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Chapter 376: Trans-Dimensional Tunnel

Translated by Crystal of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

The connection between a higher plane and a middle plane was something called a Trans-Dimensional tunnel.

A dimensional tunnel was different from a transport circle, both due to the concept and the level of danger.

A transport circle was a constant form of transportation using spatial powers. In terms of danger, on a scale of a hundred, it was at about ten.

The Trans-Dimensional tunnel, on the other hand, was different.

Similarly, it was a connection formed between two realms and creating a path between them. However, due to the imbalance between the two, the connection would be shaky, thus, very risky. On a percentage scale, about eighty percent risky unless five or more Divine Level Practitioners worked together to form a relatively stable one. In that case, the risk was about fifty percent.

Yu WenNan and the others came to the middle realm with a fifty percent risk.

It must be said, their luck was pretty good, and they got the fifty-fifty risk.

The problem facing Ling Xiao and the others was precisely due to the Trans-Dimensional tunnel. They had to create one between the two realms.

This was when You XiaoMo asked his question, “When Yu WenNan and the middle-aged man left, did they go through the dimensional tunnel too?”

“It’s not the same.” Ling Xiao explained, “What Yu WenNan used was a Dimensional Talisman. A high grade Dimensional Talisman can be used to travel between two realms. It’s much better in terms of safety and stability compared to a dimensional tunnel. But, a high grade dimensional talisman is hard to come by, not only because it can only be made by a Sacred-Level Practitioner, but also because it is difficult to create. Maybe once in every ten times will it be successful.”

That means it’s possible that everything you put into it would go down the drain!

“Then the middle-aged man left using the Trans-Dimensional tunnel?” You XiaoMo asked.

“Correct, but the one he used was restricted, and after this many days, that tunnels connection to Long Xiang Continent is probably gone.”

With a face of disappointment, You XiaoMo said, “That’s too bad, but if that’s the case then don’t we have to create one ourselves? But you are the only Divine-Level Practitioner, and Principal Han Gong from the Academy is not here, otherwise he could help out too.”

“Don’t worry, I can do it alone, but I’ll need some time.” Ling Xiao answered, curling his lips upward, “A Trans-Dimensional tunnel requires a lot of energy and time.”

“That’s fine, whenever it is completed, is whenever we leave.” Although You XiaoMo wanted to go save Feng ChiYun immediately, he knew they couldn’t rush it.

Clearly, Yin Ge was aware of this as well and thus for the next month or so, he didn’t bother them.

A normal Trans-Dimensional tunnel would take three Divine-level practitioners to complete, using one or two months. However, since Ling Xiao was alone, the time would be extended to double the amount.

During this time, the chaos that occurred in Yan City had calmed down.

Although DaoXin Academy was faced with another difficult problem.

Ever since the barrier broke, the demon beasts from the deep mountains were set loose. There were cases of demon beasts attacking a student every once in a while.

Since the barrier was set by Han Gong, Hei Tian did not have the ability to set one as strong as before and thus had to make do with what they had. Therefore, the barrier around Ward A was one that could only protect against attacks from beasts level eight and below.

But that was just a temporary measure.

Demon beasts of level eight and above would still invade and the Academy had to organize all of the students together.

Although Ward A was deep in the mountains because of the environment the areas in which people could come and go was limited. There were only eight entrances. Therefore, by using points as rewards, the Academy began encouraging strong students in Block One and Two to help guard the entrances.

You XiaoMo was in the Block Two Hundred-Men Rankings, although, only as the fifty first place. However, with his talent as a level eight mage, getting to the top three was definitely possible.

Due to this, the Academy didn’t exclude him from the list as well as his relationship with Ling Xiao. Today was his turn with twenty-four other students to guard the entrance. Since they had a remote entrance with little demon beasts coming, there were fewer people on guard duty.

To prevent the problem from last time occurring, Ling Xiao told You XiaoMo to bring out all of his demon beasts.

Ever since his identity was exposed, She Qiu and the others had no reason to stay in the dimension anymore. Since they became free to roam, everyone except the mature She Qiu and Lan Qiu all ran away…even the little chick he told specifically to not build a nest on his head.

You XiaoMo felt a little sour, thinking back, that little chick was pretty much glued to him. His two claws were almost grown into his hair, no matter how hard he pulled, it wouldn’t let go. Now, even he went wild and left.

“She Qiu, Lan Qiu, you guys are the best.” You XiaoMo looked at the two who stayed, feeling moved.

In a lazy manner She Qiu replied, “That’s because Boss told us that we couldn’t leave you for a second, or else.”

Lan Qiu nodded vigorously, in actuality, he wanted to explore the deep mountains like Xiao Hei and the others. Especially the Uneven Slopes, he wanted to know if his old nest was taken up by some other beast.

Exasperated, You XiaoMo thought, ‘these assholes.’

Once they departed, the three made their way to the meeting place.

You XiaoMo saw the list before, and the students were sorted by strength to fill each time slot, but on their list, there were only three who had any reputation within Ward A. He also didn’t know any of them.

He had initially thought that he would be with a few familiar faces, but he didn’t expect there to be none at all.

“Look guys, that’s You XiaoMo.”

As he arrived, the chatter quieted. A while later it continued, but much softer, they suppressed their voices, probably afraid that he was going to overhear.

“Man, having a patron is really different, huh? He even brought two guards.”

“Ah, I’m so jealous. If only I could meet a man like Ling Xiao.”

“Tsk, what is there to be jealous about, someone like him…” A male who couldn’t help his jealousy said, but before he even finished, many turned to look at him, each with a strange expression. Even knowing that You XiaoMo had a patron who was tougher than diamonds, he dared to speak ill in front of him. He was very courageous!

But the man who spoke up couldn’t continue with everyone staring and, with a scrunched neck, he shrunk back into the crowds without another word.

Feeling the atmosphere, You XiaoMo looked sadly upwards at a forty-five degree angle.

Please don’t be obsessed over me, I am but a myth!

Remembering such a familiar phrase, You XiaoMo couldn’t help but laugh inwardly. He didn’t think he would get to use this one day.

Both Lan Qiu and She Qiu looked elsewhere at the same time.

Meaning—We don’t know this thing, don’t group us together.

Not long after the leader for their group, Elder Ye came. Immediately, You XiaoMo became his main focus.

The time spent guarding was very tedious and You XiaoMo wasn’t someone that could stay still, so he told She Qiu to replace him as guard. With Lan Qiu at his side, You XiaoMo very openly took a break, but no one could say anything against it.

A day’s time passed with him refining pills.

Seeing that the sun was about to set, Elder Ye told everyone to get ready, twenty-five minutes later the next group would be taking over their shift.

You XiaoMo packed away his cauldron and stood up, patting away the dirt from his pants.

Speaking of cauldrons, he believed that he might need a new one. Although the one that Vice Principal Yan Fa gave him wasn’t bad, with his skills in multitasking developing, he wanted a bigger cauldron. However, it might be difficult.

It wasn’t long before the other group came to switch with them.

Still, You XiaoMo didn’t find a single familiar face among the mix, so he just left with She Qiu and Lan Qiu. The day was both tedious and boring, not even a silhouette of a demon beast and even if there was one, before they got to You XiaoMo, it would have been taken cared of by his two ‘bodyguards’.

When the gang went back to their room, Xiao Hei and MaoQiu were already there. Whereas PiQiu took MaoQiu and little chick somewhere and still wasn’t back yet.

You XiaoMo walked into the inner chamber to find Ling Xiao.

Ling Xiao was meditating inside, since he had just used up a lot of energy to build the dimensional tunnel.

In the past two months, he saw the hardworking side of Ling Xiao.

“What’s wrong?” Ling Xiao said, as the moment he opened his eyes he saw You XiaoMo in front of him with a scrunched-up face.

You XiaoMo took out, from his dimension, the pills he had been refining during his shift as guard and stuffed it into Ling Xiao’s hands. “These are the level eight pills I refined today, here, take all of it. If you eat these, you should recover faster.”

Ling Xiao’s lips curled up as he said, “Could it be you’re worried about me?”

You XiaoMo replied while grinning, “Correct, don’t you feel very honored?”

Suddenly, Ling Xiao tipped his head upwards and gave a devious smile, “Honored not so much, but I wouldn’t mind if you used a different way to reward me.”

You XiaoMo’s faced flushed red and eyes darted everywhere, “Then, I’ll be waiting.”

In a dead serious tone, Ling Xiao said, “Wife, you are tempting me.”

You XiaoMo felt the corner of his mouth twitch, was he?

But regardless if he did or not, Ling Xiao, who had been saving up, in the broad daylight, took the half-compliant half-rejecting You XiaoMo to bed. Their ‘exercise’ caused him to have to lie in bed the next day. For that, You XiaoMo complained about it for a long time. If that guy still had so much energy, he shouldn’t have felt sympathetic at all.


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