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Chapter 453: Identity

Translated by Rachel of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Everyone was shocked to see the man in white who suddenly appeared. It was hard to imagine that Old Eagle’s ultimate move that made him famous, the Corrosive Yin Claw, was so easily countered. He was one of the ten gods after all.

Everyone originally thought that the youth and his companion were doomed. After all, they had never heard of anyone escaping from Old Eagle’s claws. Even if those two had some connections with Shuang Yu Hotel and young master Wu, it was impossible for Old Eagle to fear them. No one had expected a person to show up halfway. Not only did he save two people, he seemed to be very powerful.

There were only a few powerhouses on par with Old Eagle,

Subconsciously, everyone began to search their memories for this man who suddenly showed up. However, they found no one in their minds that matched this man’s appearance. It was as if this man was a powerhouse that emerged out of thin air.

Old Eagle’s thoughts were obviously the same as everybody else. From the looks of it, he didn’t look like a reclusive Master. Instead he looked more like a powerhouse from a family that had hidden from the world. No matter which one he was, Old Eagle didn’t dare to let down his guard again.

Liao Ya and the rest were already so frightened, they hid behind him.

After confirming the target, Ling Xiao carried You XiaoMo and placed him beside SheQiu, “Look after him.”

SheQiu gave his answer through his actions. He spat out a mouthful of blood. The collar of his shirt was mottled with blood and it was ghastly sight. With one look, it was obvious that he had suffered very serious internal injuries.

You XiaoMo took out a magic pill once again for him to use. Although it couldn’t heal him completely in a short time, the magic pill could prolong his life and not let his injuries worsen. Seeing that his complexion had gotten slightly better, You XiaoMo heaved a sigh of relief and looked at Ling Xiao smugly at the same time.

“You should reverse the way you say it.”

Ling Xiao’s thumb and index finger were tightly pressed together before giving one hard flick to You XiaoMo’s forehead. “Are you trying to make things even more complicated?” Ling Xiao said.

“Don’t underestimate me, okay? I may be a mage but my fighting power is much more powerful than that One-eyed Scarface in reality.” You XiaoMo huffed angrily.

Said One-eyed Scarface was already knocked out and it was almost impossible for him to do anything within a short period of time. This was actually a mage’s strong point. They were good at soul attacks and those who lost to mages tended to have their souls wounded.

“What about him?” Ling Xiao motioned him to look at Old Eagle.

You XiaoMo’s straightened back silently curled in and he gave a forced laugh, “Isn’t the disparity in power too great? When I reach his level I can also crush him.”

Ling Xiao spared him a glance and sneered, “Oh yes, if I didn’t show up, you wouldn’t even have the chance to grow and reach his level. He can crush you with a finger.”

You XiaoMo knew he was in the wrong and he decided to just shut up.

After he was done lecturing You XiaoMo, the troublemaker, Ling Xiao finally turned his gaze on Old Eagle. The latter hadn’t dared to move. Before he could determine Ling Xiao’s strength, he had to be careful.

But after all, Old Eagle was like an eagle—a king of the skies. He had his way in Central City for a long time. Even if he knew that Ling Xiao and him were evenly matched, his presence wasn’t any less intimidating than before.

“Who are you, sir? This is the Eagle Guild’s business. Please do not interfere with our matters.” Old Eagle said in a low voice with a hint of politeness in his tone.

No one had ever seen Old Eagle playing nice or giving in to anyone. Even if he was faced with the divine level powerhouse from Shuang Yu Hotel, he still had a high and mighty attitude. The crowd couldn’t help but develop the thought that everything that happened today was an illusion.

As if he just heard a very funny joke, Ling Xiao laughed out loud. His smile was not without mockery and he only stopped laughing when Old Eagle’s expression darkened more and more.

“You attacked my partner and even asked me not to interfere. Is the head on your neck for decoration?” Ling Xiao said expressionlessly.

The atmosphere became silent for a few seconds before someone couldn’t hold in their laughter.


One after another, people’s muffled laughter could be heard.

Leaving aside the fact Old Eagle abused his strength to bully the youngster, even if they weren’t a couple, what make he think he can go violent, but other can’t?

Old Eagle’s face immediately turned red. He knew that today’s matter wasn’t going to be go down well. Since that was the case, he didn’t have to be polite anymore. While his Corrosive Yin Claw was countered, that didn’t mean anything because he didn’t use his full strength.

Ling Xiao noticed his murderous intent but he wasn’t surprised. Instead he was worried that Old Eagle would escape. If he didn’t beat that eagle into a little chick then he wouldn’t be true to his word.

With the tense atmosphere, it seemed like anything could happen any moment now.

The people who were watching gulped and their throats bobbed. They all stared wide-eyed at the scene, most likely thinking that Ling Xiao was also at the peak of divine level seven stars. Two powerhouses at their peak fighting it out was something they had never seen before. This was because whenever powerhouses fought, it was usually earth-shattering and the damage was catastrophic. If they weren’t careful they could be affected…

The crowd slowly started to realise something. The space seemed a bit too small?

This thought spread quickly and the crowd seemed to have froze on the spot. The next moment, everyone scrambled out as in someone lit a fire to their tails, leaving behind gusts of cold air…

You XiaoMo was just about to comment about it when Old Eagle suddenly attacked.

A black shadow flashed in front of Ling Xiao, the distance between them pulled closer from a few dozen feet to a few dozen meters in a split second. All they could see was that he had a burst of spiritual power that shot towards the sky as if it had been pulled from the ground. As he had cultivated the dark arts, the appearance of his spiritual power was greyish black. His spiritual power was extremely concentrated and if not for most of the people running out, his spiritual power would have stabbed their eyes.

Ling Xiao pushed off the ground using his legs and his body immediately charged forward. The white figure flashed across the air a few times before directly charging towards Old Eagle. Within a few seconds they exchanged no fewer than a hundred moves before quickly separating again. It looked like they really were equally matched.

You XiaoMo’s eyes were in a blur. His eyes completely couldn’t keep up with their speed and he couldn’t resist rubbing his eyes. In the end, they fought again and judging from their moves it seemed like no one got the upper hand.

Old Eagle had also discovered this point. He had already ascertained that his opponent’s strength was on par with his. With the way things were at the moment, the only way he could win was to rely on his ultimate move. He still had a lot of confidence in his ultimate move, the Corrosive Yin Claw, that made a name for itself.

Old Eagle landed steadily more than ten feet away and his outstretched right hand quickly turned black. The surrounding spiritual energy from heaven and earth started to roll around vigorously, a prelude to his Corrosive Yin Claw. From the looks of it this move was more than a few times stronger than the previous one.

Dark energy was surging from his palm like a raging ocean. Like numerous streams and rivers, it roared as it gathered at the center, slowly forming an enormous black claw. This, was the real Corrosive Yin Claw.

Even for a powerhouse who was as strong as him, they also had to avoid and retreat when they were met with his Corrosive Yin Claw.

However, Old Eagle made a fatal mistake. The Corrosive Yin Claw was a dark art and while it might be extremely unusual, it wasn’t without weaknesses. Its greatest nemesis was the Yang Fire, also known as the Qilin’s Sacred Fire that could burn through anything.

Previously, the flame arrow might have destroyed the Corrosive Yin Claw but due to its arrow form, it disappeared after it had done its job. As a result, Old Eagle never thought that it could be caused by the flames. He also wouldn’t have guessed that Ling Xiao had the Qilin’s Sacred Fire on him that could restrain him.

It was a moment’s miscalculation, but it was fatal.

The Qilin’s Sacred Fire was Ling Xiao’s life-bound flame so it didn’t take long for him to summon it.

When Old Eagle’s black claw had locked onto him, a wisp of purple flame shot from beneath his feet and morphed into a magnificent purple QiLin in an instant. It pounced on the black claw that was advancing towards them at a mad pace and roared, revealing its sharp teeth.

The wild and sinister smile on Old Eagle’s face instantly froze when he saw the purple QiLin tearing his black claw to shreds and swallowing it. The next second his expression became one of fright and terror, his throat bobbed as if he couldn’t say a thing.

A while later…

“Purple flames? QiLin’s shape? Is this person the man who defeated You AnTai in the June Mountains on the Southern Continent?”

The news from the June Mountain range might not have reached Central City but the Tong Tian Ranking had long been updated.

After You AnTai was defeated, the Cang Alliance had striked out his name from the Ten Gods. Replacing him was a man called Ling Mo, and rumor had it that he was a member of the QiLin clan.

Many people paid close attention to the Tong Tian Ten Gods Ranking and when it was updated, even remote areas like DongZhou knew about it as soon as it was out.

However, this person didn’t appear anymore after that incident. As a result, no one knew where he was. Furthermore, he only started to rise to fame so not many people had information on him.

You AnTai was his equal in terms of power. He knew this because they had exchanged moves before and none of them got the upper hand. That was why when he found out that he was Ling Mo, one could imagine the shock Old Eagle felt.

The Fire QiLin quickly devoured the black claw completely but Ling Xiao didn’t take it back immediately. It had its aim on Old Eagle who wasn’t far away, itching to make a move.

With his cultivation subdued, no matter how he looked at it he had no chance of winning.

Old Eagle wasn’t stupid. If he didn’t escape now he wouldn’t have another chance. He quickly grabbed One Eye from the ground and tried to flee.

Ling Xiao hadn’t turned him into a little chick so naturally he wouldn’t let him escape. The Fire QiLin chased after Old Eagle’s steps, not the least bit slower than him.

Feeling the fluctuations from behind his back, a ruthless look flashed across his eyes. He grabbed Liao Ya and the other two henchmen and threw them towards the Fire QiLin. As expected, he succeeded in blocking the Fire QiLin and although it was only for a few seconds, it was enough.

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