So, we’ve been getting a lot of people who are mad at us over making the most recent chapter of LMW user only. However, after 24 hours, the chapter is avalible for everyone. Only for the first 24 hours is it user accessible only.

I also heard a rumor that LMW will be taken off of Novel Updates due to this. But we are not stopping releases, or even making all releases user only.

24 hours after the chapter release, it is made public. You do not have to make an account if you don’t want to, only if you want the most recent chapter immediately as it is released.

If you make an account, you’ll get the most recent chapter as well as access to the full books that we made into epub, mobi, pdf etc.

On that note, if you’re so frustrated about the way we do things, you don’t have to read our releases. You don’t even have to come to our site. There are plenty of novels out there and we do not have to deal with anyone who badmouths us or degrades our work.

That’s my rant and explanation for the day.

Next locked chapter will be out in a few hours.


LMW Chapter 378
LMW Chapter 379

74 thoughts on “LMW

  1. Wasn’t this explained many chapters ago? Then why are people always bringing it up? Can’t they read? 😭 I love you Addis! I will build you a shrine and offer nemo shaped cupcakes every morning 😭💛

  2. Hello, I have an account but too find the new rule annoying because log inning here is really difficult. I’ve never met another group or blog where it was so difficult to log in. Could you please find a way to make the process simpler?

  3. Thanks for the translations.
    But saying that people should ditch the novel just because of the translation group is quite a bit cocky. Considering many had followed this novel for a couple of years already in S3ri before this being taken up by EXR.

    1. Well gee the maybe YOU should put in the work and effort translating this huh? They’ve warned people to cut shit out otherwise they’ll lock chapters. Without consequences we would live in total chaos.

  4. I’m already super satisfied just getting a translation!! Even if i have to wait years for it! People should learn to be grateful.

  5. Same here.
    I appreciate the translations greatly and I’m thankful to be able to read clear translations.
    Even if I have to wait for a long while. I wouldn’t mind.
    I’ve translated a couple of chapters before (didn’t publish it) and for me, it took hours per chapter. maybe its because of my lack of skill? Idk I would offer to help but I feel that I’m lacking and I can do only japanese. *Shrugs

    I hope people would be more civil and considerate…

  6. I appreciate the hard work the translators put in. No amount of time is unreasonable for me to wait. Why I read several books at a time. That way I never feel the need to be obnoxious to someone doing me a huge solid.Thank you

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