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Chapter 379: Dao Yun

Translated by Rara of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

A level ten beast, on top of that, there were hundreds of them. Anyone with a brain would know the only choice was to flee. Although, with Ling Xiao’s strength, this shouldn’t be something to be afraid of, but the Trans-Dimensional tunnel was very fragile. Once one encountered a severe collision, it might lead to a second spatial storm, or cause the tunnel to collapse. Which was why most normal people would choose to run if they met such a situation.

The one who cried for help was a young man who appeared to be twenty-five. The most noticeable thing about him was his bald head. What kind of ability did he have to be able to attract hundreds of beasts. In short, no one cared about him.

However, mishaps still happened.

The man ran over with the hundreds of beast right behind his back. This massive disturbance eventually caused the tunnel to fall apart like a broken mirror. All the broken shards were engulfed in the spatial force.

The last thing You XiaoMo saw was Yin Ge and Zhan YuXuan being flushed away and swallowed by a ray of light before disappearing.

The next second, they were also being gobbled up by that ray of light. The roar of those beasts was immediately cut off.

This was a vast, never ending barren land covered in red sand. The sky was bright, the sun was hellish hot, as if it could burn the ground. There was no sight of plants or humans within one kilometer.

You XiaoMo was lying on Ling Xiao’s body. It took him awhile to finally react. The first thing he did was try to find Yin Ge and Zhan YuXuan, but that was no luck. Instead, he found a “corpse” ten meters away from him, unknowing of the life or death status of it.

“Those two, they couldn’t be…” You XiaoMo silently stared at the “corpse” for a moment before he raised his head up anxiously.

Ling Xiao pat his back and comforted him, “Unlikely. The exit may have strayed off the original path due to the impact, however, those two should have landed safely within the Higher Realm now.”

You XiaoMo instantly felt at ease. When he thought of the hundreds of beasts, his heart went rampant. If their current spot was far from the exit, they might really have met death.

“What are those beasts?”

“They are spatial beasts.” Ling Xiao had yet to speak a word and the “corpse” not far away from them suddenly moved and looked at them with a pair of glistening eyes.

You XiaoMo recognized this man. This was the main culprit of the collapse of the Trans-Dimensional tunnel, he was still in one piece! Knowing that this one was the reason they were separated from Yin Ge and Zhan YuXuan, he really wished this man never made it out of there.

“The spatial beasts and the spatial storm are two specialties of the Trans-Dimensional tunnel. But the probability for the former to appear is less than 1/1000 compared to the latter.” The youth continued, “Moreover, the spatial beasts only appear in groups, if one encounters them, the probability of death from a spatial beast is higher than the spatial storm by two hundred percent, and the chance of survival is one in billion.”

You XiaoMo replied in a loathsome tone, “Then why are you still alive then?”

The youth was stupefied a bit, then laughed thoughtlessly, “Because I am that one in the billion chance lucky guy!”

You XiaoMo narrowed his eyes, “I think you won’t be so lucky soon.”

His sentence ended and the youth jumped up crying out loudly as if he was stabbed by a needle. After a while, he suddenly bent down and coughed out blood. The red blood was absorbed by the sand in a second.

You XiaoMo was slightly taken aback. He hadn’t made any move yet. When he looked down and saw Ling Xiao slowly withdrew his hands, he suddenly understood.

“My two doughty warriors, please spare me. I won’t do it again.” After that spit of blood, the youth immediately begged for forgiveness. His glistening eyes became quite dispirited as he looked toward Ling Xiao, obviously the youth knew who did it.

You XiaoMo soon knew, if this youth could rush into the Trans-dimensional alone while being chased by hundreds of level ten spatial beasts and survive, his ability mustn’t be that weak.

“I could spare your life, but…” You XiaoMo said.

“But?” The youth hastily asked.

You XiaoMo asked without expecting anything, “Do you know where this is?”

“This must be your first time at TongTian Continent, no wonder…” The youth was surprised a bit before suddenly changing the tone of his voice, “This place must be the most famous uncivilized territory of the TongTian continent, Bei Dong, which is also the most chaotic place of the TongTian continent.”

The TongTian continent was the name of the Higher Realm. Usually one referred to this place as TongTian continent instead of the Higher Realm, unless one was from a Middle or Low Realm.

You XiaoMo didn’t expect the youth could answer so fluently, and he couldn’t help but ask, “You know this place quite well, huh? Are you perhaps a citizen of the TongTian continent?”

The youth shook his head, “I have a map of the TongTian continent that my master gave to me. I  studied it before coming over. Bei Dong has a famous place called the Red Shoal, the sand of this place is red.”

You XiaoMo’s eyes immediately sparkled and stared at him passionately.

The youth suddenly felt a drop of cold sweat.

He felt that this expression behind his eyes was especially familiar, because he looked like his master every times he found a treasure.

“If you two sirs want, I can give you a copy of this map…”

The youth took the initiative and offered the map of the TongTian continent to them. Not like he had any other option. The man next to that young boy was looking at him with a terrifying look in his eyes. He had a premonition, if he dare to say one word of refusal, this man would definitely kill him.

You XiaoMo instantly showed a bright smile and gripped his hand, “You are such a good person.”

The youth hollowly laugh after being given a “good person” card.

t/n: Being given a “good person card” from another could be understand as you has been friend-zoned.

If it wasn’t himself in the wrong first, the youth would never give out the copy of the TongTian continent map to anyone without any conditions. One must know that the territory of the TongTian continent could be described as immeasurable, plus, there were too many complicated forces on the TongTian continent. Therefore, until now, no one could draw the map of the entire TongTian continent perfectly, even his master couldn’t.

Although the map he owned wasn’t the most complete, it had many places that other maps didn’t have.

His master once said to him, he had to risk his life in order to inquire information of many places on this map, so he asked him never to show it to any stranger easily. However, he had to give his map away right after he landed on the TongTian continent for the first time. If his master knew about this, he would surely scold him to death.

After he copied the map, the youth gave a jade drive to them.

You XiaoMo joyously received the jade drive and then ran toward Ling Xiao to take credit for it, “Great, we have a map now.”

Ling Xiao didn’t say a word, but his eyes were smiling.

Even though Ling Xiao used to live in the TongTian continent, he hadn’t visited many places. The reason was because he left the TongTian continent when he had just reached a hundred years old. Within one hundred years, it was impossible for him to visit a place like Bei Dong. Therefore, even though he knew plenty of things, they were by ear.

“Good, you can go now.” Putting the jade drive away, You XiaoMo drove the youth away at once.

The youth gave a flattering smile, “You know, there is the thing called, our paths only cross if fate brings us together. Since we were able to meet here, this can be considered as fate. So how about … we go together?”

You XiaoMo observed him from head to toe, then smiled, “This is more like a shit fate. However, I don’t think we are going the same way.”

T/n: Fate(Yuanfen 缘分) and ape’s dung (yuanfen 猿粪 ) are homonym.

“You haven’t asked me yet, how do you know we are not going the same way?” The youth was disheartened, he knew he had left them a terrible first impression.

You XiaoMo felt that his sentence made sense, so he asked, “Fine, where do you want to go?”

The youth replied instantly, “The reason I came to the TongTian continent is to find my master.”

You XiaoMo, “… So where is your master?”

The youth answered, “No idea.”

You XiaoMo, “…”

“Who is your master?” Ling Xiao finally spoke up.

The youth was surprised a little, then hurriedly said, “My master is the Thief God, one of the ten Divine gods of the TongTian continent. His surname is Dao, his first name is Zu. The map I gave you was drawn by my master of the places he has been.”

“Dao Zu? What a special name.” You XiaoMo said.

“Of course. Dao Zu also implies the founder of thievery. My master in the Tong Tian continent is also a famous thief.” The youth answered proudly.

t/n: Dao (盗) means thief, Zu(祖) means ancestor, founder. His title as Thief God also has the word Dao in his surname.

Ling Xiao, “Since your master is the Thief God, he must never stay in one place then. Where will you go to find him?”

The youth knew there was hope for him if he followed them, so answered right away, “My master has indeed never stayed in a fixed location. He usually never stays in one place for more than a month, but I know, where there is a treasure, there is my master. So, I want to go to TianXiang city of Bei Dong to inquire about him.”

You XiaoMo saw Ling Xiao had taken the initiative to talk to the youth, he understood that Ling Xiao had permitted the youth to follow them. It probably had something to do the with his master, Dao Zu.

“That right, my name is Dao Yun. How can I call you?” After talking for so long, the youth finally remembered he hadn’t introduced himself.

“I’m You XiaoMo.” Then he pointed at Ling Xiao, “He is Ling Xiao.”

In the end, they went the same way together.

You XiaoMo was looking at the map while listening to the youth talking about Bei Dong.

TianXiang city was the largest city of Bei Dong. It rose to become famous, not because of the glorious prosperity of this city, but thanks to the ten forces that surrounded the city.


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