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Chapter 359: Ling Xiao Strikes

Translated by Jouissance of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Everyone could feel it as soon as the Elemental Essence moved.

A part of their attention was distributed to the Elemental Essence, so it couldn’t move without alerting them. Thinking that it wanted to escape, several people quickly set off in pursuit of it. Some of them were a little slow and were immediately engaged by the experts that Azure Sea Dragon had invited.

Seeing that the lure worked, Ling Xiao immediately returned with the Soul Crystal. The Elemental Essence followed him, not at all slow either, and they soon arrived at where Duan QiTian was and he immediately put the Soul Crystal away.

Having lost the scent of the Soul Crystal, the Elemental Essence paused in confusion, unsure what to do.

In that moment, Qiu Ran spotted the Elemental Essence, his expression immediately twisting in shock, and losing his composure and yelling, “The Elemental Essence?!”

Duan QiTian thought he was trying to divert his attention, immediately taking this opportunity to make a hand seal, attacking the other’s soul.

An opening was created when Qiu Ran spotted the Elemental Essence that suddenly appeared. He might’ve dodged most of it, but his soul was still hit, his face paling and body swaying.

It was only then that Duan QiTian realized something was wrong and turned his head, eyes widening involuntarily.

Hei Tian and Azure Sea Dragon had arrived by the time the two recovered from their shock.

Seeing Duan QiTian and Qiu Ran, Hei Tian’s sharp gaze swept over them and then fell onto Hong Yun, who was engaged in a fierce battle with the Aberrant Blood Vine, his low voice ringing out across the sky, “Old Hei Yun.”

When the others arrived and heard this, their complexions all paled minutely.

Duan QiTian immediately recalled Aberrant Blood Vine. Though he didn’t know why they were here, Hei Tian’s arrival did take a lot of pressure off his shoulders.

Seeing Hei Tian, Qiu Ran’s complexion turned ugly and Hong Yun retreated to his side.

“What is this?” Hei Tian asked.

“It’s as you see. Old Hei Yun is, in reality, Qiu Ran’s Life bound contract demon beast, Hong Yun. What happened to XiaoBai is his doing,” Duan QiTian said coldly.

Hearing the what he referred to Qiu Ran as, Hei Tian knew that they were over and said coldly, “This is good, too. I’ve thought that Qiu Ran wasn’t anything good for a long time now. After this is over, I’ll report back to Han Gong.”

Han Gong was the legendary principal of DaoXin Academy.

Just as everyone was busy being shocked over Qiu Ran and Duan QiTian’s drama, a person that had been hiding in a dark corner lunged at the Elemental Essence while everyone was distracted.

He was swift and timed his lunge well. The Elemental Essence was caught before it could react. In the next moment, he turned to run.

However, the others weren’t weak. Fairy Fu Rong and Fei Xie almost instantaneously appeared in front of him to block his way.

When they saw his face, confusion flashed through their eyes and they asked, near simultaneously, “Who are you?”

Hei Tian looked over. This person’s presence felt familiar to him, but he couldn’t remember where he had seen him before.

Seeing the powerhouse that suddenly appeared, pretty much no one recognized him, but Ling Xiao and You XiaoMo who were hidden in a corner recognized him at once.

It was none other than Dong Shen who had been following Fairy Fu Rong and company.

Seeing that he had been foiled, Dong Shen gritted his teeth and threw the Elemental Essence out with all his might.

Right now, whoever held the Elemental Essence would become a target. Out of those present, none had the power to fight everyone else all at once, not even Hei Tian, Azure Sea Dragon or Hong Yun dared to try. Plus, Hei Tian and Azure Sea Dragon were both injured.

Staring at the Elemental Essence that arced through the sky, everyone was restless, but none dared to be the first to try and snatch it.

The Elemental Essence, now free, didn’t dare to hesitate any longer, swerving in the air and fleeing in a direction with no people.

Fairy Fu Rong couldn’t help but be the first to pursue it. Her delicate hand was about to touch the Elemental Essence when an axe suddenly came down at her from one side.

To avoid it, Fairy Fu Rong could only give up.

Turning around, she saw BaiLi family’s gentle looking family head. The person blocking her way was BaiLi Yang. Seeing her look over, he smiled, “Fairy Fu Rong, I’m very sorry, but I can’t let you have the Elemental Essence.”

Fairy Fu Rong was enraged, and said, “BaiLi Yang, you might be able to stop me, but you won’t be able to stop the others. You won’t be able to get the Elemental Essence either.”

BaiLi Yang smiled, uncaring. “I know, but I’ll stop who I can.” What he was implying was that he didn’t care about getting the Elemental Essence anymore.

Fairy Fu Rong immediately became anxiously angry.

But it wasn’t unreasonable. In the BaiLi Family, he was the only Emperor level practitioner, and he wouldn’t be able to get the Elemental Essence on his own. He couldn’t die either, otherwise the impact on the BaiLi Family would be apocalyptic. So, instead of trying the impossible, he decided to have DaoXin Academy owe him one by helping them out.

Tong Family’s head evidently had the same idea, blocking Fei Xie’s path to the Elemental Essence.

It was the Chai and Teng family that hesitated.

The Chai Family had a grudge against You XiaoMo and he was Duan QiTian’s pupil. He couldn’t accept siding with DaoXin Academy.

Teng Family’s head hesitated because of Qiu Ran. Qiu Ran was Teng ZiXin’s mentor and he was personally close to the Teng Family. With Qiu Ran and Duan QiTian now enemies, the Teng Family had to decide soon.

With that, it was DaoXin Academy that had the most people.

Azure Sea Dragon might’ve invited a lot of powerful helpers, but many were injured in the previous battles and some even gave up working with him. With this cooperation in shambles, he ended up on the side with less powerful people.

However, DaoXin Academy’s situation wasn’t optimistic.

The Azure Sea Dragon stood in Hei Tian’s way. “Even with the BaiLi and Tong Families’ help, don’t even dream of getting the Elemental Essence.”

Hei Tian looked at him with a dark face. “If I can’t have it, then neither can you.” After saying that, he glanced towards the two demon beasts that were being stalled by the Chai and Teng families. Azure Sea Dragon had invited so many powerful beasts, yet only three were still able to fight now.

Azure Sea Dragon harrumphed coldly. “Not necessarily.”

Even though there were only three left on his side, that didn’t mean he would lose for sure.

Hei Tian knew what he was talking about, his cold gaze sweeping over Lightning Sable, who was standing not far off.

Lightning Sable was the level ten demon beast that had successfully escaped out of Fairy Fu Rong and the others’ hands. Seeing the others paired up and in intense battle, delight rose in his heart and he darted off towards the Elemental Essence without hesitation.

However, he had forgotten someone everyone had ignored. That someone was Dong Shen, who struck when Lightning Sable was about to touch the Elemental Essence.

“Ah!!” Lightning Sable cried out in pain.

He hadn’t noticed Dong Shen’s movements because of his excitement and was hit by the sneak attack, a bloody wound appearing on his back.

Lightning Sable glared at Dong Shen, furiously roaring, “I’m going to kill you!”

Dong Shen’s lips curved up in a barely perceptible angle.

No one noticed that something was quietly approaching the Elemental Essence.

Though the Elemental Essence had developed spiritual awareness, it had only evolved to around the level of a seven or eight year old kid, curious about everything around it. Seeing everyone fighting, it hadn’t escaped, but was floating in midair, as if spectating. The green flash that occasionally surrounded it sped up.

Hidden away, You XiaoMo gazed over the stable battle situation, feeling as if something was wrong.

LanQiu suddenly said, “That Netherworld Siren hasn’t appeared.”

You XiaoMo immediately looked towards the Elemental Essence, a pulse of spiritual energy going to his eyes. Then, he saw an invisible hand stretching out to the Elemental Essence. The Elemental Essence hadn’t noticed at all, and his heart leaped into his throat. Where did Ling Xiao go?

Just as the thought passed through his head, the hand grasped the Elemental Essence.

After having it in his grasp, the first thing he did was flee. This was level ten Netherworld Siren, having been forgotten in his absence. If a level ten emperor beast wanted to hide, then it would be simple over the ocean. Plus, no one knew about his existence, so they didn’t know what to look out for.

“Shit, the Elemental Essence is gone.” Qiu Ran was the first person to notice. Hearing his shocked voice, some of the fighters quietly paused their battles and looked around. The Elemental Essence really was gone.

At the same time, Dong Shen, who had been fighting with, and winning against Lightning Sable, quickly pulled away and darted in the direction Netherworld Siren had fled in with immense speed. To others, it seemed as if he was pursuing the Elemental Essence. Very few would’ve thought he had something to do with the person that had taken the Elemental Essence.

As You XiaoMo prayed, an overwhelming presence appeared from thin air, rolling in from the direction Netherworld Siren had fled in. Its pressure was immense, and the terrifying presence locked Netherworld Siren in place, forcing him into becoming visible once more.

“Di-divine level?”

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