LMW Memory loss remedy & guidebook

Warning: This is meant for readers who are up to date with released chapters, readers who are not up to date may find SPOILERS here.

12 levels of martial artists (because why use numbers):

Man, Earth, Sky, Sun, Moon, Star, Celestial, Spiritual, Imperial, Emperor, Divine, Sacred.

You can now kiss your old screenshot of that list goodbye.

Mages & soul colors :

Pink < Yellow < Green < Blue < Cyan < Purple < Rainbow


Star Rank explanation:

This is not explicitly explained in the novel, but it’s so confusing we decided to put it here.

Within each level, one can be from 1 to 7 star rank. 7 star is the closest to breakthrough and thus next level. Example : Moon level 7 star is closest to Star level.

Peak level: When one is of peak level XX, one is almost at a breakthrough to the next level. As opposed to a simple 7 star rank that is not close to breaking through to the next level.

Conversion Rate:

Crystal coins is a currency worth more than gold coins, 1000 gold equals one crystal coin.

Momo’s Demon Beasts, a.k.a. Qiu team (the balls):

PiQiu (rubber ball): Blue Blooded Wolf, obtained at auction house, male, fat little boy.

Xiao Ping (male) and Xiao Pong: Dipper Stink Bugs, Insects, Seven star hidden fragrance insect

XiaoHei (little black) a.k.a. HeiQiu (black ball): Golden Black Leopard, obtained in paradise, male, teenager, bishounen, kuudere.

SheQiu (snake ball): Snake (Nine-Winged Unity Serpent), obtained in paradise, male, adult, ikemen.

MaoQiu (fur ball): Seven-tailed Demon Fox, obtained from Tang YunQi, Female, bishoujo.

CatQiu a.k.a MaoQiu 2 (cat ball): Thousand Illusion Cat

LanQiu (basket ball): Bird of Pride, male(?), okama/lady boy

HunQiu / XiaoJi / Ji Ningyu (douche ball): Ancient Demon Phoenix, Chicken

Xiao Jin (Little Metal) a.k.a. TunJin: Metal Swallowing Beast

Giant Roc with Phoenix blood

Translators tell me their levels don’t matter much because the author doesn’t keep us updated, so they weren’t added here. Just remember they’re all high level beasts.

Pun lost in translation : Dead Soul from Dead Soul demon beast is pronounced “Zi Lin”. So Zi Lin’s master is Fu ZiLin.

How sects work:

Wonder why the raws say “逍遥门” ( XiaoYao door?!!!!), but we translate it as “sect”? Here is why: When a sect is made, they need a land to build the sect on. One can refer to a sect depending on its land, its location, its architecture structure, its martial art type, etc. After the sect’s name, every sect always puts a character that describes its policies or residential arrangement or it can just be the name of the sect with “sect” after. That’s why they are still translated as “sect”, even though it might mean “gate” or “pagoda”.

Tian Xin Sect and Qing Cheng Sect: they refer to themselves as sects, a very common use.

Xing Luo Sect, Xiao Yao Sect: they refer themselves as 门, a.k.a. gate => their sect is a big palace/ building, the type of structure that has a very big gate (not all sects like to build a big door, some sects are even deep inside a cave). Inside, they have a compound with plenty of houses and the likes.

XieSha Sect: they refer themselves as 宗, a.k.a. school/ancestral hall/family. This indicate their sect’s disciples must follow the sect’s ancestor tradition, they even have to worship them as their own ancestor.  A little different from clans since clans only consist of family bloodlines, a 宗 is for everyone.

Ji Le Sect: they refer themselves as 楼, a.k.a. storied building/pagoda => this indicates that their sect’s building is the type of structure that has many stories, like this:

Pagoda Picture

There are many more but we will update as plot progresses.

LMW Chapter 194
LMW Chapter 195

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    1. Based on the scale above, Sacred would be the highest for martial artists. As for Ling Xiao, he is the king of all beasts. He belong to one of the four noble bloodline among the beasts, Qilin. As for his martial art level, I think he is around Emperor or Divine(?) as of the latest update. (my guess xD)

  1. Need to update the Weasel beast too in the list of contract demon beast. Also a list of characters and places would be helpful to refresh memory as past characters keep getting mentioned.

  2. I’ve already forgotten who a lot of characters are, and am wondering if you’ll put that in too. Right now I’m just going along with the story even though I don’t know who they might be talking to 😂

  3. i want to ask something, in chapter 175, SheQiu said that MoMo form a life-bond with emperor demon beast, and that we know who is it.. but when it is form ? is it from when that emperor seed enter MoMo soul before MoMo take an oath when he recieve soul training manual from Kongwen ? because in this story they not explain it ? can anyone get me a hint ? hahaha thankyou

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