”

JingHua Island was an important gateway which leads to the Mirage Sand Sea. As Boundless Town’s three experts had assigned people to a co-guard the island, whoever wanted to head to the Mirage Sand Sea would need to gain their consent. Naturally, this only applied to the weak parties. For parties such as Yan City’s Four Big Clans and DaoXin Academy, there was no need at for them to gain consent from those people if they wanted to go to the Mirage Sand Sea.

However Yan Fa did not wish to breed enmity with the experts from Boundless Town at the moment. As said, ‘rabbits will bite if they are anxious’. Although the experts from Boundless Town did not dare to directly oppose DaoXin Academy, but if DaoXin Academy really did not give them any face, it was very possible that they would remember the slight when the students from the academy came into the mountains to gain experience in the future. Starting a feud is a small matter, but losing students would be a big issue.

Yan Fa continued, “Boundless Town has tripartite forces. They are the Black House Square, the Hibiscus Valley and the Flying Scorpion Stronghold. Each fraction has an Emperor Realm expert. The Black House Square is under Old Hei Yun, Hibiscus Valley is under Fairy Fu Rong, and Flying Scorpion Stronghold is under Thunder Fei Xie. I will pass the information on these three and their men for you all to look at later. If you encounter them in the future, it’s best to avoid them if possible.” You XiaoMo was stunned for a moment upon hearing a familiar name.

As expected, the Old Hei Yun they heard of from the mouths of those people was not an ordinary elder. No wonder those people would dare to discuss that only when the maiden and her group left. However, since these people were experts of the Emperor Realm, this force consisting of Yan Fa and five elders that DaoXin Academy had sent did not seem to be enough. Ling Xiao had told him before that Yan Fa was the weakest among the Academy’s Eight Giants. His cultivation base was only that of a seven star Emperor Realm. Although it was quite good, he certainly would not be able to gain the upper hand against Old Hei Yun and his men. You XiaoMo did not know what DaoXin Academy was thinking. Perhaps, they would be sending more people over secretly?

If even You XiaoMo could clearly understand this, then the others would be able to understand it much better. But despite that, there was not one who raised a question. “Vice Principal, please rest assured. We would definitely avoid people from Hibiscus Valley if we meet them.” BaiLi TianYi meaningfully said.

You XiaoMo could not refrain from shooting a puzzled look at him when he saw that BaiLi TianYi had specifically mentioned the Hibiscus Valley. Tang YuLin followed his action. They were both new students and were totally unfamiliar regarding the matter with Boundless Town.

BaiLi TianYi had originally wanted to stop a story at climax to keep the listeners in suspense, but he could only explain upon seeing that Tang YuLin was also curious, “Hibiscus Valley only takes in female disciples. But due to their special cultivation method, each and every one of those women are all extremely hungry and thirsty. Once they see a man, they would seduce him. It is rumored that the every woman from Hibiscus Valley…cough…has slept with three or more men before.” A layer of goose bumps formed on You XiaoMo’s skin.

This number was just too alarming! Every single one, and even more than three! There must be many female disciples in the sect since Hibiscus Valley was one of three powers of Boundless Town. He suspected that about half of the men in Wu Jin Town have had some relations with the women from Hibiscus Valley.

“That is nothing. I’ve heard that that Fairy Fu Rong has a harem of three thousand male pets. It’s not known where they were captured from, but all the men are very pretty. It’s rumored that all who she had taken a fancy to were unable to escape her clutches. Every year, the men captured by her number no less than a hundred.” The one who said this was Zhan YuXuan. He had come to Boundless Town together with Yin Ge before and they had heard many things about Fairy Fu Rong’s affairs at that time.

You XiaoMo did not think that the one who would be continuing this topic was Zhan YuXuan and blurted out, “That many?! Then wouldn’t she be unable to finish one complete round every night?” This remark caused everyone to fall silent. It must definitely be more than three since one per night is obviously not enough. But what sort of direction is this topic heading in?

The only one who agreed with You XiaoMo among everyone present was Tang YuLin this adorkable person. He said, “One is not enough ba?”

You XiaoMo did not react for a moment, “What’s not enough?”

Tang YuLin replied, “Since she’s so hungry and thirsty, one is definitely not enough to satisfy her. She needs five at the least.”

You XiaoMo, “ …” How do you know this?

Everyone, “…”

“So what? I’ve heard all the disciples in the Flying Scorpion Stronghold are male. Their cultivation method is also quite special and it needs such methods like collecting yin to nourish yang. Similar to the female disciples from Hibiscus Valley …”

“Ah? Then why don’t they simply pair up together?”

“Because Hibiscus Valley and the Flying Scorpion Stronghold don’t get along well….”

Yan Fa cleared his throat, “All right, that’s the end of this topic. We will be next discussing other plans… …” Such an explicit topic, this old man can’t eat too much of it. They cannot take this lightly as there were many people fighting over the Elemental Essence this time.

When the meeting was about to end, You XiaoMo suddenly remembered a problem and asked, “Vice Principal, will my Shifu be there?” He felt that the old geezer may have conflicting interests in his heart, as the Elemental Essence was very important to him, but the academy also had more need for it than him.

Yan Fa replied, “He will be coming over together with the Great Elder three days later. You’ll be able to see him when we reach JingHua Island.” Everyone could not help but be startled. They did not think that the academy would send out that person and the Great Elder who was as shrouded in mystery as the Principal. It seemed like the academy was determined to win the Elemental Essence.

The Great Elder and the Principal were all mystical characters and few had seen them before. The reason that nobody dared to provoke the academy and why they were able to stand tall till now was all due to the two’s great achievements.

Yan Fa stood up, “The meeting will conclude here. Everyone is dismissed. Be sure to remember to gather tomorrow afternoon at the hall downstairs.” With that, he took the lead and walked off with other Elders. Gao Yang had booked rooms for them yesterday the rooms were located just next door. Gao Yang hastily stood up and followed them.

Yin Ge was not a person who loved to join in the fun and was immediately ready to leave. You XiaoMo was faster than him by a step. Only, he suddenly turned back when he walked to the door, and exposed a smile that took joy in calamity and delight in disaster to everyone, “Speaking of, every one of you are a giant among men. After we reach Jing Hua Island, remember to be careful of Fairy Fu Rong, ha.”

Everyone, “…”

Ling Xiao had long guessed what he wanted to say upon seeing that devious expression of his. He calmly walked out of Gao Yang’s room. He was wearing a mask and totally did not need to worry about it.

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